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At least his father's summons had come at a convenient time, Draco thought as he walked down the dimly lit hall to his father's study. He had plans with Sirius later and he'd have been right peeved if they'd had to have been put off. He gave a sharp knock on the door and entered when his father called to him.

"You wished to speak to me, Father?" Draco asked as he stepped inside.

His father sat back in his chair and waved him in. "Mr. Black has requested that his oldest son remain here for the rest of the summer to learn estate management."

"Oh?" Draco said with feigned surprise as he stood in front of his father's desk. It sounded like Sirius' plan had worked.

"Yes," his father answered absentmindedly, flipping through a stack of papers. "You get along with young Sirius rather well, don't you?"

Sirius walked past Lucius' study, and froze when he heard his name in Lucius' voice come drifting through the open door. He snorted quietly. 'Young' Sirius indeed -- they were only six years apart in age. He leaned against the wall casually, waiting to see what Draco's response would be.

Draco kept his face straight and his voice even. "Of course, Father. My cousin is quite amenable company." It wouldn't do to give away just how well he got along with his cousin.

Lucius smiled, "Good, good. Perhaps you could go over a few things with him and if you run into trouble, give me shout."

If things went the way he hoped, Draco would be running into a lot of trouble with Sirius and he'd be damned if he was going to call his father for any of it. "I'm sure that would be fine, Father. Is that all?" Draco asked.

Lucius looked up at him and waved him off. "Yes, yes, go back to what you were doing. I must find this record…"

Draco suppressed the urge to snicker and left the office to find his cousin and celebrate.

Sirius was poised just outside the door; he waited for the latch to click before he grabbed Draco and whirled him around, setting him down with his back up against the wall right next to Lucius' study. "Amenable?" he asked with a dangerous smirk. "I thought we were a bit more than 'amenable,' cousin."

Surprise was quickly replaced by arousal as Draco found his cousin so close. "Much more than amenable, cousin. If you wish, we could go back to my rooms and I'll gladly show you exactly how I feel about you."

"I'd rather you show me right here," growled Sirius, running his hands down Draco's sides. There was something thrilling about the idea of taking Draco in the hallway where anyone could see, his father a single door away. "Right now."

"What?" Draco asked quietly, looking up and down the hall. "Are you insane? Someone could come down the hall. Father is just inside the room. He could hear us." For all that his mind was protesting, Draco's body seemed to think it was a marvellous idea.

Sirius rubbed his own erection over Draco's and whispered, "You want me to, you know it." He slipped to his knees, then slid his hands up the outside of Draco's legs, lifting his robes as he went. "You love that your father might hear us," he murmured, nuzzling Draco's cock with his cheek.

Draco hurried to help get his robes out of the way. "This is insane," he hissed and cradled the back of Sirius' head. "Cousin, we can't do this here," he moaned and pressed his head back into the wall, but made no move to leave.

Sirius untied Draco's pants and slid them down his legs, over his shoes, and then stuffed them haphazardly into a pocket. He fished the lube out of his other pocket and stood, bringing the hem of Draco's robes with him. "We are doing this here," he whispered into Draco's ear, then silenced his protests with a deep kiss.

One of these days his cousin was going to get him into so much trouble, Draco thought as he welcomed Sirius' tongue into his mouth. He fumbled to gather his robes out of the way, leaving himself bare from the waist down, erection bobbing in the open air, arse already anticipating his cousin's cock.

Sirius grinned wickedly at Draco's surrender, then quickly slicked up his hand. He pulled one of Draco's legs up to rest around his waist, exposing Draco's entrance to his probing fingers, and slid one in. After a week of illicit trysts, Draco was already getting used being fucked, his arse hot and grasping as Sirius opened him. "Fuck, you're so good," Sirius whispered, nuzzling Draco's neck.

"Hurry," Draco begged, pressing back, willing himself to open faster. He steadied himself with one hand on Sirius' shoulder and held up his robes with the other. "I need you," he whispered back.

