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Remus wandered downstairs, feeling quite put out. He'd intended to sleep his solitary Christmas morning away in a house blessedly free of parents, who were off having their holidays in the sunny Caribbean, or certain foolish Animagi, who were mostly spending the hols at James' house this year, due to a certain Black sheep having fled the flock. Instead, he'd been awakened at the crack of dawn by the Potter family owl, bearing treats and a note for him to get downstairs and light his Floo so they could all wish him a Happy Christmas.

He stopped at the foot of the stairs, startled to find that his tree had been lit, and the number of packages beneath had multiplied not only in number but size, including one huge one that had Remus stepping closer much more readily, intrigued. His eyes widened in shock as he finally made out the eerily familiar shape of one Sirius Black, stripped completely nude and bound with red velvet ribbon, including a blindfold and rather effective gag. Blood rushed upwards and down, bringing a blush to his cheeks and making an embarrassing tent out of his pyjama bottoms as he spotted Sirius' prick, shockingly hard and so very there, accented by a neat red bow and a cheery green gift tag.

Remus reached out toward his bound friend, saying, "Sirius, what..." He snatched his hand back when Sirius began to struggle and make muffled sounds through the gag, straining toward the sound of Remus' voice. The motions made Sirius' cock bounce and sway, a drop of moisture at the tip glistening in the twinkling lights of the tree, and Remus' prick twitched in sympathy. "Sssh," he said, gathering his courage to kneel next to Sirius, laying a gentle hand on one bare shoulder. "It's Remus, I'm here. What's James gone and done now?"

His question was largely rhetorical as Sirius was still gagged, and had begun wriggling at Remus' touch to the extent that Remus couldn't do much to help unbind him. Instead he just took this one unguarded moment to observe Sirius when Sirius couldn't see him doing it, watching the play of muscles under the soft, warm skin, the flush of something that suffused his face and chest. Remus wondered what it was, embarrassment or anger or even forbidden desire, though he held out little hope for the last. "Be still, Padfoot, or I can't untie you," he said quietly, nearly gasping aloud when Sirius' cock brushed against his leg during a particularly violent bit of squirming.

His words had obviously finally penetrated Sirius' brain after that, because Sirius went very still and said something that Remus was fairly sure that Padfoot somehow expected him to understand. "Just stay still, let me get your gag first," he said, finding that, while a large part of Sirius' predicament seemed attributable to one single, long, elaborately woven ribbon, the blindfold and gag were both separate strips of velvet. He got the gag off first, stealing a forbidden caress against Sirius' much-beloved cheek, chuckling when Sirius immediately began to complain.

"Bloody hell, Moony, get me out of this stuff! Prongs has gone nutters if he thinks you want a naked me for any day of the year, let alone Christmas! You won't believe what he did to me and thank all the gods that he used his wand to conjure this stuff instead of tying it himself, or I'd have to murder him for the bow alone," Sirius babbled, words spilling from his lips a mile a minute while Remus worked to get the blindfold untied, surreptitiously adjusting himself so his erection was just slightly less obvious before he removed the cloth entirely.

"There you are, now you can see and whinge, so two of your most important functions have been restored to you," said Remus with a slightly wicked smile; despite or perhaps because of the very distracting fact of Sirius' near-nudity, Remus was tempted to leave him in the rest of the wrappings for a few hours as revenge for any number of Sirius' prior indiscretions. "Now, what shall I unwrap next, do you think?" he asked, eyes travelling suggestively down Sirius' lean form. "James did leave me with this convenient bow," he said, stroking along a curl of velvet ribbon and wishing it was Sirius' prick instead.

Sirius closed his eyes and whimpered, and Remus nearly lost his resolve entirely. "You were never supposed to know," Sirius said softly, hips twitching as Remus' fingers trailed along the ribbon, closer and closer to the centre of the bow and the base of Sirius' cock. "Damn James anyway, for thinking this would make you forgive me where nothing else has." Sirius turned his face away as best he could, hiding the need that Remus had, very briefly, seen flash through those familiar grey eyes.

"What wasn't I supposed to know, Padfoot?" said Remus gently, moving his hand up to trace along the webwork of red on Sirius' torso. "Why did James think it was a good idea to leave you for me like this?" he asked, cupping Sirius' pink cheek and stroking his thumb along the high cheekbone he'd admired for so long from afar.

