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Sirius was bored. He sighed into his cup, wishing he'd taken Regulus' route and just refused the invitation to tea, but he'd wanted another chance to gently coax his lovely 17-year-old cousin to his hand. Their parents were all just so impressively banal, so into their own little intrigues and power games, that Sirius was finding the entire affair oppressive. He caught Draco's eye and gave a little tilt of his head toward the door, hoping his cousin would think of some excuse for them to escape, and more distantly hoping it would give them a chance to be alone.

Draco saw his cousin's signal, set his cup down and cleared his throat, "Father, it's such a lovely afternoon, I was wondering if you would mind me taking Sirius on a riding tour of the grounds?" Anything would be better than this tedium.

"I had been wanting to see them," said Sirius gratefully. "After all, the Malfoy estate is famous for its beauty."

Lucius looked up as Draco addressed him. "I think that sounds like a wonderful idea, as long as Ophiuchus doesn't mind," he said and glanced over at Sirius' father.

Ophiuchus smiled indulgently at his eldest son. "I think it would do the boys some good to get out in the fresh air, make friends. Keep the family ties, as it were."

Sirius refrained from rolling his eyes -- he'd heard enough lectures from his father over this weekend at how important the Malfoys were, socially, and how essential it was that the Blacks stay in their good graces. This was the first time they'd been extended an invitation to visit the Malfoy estate, and Ophiuchus obviously intended for it not to be the last. Sirius had never developed an interest in social climbing, except the kind that involved the beds of attractive young men.

"Thank you," Draco said quickly, stood and gestured toward the door. "Cousin, if you'd care to join me...."

Sirius abandoned his now-lukewarm tea with as much haste as was seemly, kissing his mother's cheek obediently before joining Draco by the door. "We'll be back for dinner, I expect," said Sirius with a polite smile, before turning to his cousin. "Lead the way?"

"I'll meet you in the back garden as soon as we've changed clothes," Draco told him as he shut the door behind them and sighed with relief. "Oh thank Merlin we don't have to sit through any more of that."

"How do they not bore themselves to sleep?" said Sirius. He gave Draco a wink and then said, "See you in ten?"

"Meet you there," Draco said and turned to hurry down the hall to his rooms, looking coyly over his shoulder before he got too far. He couldn't wait to see his cousin in breeches.

The stable was a large open building with stalls on either side. A cross corridor led to the feed room on one side and the tack room on the other. Draco was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation as he led the way; Sirius looked amazingly sexy in his breeches and boots. "We can just get our things and then I'll let you choose a mount."

Sirius closed the tack room door and leaned against it, smiling lasciviously. "I believe I've already chosen my mount, actually."

"Oh?" Draco squeaked. Sirius had been flirting with him the entire week that his family had been at the Manor but he was not quite sure of the extent of his cousin's intentions. "Um, which one?" he asked quietly.

Sirius moved forward, cupping Draco's soft, pale cheek in one of his large hands. "The most exquisite purebred mount in the whole stable, of course," he murmured, standing a mere inch from his young cousin.

Draco smiled. "Oh, I see. Are you certain? He's not very well-broken," he answered but didn't move away. Sirius' hand on his cheek felt hot and Draco could catch a whiff of soap and musk.

Sirius' grin grew wicked. "I'm quite good at breaking in the stubborn ones, you'll find," he growled, then he wrapped an arm around Draco's waist and closed the space between their bodies, their lips, crushing Draco to him for a forceful, possessive kiss.

Being kissed by Sirius Black was like being attacked. Draco could either fight or surrender. He wrapped his arms around Sirius' shoulders and let the kiss overwhelm him.

Sirius felt Draco's body moulding into his, and slipped his tongue between the lips gone suddenly slack and welcoming. Draco tasted of the fine tea they'd just been having, the slightly sour tang of lemon adding to his natural sweetness. Sirius let his hands wander, one threading through the hair at the back of Draco's head, the other moving down to cup that delightful arse.

Draco smiled into the kiss and pulled Sirius away by the hair. "Are you sure, cousin? He can be quite a handful."

Sirius tightened his grip on Draco's hair, pulling his own free with a toss of his head. "I'm quite sure," he said, then leaned down and bit into the wonderfully exposed flesh of Draco's throat, marking him deeply.

