Steam Heat
by Amy & Dementordelta
headers and warnings

Sirius was tired of being cold and filthy. He theoretically didn't have a lot of privacy out here, but Harry's next Hogsmeade weekend wasn't for ages and no one else had visited his cave in all the time he'd been hiding out. He stripped out of his clothes and used a forbidden bit of wandless magic, pulling heat up from the earth to turn the burbling water at the very back of the cave into a hot spring, taking his dirty old robes with him in an attempt to get everything as clean as possible.

Harry looked over his shoulder nervously as he made his way up the slope toward the cave. He'd had a hard time convincing Ron that he'd be fine visiting his godfather alone, but he'd done it, then snuck out using the secret passage. He made some noise slipping over the rocks in front of the cave, hoping Sirius would hear him and peer out as Padfoot. But the dark entrance remained empty. He called out softly, "Snuffles?" Still no answer. With one last look over his shoulder to make sure no one was watching, Harry went inside.

Sirius took the sliver of soap he'd swiped from town and lathered up carefully, getting every nook and crevice before dipping under the blissfully warm water and starting all over. This time he did a more leisurely job, lingering at his nipples and stomach, cock and balls. He stroked himself to hardness, a part of him still surprised that he could even get hard after the years of despair and emotional starvation in Azkaban.

Harry heard the trickle of water, further back in the cave than he'd been on his previous visits, and followed the slight echo to the source. And froze. There in the water was his godfather, completely naked, touching himself.

Sirius arched his back, stretching languorously while his right hand worked, trailing the left down his chest to pluck at a nipple, over the too-prominent bumps of his ribs and down the concave surface of his stomach. He cupped his balls and let out a soft moan, doing it again, louder, as he realized there was no one around to hear him, no one to stop him from enjoying his own body to the fullest extent.

Careful not to make a sound, Harry shifted so that he could see better. Sirius didn't appear to have heard him. Guilt and excitement crept into his bloodstream. He should say something, call out, let Sirius know he was there -- there watching. He felt the unmistakable signs of arousal pooling in his cock and kept silent.

Maybe if he could just shift enough to take some of the pressure off. Harry stifled a groan. The slow slide of cloth only made it worse.

Sirius whimpered, forcing himself to slow his strokes and draw out this rare moment of indulgence. For a moment he thought he'd heard Harry's voice, a low, strangled sound of pleasure that sent a frisson of desire up his spine. He let his imagination run with it, safe in his own mind with images of the handsome young man his godson was growing into, thinking of him bent over, pert young arse upturned and ready for him. He knew it was wrong of him, but Harry had offered him the only warmth he'd found in his life, the only person who saw him as a man and not the whipped dog he'd become. "Oh, Harry," he moaned, flicking a callused thumb over the head of his cock and imagining the rough skin of Harry's entrance.

Somehow Harry's hand had started reaching inside his trousers, hovering until he heard his name. No, it couldn't have been. As if entranced, or under Imperius, he took a step forward only to stumble slightly on the uneven surface. The noise seemed to echo unnaturally in the small cavern.

Harry froze, but he knew there was no way Sirius could not have heard. The only thought that ran through Harry's brain, however, was that now he wouldn't get to see what Sirius was going to do next.

Sirius heard a clatter and turned, hand still on his prick and mind refusing to comprehend at first that his godson was not only in the cave right now, watching him wank, but apparently enjoying the sight if the bulge in the front of his trousers was any indication. "Harry!" he said, belatedly sitting down in the tiny spring and releasing his aching prick with a small whimper that seemed to echo in the little cavern. "What are you doing here?"

Grabbing part of the low-hanging ceiling, Harry stepped forward, trying to pretend his hands hadn't been about to slide inside his pants.

"I wanted to see you," Harry said, then blushed, realizing how that must sound. "Talk to you I mean. I-I can come back later." He gripped the cold rock, not wanting Sirius to send him away but also wanting to free his own cock and give himself some relief. Being caught hadn't decreased his excitement. If anything, he felt harder than ever, and he knew, from previous experience, only one thing would get it to go down.