"Gods, yes," said Sirius, adding a second finger and twisting roughly. He used his other hand to undo his fly, glad he'd chosen to wear trousers rather than the more traditional robes that Draco's family generally favoured. He let out a small moan as the cool air hit his overheated prick, and pulled out his fingers. "Ready?" he asked, already slicking himself up.

Draco nodded, not quite sure how this was going to work but sure that his worldly cousin was about to show him. He knew he was barely stretched and this was going to hurt, but he wanted it, just like this.

Sirius urged Draco's arms up around his neck. "Hold on tight," he said, then he lifted Draco's other leg, draping it about his waist to interlock with the first. His prick slid back and he nudged around carefully until he felt the wrinkled entrance to Draco's body.

Draco clung to his cousin and leaned back, trying to give Sirius better access. When he felt the tip of Sirius' cock in the right place, he pressed down. "Fuck me," he encouraged.

"Yes," Sirius hissed, then pressed up and in, hands holding Draco's hips and moving them together. He slid inside in one smooth stroke, then bit down on Draco's neck as he paused, waiting for Draco to adjust. "Perfect."

Gulping for air as he was impaled, Draco managed to keep from crying out. "Oh, Merlin," he whimpered and shivered. He gasped and opened his eyes as his body accepted his cousin. "I can't believe I'm getting fucked here, like this," he said with a grin and clenched his inner muscles.

Sirius looked at him, really looked, admiring the high cheekbones, pale as alabaster beneath the flush of desire. The golden lashes shading eyes of silvery grey, passion bringing a light to them that nothing else could. The arch of his white neck, a blank canvas just waiting for the red marks of Sirius' teeth. That coral mouth begging to be ravished even as Sirius was ravishing his body. "You're beautiful like this," he whispered, then took those delightful lips in a fierce kiss.

Draco felt himself blush but could say nothing, too busy opening his mouth, sucking at Sirius' tongue. Instead he clenched his legs around Sirius' waist, trying to rock his hips, wanting to feel his cousin moving inside him.

Sirius gave in gladly to Draco's urging and began to thrust, as deep and hard as the position allowed, burying himself in that welcoming heat. "Lovely," he whispered against Draco's lips, then nibbled down to suck love bites onto that tempting throat.

"Yes," Draco sighed and threw his head back for more. His prick was sliding, slapping in-between them with every jolt. "More," he moaned.

Sirius shifted, slipping an arm around Draco's waist to hold him up as the other hand found his cock. "Yes," he agreed, then bit harder, drowning himself in the taste and smell and feel of his cousin surrounding him.

Draco ground his teeth together. His movement was hampered like this and he was desperate for Sirius to pound into him. It was a little easier once they got a slight bounce working for them. "I want your marks on me," he whispered. "I want to look in the mirror and know that you own me."

Sirius felt something flare deep in his body, a possessive lust that spurred him to thrust deeper, harder. Rougher. "Mine, cousin, you're mine," he growled, then licked around to the other side and bit again, and again. "My little mount, you'll wear my brand proudly, won't you?"

His cousin's words made Draco shudder and feel light-headed. "Yes. I will," he promised, barely keeping his voice down. "Yours, make me yours. Fuck me, mark me," he moaned, trying to give in to everything Sirius was doing to him.

Sirius growled again. Draco's need to be claimed, his desire to be owned -- the rightness of it burned in Sirius' chest and belly. Draco was his, and he wanted the world to know it. He set his teeth higher, above the line of Draco's collar, and bit down hard, capturing the flutter of Draco's pulse between his teeth, feeling it beat against his tongue. He was already close, and he increased the rhythm of hips and hand, tilting Draco back further, hurrying his cousin along to orgasm right along with him.

Draco clung tightly to Sirius' sweat-slick neck, trying not to slip as wave after wave of orgasm had him arching and rocking against his cousin. His arse clenched tight pulling at Sirius' cock while strings of pearly white seed shot over his bunched up robes and cousin's hand.

Sirius spilled himself into Draco's body as Draco began to go limp from the aftermath of his own orgasm. "Yessss," Sirius hissed, face buried in Draco's shoulder, cock pulsing in Draco's arse. "Mmm, so fucking good," he murmured, bringing his hand up to his lips to lick at the come, then sharing the taste of it with Draco in a punishing kiss.