Sirius shook his head, though his hips gave him away, thrusting forward just enough to drag the head of his prick along the leg of Remus' pyjamas. They both hissed in pleasure, and Sirius' eyes flew open, focusing on Remus' flushed face, then flicking down to rest on the ill-disguised bulge in Remus' trousers. "You... I..." Sirius shook his head, as if trying to clear cobwebs out of it, or perhaps preconceived notions. "He wasn't supposed to tell you that I'm... that I'm a poof." He paused, and Remus kept stroking with his thumb, trying to look as open and accepting and not-predatory as it was possible to be with one's most cherished fantasies unfolding themselves in one's living room. "That I want you," Sirius finished, looking away, then back up at Remus through those long, black lashes.

Having seen Sirius use that last on any number of lovely young ladies, Remus felt a bit less than special, and decided to say so. "That look didn't work on Meredith Rodgers and it wouldn't have worked on me if I hadn't wanted you for years," said Remus, leaning in to press a soft kiss to Sirius' now-pouting lips. "No games between us, Padfoot, all right?"

Sirius took a deep breath, then nodded, his eyes darkening to show the lust his body had already revealed, softening into something that might have been real affection. He strained his neck upward, tilting his face imploringly until Remus graced him with another kiss, one that turned into rather an extensive snog during which Remus got to discover that Sirius had been fed chocolate before -- or possibly after -- being tied up. James really had gone the extra mile for this, and Remus was just about to ask about the whole bizarre situation when Sirius said very softly, "I'm sorry for all of it, you know."

That same quiet sadness he heard in Sirius' voice fluttered through Remus' chest at the memory of it, just another stupid prank gone much worse than usual in some ways, but a horrible betrayal of every trust he'd ever given his friends in others. "I know you are," said Remus quietly, shutting him up with another deep, wet kiss. Remus could still taste the faint hints of sweet on Sirius' tongue, and he was amused to realize that the mint chocolate square included with the owl hadn't been the bribe or apology he'd assumed at the time, but most likely an effort on James' part to save Sirius from the ravages of werewolf morning breath.

Remus was going to have to kill the bloody wanker, just as soon as he was done unwrapping his present properly. He pulled away again, rubbing his cheek against Sirius' reassuringly, and asked in an amused voice, "So, should I unwrap you first, or just have my way with you while you're being so very obedient?" he asked, proud that his hand trembled only slightly as he ran it down the curve of Sirius' side, finally feeling the graceful sweep of firm young flesh that he'd admired so many times from afar. He let his hand rest on Sirius' hip, thumb soothing beneath one of the many tight-wrapped strips of velvet, and watched the emotions playing across Sirius' face with something akin to sadistic amusement, and something that was very definitely desire.

Sirius blushed even deeper, cheeks flaming red as he mumbled, "Don't care, just want you, Moony." His body had given him away again, however, that beribboned cock twitching at the mere suggestion of being had while still bound.

Remus grinned. "Having my way it is, then," he said, his hand moving to wrap itself around the hard length of Sirius' cock, his own gasp lost as he pressed his mouth to Sirius' once again. Sirius was hot and heavy in his hand, the skin softer even than the velvet ribbons encircling it, and Remus couldn't help but moan into Sirius' mouth when it pulsed in his hand, adding more precome to the sticky puddle that had formed on Sirius' belly while they talked. Remus swirled his thumb over the head, gathering the fluid from the slit and bringing it up to his mouth, breaking the kiss long enough to suck the salty liquid from his own skin. "Delicious," he said quietly, loving Sirius' mortification as much as the taste, loving that it was him doing these things to Sirius' body, Sirius' composure.

"Please, Moony," said Sirius, hips bucking. Remus' eyes widened in surprise when Sirius rolled himself onto his back, arms trapped beneath him in what must have been a wickedly uncomfortable manner, knees spreading wide in an unmistakeable offer. "Please," he said again, arching up, presenting himself in a submissive display that would have put his dog form to shame.

"Gods, Padfoot," Remus gasped, seeing the truly wicked manner in which Sirius had been wrapped -- there was a metal ring nestled in a webwork of ribbon, encircling Sirius' entrance in a blatant invitation. Remus blushed at the thought of James doing all of this, and shot Sirius a suspicious look. "Did Prongs do all of this?" he asked, using his moment of bravery to trail his hand down between those delightfully spread legs, brushing his fingers over the hole and finding it shockingly slick, warm and wet and wanting.

Sirius blushed and shook his head. "Caught me wanking," he said, pushing his arse up into Remus' tentative touch in a wanton display. "Had my fingers there, an' I must've said your name, 'cos he freaked and bound my wrists to keep me from defiling his bed any further. Then he got this weird look in his eye an' found this spell in the back of some wank mag." Sirius wriggled again, and Remus took a deep breath, slipping one finger just barely inside his best friend's arse. "It did all the... specifics, except for the gag and blindfold. Prongs did that to shut me up and keep me from freaking out on the way here."