Sirius blushed, the reaction delayed by surprise but it was finally sinking in that he'd been caught with his hand on his prick and his godson's name on his lips. "I... it's all right. J-just give me a minute to finish rinsing off and... bollocks, could you cast a drying spell on my clothes?" he said sheepishly, pointing to the pile of wet, less-filthy rags on the floor by the pool. "It's only that I'm not supposed to do much magic out here; I really oughtn't've even done the water, but I was so dirty-" He stopped, cut that thought off before it could develop into him telling the aforementioned godson anything further about himself and his dirtiness.

Harry pulled out his wand, and did the simple drying spell on Sirius' clothes. He should have brought some new robes, he thought, feeling like an idiot. Or more food. He'd been in such a hurry to sneak out, he'd forgotten that Sirius was living like a fugitive out here.

Harry picked up the marginally cleaner robes, draping them in front of himself to hide the evidence of his arousal, and stepped over beside the pool. His eyes sidled away from the broad, strong back. Not now, he begged his hormones. Not now. But it was no use.

Sirius dunked himself quickly in the steaming water, suddenly wishing that he'd left it icy cold. He needed something to calm his reawakened libido, and a few hours of conversation with an attractive young man, even if that boy was his 14-year-old godson, wasn't going to cut it. He gave a little growl of frustration and turned, then stopped, surprised to see Harry holding his clothing -- he'd expected Harry to retreat back to the main cave and wait for him to emerge, his embarrassing problem at least covered if not solved.

"Ah, thanks, Harry. Let me just. Um," he faltered. He should get out of the water and walk over to Harry, take the robes and be polite about it, but what does one say when approaching one's godson in the nude, with an erection leading the way?

Harry stood waiting, until it was obvious Sirius was waiting for him to leave. How could he have been so stupid! Sirius was a grown man, and Harry was just a kid.

He turned away suddenly, and dropped the robes. "I'll go -- I shouldn't have--" He started for the archway that led out of this section of the cave, determined to get out of here before Sirius saw what a little kid he truly was.

"Harry, wait!" Sirius cried out, finally climbing out of the water and closing the distance between them in three long strides. "I'm sorry, stay, please. I want to talk to you, I just..." He flushed, realizing he was now dripping wet, naked, hard, and holding onto his godson. "I just didn't want to embarrass you by being naked. I'd forgot how casual you get in the dorms." That sounded like as good an explanation as any, pointedly ignoring the erection that was now mere inches from Harry's stomach, and dripping with what he'd pretend as long as possible was nothing more than water.

Harry whispered, "Not now," to his hormones, which had chimed in as loud as they ever had at the sight of his handsome godfather, wet and naked, emerging from the water, compounding his problem.

And because he could not help it, Harry looked down.

"I'm not embarrassed," Harry said, even though he was. He bit his lip and tried to think of a reason he should still be looking at his godfather's cock, but couldn't. He dragged his gaze up, slightly angry to be caught, even by himself, in such an obvious lie. "I'm not a baby, you know."

Sirius' eyes had followed Harry's down, then back up the path of his body until they met his own startled gaze. "I..." he stopped and cleared a throat gone dry and hoarse, "I know you're not a baby, Harry." His prick twitched as he said his godson's name, and he bit his lip as he realized that he'd used nearly the same tone as had fallen from his lips while he was touching himself. His hand slid up Harry's arm of its own accord, feeling the youthful muscles under his shirt, cupping the strong shoulder. "You grew up while I was gone."

Sirius' hands felt so good on his arm. They were so close, almost like they were hugging, except Sirius was naked, and he'd never hugged anyone who was naked. Not that he hadn't thought about it.

Harry looked up, moving closer without thinking, lifting his face, seeing the light dusting of hair on his godfather's chest, the tight brown nipples, the firm, strong neck, the supple slash of mouth.

Sirius was leaning closer, almost as though they were going to -- to do something, and suddenly Harry wanted very much to do something, anything, as long as it involved Sirius.