A wave of pleasure went through Draco's body. He groaned and thrust his groin into Sirius. "You'll have to have a firm hand, cousin," he gasped and held the back of Sirius' head, encouraging him to continue while his other hand ran down his cousin's spine.

Sirius grinned, then let go of Draco's head, bringing his hand around to run fingers over one cheekbone before trailing down his neck to start work on the buttons of his shirt. "I'm sure I can manage," said Sirius, nipping at more of his neck and collarbone as it was exposed. "I'm fairly firm already." He punctuated his comment with a thrust of his hips into Draco's.

Draco sucked in his breath at the touch and tried to bring one hand around to work on Sirius' buttons as well as keeping the other one on the back of Sirius' head. "Just... mmm, just don't stop," he said and dropped kisses on what he could reach of his cousin's face.

Sirius finished unbuttoning Draco, then brought his head up long enough to take a look around. He spotted a saddle on a stand that looked just about the right height, and grinned. "I won't, don't worry, cousin," Sirius said, then tugged the shirt up out of Draco's waistband and spun him around quickly, trapping his hands with the stiff broadcloth.

"What?" Draco asked, startled. "What are you doing, cousin?" Where was that mouth?

"You, cousin," he said, steering Draco over towards the saddle. There was a jug of some kind of vitamin oil over in one corner that looked promising for lubricant, and he bent Draco's slim body over the saddle before summoning it with a flick of his wand. "This ought to be lovely," he said, setting it on the floor by his feet. "Although you're quite a bit lovelier like that," he added, admiring Draco's arse in the breeches.

"Wait, cousin..." Draco began. This wasn't quite what he'd expected and it was a bit frightening. He struggled to stand back up but his arms were pinned behind him, throwing off his balance.

"Yes, my sweet mount?" said Sirius, moving in so his hips trapped Draco's against the smooth, fragrant leather. Sirius rubbed soothingly at Draco's lower back, beneath his bound hands, then leaned in to steal another kiss.

Draco's reply was smothered by Sirius' kiss. He opened his mouth, sucked on Sirius' tongue, and pushed his hips back. "What are you doing?" he finally asked, a bit wild eyed but no longer struggling.

"Mounting you," Sirius replied, hand snaking around to unfasten Draco's belt and trousers. He rubbed the unmistakable sign of Draco's interest through the cloth, then slowly pulled down the zipper.

Draco shivered and gulped, his bound hands tugging against their restraints. "But..." he began, but left off when Sirius caressed him.

Sirius smiled at Draco's nervousness, his willingness. Sirius hadn't had a boy this sweet in a long time, and he was looking forward to breaking Draco in very much. "You did say I needed a firm hand, didn't you?" Sirius asked, tugging the tight breeches down, then stepping back to admire the sight.

The high, formal boots went to Draco's knees, which were spread as wide as the breeches tangled about them would allow. Above that, the columns of his thighs were smooth and slender and pale as alabaster, the globes of his arse high and round and just asking to be touched. His hands rested just above, hidden in a tangle of stiff white cloth, and his face above that was flushed and panicked where he was twisted around to look at Sirius over his shoulder.

Draco blushed and watched wide-eyed. "Yes, yes I did, just..." He felt terribly vulnerable bent over the smooth, cool leather of the saddle but also slightly eager.

"Don't worry, little mount, I'll take good care of you," Sirius said, pouring a bit of the thick vegetable oil into his palm and sniffing it. Perfect. He added a bit more, slicking up his fingers, and then set the jug down within easy reach. He ran the slick fingers down Draco's cleft, his other hand rubbing soothing circles against his lower back. "You've done this before, right?" he asked belatedly, wondering if that was the reason for Draco's sudden trepidation.

Sirius' actions were calming, but Draco was still tense. "Just once. It wasn't," his breath caught as Sirius' fingers touched his entrance, "wasn't very pleasant." He wanted to push back while at the same time he wanted to run away. "Oh, that's nice," he said.