"So, James caught you wanking in his bed with your fingers up your arse, and decided to give you to me for Christmas?" Remus asked, torn between laughter and eternal thankfulness for their mad, impulsive friend. A low chuckle escaped him even as his finger slipped deeper into Sirius, making the boy gasp, and Remus added, "Bet he regrets it once we start shagging in the dorm room."

"Oh fuck, Moony!" said Sirius, arching up as Remus added a second finger to that hot, tight arse.

"That's the idea, Sirius," he said wickedly, moving them in and out of the slick hole, his attention almost entirely focused on the way Sirius felt like wet satin on the inside, the way his body seemed to try to hold Remus' fingers inside even when he pulled them out. "Gods, you're so perfect," he said quietly, wondering if he should add a third finger or get naked or just do this exact thing forever or at least until they both exploded. He felt around inside Sirius' body, letting his own natural curiosity guide his fingers over the silky contours until he found a spot that felt harder, spongier.

"Fuck!" Sirius cried out, his opening clenching tightly onto Remus' fingers. "What the fuck was that?" Remus pressed it again and shivered himself just from the way Sirius' body jerked, his cock pulsing out a small river of precome. "Oh, please, Moony, want you in me now," said Sirius shamelessly, humping his arse onto Remus' fingers in a manner that reminded Remus sharply and not unappealingly of Padfoot humping the furniture.

Every boy learned the basic spells to slick up one's cock pretty much as soon as they figured out what their pricks were good for, and Remus had been no exception. He slipped his fingers out of Sirius with a small sigh of regret, then stripped out of his pyjamas in record time, too intent on his task to be self-conscious of his awkward, scarred body. "Fuck, Padfoot, want you so much," he muttered, fumbling about for his wand and casting the charm. "Can't believe you're here," he said quietly as he crawled up Sirius' body, kissing the bound boy almost chastely even as his cock nudged its way to the centre of that obscene metal ring, the centre of Sirius' body.

"Can't believe you want me to be," said Sirius in return, his mouth sweet and pliant beneath Remus', his arse opening easily beneath Remus' slightly awkward thrusting. Remus bit his own lip, then Sirius' for good measure, trying very much not to come as his cock was enveloped for the very first time by someone else's body. By Sirius' body, in some bizarre fantasy come true, only he'd never in his wildest dreams thought to bind Sirius in velvet ribbon and fuck him under the Christmas tree.

The tag poked Remus in the stomach as he seated himself fully in Sirius' welcoming body, and he tugged it off with a growl of frustration, tossing it aside and leaning down for another kiss. As if that small burst of anger had opened a floodgate inside of him, all his pent-up passion and need for Sirius came bursting out, and he growled again as he ravaged those pliant lips, fucking Sirius' mouth with his tongue even as his hips began to move in tandem, thrusting his cock over and over into Sirius' tight arse. "Mine," he whispered against Sirius' lips, his hands moving down to grasp at those narrow hips, "You're mine now, no more stupid bints."

"No one but you," Sirius gasped, muscles clenching around Remus' cock. "Never... oh fuck, really wanted anyone else... anyway, Moony," he gasped out, eyes rolling back in his skull and neck arching to bare his throat submissively. Remus took shameless advantage, sinking his teeth into Sirius' neck and sucking a love bite even James would be impressed by, marking his territory shamelessly.

"No one but me," he repeated, shivering at the thought of having this not just this once, but again and again, Sirius beneath him, willing and pliant and oh so fucking hot. He felt the tingling in his balls that meant he was going to come soon, and he levered himself up so his cock could stroke that place inside Sirius' body that made him buck and whine and plead so very beautifully for Remus to do it again, and again, and again. Remus brought his hands in to toy with the bits he'd only managed to sneak surreptitious glances at before, cupping those heavy bollocks and rolling them in his palm the way he liked when he was wanking, stroking feather-light touches up and down the shaft of Sirius' straining prick.

"Fuck, Moony, please!" Sirius gasped, doing everything possible within his limited range of movement to beg with his body, his eyes, his entire being. "Please, I'm so close, please, Remus!"

Remus tugged at the bow, hoping it would unravel and free Sirius' cock and balls from the rather lovely bondage that he still couldn't quite believe James had put them in. "Soon, Padfoot," Remus soothed, slowing his strokes as he worked with fumbling fingers to get the ribbons untangled. It turned out that this, too, was a separate length, or at least had a knot that allowed it to be removed without disturbing the rest of the red pattern crisscrossing Sirius' body, and soon enough Remus had Sirius' naked cock pressed into the curve of his palm, fingers curling around the unfamiliar length, learning its contours as he began to stroke.