"Do you really think I'm grown up, Sirius?" Harry asked.

Sirius nodded, throat too dry to speak, eyes riveted on the soft pink bow of Harry's upper lip. What was he thinking, looking at his godson like this? He should push Harry away, apologize, put on some bloody clothes at least, but instead he just stood like that, one hand creeping slowly up Harry's shoulder. He sucked in a breath when his fingers topped the collar of Harry's uniform shirt and encountered hot, firm skin.

Sirius wondered what Harry's prick would feel like in his palm, and bit his lip, flooded with shame and desire both so strong they were nearly painful in their intensity. "What did you want to talk to me about, Harry?" he asked, swallowing thickly to hold in all the other things that were rushing through his mind.

Talk, right. Harry had wanted to talk to someone who could give him some advice. Ron had only looked at him blankly, and there was no way he could talk to Hermione. Not about this.

But then Sirius touched him, not his clothes, but him, and Harry shivered slightly. He wondered how Sirius could stand being hard like that and not -- not do something about it. Whenever it happened to Harry, like now, though luckily Sirius couldn't possibly tell, all he wanted to do was find someplace private and touch himself. Only now, all he could think of was touching Sirius. Stroking his godfather the way he stroked himself.

"I'm supposed to ask someone to the Yule Ball," he said, trying desperately to distract himself from the idea of touching Sirius in a way that would make the other man push him away in disgust. "A girl," he added, as if that explained everything.

Sirius blinked, and tried to drag his brain out of his prick and over to Harry's dilemma. "And there's no girls you like?" he asked gently, fingers stroking along Harry's neck in what he supposed might be considered a soothing manner, when not being done by a naked, erect man.

Having Sirius' fingers stroking him was not conducive to his thinking, but Harry couldn't move away. If he moved any closer, that still-upright cock would be right there, brushing against the front of his trousers. He nearly swayed from the temptation to move closer.

"I don't really like girls," he blurted out, his face reddening. "I mean, I think I like boys." He looked up to see how Sirius was taking this. "Men," he added, waiting for the disgust he expected to see on his godfather's face.

Sirius flushed, and his cock twitched, bobbing and swaying so temptingly close to Harry's warm little body. "Me too, actually," said Sirius quietly, glancing involuntarily down at the tiny space of air between his prick and Harry's trousers, and seeing the shape of Harry's own erection pressing against the front of them. "Just ask someone random, then, and don't try to snog her. You'll do fine. I even managed to get a reputation as a ladies' man for a while there, though I never got past snogging a single one of them," he babbled on, unable to wrench his eyes away from Harry's erection.

Harry had said he liked men. Harry was hard. For a man. For him. Sirius nearly groaned aloud as that chain of logic cascaded along his nerves in a frisson of heat.

Sirius did too!? All the blood seemed to rush out of Harry's brain and into his cock, though he didn't see how it could hold much more before bursting.

"M-maybe you could teach me," Harry said, his voice sounding loud in the small cavern. "Snogging, I mean." He moved closer, close enough to bring his smaller hips in contact with Sirius', as though his cock were in charge of his movements now. He was looking up, still breathless, as though there was no room for oxygen in the tiny space between them now. He was looking up, hoping Sirius would kiss him, not sure what he would do if he did.

Sirius did moan at the contact of Harry's body, the slide of his cock against Sirius' thigh, Sirius' cock against his belly. "I... I..." his brain refused to process the words he knew he ought to say, and he found himself leaning down until his mouth hovered a bare inch from Harry's. "Are you sure?" he whispered, breath puffing against Harry's soft, forbidden lips.

Harry stretched upward in his quest to get even closer. "Yeah," he said, nearly shaking with excitement. "I'm sure." Needing to steady himself, he grabbed onto the closest solid thing he could, wrapping his arms around Sirius' neck. The motion brought the thick band of Sirius' erection down closer to Harry's own and he swayed a little at the surge of pleasure that went through him.