Sirius smiled softly. "It'll get nicer," he said, circling the entrance teasingly and revising his plan. He'd wanted to ride Draco roughly, fucking him hard and barely stretched, but a boy like this deserved the care and consideration of a prize horse -- he had to do all the right things, or Draco would never come to his hand again. "Just relax, love," he said, pressing inside with just a fingertip.

Draco turned around to face the other way and closed his eyes. "All right." He groaned and pressed back; this he knew he liked. He just wasn't sure how he would like something much larger. "Mmm, that's good."

Sirius slid the finger in further, leaning over to nip at Draco's white shoulders. "That's it," he whispered, breath ghosting over the moist flesh. Sirius licked and kissed as much as he could reach, tasting nervous sweat and desire as his finger slid in completely. He twisted his hand around as he pulled out, then pushed back in, opening him carefully.

Perfect, Draco thought, trying to encourage both mouth and finger. He closed his eyes and rocked back. His fists clenched in the shirt that held him bound. "Yes," he moaned.

Sirius chuckled against Draco's shoulder as he melted under Sirius' gentle handling. Yes, a little gentle treatment now would bring him plenty of reward later, once Draco was tamed to the bit. So to speak, although that was a lovely image for future consideration as well.

Draco gasped and froze when he felt more enter him. It burned.

Sirius bit a little harder, leaving a satisfying red mark on the pale flesh of his back. "Just relax, my little mount, and everything will feel good soon," he said, wondering if he'd gone a bit too fast. Sirius stroked into him carefully, finding his gland and rubbing it with the tips of his fingers.

Pleasure jolted up his spine, and Draco started to rock with the fingers' movement again. "It is already," he admitted and leaned his head to the side, flexing his shoulder. "I like when you kiss and bite me."

Sirius grinned, then stretched forward enough to kiss Draco's lips again, devouring him with all the passion he was holding back in other areas. "Good," Sirius said, then nipped up Draco's jaw and down his neck to bite hard where it joined the shoulder.

Draco flexed his hips so the fingers pressed into him hard. "Nnn, don't stop," he begged and turned his head further, trying to kiss some part of Sirius. "Please, don't stop."

"Ready for more?" Sirius asked, licking at the bite mark and moving down to make another.

"I think so," Draco answered. He took a couple of gasping breathes and tried to keep from tensing up. "Just don't stop."

Sirius chuckled wickedly, "Oh, no fear of that," he said, then he carefully eased in a third finger.

Draco sucked in a breath through clenched teeth then let it out in a noisy huff. To distract himself he asked, "Is this your preferred method of breaking, cousin? Pinning your mount and confusing them with pleasure and pain?"

"Only for the best ones," Sirius said with a grin, tongue tracing over the marks he'd left before choosing a likely spot for the next one and biting down.

"Does it work well?" Draco asked and worked himself back onto Sirius' fingers. He held his head up and breathed in harsh gasps.

Sirius twisted his fingers again, just to hear Draco's moan. "You tell me, little mount," he said, then slipped them out completely.

Draco's eyes flew open and his moan cut off suddenly. "Cousin?" He couldn't get any leverage with his breeches around his knees and his arms bound behind his back but he tried to look behind him to see what Sirius was doing.

"It's time for your ride," said Sirius, leaning forward for another kiss as his hands worked frantically at his own breeches. He knelt down to tip the jug of oil into his palm, intent on slicking himself up, then stopped short as he looked up, faced with the sight of Draco's trembling thighs, the pink opening just visible and at the exact height for a bit more coaxing. Sirius leaned in and swiped his tongue over it once, tasting vegetable oil, sweat and Draco.

"Merlin!" Draco said. "Did you just...?" Damn that felt good. He tried to spread his legs wider to offer himself up for more.

"I did," said Sirius with a wry chuckle. "Shall I do it again?" He didn't wait for an answer, but leaned in and licked again, then began circling the wrinkled hole with his tongue. He stroked his own cock idly, spreading the thick oil over the entire length as he teased at Draco's entrance.

Draco writhed across the saddle. He'd never had anyone do this particular thing to him before. His cock was certainly happy about it. "God, that's... oh, cousin."

Sirius drank in Draco's reactions, the wonderful enthusiasm and wantonness he'd just known was hiding behind the gentlemanly exterior. He slipped his tongue into Draco's loosened opening and began to fuck him with it, wet, slithery strokes as deep as he could go.