Draco sucked hungrily on Sirius' mouth, then licked around it, searching for more of that bitter taste. His legs were starting to give out and he felt himself slipping.

Sirius pulled out, gently easing Draco to the ground with a regretful sigh. "Such a good mount," he said with a warm smile, stroking the mark that rode above Draco's collar with a possessive air. "Mine." He took out his wand and cast a cleaning spell on them both, leaving only the come on his hand to be presented to Draco's greedy lips.

His robes fell about his legs as Draco stood up and leaned into Sirius for support. He grasped his cousin's hand, licked and sucked the fingers, desperate to get every drop. "Yours," he said breathlessly looking up at Sirius for approval.

Sirius did his zipper up one-handed, unwilling to take the other away from Draco's delightful ministrations. "I'm so glad your father is letting me stay," he said with a grin. "It would be much harder to keep you properly exercised from London."

Draco was about to respond when he heard the knob turn on the door behind him. He quickly dropped his cousin's hand and took a step away, his pulse racing, knowing he looked like he'd just been buggered.

Sirius shoved Draco's pants further into his pocket and tried to look nonchalant and not at all like he'd been shagging his cousin up against a wall. "Mr. Malfoy," he said with a small bow as Lucius emerged from the study.

Lucius stopped abruptly as he tried to leave his study. "Mr. Black," he said, "Draco." He looked between the two of them and settled his gaze on his son. "I see you've found your cousin. Is everything settled for his continued stay?"

"Oh, yes, Father," Draco answered quickly. "We were just discussing what areas to cover first."

"Well, that's good then. But do go discuss them somewhere else. The hallway is certainly no place for such things," he said taking a step to go past them.

Sirius stepped back out of his way, ruthlessly suppressing the desire to smirk.

"Of course. We'll just return to my study," Draco answered, trying to keep the mark on his neck hidden.

"Yes, sir," said Sirius obediently, then turned to Draco. "Lead the way, cousin?"

Draco nodded to his father and walked down the hall, not waiting for his cousin. If he stayed there any longer he was going to burst out laughing.

Sirius followed, admiring the sway of Draco's bare arse beneath his robes. Something about the hang of them was different without that thin barrier, and Sirius felt his prick twitch in his trousers at the knowledge that Draco was nude beneath the fabric of those fine robes, with Sirius' come dribbling down those white thighs.

They turned the corner and Draco looked over his shoulder at Sirius. "Come on," he said and picked up the pace, heading for his room. All he could think about was how his arse was aching to be filled again. He'd just been taken up against a wall but he wanted more and he wanted it hard.

Sirius followed, leaning in close and whispering, "I'm going to lick my come out of your arse, and then fill you up again afterwards." He snaked a hand down to squeeze the anatomy in question.

Draco whirled, grabbed his cousin by the back of the neck and kissed him hard, still trying to stumble to the door of his room. "Merlin, yes," he said. "And fuck me so hard I can't walk. Please," he begged.

Sirius growled and bit Draco's lower lip. "Yes, cousin, but you'll beg better than that before I do," he said, getting them in the room and closing the door with a sharp bang. Draco's need was like a drug, something Sirius was already becoming addicted to, something he wanted to savour, to have again and again.

"Make me," Draco said, pressing his cousin back against the door, kissing at Sirius' chin and jaw like a pup begging for attention. "Do whatever you want to me," he continued and trailed soft kisses down Sirius' throat.

Sirius grinned, then kissed Draco one last time before pushing him gently away. This was perfect, Draco's submission exceeding all of Sirius' expectations and fulfilling a deep-seated need he hadn't even realised he possessed. "Strip," Sirius said, scanning the room. He spotted a velvet-covered ottoman in front of the fire. "Then go kneel over that footstool," he added, pointing. He went over to rummage through Draco's closet, finding a handful of fine silk cravats that he thought would be just right for what he had in mind.

