Parts is Parts I:
headers and warnings

Lex was sitting in his office, trying to concentrate on reports. Gratuitous, time-consuming, useless reports that his father only demanded to piss him off and ruin his otherwise peaceful weekend. He could feel the tension in his neck and back, and a headache was starting to form.

"Jeez, Lex, you look like hell. What are you doing working on a Saturday?"

Lex looked up to find Clark lounging indolently against the doorway to his office. Unlike the business world, it seemed that summer on a farm meant different fashions. Clark was wearing surprisingly tight cutoffs that, sadly, had not been cut off nearly short enough. It seemed that last year's jeans became this summer's cutoffs, to save on money despite Clark's obvious recent growth spurt.

The tank top hanging loosely on his frame must have been a gift from Chloe, as it obviously wasn't his mother's choice. It showed off way too much of Clark's tanned chest, and one nipple peeked out, hardening in the cool air conditioning of his office. If he didn't know better, he'd swear Clark was posing there seductively. Even the dusty bare feet were sexy. Lex was glad he wouldn't be expected to move from his chair, as standing was looking to be a rather embarrassing option right now.

He realized that Clark was still looking at him expectantly. "Reports for my darling father, of course, Clark. What else would I be doing on a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon?"

"Hanging out with your best friend?" Clark flashed that winning grin that Chloe used to call the "Kent Charm," at least before she dated Clark briefly and disastrously. Come to think of it, Clark never had adequately explained the quick and thorough decline of that relationship.

"Well... if you can sit quietly for ten more minutes, maybe I can concentrate enough to finish these stupid things, and we can go for a swim or something." Lex turned back to the screen, rubbing at his forehead absently. Sadly, the sudden decrease of blood to his brain wasn't helping his headache. Now *both* his heads ached. Well, at least he could rub this one without getting himself into trouble.

Or so he thought. Strong, warm, and surprisingly soft hands began rubbing gently at his neck. "Let me help, Lex. I can make you feel good."

Lex just bet he could, but perhaps not the way Clark meant. Still, he wasn't about to look a gift masseur in the mouth, or something. Lex leaned forward in his seat, pushing the laptop across the desk and pillowing his head on his arms. "You have exactly one million years to stop doing that."

Clark laughed somewhere above and behind him, and the hands, rather than going down into the expected shoulder rub, started massaging soothing patterns on his scalp. The brush-stroke-rub of fingertips began to slowly relax Lex, while at the same time being just stimulating enough to start a tingle of electric current down his spine. He was never, ever getting out of this chair again, but at least he'd die happy right here.

Well, as happy as one could get being touched by one's straight best friend, who just happened to also be the object of one's affections. Lex sighed, and Clark took that as some sort of cue. His head was lifted gently, his shoulders pulled back until he was lounging in the chair. He almost protested, but figured he'd just run on the hope that Clark wouldn't actually look into the dark recess beneath the desk and see the tent he was making of his pants.

Surprisingly skillful fingers massaged his temples, forehead, and scalp. This was truly soothing, all the touches firm and purposeful, and he felt his headache fleeing in the face of it. Just as he was starting to think he'd fall asleep, his head was tipped forward again, and the touches grew teasing and sensual. Fingers trailed designs over his head, softly caressing in a way that no part of his brain could be fooled into thinking was friendly.

He was just about to ask Clark just what he thought he was doing when he felt the unmistakable sensation of a warm, wet tongue trail up the back of his neck. Soft cat-licks, gentle nibbles, and more of the sensual finger-patterns were bringing every nerve in his body alive. God, he was about to melt into a puddle of goo, and he really should be saying something right now. And he would, just as soon as his brain resolidified.

When the wicked mouth nipped sharply at his ear, he sat up straight and yelped, "Clark! What...?"

"Sssh, Lex. You know you want this. I've seen the way you look at me."

"You knew?" Lex pulled the scrambled bits of his brain together, but Clark's insistent caresses were preventing any kind of coherent thought.

A rueful chuckle right next to his ear, rich and sensual. "I'm not blind."

Clark's moved down to mouth wetly behind his jaw. Gentle kisses moved up behind his ear, and Lex was tasted, nibbled. He moaned softly; the sensation went straight to his cock, making it jump, making him want, making him need.

Teeth nipped again, and Lex sat up a little straighter. "Clark, don't..." A point. Lex knew he had an important point he had to make here. He put his hands on Clark's, stilling them. Took a moment to think. Turned his head to look at Clark as best he could. "Don't do this just because I want it."

Clark pulled away, gave him space, "I want it too, Lex. I just... had to go and date a girl for awhile to figure that out."

Lex turned around, managing to concentrate despite the lingering sensations electrifying his scalp. "I'm the thing that broke you two up?"

"Well, the fact that I'm sort of, um, gay. Yeah." Clark was almost fidgeting now, as if he thought he'd be rejected.

"You're sure?"

A blush darkened Clark's cheeks, and he grabbed Lex's hand and pressed it to the bulge in his shorts. The very hard, rather impressive bulge. "Yeah. Pretty sure."

Lex left his hand there as he thought for a moment, going over all the reasons why he -- they --shouldn't be doing this. Clark wasn't really old enough, his father would chase after Lex with a shotgun, Lex's father would chase after Clark with a scandal. There were lies on both sides of this, secrets and trust issues. Clark's cock twitched under his hand, the boy's breath hitching.