Sirius spread and bent his knees, bringing his hips even with Harry's, feeling the hot length of Harry's clothed erection slide up to nudge against his own cock. "Good," he whispered, not sure what exactly he meant except all of it. He paused, took a deep breath and forced himself to consciously decide that yes, he was going to do this, he was about to kiss and possibly molest his underage godson. Then he lowered his mouth carefully to Harry's.

Harry's lips were softer than he'd expected, tender and pliant beneath his own chapped mouth. He pressed gently at first, not sure how far Harry had gone before this and not wanting to rush a moment of their time together. After all, if he was going to condemn himself for pederasty, he might as well enjoy every minute of it.

Harry. Was. Kissing. Sirius. Sirius' mouth was larger, heavier somehow than his own, lips rougher, the skin around them scratchy with beard. He gripped the back of Sirius' neck, probably pulling his hair, but desperate not to let go. A groan rose in the back of his throat, with no way to let it out except to open his mouth. He was breathing, groaning into Sirius' mouth, when he felt the almost cautious tip of Sirius' tongue running along his lips.

"Yes," he whispered, not sure what he was agreeing to, but wanting whatever it was with Sirius.

Sirius whimpered and plunged his tongue into Harry's mouth, tasting chocolate and pumpkin and innocence, taking the last for his own, feasting on it as he wrapped his arms around his godson and pulled him close. He led Harry through the motions of kissing, coaxing Harry's tongue into a dance with his own, tilting their heads just so and sealing their mouths together.

Harry's body trembled against his, seeming tiny in his arms, slender and small, a perfect Seeker's build. His hands trailed down to cup Harry's pert arse and a moan escaped him as he remembered his earlier fantasy, of Harry bent over the edge of the pool, just waiting for his godfather to make love to him.

Hands, large but moving delicately, slid along his bottom, awakening longings Harry never knew he had. He wanted so much, all in a rush, all right now, now, even though he wasn't sure just what it was he wanted. Just for Sirius to never stop touching him exactly like this.

Well, perhaps, not exactly like this.

"You can -- I mean, can I take my clothes off?" Harry asked, thinking Sirius had been naked all this time and didn't seem cold. "I mean, if you want me to." He didn't think Sirius would mind that he had an erection already, seeing as how Sirius had one too. Maybe they could sort of help each other out, the way he'd heard Ron's brothers did sometimes, wanking together.

"Let me," said Sirius roughly, hands already tugging at Harry's clothing. Jumper over his head, shirt discarded as the humid air hit tender young skin, bringing gooseflesh to the surface and making his tiny nipples crinkle. "Harry," Sirius growled, kissing down his neck, thumbs finding and rubbing circles over those tempting nubs.

Sirius was doing it, taking off Harry's clothes, like he wanted to see Harry, wanted to touch him. His head dropped back as Sirius licked along his neck, but he was still holding onto his godfather, afraid to let go.

Then the large thumbs were touching his chest, his nipples and it felt good! Harry had never really touched himself there, not in this breathlessly sexy way that Sirius had, but he resolved to try it once he was on his own. Then it occurred to him that if it felt good to him, Sirius might like it too. He slid one arm down, still holding on with the other, and placed his hand palm-down on Sirius' chest, fingers pressing little furrows in the expanse of chest hair.

Two fingers made a V and moved over a tiny peak, capturing it in between, making
Sirius moan. Harry wanted very much to touch the rest of Sirius, to have Sirius touch him. His hips jerked, almost like he was coming, but he just needed to move, needed to be closer, though there was no distance at all between them now.

Sirius' hands began to shake when Harry's hips thrust forward, rough uniform trousers rubbing up against his cock and balls. It had been so long since anyone had touched him like this, and to have it be Harry, his lovely, loving godson... it was almost more than he could take. "Gods, want you so much.... Harry," he groaned, teeth scraping over the rapid flutter of Harry's pulse.

Sirius slid a hand around front to cup Harry through his clothing, gratified when the firm prick jumped into his palm. "All right?" he asked, his other hand toying with the button of Harry's trousers.