All Draco could do was hang his head down and try to breathe. He couldn't open himself any further so he just enjoyed the mind-numbing pleasure.

Sirius waited until Draco had gone totally limp, even the muscles in his legs starting to relax under the onslaught. He gave a last, slightly regretful, lick, promising them both silently that one of these days he'd make Draco come just from that, and stood back up. "Ready for our ride, little mount?"

"Wha..?" Draco lifted his head and looked back at Sirius. His cousin was standing behind him, breeches undone, cock in hand and Draco was caught between desperately wanting that cock inside him and desperately wanting to tell Sirius to stop. In the end, he just looked up into Sirius' eyes and panted.

Sirius positioned himself at Draco's entrance, confident that he was as ready as he was going to be. "Just relax, and remember to breathe," he said. He used one hand to spread Draco's cheeks a bit more so he could watch himself, his prick looking large and red where it rubbed against Draco's pink opening. The other he used to rub at Draco's lower back as he pushed forward carefully, fascinated by the way the muscle resisted and stretched and finally admitted the head of his cock.

Draco grunted and stayed perfectly still as Sirius' cock first impaled him. It felt nothing like the one time he'd experimented with this. It stretched and burned and made him want to push but it didn't hurt. He sucked in a long breath as he felt his cousin sink deeper and deeper inside, then let it out in a hungry groan.

Sirius echoed the groan as he seated himself completely in the willing body beneath him. Draco felt good, so hot and tight and perfect around him, he was hard-pressed to stay still and give him the moment or two he'd need to adjust. "So good, knew you'd be the best," said Sirius, running his hands up and down Draco's flanks.

Draco felt his muscles spasm, trying to adjust to the penetration. He turned his head and tried to lean back. "Kiss me," he begged.

"Demanding," said Sirius, even as he leaned forward, hips pressing even deeper into Draco as he found that soft mouth for a deep, possessive kiss.

It was hard to meet the kiss, Draco's neck and back were getting tired, but he tried. When he couldn't stand it any more he nipped at Sirius' mouth and clenched his inner muscles. "Fuck me," he insisted.

"Yes," Sirius growled, pulling back mouth and hips both, then sinking cock and teeth into Draco's sweet flesh. Draco's shoulder tasted salty and sweet, most of the nervousness replaced by desire, the smell of it rising from them both in a haze of heat and need. He began thrusting in earnest, long, hard strokes that weren't nearly as smooth and gentle as he'd meant to give, his intentions lost in the feeling of being inside his cousin's tight arse.

Draco closed his eyes. "Yes," he said loudly. "Oh, just like that," he said a bit more quietly. He thrust his hips back trying to get Sirius even deeper. He could feel his own hard cock slapping against his stomach with their rhythm.

That encouragement was all he needed. Sirius grasped Draco's hips in a bruising grip and began to fuck him hard and deep and rough, everything he'd wanted and thought he would have to wait to get. "Fuck, yes," he chanted over and over, senses drowning in the erotic sight and feel of his cousin beneath him.

Draco's body was going to be covered in his cousin's marks and frankly, that turned him on even more. His arse was taking a pounding and he doubted he'd be able to walk properly. "Merlin, Sirius, don't stop," he said, shaking his head violently and doing all he could to meet his cousin's thrusts with his own. "Fuck me so hard..." he trailed off.

Sirius growled at Draco's words and leaned forward, driving him into the saddle as he resumed biting at whatever skin he could reach. He was getting close, and he canted his hips downward just a touch, hoping to find just the right angle to make Draco see stars.

Draco hissed when Sirius latched onto him with his teeth. He desperately wanted more of something and whined in frustration and violently jerked and twisted. Something happened inside and he paused. It was that buzzing of nerves he'd felt before but it was even more marvellous like this. He held still and felt Sirius brush the spot again. He cried out incoherently and felt like the world was melting as Sirius did it again and again.

Sirius grinned to himself and sped up his strokes, letting his own control begin to slip as Draco keened out his pleasure. He wasn't sure if he could get Draco to come just like this, but he wasn't quite willing to give up his grip on those slender hips just yet.