Draco almost ripped his robes in his haste to get them off while hurrying across the floor. He saw Sirius with a handful of ties and felt like his insides were on fire. His cock was already starting to get hard again at the thought of what was coming. He threw himself down on the ottoman, spread his knees and placed his arms so they could be tied easily, then looked up at Sirius hopefully.

"Eager little mount," Sirius said, crouching down to run gentle fingers down one of Draco's flushed cheeks, "so needy." He pooled the cool silk on Draco's arched back, then plucked a single scarf from the pile and tied Draco's wrist to one of the legs of the footstool. "Such a good boy," he praised. He could practically taste Draco's frantic desire to please, to be wanted, cared for.

"Yes," Draco whined. When he felt his first wrist being bound, he closed his eyes and choked on a dry sob. What had happened? He was desperate be at his cousin's mercy. He wanted to belong, utterly, to Sirius but couldn't put it into words. Instead, he strove to reach any part of his cousin's skin to kiss, lick or nuzzle.

Sirius stroked Draco's face again, then tied the other wrist securely before crouching low to kiss his cousin. He could see in Draco's face that this was important, pivotal, and perhaps should have been done when they weren't both half out of their minds with lust, but somehow it seemed the perfect moment. "You are my good little mount," he said gently, "and I'm going to take good care of you from now on, do you understand? From this moment on, you belong to me." Draco was his now, and Sirius knew that he'd care for his fine mount the way a real horseman would care for a prized stallion. It was, after all, no less than Draco's due.

"Yours," Draco responded. "Need to be yours," he whispered harshly. Why, he wondered, was he feeling these things, saying them to Sirius? It wasn't just a game -- it was a very real need. "Keep me?" he asked and leaned forward to suck at Sirius' bottom lip.

Sirius took Draco's mouth in a deep, possessive kiss that left no doubt at all of his sincerity. "Yes, my mount, now and forever," he said, half claim and half vow. It would be difficult to maintain the relationship beyond the few months they'd already arranged, but Sirius could already tell that Draco would be worth any hardship.

Draco could feel Sirius' come dripping down the back of his balls and squirmed. The tip of his cock was just touching the ottoman under him, making him want to thrust. "Take me," he said, his voice firmer as he spoke between kisses to Sirius' face.

"Soon," Sirius agreed, kissing hard enough to bruise in the pause between thoughts, "but first I want to taste myself in you." He moved around behind Draco and licked once from balls to tailbone, getting a mouthful of his own bitter seed. "Delicious," he said, then he grabbed two more of the silk scarves and quickly tied Draco's knees to the ottoman.

Draco squirmed and fought against his bonds, helpless against their strength. It was perfect; his cousin could do anything and he wouldn't be able to stop it. "Put a silencing charm on the room," he asked, "I don't want to have to be quiet."

"Gladly," Sirius said, then licked Draco's hole one more time as an extra little torment. He cast the charm, then looked at his wand speculatively. He pocketed it again with a thought for later, then used his hands to spread Draco wide and began cleaning every last drop of his own seed from his cousins thighs, balls and, finally, delving inside. "Beg, cousin," he whispered, breath brushing over the wet, sensitive skin.

"Don't stop," Draco pleaded, not keeping his voice down. Being spread open and having Sirius' tongue inside him made him feel more vulnerable even than being fucked. "Please, something inside me..."

"Anything?" Sirius asked, teasing at Draco's loosened entrance with just the tip of his tongue. He waited for Draco's answer as he brought up and discarded half a dozen wicked ideas for what he could do. This had to be special, perfect. Draco had to wake up tomorrow without a single doubt that he belonged to Sirius now.

"You, part of you," Draco clarified and squirmed back. "Please."

Sirius leaned in and began to fuck Draco with his tongue, wriggling it as deep as it could go into Draco's body. He tasted dark and musky here, the bitterness of Sirius' seed a bright contrast to the secret flavours of Draco's body.

Draco threw back his head, gave a full-throated wordless groan, and fought to force Sirius' tongue deeper within him. It could never be deep enough.

Sirius' thumbs slid in to tease around the outside of Draco's entrance even as Sirius' tongue reamed him open, sought to taste of the very core of him. There was something deliciously obscene about this action, his mouth on the dirtiest part of his cousin, licking his own come from the space he'd just violated, and he felt his prick twitching back to life in his trousers.