"Yes," Harry hissed, as though all parts of him had stopped working properly, and his cock had taken over. Sirius wanted him?

"'m not as b-big as you," he said, forcing his mouth to work, afraid Sirius would be disappointed when he got inside his trousers. But then Sirius stroked him again and it felt as though his knees would no longer support him. He clung, grateful that he'd never let go of Sirius' neck.

"Love you just like this," said Sirius, rubbing Harry again and then unzipping, letting his trousers fall loosely to the cave floor. His prick was hot, the thin cotton boxers wet with precome and Sirius was torn between kissing Harry again and tasting him. He compromised by kissing Harry now while his hands worked the boxers off those slim hips, and promised himself a taste before the day was out. He grasped Harry's erection, completely engulfing it with the head peeking out just enough for him to gather some of the moisture with his thumb.

Harry gasped -- suddenly his prick was free and in Sirius' hand. Oh, this was much better than touching himself, so far removed from wanking he had no words for it, for the rush of lust, the surge of reckless need he felt just now.

"You fit so perfectly in my hand," Sirius whispered, his other hand going around to explore the contours of Harry's high, firm arse. He kissed Harry slowly, thoroughly, then brought his hand up to his mouth to taste, grinding their cocks together in its absence.

"Love you, love you too, Sirius," Harry panted, feeling the strong fingers trailing along his arse. "Want to give you--" He groaned as Sirius began moving against him. "Give you everything."

"Oh, Harry," Sirius moaned, pressing his damp flesh against Harry's. The boy felt so hot he almost burned Sirius' perpetually cold skin, so smooth and perfect Sirius felt practically ancient next to him. "What do you want, Harry?" he asked, trailing his wet thumb down to rub at a nipple while the fingers of the other hand snuck into Harry's cleft. He knew what he wanted, but he wasn't sure Harry had even heard of sodomy, let alone wanted to practice it in a cave with his godfather.

The fingers back there were driving him mad, as if they were a signal to his brain to want something, something he'd not previously considered vital. He knew, at least from an intellectual standpoint, what men who liked men did together, but he'd never thought to apply it to himself. Only, when Sirius touched him like that, Harry wanted very much to please him. In all ways.

"Want--" Harry said, though his voice nearly broke, "Want whatever you want, Sirius."

Sirius' earlier vision flashed by again, much stronger this time in the face of Harry's beautiful eagerness. The only lubricant he had was the soap, though, unless Harry had learned some of the spells, and even then, they'd done an awful lot of magic out here in such a short period of time. "Want to taste you," he said instead of the words that were clamouring to escape.

Sirius dropped to his knees in front of Harry, stopping to just nuzzle the firm young prick, smaller than his own but, he thought as he licked the shiny head, much sweeter.

If this was what Sirius wanted, then it was exactly what Harry wanted, too, even if it wasn't quite what he'd thought Sirius would do. But the sight of his cock sliding into Sirius' mouth nearly drove him over the edge, never mind the way it felt... like sliding into velvet robes. Like the warmest blanket on a cold morning, like--

And here Harry lost all capacity to think as he felt Sirius' lips sliding all the way down, tongue stroking him too. His knees nearly buckled, and he wanted to grab something to hold on. His fingers dug into Sirius' shoulders as he moaned, the low, almost-animal noise echoing strangely among the rock walls.

Harry tasted just as good as Sirius had imagined, salty boy-sweat and sweet precome, and he slipped his tongue under the foreskin to get more, peeling it back before he leaned in again, taking Harry into his throat. He swallowed awkwardly around Harry's prick, but the way of it came back to him quickly enough and he hummed contentedly to himself. He sucked Harry rhythmically, bobbing his head and swallowing, eyes closed and face reflecting the bliss he felt. His own cock ached in sympathy, but he told it to just bloody well wait its turn and concentrated on making Harry enjoy this as much as he did.