Their hearts were racing in tandem and Draco could barely breathe. He was pressed between Sirius' thrusting weight and the smooth, unyielding saddle. "Please, need you to come inside me. Please, cousin," he begged.

He wasn't sure if it was the begging or the 'cousin' that did it, but Sirius felt something inside him snap. He bit down hard on Draco's shoulder, thrusting in as deeply as humanly possible and came, spilling his lust into the eager vessel of Draco's body with a cry that was more than half bark.

Draco writhed beneath him. He felt like he was going to explode. It was so close to perfect.

Sirius snaked his still-oily hand around Draco's body, stroking him quickly, roughly, rubbing the head of his cock against the smooth leather of the saddle. "Come for me, cousin," he growled, his own cock still pulsing inside of Draco's arse and buried to the hilt.

The command was superfluous. Before the words were even all out of Sirius' mouth Draco was coming on his cousin's hand, the saddle, his own stomach.... His muscles clenched at Sirius' cock and his body jerked with tremors of orgasm.

"Fuck, cousin," Sirius groaned, giving a last little thrust into Draco's body as his prick twitched at the sight of Draco's face. He looked magnificent like this, transported with pleasure, flushed and sweating and etched with surrender.

Draco turned his head, smiled tiredly, and savoured the last moments of having Sirius inside and above him. "Are you pleased with your choice of mount?" he asked in a husky voice.

"Oh yes," said Sirius, leaning in for a kiss. "I intend to ride him as often as possible." He pulled out gently, running his thumb over Draco's opening and picking up a small amount of seed and oil. He licked it off ostentatiously, getting some of Draco's come as well and savouring the mixed flavours.

"You should, you know. He'll be much better for your attentions," Draco said as he watched his cousin's actions. He stretched toward Sirius and opened his mouth slightly, begging for a kiss or a taste, either one would do.

Sirius grinned and smeared the fluid over Draco's lips, then leaned in and shared it in a deep, satisfying kiss. "He does seem much more tractable now," said Sirius with a chuckle, finally untangling Draco's hands from the shirt and stepping back to let him stand.

Draco struggled to stand up. His muscles ached and his legs were weak but Sirius' mouth was too far away. "He seems to respond to a heavy hand."

"But his form is, as I said, utterly exquisite," said Sirius, stepping forward and helping Draco to turn so they could kiss once again. Sirius chuckled when Draco jerked as his bare arse came in contact with his own cooling seed, but kept kissing him until he relaxed once more.

Raising his arms was almost more than Draco could manage but it was worth it. He kissed Sirius back with as much passion as he could muster after having been so thoroughly buggered and pulled his cousin close. "How long is your family staying?" he finally asked.

"Couple of weeks," said Sirius, revelling in the feel of Draco's skin pressed against the front of him, the way Draco's smaller body fit completely in his arms. "But I could probably arrange to stay longer. Perhaps you could offer to teach me the proper way to run an estate?" He kissed Draco deeply. "Father can't be arsed to do it himself, what with all the social climbing in his busy schedule, but I'm sure he'd love to have an opportunity to get his eldest son in with the Malfoy heir."

"I'd be glad to," Draco said and dove in for another kiss. Damn, but he couldn't get enough of them. "How much attention will he pay to your activities while you're here?"

"About as much as he's paid so far," said Sirius with a chuckle. "If your father gives him good reports, we'll be free to do as we like." He leaned in, pinning Draco's body against the saddle as he took another fierce, bruising kiss, running a hand down to tease at Draco's slick cleft. "You will tell your father what good progress I've made, won't you?"

"Oh yes," Draco agreed. "You will keep fucking me to distraction?"

"Every chance I get," said Sirius, kissing him again. "After all, it's important to exercise one's mount regularly."

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Title: Mounted
Authors: & Ruhgozler
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, cousincest, underage (17), BDSM, rimming, kink
Summary: AU. Voldemort never existed, and the Blacks and their two adult sons, Sirius and Regulus, are visiting the Malfoy estate during the summer that Draco turns 17.
Notes: Thanks to Ruby & Lydia for the beta, and to Ygrane, Delta & Yare for the encouragement.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.