"Deeper," Draco cried and looked back over his shoulder. His cousin's face was buried in his arse, and he thought he might come from that sight alone. "Please, cousin. Everything, do everything to me." He wanted Sirius' tongue, hands, cock, hell his feet even, inside him. Anything.

Sirius slipped one thumb in beside his tongue, the wet slide of it only adding to the feeling that they were doing something magnificently filthy. He licked as deep as he could go, stretching his tongue out and scraping at Draco's entrance with his teeth.

Draco yelled, so happy that he didn't have to maintain control. He felt like he was doing something terribly wicked, well beyond just fucking his cousin. "Love when you bite, love when you suck on me," he gasped, picturing Sirius' sharp white teeth and swollen lips.

Sirius slid his other thumb in with an equally obscene slither of his tongue, then stretched Draco wide and began to nibble around his open hole. He could see inside his cousin's body, the wet pink vulnerable places that just begged to be violated further. "I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll never forget where my cock belongs," Sirius growled, then bit Draco's right cheek hard, leaving a deep, livid mark.

"Yes," Draco said and ground back into both teeth and fingers. "Don't stop. I need you. Please, make me yours," he said, voice getting smaller and hung his head.

"You are mine," said Sirius fiercely. "Every part of you is mine and this," he stabbed his tongue deep into Draco, then pulled back out with slow, thorough wriggle, "especially." He wished now that he'd thought to strip before they'd started but they hadn't really stopped since the hallway. He slid in three fingers to replace his two thumbs, barely slicking them with spit on the way in, then fumbled his cock out one-handed and lubed himself up as quickly as possible.

"All yours. Just don't stop," Draco said, closing his eyes. At this moment he never wanted to be without the feel of Sirius buried inside him, teeth latched to him, body covering him. "Never let me forget that I'm yours."

"Mine," said Sirius again, positioning his cock beside his fingers. He slid one in and the other out in a manner that quite probably burned but would leave Draco knowing exactly how owned he really was, fingertips slipping out completely just as he seated himself fully.

Draco cried out loudly, and felt tears prickle his eyes. Yes, this was exactly what he wanted. "Yours, all yours. Take it all," he said, his head still bowed.

Sirius leaned down, covering Draco's naked body with his still-clothed one. "It's all mine," he whispered into Draco's ear, then licked along the delicate shell.

"All yours," Draco repeated and turned his head to the side. "Anything you want. Just take it."

Sirius bit down into Draco's shoulder, making yet another mark of his ownership, mind already reeling ahead to ideas for a more permanent marking. He thought he ought to be frightened of how suddenly their tryst had shifted from diversionary fun to deeply needful, but instead this just felt right to him, this owning, keeping. This new forever. Sirius began to thrust, hard and rough, the legs of the ottoman thumping against the carpet with Draco helpless to brace himself.

Draco groaned and thrashed against bindings and teeth, shoving back onto Sirius' thrusts as much as he could. He growled and cried out more like a creature than a young man. It was perfect and he never wanted it to end. He wanted to be always open to and full of his cousin, belonging and needed and wanted.

Sirius fucked his cousin as hard as he could, snapping his hips forward and growling possessively the entire time. He was grateful that he'd come so recently -- he could draw this out as long as he wanted, make the moment seem eternal for them both. He rained bites on his cousin's smooth white back and shoulders, each set of red semicircles another piece of Draco that he owned unequivocally. Sirius decided that someday, he'd cover every inch of Draco's skin with his marks so that they both could see them, feel them, and know what they meant.

"More, cousin," Draco begged again. He could barely breathe between the fucking and the weight of his cousin on his back. This was going to kill him, he was certain, but somehow he thought he would be reborn on the other side.

Sirius let go of his grip on Draco's left hip and snaked his arm up, lightning-fast, to catch Draco's chin. He pulled it up and back in what he knew must be an uncomfortable pose, bringing Draco's throat into perfect position for his teeth. "Mine!" he said again, almost yelling as he sank his teeth deeply into Draco's neck, his cock deep in Draco's body. He kept going, hips pistoning with relentless force even as he raised a huge mark, teeth stopping just short of breaking the skin and instead drawing blood to the surface with his mouth.

