Sweets to the Sweet
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Neville walked up to their dorm room feeling hot, tired and just... lonely. Even though he was more accepted by his fellow Gryffindors every year, he didn't really have any close friends, and that sometimes took its toll. He knew he often drowned his sorrows in food, which didn't help his chubby physique which in turn kept him on the fringes, even though he'd mostly conquered his stutter and his fears, but... he didn't have a lot else, really. He ran a thoughtful hand over his round belly as he opened the door to their dorm room, freezing in place when he caught sight of Harry.

Harry was sitting on his bed in just his boxers, the blue cotton worn almost translucent and gaping where his legs were spread wide, knees bent, one up and one splayed to the side in a wanton display. One hand hung loosely over the propped knee, and the other was fumbling through a golden box filled with something that made Neville's mouth water almost as much as the expanse of sweat-sheened skin: Honeydukes truffles.

Harry brought one up to his mouth and bit into it; the chocolate had melted a bit in the heat and smeared across Harry's mouth and chin, slicking his fingers with sweetness, and Neville made a small sound in the back of his throat, hands clenching into fists with the effort of not. Licking. Harry.

Harry looked up and smiled, his teeth coated with the stuff. "Nev! Hey, want some?" he asked, holding out the half-eaten treat in ingenuous offering. Neville made the sound again, his feet bringing him forward without consulting his brain, led by his suddenly hard prick.

"Gnuh?" said Nev, then he shook his head and tried again. "Are you sure?" he managed to ask, even as he crawled up onto Harry's bed. "You need a lot more fattening up than me," Nev added ruefully, eyes skating over Harry's slim, compact build, the muscles bunching in his stomach as he sat up and held the now-gooey chocolate to Neville's lips.

"I like you round," said Harry, cheeks turning an intriguing shade of pink that deepened when Neville's tongue flicked out to taste the sweet.

"Raspberry," said Neville dreamily. His favourite. He had no idea how he'd manage to actually eat it without sucking it off of Harry's fingers. Not that he'd mind in the least, but he rather thought Harry would -- it wasn't exactly the sort of thing you were supposed to do to your roommates in a boarding school, after all, not unless you wanted to get a different kind of reputation altogether.

"Go on, eat it," Harry said, just touching Neville's mouth with his chocolate-coated fingers. "It's getting all melty," he added, nudging at Nev's lips again.

Neville's mouth opened of its own accord, tongue curling around the biggest lump of chocolate remaining, drawing the whole thing in his mouth and Harry's fingers with it. Harry's eyes went wide and dark, and his mouth made a little pink chocolate-smeared 'o' even as Neville began to lick and suck at the sweet fingers. The truffle was delicious, of course, melting further in his mouth until he had to swallow around the intruding fingers, and then Harry tasted just as good once the chocolate was gone, salty and a little dusty.

Neville let Harry's fingers go with a soft sigh, every last trace of sweet gone from them. Harry leaned forward and Neville mirrored it unconsciously, letting out a little noise of surprise when those lips that had so fascinated him met his own in an awkward, chocolaty kiss.

Harry pulled back enough to look up at Neville through dark lashes. "Is that all right?" he asked, a little shy but mostly seeming sure of the reply. Neville nodded silently, tongue flicking out to lick the raspberry off his own lips, and Harry dove back in for a second kiss, this one hotter and much wetter as their tongues lapped at the melted chocolate, delving in one another's mouths as though searching for more.

Neville made that sound again and tried not to be mortified at the tent in his trousers, even as one traitorous hand wandered over the bed to see if Harry had a matching one. Harry made a shocked little squeak when Nev's hand closed over his erection, then he melted into the kiss, hips thrusting gently up into Neville's surprisingly sure touch.

It was Neville who broke the kiss this time, eyes wide as he asked, "I-is this all right?" cursing his betraying stutter.

Harry nodded, then reached up to cup Nev's cheek. "Pull the curtains and take off..." Harry blushed and tugged at Neville's uniform shirt, tie long discarded and fabric damp with sweat.

Nev let go of Harry's prick reluctantly, hoping he'd get another chance to touch the fascinating length of it, explore the way the heat felt so right in his palm despite the oppressively warm air around them. "All right," he said quietly, turning to release the drapes on one side while Harry did the other, shrouding them in a strangely private gloom. Neville turned back just as Harry was casting a Lumos, wand propped between pillows, harsh light making Harry's body a strange chiaroscuro of pale skin and deep shadow.

"Let me," said Harry, his expression one of wonder as he moved forward to slip the buttons of Neville's shirt through the holes, slowly exposing Neville's pale, plump belly, his soft chest and pink nipples. Neville blushed and wanted to look away, but he couldn't quite tear his eyes from the hunger slowly building in Harry's face. "You're perfect," Harry breathed when the buttons were undone and the shirt was pooled behind him, and Neville shook his head wordlessly even as Harry's hands smoothed over the rounded flesh, biting his lip to keep back anything that might make Harry stop touching.

Harry leaned in to lick at one of Neville's nipples, and he couldn't help but moan, his arms flying up to clutch at Harry's shoulders. Who knew nipples were so brilliant? Harry chuckled and Neville wondered if he'd said that aloud, but all thoughts of embarrassment slipped away when Harry's mouth closed over the other nipple, warm and wet and oh so very good. "Oh, Harry," said Neville in a voice nearly broken with need, pressing up against that tormenting tongue.

