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Sirius Black was in trouble.

The room was set up almost the same as last week: floating candles filled the room with the heady scent of beeswax, the comforter was a deep gold velvet instead of last week's red, and of course, the collar was on the other throat. Sirius writhed a little against the bonds holding him to the bed, arms overhead, ankles spread wide, face pressed into the pillows. He could move just enough to torment his aching erection with the soft, grasping pile of the velvet, but not enough to actually get off on it.

Which was, of course, exactly what Remus had intended.

Sirius had shown up -- on time, for once -- with taut nerves and an aching hard on, and no real clear idea of what Remus would do to him. Last week Sirius had pretty much just used it as an excuse to fuck his lover hard and fast, then torment him with a second round before he was really ready, Sirius' desire feeding off those helpless whimpers coming from beneath him. He'd never let Remus fuck him, and knew that, at least, was on the schedule, but he'd been completely unprepared for the red silk ropes hanging from each bedpost.

The bed dipped, bringing him sharply into the present as a hand slid across his still-sore bottom, soothing the abused flesh. He just barely managed not to flinch away, relaxing almost instinctively when Remus crooned, "Good boy."

Sirius might have responded with a smart remark about the choice of words, but he was thoroughly distracted as one cool, slick finger began trailing teasingly up and down his cleft, dipping further in with each passing stroke until he was almost ready to beg for Remus to just get on with it. Breath hissed through clenched teeth as Remus' finger breached his body, sliding implacably in and out, deeper each time until Sirius could no longer remember why he'd ever though this was a bad idea.

A second finger joined the first, and Sirius arched up into it, heedless of the desperate sounds coming from his own throat and spilling over lips swollen and still moist from sucking Remus' cock earlier. The fingers withdrew, and Sirius gave a small moan of disappointment -- at the loss, and also somewhat because that spot that Remus seemed to get such pleasure from was still a mystery to him. Remus' cock seemed huge where it pressed into him, and he remembered the feel of it on his tongue even as it inched its way into his body.

Sirius groaned, breath leaving him in one long thread of pleasure, and resolved to let Moony top as often as he wanted if this was the result. He'd almost forgotten about his own cock in the rush of heady pleasure coming from the completely unfamiliar act of being filled, but Remus took care of that, too, sliding a hand around to grasp it gently. Sirius was fairly sure one or both of them was speaking, but all he could do was arch and feel and be. Listening, understanding, hell, even just English, those things were beyond him.

Then he suddenly realized that his feet were free, and Remus was urging his hips upward, urging him onto his knees. Something changed, the angle of Remus' thrusts and the way they fit together, and sparks exploded across Sirius' entire nervous system. Their balls collided as the pace increased, sensation pounding him from inside and out. His toes curled, fingers twitched, and cock leaped in Remus' loose grip. "Fuck!" he cried out, finding language long enough to swear at the sheer intensity of it.

Remus might have spoken, but Sirius was lost in the roar of blood in his ears, the race of his pulse and the pleasure it carried through his veins and out his cock as he came all over that rich, soft velvet, and Remus' gentle hand. Remus kept right on thrusting, fucking Sirius with relentless, deep strokes, flooding his brain with static until he was nothing but a vessel for Remus' cock. Sirius writhed and moaned, sweated and clenched and cried out, tugged against his bonds and, in the end, gave up completely and simply received.

It was at that moment, when he went limp and quiet, submitting completely to his lover's will, in that perfect second of stillness Remus came, shouting, not a curse or a prayer, but simply, "Mine."

Title: Submission (sequel to Flaky)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Sirius (Marauders Era)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM, underage
Summary: Sirus makes good on his promise.
Acknowledgements: Almost a 15 minute ficlet, except that it took 20 minutes and actually got an edit. Heh.

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