Draco screamed. It hurt and felt so good and if he could just touch his cock he'd explode. Instead, he went limp and let his body become an open, willing vessel for Sirius to use as he saw fit.

This was the point Sirius had been waiting for, when Draco's whole body radiated, not need of any kind, but surrender. Draco knew, now, bone-deep that he was owned, it was written in every line of him, every muscle and sinew. "Don't come," Sirius rumbled, finally letting that last shred of control go as he worked his own way toward completion.

Draco gulped but didn't speak. His head was stretched too far back to do so, almost too far back to breathe. He closed his eyes and smiled. In a few moments he would feel his cousin filling him. He didn't care if he came, not if Sirius didn't want him to. It wasn't his to decide any more. He'd given that control over to Sirius and he never wanted it back. With what breath he could gather he whined, hoping Sirius understood.

Sirius felt that small noise radiate through his entire being, that last little piece of relinquished self that Draco handed over gladly, joyfully. "Mine," he repeated, the mantra that defined this encounter, that he hoped would define the rest of their lives, and he sank his teeth back in one last time as he spilled his pleasure into his exquisite mount.

He could feel it when it happened; when Sirius marked and filled him. It was different from their other times. This time Sirius didn't just want him, but had accepted him, claimed him. He belonged to Sirius as he'd never belonged to anyone before.

Sirius allowed himself to linger over his orgasm, took those extra seconds to feel himself coming down off of it, to lick the copper-tasting marks on Draco's sweaty neck and just wallow in the utter perfection of the moment. Draco was his. Draco now belonged to him, and he'd do right by his new mount, would care for him properly. He let Draco's neck go and loosened the ties at his cousin's wrists, then levered himself upright and just gazed down at Draco's ravaged form. "You're such a good mount," he said softly, "I'm so glad I chose you for my own." He might have thought other words just then, but these were the words that fit what they were to each other now. The rest would come in its own time, just like Draco.

Draco didn't move other than to stretch out his arms in front of him and lower his head between them. He felt so calm. His erection was as fierce as ever and his arse throbbed around Sirius' cock. His neck and shoulders were covered by bright spots of pain, and he wanted to keep it that way. Even if Sirius hadn't said anything, Draco would have known that he was owned.

Sirius leaned down again, kissing Draco's spine idly as he untied the last of Draco's bonds. "I'm going to roll you over now, little mount," he said, "and I'm going to drink your pleasure, since it's also mine." He pulled out regretfully and paused, looking down at Draco's pink, stretched hole and the little trickle of white that escaped it.

A tiny sigh escaped Draco as he was released from his bonds and his cousin pulled away. He clenched his hole, trying not to lose his cousin's seed. Then he waited patiently for Sirius to turn him over. His cock twitched and his skin warmed at the thought of his cousin's mouth. He was about to be laid bare in another way. "All yours," he said softly.

"Good boy," said Sirius, and repositioned Draco carefully, loving the way Draco waited meekly for his hands, just as he'd said to. He made sure Draco's back was firmly on the ottoman, then pulled his legs up and out and said softly, "Hold yourself open for me."

Draco grabbed his knees and held them in place, letting his head fall back and his mouth open in anticipation of pleasure. Then he frowned when he realised he couldn't keep himself pinched shut like this. He looked up pleadingly at Sirius but didn't let go of his legs or speak.

"Perfect," said Sirius, watching Draco's eyes plead, his hole twitch in an attempt to keep Sirius' come from leaking out. He pulled his wand out of his pocket and stroked it thoughtfully, then asked, "Do you want this?" teasing at Draco's hole with the tip. "It's nearly as much a part of me as my cock, after all."

They'd played that game in the dorms on rare occasions, so it wasn't frightening at all -- he was eager to feel it inside him. Draco nodded and said, "Yes, please."

