Part is Parts II:
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Clark sat down, reflecting that if Lex was going to work on a Saturday, at least he had one hell of a comfortable chair to do it in. Clark ran his tongue over his teeth, tasting the flavors of Lex in his mouth; the sweetness of their kiss, the musky saltiness of his cock, the almost unexpectedly sharp bitterness of his come. Clark closed his eyes to bask in the afterglow of his first blowjob for a moment, leaning back into the soft leather embrace of the chair.

"That's good, Clark, now keep them closed. Just relax, I'll be back in a minute."

Hmm. Mysterious, but he was going to have to trust his friend. Boyfriend? Boyfriend. After all the time they'd wasted dancing around each other, he wasn't going to leave this house without some kind of commitment from Lex. Clark was determined to wring it out of him however he had to. Hopefully with sex. Or whatever Lex had in mind right now. Clark could vaguely hear water running, a soft clinking noise, some splashing and mild swearing. The rustling of cloth, more sloshing water, and now his curiosity was as aroused as the rest of him.

Well, nothing he could do but wait. He settled back to slowly replay the sensory images over in his head, making sure his mind caught every little detail. The way Lex had tasted, head and mouth and cock. The noises he'd made, that Clark was pretty sure Lex hadn't even realized he was making. The way his cock had leapt into the harsh scrape of the zipper that for one terrifying moment Clark had worried would ruin the whole thing. He'd been intriguingly pleased to be wrong.

The sounds were getting closer, and Lex's footsteps seemed to have changed from the heavy thud of expensive loafers to the softer padding of bare feet. Remembering the rustling cloth, Clark had the sudden powerful urge to cheat, peek, and see if Lex had taken anything else off. He opened his eyes just a tiny bit, peering down through the lashes into a very limited field of vision. One that contained Clark's legs, feet, and... a punch bowl full of water? Huh?

"No peeking, Clark."

Damn, busted. "Sorry. But you've got to know I'm dying of curiosity."

He could almost *hear* Lex grinning at him. The humor was rich in his voice as he replied, "I know. But you got to indulge one of your fantasies. Now let me indulge one of mine. Lift your feet."

"Yes, dear." Clark said, lifting his feet carefully. He didn't want to accidentally kick Lex now that he'd finally gotten up the courage to kiss him!

"There you go, I'm going to guide them down one by one."

His right ankle was grabbed firmly and brought, not down, but out and up to rest on something. The other was then gently lowered into the sensuously blood-warm water. Then a soft washcloth was rubbed over it, washing it more thoroughly than it had ever been washed in Clark's memory, getting in between the toes and up behind the ankles. It really just felt incredibly good in a slightly ticklish way, and he wriggled his toes delightedly when the washcloth was discarded in favor of a gentle massage from Lex's surprisingly nimble fingers.

Far too quickly for Clark's taste, the foot was lifted up out of the bowl and rinsed in a stream of cooler water. Lex dried it with the a soft, thick towel, again with a thoroughness that was both sexy and slightly disturbing. Why *was* Lex washing his feet? It was both feet, too, as the left one was placed atop something off to the left, leaving Clark spread open in a way he could only wish Lex would take advantage of.

Instead, Lex guided his right foot down into the water and repeated the whole procedure. By the time he was done, Clark was a puddle of warm goo sliding slowly off the edge of the comfy chair. Lex put his foot back onto the whatever it was off to the right, and Clark felt the denim of his jeans stretching tightly across the exposed crotch and ass. After a few moments of stillness, Clark ran one hand over the erection straining against the zipper, then down to cup his balls and tease at his ass.

He jumped when Lex's voice came right next to his ear, saying, "Mmm. Hold that thought. I'll be right back once I get rid of this water."

More soft footsteps, and Clark relaxed back into the chair, scraping his nails on the denim over the head of his cock, sending shivers up his spine. He'd lost himself in the moment earlier, and been surprised and embarrassed when he realized what he'd done and in front of whom. But whatever Lex was up to, it was bound to be good for him, and he was determined not to let any sort of shyness ruin what was shaping up to be the best day of his admittedly short life.

After all, it was shyness that had kept him from making a move a long time ago, and he was starting to regret the possible months of hot sex he'd missed out on as a consequence.

Soft footsteps grew closer, and Lex spoke again, "How attached to those shorts are you, Clark?"

Not what he'd expected to hear at all, but... "Um, what?"

Brilliant answer. "I mean, are you really fond of that particular pair?"

Clark had no idea where this was going. "Not specifically..." A pause while he considered the implications of this line of questioning. "But I don't have anything else to wear home," he amended.

A soft *snikt* of metal and Lex's voice had dropped to a sultry growl, "We'll manage."

Clark felt something cold against his thigh, tracing soft designs against his skin. It moved up and under the leg of his shorts, and he felt the fabric parting like water. That had to be one sharp knife, and Clark hoped that Lex wouldn't do anything to cause one of those painful moments of stupidity and denial. He really did intend to tell Lex everything, but he also really *really* wanted to find out what Lex intended for his now-clean feet before he had to drop that particular bomb.