Fuck it. For once, Lex was going to take a chance that was about more than rebellion and cheap thrills, or power and money. This was about genuine affection and attraction, and that alone made it unique in Lex's experience. He squeezed Clark's cock once, gently, and let his hand drop.

"I'm all yours, then, Clark. Do with me what you will."

A smile fit to eclipse the sun lit up the room. "Ok. But you have to close your eyes."

A bit confused, Lex closed his eyes. He expected perhaps a kiss, or a charmingly amateur blowjob. What he got was hands turning the chair back around, and fingers and tongue resuming their journey. This time there was more clarity in their purpose. No more soothing disguises, this was both more and less about stimulating Lex.

Clark seemed to be very much enjoying himself as well. A little too much for this to be a spur-of-the-moment idea, and that thought was intriguing enough that he just had to know. To ask.

"Cl..." Lex cleared his throat, and continued, "Clark! Have you been thinking about doing this?"

"Mmm.. yeah, Lex. God, ever since I saw you that first time, wanted to just..." And then Clark was sucking on the little knob just above his spine, the one he hated because he thought it made him look lumpy and somehow less elegant.

He loved that knob now. He'd never realized what an erogenous zone his scalp was. His whole body was tingling with electricity, and the feel of Clark's hot mouth closed and suckling right above his spine was incredible. Blunt teeth traveled down the back of his neck, biting harder as they descended. Lex hastened to untie and unbutton, giving Clark access to whatever parts of Lex his fantasy required.

But, it seemed the fantasy only included Lex's head. More licking and sucking over the scalp until Lex began to wonder if he was going to have some very hard-to-explain love bites in a very visible location. Clark pulled back and turned the chair around completely, reminding Lex to keep his eyes closed. This time soft kisses were peppered over his face and the top of his head, and then finally, finally Clark's mouth was on his.

Clark tasted like tart lemonade and hot farmboy, warm and human and alive. His tongue was more expert than Lex had been expecting, diving and caressing, licking and exploring. Chloe must've taught him something before Clark's now obvious homosexuality caught up with them, and Lex was thinking he needed to send the girl flowers as Clark started sucking on his tongue, nibbling at his lips and obsessively licking his scar.

Lex moaned when Clark pulled away, and began to blink the room back into focus. "Nuh-uh. Eyes closed, hands on the armrests, or I stop."

Lex closed his eyes with surprising submissiveness, wanting to trust and feel and just *be* for once in his life. He was not at all disappointed when he felt Clark's slightly trembling fingers working his cock out of his fly, not even bothering to pull his pants down. The zipper scraped a little, a tantalizing spark of pain amidst all this gentle pleasure. One that was quickly drowned as Clark began, not the sucking he'd expected, but more of those sensuous cat-licks over the head and down the length of his cock.

Lex moaned unabashedly, relaxing into the embrace of his wonderfully ergonomic chair. His legs spread of their own accord, head lolling back, and he found himself speaking quietly. "Oh, god, Clark, god. I hope this is real, and not just some dream I'm having, fallen asleep over my dad's reports. God, this feels so good, what I've wanted for so long... Ow!"

"Now you know it's not a dream." Clark had pinched him on the thigh. Pinched him! And of course, his cock had jumped for joy like the pain slut it was, and Lex could only hope Clark wouldn't think any less of him.

Evidently not, as Clark took him to the root. Lex just about leapt out of his skin in shocked desire. "Fuck! Jesus, Clark, you been practicing on cucumbers?"

Clark pulled off with a wet 'pop' to comment, "Ty Nant bottles," before sucking Lex back in.

Not a lot of technique, but he more than made up for it with enthusiasm. Slick, hot, and wet, Clark fucked his mouth with Lex's cock. Just sucked it in all the way, out again and then back in, almost as good as real fucking the way Clark used his big, soft lips to trap and caress his shaft. The way he applied just enough suction, almost too much as he pulled back to flick his tongue over the sensitive head. The feeling of Clark's throat contracting as he swallowed Lex's length down.

Lex started to feel the tingle of impending orgasm in record time; it had been so long since he'd had a boy on his knees and even longer since he'd been wanting that boy to be Clark. He managed to gather up his brain enough to croak out a strangled warning, "I... I'm gonna come, Clark!"

Clark just purred appreciatively in the back of his throat and drank all that Lex had to offer. When Lex was spent, licked clean, and neatly tucked back into his pants, Clark finally whispered, "You can open your eyes now, Lex."

He blinked a few times before the world came back into focus. Clark was right there, those startlingly clear eyes boring into his own. Then he leaned in for an open-eyed kiss, somehow the most honest interaction they'd ever had. The lemonade was still there under the ocean-bitter tang of Lex's come. Long moments later, Clark was leaning against the windowsill, grinning.

"Wow, Clark. That was... amazing."

Clark's grin widened, and he blushed, finally, the normal bashful sweetness Lex was so familiar with. "Does this mean you'll go out with me?"

Lex felt himself smiling the cheesy smile of the just-blown. "Only if you'll let me return the favor." He stood up, ceremoniously gesturing for Clark to take his place in the chair.

Clark laughed, and sat. "It's a deal."

continued in Parts is Parts II: Feet

Title: Parts is Parts I: Head
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, mild kink
Summary: Parts is Parts I. Lex is having a bad day. Clark cheers him up creatively.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my Bunnies for helping me choose.

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