Sirius grinned. Oh, this was the best decision he'd made in his misspent life, to keep this beautiful boy for his own. He slid his wand in carefully, letting out a soft moan as it disappeared into that lovely body. In its own way this was nearly as good as anything else they'd done today; he couldn't feel it and yet, he felt intimately connected to his cousin through it. "Hold it in," he said softly, then leaned in and licked a stripe up Draco's cock.

Draco clenched his muscles and nodded sharply. "I will," he promised and felt his cock twitch at the touch of Sirius' tongue. It wouldn't take much to make him come, but Sirius had said not to.

Sirius took a moment to lick the leaking seed from around the cool wood of his own wand. "I'll tell you when to come, my mount," he said, then took first one, then both of Draco's balls into his wide mouth.

"Just... I'm so close," Draco said, feeling his balls relax slightly as warmth engulfed them. He breathed a little sigh of relief and said, "But I won't," and swore to himself that he wouldn't come no matter what unless Sirius commanded it.

He sucked Draco's balls gently, tonguing them, rolling them in his mouth. He let them go with a harder suck, then whispered, "I know you are, love, I'll take care of you." He rotated the end of the wand in careful fingers, pressing the hard wood up and sliding it back and forth.

Draco gasped and tossed his head slowly from side to side. "I want to always be this way for you." And he did. He wanted to be open and ready for whatever Sirius wanted or filled and aching because Sirius had taken his pleasure.

"I love you like this," Sirius said, ghosting hot breath up Draco's length, "Want you like this forever." He paused, capturing Draco's gaze when it finally focused on him. "Mine," he whispered, then took the head into his mouth. Draco was salty, sweet, and bitter with the residue from his earlier orgasm, the mixed flavours like ambrosia to Sirius' palate.

Draco relaxed into the sensations and rocked up and back with small movements, waiting to see if Sirius would object. The wand felt so good, slipping in and out of him, as did Sirius' mouth around his cock.

Sirius allowed the motion, opening his throat and taking Draco all the way down, letting Draco's hips propel his suction so he could concentrate on using his tongue to drive his cousin mad with need. He'd wait until Draco was trembling with the effort to hold back before giving his permission to come.

When he felt himself getting too close, Draco stopped his hips, but it didn't lessen the intensity. He was panting and moaning and it took all his control to hold still. He felt his balls drawing up and clenched his teeth, whining with the need to let go.

Sirius felt the first tremors starting in Draco's taut thighs, and knew it was time. "Now," he whispered at the height of his next stroke, barely pulling his mouth off long enough to get the word out before taking Draco back in to the root.

Draco exhaled and relaxed, flinging his head back. He jerked as he filled Sirius' mouth and clenched tight so as not to lose the wand.

Sirius drank down the bitter fluid, sucking every drop he could glean from Draco's body as he spent himself. He licked Draco clean carefully, not letting him go until he'd gone totally soft. "All mine," he said, his voice holding a tender sort of finality. "You belong to me, now and forever."

"Yes," Draco said looking into Sirius' eyes. "Yours forever." He felt exhausted but like he was glowing on the inside. His legs and arms were getting tired but he was sated and sore in all the right ways.

Sirius sat back and took one last look at Draco, sweat-slicked hair, muscles quivering with the strain, body spread and impaled on Sirius' own wand. "Beautiful," he said, then grinned wickedly. "Give me my wand," he ordered, "slowly."

Draco scrunched forward and reached between his legs with both hands, watching Sirius for any indication that this wasn't what the instructions had meant. One hand wrapped under his balls and pulled them up so they wouldn't obstruct the view. With the fingers of his other hand, he gently grasped the handle of Sirius' wand and began to draw it out, feeling the length slipping from him reluctantly.

Sirius watched avidly as Draco contorted himself, legs still pulled up and open, shaking as he carefully tugged on the smooth wood. Sirius bit back a moan at the sheer decadence of it, his very own boy doing his exact bidding. "In and out a bit," he whispered, wanting to see Draco humble himself further, fuck himself on Sirius' wand. "Tell me how it feels," he added, wanting to know, needing to hear Draco admit one more time how much he enjoyed debasing himself at his new master's whim.