"Yes, oh yes!" Sirius encouraged, arse clenching and prick jumping as Remus began to speed both hand and cock, moving them in tandem as he worked them both swiftly toward the edge.

Remus found that it took nearly all of his concentration to keep everything going, leaving nothing for staving off his encroaching orgasm. He moved with increasingly erratic rhythm, thumb slipping through the precome at Sirius' cockhead, his own prick happily buried as deeply as it could get in Sirius' body. "Fuck, Padfoot, gonna... Sirius!" Remus babbled, crying out sharply at the last, hips snapping forward as the last shreds of his control broke and he fell over the edge.

Remus was dimly aware of Sirius' continued pleas as he spilled pleasure, white-hot and intense, through his whole body and into Sirius' arse. His hand twitched and he managed somehow to keep stroking even through the haze of pleasure, hips rocking just enough to rub his cock somewhere in the vicinity of that spot that Sirius had obviously become quite enamoured with. "Come for me, Sirius," he whispered, shivering as the last shocks of release worked their way down his spine.

"Yes!" Sirius roared, hips snapping up and cock pulsing in Remus' hand, spilling pearls of creamy white all over Sirius' chest, stomach and red velvet bonds. "Gods, yes," he murmured, his orgasm lasting far longer than Remus had thought possible, though Remus stroked him through the whole thing, milking every last drop from that glorious cock.

"You're so beautiful, Sirius," Remus murmured almost absently, languor stealing over him as he lazily trailed his fingers through the thick fluid, bringing them up to his lips to sniff at the pungent, ocean-bleach scent. He flicked his tongue out to taste, finding it similar to his own but somehow so very Sirius, licking at the remainder until his fingers were clean and shiny with spit. Sirius' eyes were wide and focused very intently on Remus' mouth, and Remus couldn't help but smile at the heat in them so soon after their release. "Need something, Padfoot?" Remus asked, feigning as much innocence as he could manage with his cock still buried in Sirius' arse and not showing any signs of wanting to go soft.

"Want your mouth," said Sirius mindlessly, then he blinked and bit his lip, looking abashed at his own wanton words. "I mean, if you wouldn't... Would you?"

Remus smiled affectionately down at his best friend and now lover, and shook his head. "No, I wouldn't," he said, just to see Sirius' face fall and relight when he added, "not until I've got you untied."

Sirius laughed in relief, and Remus pulled gently out, finding his wand and muttering a cleansing charm over both of them to get the worst of the stickiness off. He looked over the bindings, trying to figure out if there was some pivotal point he could untie in order to make it all fall away, or if they'd be unwrapping Sirius for the next hour like some sort of perverse mummy. "Try the tag," said Sirius, nodding toward the discarded bit of green cardboard. "James said something about it just before he left."

Remus nodded and snatched up the paper, flipping it over to find, to his surprise, James' unmistakeable handwriting. "Had to attach it himself, did he?" said Remus archly, reading the terse instructions and rather insincere apology. Sirius squirmed uncomfortably when Remus shot him another sharp look, and mumbled something about gloves and cringing that made Remus snort with amusement. "Well, he's not to touch it ever again now that you're mine, got it?" said Remus sternly, a smile twitching at his lips.

"Yes, Moony," said Sirius, amusement sparkling in his eyes to show that he wasn't in the least bit fooled. Remus rolled his own eyes and said the spell, watching as the ribbons dissolved, from the outmost point inward, until the ring dropped to the floor with a clunk, adorned with a simple red velvet bow. Sirius immediately began a series of breathtakingly erotic stretches that did the job of keeping Remus' cock interested in round two, and ending up on his knees in front of Remus, giving him that shy look through his lashes once again. "You really wanted me for years?" he asked, something in his tone belying the patently false expression.

"Yes, Padfoot, I've really wanted you for years," he said, pulling Sirius into his arms and planting the sweetest of kisses on those kiss-bruised lips. "Rooming with you has been hell, you know, forcing me to acknowledge my inner poof and all."

"How do you think I feel!" began Sirius indignantly, and Remus chose to shut off that line of thought with another, deeper kiss.

"Shut up, Padfoot," he said affectionately, rubbing his nose against Sirius'.

Sirius blushed and pecked Remus on the lips, the first kiss he'd actually initiated. "Happy Christmas, Moony," he said shyly, and for once his bashfulness seemed almost sincere.

"Yeah," said Remus, cuddling a bit closer to Sirius' delightfully naked and most importantly touchable body. "It really is, isn't it?"

Title: Well-wrapped
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, bondage, minor consent issues
Summary: Remus finds a surprise under the Christmas tree.
Acknowledgements: For rubyrosered, from her Secret Santa.

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