"God, wanted this forever," said Harry, sending a thrill of shocked desire spiralling straight down to Neville's already-hard prick.

Neville moaned softly and let his hands tangle in Harry's hair, too lost in the moment to worry about doing things wrong anymore. "Wanted this for years," he agreed, giving away one of his most dearly-held secrets and getting a hot, fierce kiss in return.

Harry's hands worked busily at Neville's trousers as they kissed, first just touching tentatively, then boldly undressing Neville when all of his responses were overwhelmingly positive. "Lift up," Harry said between kisses, and Nev blushed even harder as he slipped both trousers and pants down and off, taking Nev's shoes and socks with them and leaving Neville lying back on Harry's bed, flushed and nude, hard and panting. Harry sat back and just looked for so long that Neville started to squirm, worried that Harry was going to change his mind now that he'd seen what he was getting into. "You're perfect," he said instead, after a long pause, and something about that, and the awed lust on Harry's face, gave Neville all the courage he'd been lacking.

Neville launched himself into Harry's arms, bowling the other boy back onto the pillows and kissing him with all the untutored lust and puppyish enthusiasm he'd been holding back for so very long. "You're perfect to me," he said, finding himself grinning until Harry's hips thrust up and their cocks rubbed together, only the thin fabric of Harry's pants separating them. He gasped at that, his hands going down to the waist of Harry's boxers, tugging and hoping his nerve wouldn't fail him.

Harry moaned and lifted up, sliding his prick against Nev's again, and that was all the encouragement Neville needed to get Harry's pants up over his erection and slide them down and off. He couldn't resist repeating Harry's earlier perusal, enjoying the long line of Harry's spread legs, the dark shock of hair between them, the sheen of sweat on all that golden skin. He let his eyes linger in the shadowed valley beneath Harry's balls, let them glide up the curve of Harry's shaft the way he wanted to do with his tongue. His gaze slipped upward, over Harry's thin stomach, his narrow chest and dusky pink nipples and on up to the lust-dark eyes and slipping glasses, the slightly nervous grin on Harry's red mouth.

"Like what you see?" Harry asked, holding out a hand.

Nev moved forward to take it and almost planted a knee on the forgotten chocolates, looking down at them and then back up at Harry with a slow-spreading grin. "I'll like it even better once I've got to taste," he said, surprising himself with his own boldness as he scooped up one of the melting morsels and leaned in for another kiss. Instead of feeding the chocolate to him as Harry obviously expected, Neville smeared the gooey sweet over each of Harry's nipples, then in a line down Harry's throat, then down much further, slipping sticky fingers over Harry's tempting cock.

"Fuck, Nev!" Harry moaned, spreading his legs even wider as Nev fondled his balls, the thick chocolate clinging to everything, busy fingers, silken skin and wiry black hairs.

"I don't know that I'm quite ready for that, yet," Neville replied, words a shy tease even as his mouth slid down to lap at Harry's neck, tasting tart raspberry, sweet chocolate and sweaty, delicious boy.

"Y-yet?" Harry squeaked, hips rocking into Neville's touch, the melted sweet making every thrust slick and smooth. "Ohgod."

"Someday," said Neville as his tongue meandered over a collarbone and down to Harry's nipples, "I'll want to try having you inside me," he said, finding that the minor mortification of saying these things out loud was well worth it, for the delightful reactions they got from Harry. "Someday you'll lay me out on your bed," he said, lapping and biting at the hard little nub before moving to the other, "and you'll spread my legs wide," he moved down further, tongue sling along a rib, dipping into Harry's navel, "and you'll slide your cock," he licked at the head to emphasize his words and hear Harry moan again, "into my arse."

Harry was past coherence at this point, and Neville felt a warm glow of pride that he had done this, he'd turned Harry from cool seducer to eager seduced, and all it had taken was a bit of chocolate and courage. He gripped Harry's shaft firmly and began to lap and suck at the head, hoping he was doing this right but thinking that it all seemed pretty damn good if Harry's reactions were anything to judge by. "Oh, Nev, I'm gonna... ohgod..."

Neville sucked harder, chocolate-covered fist pumping, urging. Harry gave in easily, crying, "Nev!" as he came.

Neville swallowed the bitter fluid gladly, lapping and stroking until Harry tugged at his hair and pulled him up for a kiss. "And here I thought you'd be shy," said Harry with a weak, embarrassed chuckle that sparked bright affection in Neville's breast.

"When have I ever been shy around something I really wanted to eat?" Neville asked, licking a smear of chocolate and come off a finger.

Harry laughed as he was meant to, then stole Neville's breath away by licking Nev's sticky hand clean. He rolled them over and straddled Nev's hips, smearing melted sweet over Nev's groin in the process. "Now it's my turn for a treat," he said with a grin, wiggling his hips and kissing Neville soundly, tasting of chocolate, come, and the future.

Title: Sweets to the Sweet
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Neville
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, foodsmut
Summary: Harry's eating chocolates on a hot afternoon, and he offers Neville a bite.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to isidore13 & lady_yare for betaing. Originally for a nevillosity challenge, only, er, about 7 months late. *cough* oops?

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