"Good, so good," Draco said, letting his head fall back, still scrunched up. He fucked himself with Sirius wand, using tiny little strokes and twisting it. "But not as good as you," he added.

Sirius half wished he could get hard again, spend the entire day right here fucking Draco in every conceivable position. Or that he had something, a toy he could use to keep his seed inside, so Draco was constantly reminded of who he belonged to. Instead he sighed softly in remembered pleasure and said, "Pull it out carefully."

Draco pulled slowly. As more and more of the wand left his body he bit his lip. He half hoped Sirius would tell him to stop. "I don't want to be empty," he said softly as the tip popped out of his body. He relaxed and looked up at Sirius, all covered in sweat and looking down at him.

Sirius grabbed one of the cravats in a sudden flurry of inspiration. He took his come-streaked wand and cast a cleaning spell, then carefully transfigured the scarf into an exact replica of his own hard cock. "Do you want this?" he asked holding it up for Draco to view. The toy was silky soft, spongy at the tip with something hard holding the shaft rigid. Not quite a real prick, but as close as he was going to get from a scarf.

In answer, Draco grabbed his knees and pulled them to his chest, opening himself up for Sirius. "Please," he begged, nodding his head.

Sirius smiled, feeling something akin to warmth blossom in his chest at Draco's neediness. He teased at the tender opening with the head of the toy, then slid it in completely, whispering a spell to keep it in place. "You will wear that until I remove it," he said, the tone of his voice gentle compared to the words.

"Yes," Draco said with a satisfied smile. It wasn't Sirius but it was close enough and kept part of his cousin inside him. It reminded him that he belonged to Sirius now; that his cousin owned him and would take care of him. Up until now, he'd been owned by his father and his name, but it was an ownership that left him feeling cold and dead. Sirius made him feel alive and wanted, appreciated, cared for. He knew they'd crossed an important line today and there was no going back. He couldn't. He had no desire to.

Sirius couldn't resist giving Draco's upturned arse a quick smack as he said, "Up! We've got just enough time to shower before dinner." Sirius politely avoided mentioning Draco's parents, although it would be interesting to see how he sat with the toy inside him, while under his father's eye. Sirius began to strip out of his sweaty clothing, vowing once more to actually undress one of these days before their sexual encounters were over.

Draco rolled off the ottoman and stood up, reaching to help Sirius undress. The dildo inside him, impossible to ignore, made him smile and blush. "Will you be thinking about me sitting there filled with your come during dinner?" he asked, looking up at Sirius while he worked.

Sirius grinned down, reaching out a hand to stroke down one soft cheek. "Yes, my mount, I most likely won't be able to think of anything else." He gave in to impulse and leaned in for a deep kiss. "You're very distracting."

Draco closed his eyes and concentrated on the taste and smell of his cousin, until he pulled back. "Good," he said and turned his head to kiss Sirius' palm. "But we stink of sex," he added with a grin, proud of the fact that it was his smell all over Sirius.

"That we do, mount," said Sirius, loving the change in his cousin. Draco was so sweet and affectionate like this, and he practically glowed with pride in being owned. "You'd better wash us well so we can do it all over again, hadn't you?"

Draco's grin got even bigger. "I will," he promised and led his now naked cousin to the bath.

Sirius followed, admiring the sway of Draco's arse as he walked, a bit gingerly, to the bathroom. His. Such a lovely thought, and one he'd savour for a very long time. He was already planning their next encounter, and several more which would require at least two separate shopping trips. "So, Draco," he asked as they waited for the water to warm, "know much about Knockturn Alley?"

Title: Owned (sequel to Mounted)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Authors: & Ruhgozler
Pairing: Sirius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, cousincest, underage (17), BDSM, rimming, kink
Summary: Sirius and Draco take their relationship a step further. AU. Voldemort never existed, and the Blacks and their two adult sons, Sirius and Regulus, are visiting the Malfoy estate during the summer that Draco turns 17.
Notes: Thanks to Ruby & Lydia for the beta, and to Ygrane, Delta & Yare for the encouragement.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.