Up the other side now, with less preamble and more intent, and Clark felt the denim falling away.

"Lift up."

Clark lifted his hips obligingly, hoping that his footrests could stand the weight as Lex slid the ruined shorts out from under him, leaving his lower body totally exposed.

"Hmm. I think I like the tank top the way it is. There's a lot to be said for easy access."

Strong fingers tweaked a nipple, and Clark couldn't help but gasp and laugh, because that's almost exactly what Chloe had said when she'd presented it to him, unwilling to explain where it came from or why she couldn't keep it herself. Although she hadn't quite dared to tweak his nipple. Clark still wasn't sure what the tag line on the front meant, but his dad didn't seem to think it was anything but good common sense. After all, "The right tool for the job," was something he'd heard come out of his father's mouth before.

He just wasn't sure what that had to do with an old Beach Boys song. And why was he thinking about this at all while Lex was looking at him, seeing him mostly naked for the first time? And he wasn't even allowed to see the look on Lex's face when he did it. Which he knew was only fair because he'd made Lex sit still and not look, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

"Why the pout, Clark?" Lex sounded... like sex on toast, to be precise, but also a little bit concerned.

"I just... I always wanted to see your face the first time you got me naked. It's not fair that I don't get to know if you even like it or not!"

One fingernail ran just this side of not-gently over the head and down the shaft of Clark's cock. "Oh, trust me, Clark. I like 'it' just fine."

Clark was caught between moaning and laughter. He settled on harsh panting as Lex trailed the fingernail around his balls and even further down. God, he was so exposed like this, Lex could see everything! He felt his hole twitch as Lex's finger came near it only to turn away and slide teasingly down his right thigh.

Strong, slender hands gripped his ankle one more time, and his legs were stretched even wider as Lex lifted one foot up and oh god! That was his mouth! Lex was sucking on Clark's toes, teasing his tongue in all the crevices that he'd so carefully washed before. Nibbling his way up the arch, Lex sucked the entire heel into his mouth and tongued it like the head of a very large cock. Clark's twitched at the thought, and he felt a drop of pre-come sliding down the length.

Lex's mouth left his foot with a soft, wet *pop*. "Liked that, did you? Let's see if you like this."

The mouth returned, sucking and biting at the sensitive skin just under his ankle bone. Biting at his Achilles tendon, then around to suckle the other ankle bone, and Clark threw his head back and moaned. And almost jumped when Lex's chilly toes tickled the underside of his balls. "Lex!"

"Yes, Clark?" And if speaking made Lex stop sucking, Clark was going to have to learn not to. But Lex's foot didn't stop, toes wriggling up and around his balls, nudging and caressing. They ran up the length of his cock, a sensation Clark had never even imagined, the caress both cool and incredibly hot.

"Nngh... N-nevermmm... oh god... just don't stop?" Lex's foot had traveled all the way up Clark's erection, and was now cradling the curve in the soft skin of the arch.

At that, the foot was tipped forward, trapping Clark's cock against his belly, the heel resting solidly on top of his balls. Lex began hard, sucking kisses against the most sensitive part of the arch of Clark's foot, and then combined them with firm, practiced strokes of his foot. Clark's newfound love of feet was cemented when the toes began to deftly tease at the head of his cock, and he came shouting Lex's name.

As he drifted back down from the high, muscles going slack from tension he hadn't even noticed he'd been holding, Clark heard Lex chuckling.

"What's so funny?"

"I was worried you wouldn't approve of my, aah, preference. But instead I didn't even get the chance to do both of your feet."

Lex caressed the foot in his hand as if to emphasize, then set it gently down on floor and ran his hands up both Clark's thighs. "You can open your eyes now, Clark."

Clark blinked the world into focus, the room a bright swim of color for several moments before the pale shape in front of him resolved itself into Lex. Naked Lex. Naked Lex kneeling between his legs, with a beautiful erection rising from the nest of golden brown freckles between Lex's own hairless legs. Freckles. Feet and freckles and wasn't it just a lovely day for 'f' words?

"Fuuuuck." Yeah, like that one.

"Later, Clark. Although you seem to be *ahem* returning my interest with amazing alacrity." Lex's eyes darted meaningfully to where Clark's cock was gamely trying to return from the dead. And apparently succeeding.

"Lex, you're... you're like the sky!"

Lex's expression grew puzzled. "The sky, Clark?"

"You're beautiful, Lex. Your skin is like the sky in reverse, endless white velvet, and - and god, those freckles! I just want to... ok, I need a set of those nontoxic markers, a bed, and good light."

continued in Parts is Parts III: Dots

Title: Parts is Parts II: Feet
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, mild kink
Summary: Lex returns the favor. With interest.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my Bunnies for helping me choose.

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