Sirius kept teasing at Harry's opening with one hand, his middle finger circling and pressing, massaging the tight muscles from the outside, occasionally dipping just the fingertip in the centre, a little deeper each time. The other hand cupped Harry's balls, loving how small and taut they felt compared to his own heavy, loose sac. The hairs were thin and fine, so soft he had to pull off Harry's prick for a moment just to bury his nose in them, to lick and suck them into his mouth.

Harry wanted to freeze any one of the sensations that Sirius was giving him, freeze it, slow it down with an Immobulus spell so he could make this last forever. The maddening teasing at his hole, as though Sirius wanted to put more than a fingertip inside, the slurping at his balls, the breath on his prick. Any one of them threatened to send him over the edge but Harry hung on, clinging to Sirius fiercely.

Harry's mouth worked but no words came out, nothing that could be said to resemble speech. He was a niffler, searching for gold, and hadn't caves always been the source of legendary treasures? He'd never thought to find the treasure he'd been seeking in the shape of his godfather, but just now, Harry knew he wouldn't trade this for all his gold in Gringotts.

He looked down and groaned to see Sirius' intense concentration with his bollocks, as they disappeared into his mouth. The fingertip pressed inward then, and Harry let his knees go limp, to see if he could tempt the finger deeper.

Sirius felt Harry pressing down onto his finger, and a frisson of pure heat sent a shiver down his spine. Harry wanted it, wanted more, wanted him. He slid his hand up Harry's body, taking the sweet cock down even as his fingers probed at those soft, wet lips, seeking moisture to ease his way later. Harry's mouth opened, sucking the fingers in eagerly in an echo of Sirius' motions, and Sirius fingered his mouth, caressing the velvety tongue and moaning around Harry's prick at the sheer decadence of it.

Sirius pulled the fingers away with a wet pop and a whimper from Harry, one that swiftly turned to a moan when he probed more purposefully at that tight opening, sliding one finger in up to the second knuckle. He let Harry's cock go reluctantly, sliding the finger deeper as he moved back to Harry's tempting sac, not wanting Harry to come too soon. "Harry, tell me what you need," he growled, his voice vibrating against those taut little balls.

"I thought you'd... d-don't you want to f-fuck me?" Harry said, stumbling over the unfamiliar words. Not that he never said crude things, but never to someone he'd hoped might carry them out. Maybe he was wrong, maybe Sirius didn't really like him in that way, didn't have all these feelings bottled up inside him waiting to burst out, didn't want Harry enough to make love to him properly.

Without waiting for an answer his hips, already far disconnected from his brain, began moving against Sirius mouth, his cheek. His prick was wet from the attention, and ached with the need to come. He wanted Sirius' finger deeper, wanted to see what reward that solitary finger promised with each thrust.

Harry's thrusting hips, as much as his words, drove away the last of Sirius' doubts. "Yes, gods, want to fuck you so badly," Sirius moaned, then took Harry's prick to the root at the same time he slipped his finger the rest of the way in, crooking it to search for Harry's prostate.

Harry kept trying to speak, but only those little whimpers came out, the kind he made late at night when all the curtains were drawn around the beds. Only these were more urgent, since he couldn't control what was happening to him. He wanted to tell Sirius what he was about to do, to give him time to pull away, to stop sucking, but Harry didn't want him to ever stop and so the words didn't come.

But Harry did, with a wordless howl that was amplified back to him so that it seemed he was coming endlessly, pumping into the best place his cock had ever been. Something seemed to explode behind his eyes, not at all like the pain he got when his scar hurt, but so good, so wonderful he wondered if this wasn't some new kind of spell, some magic Sirius knew and was trying to teach Harry.

"S-sorry, sorry," he panted, angry with himself for spoiling everything.

Sirius drank Harry's come greedily, pulling back just enough to catching it on his tongue, taste the bittersweetness of it, better than the finest dark chocolate. Sirius heard Harry talking but didn't understand at first what he was saying, took a moment to realize that Harry thought he'd done something wrong. Sirius pulled away reluctantly from Harry's prick, still hard and glistening in the dim light of the cave. "No, Harry, you did good, just what I wanted, ssh," he murmured, finger still moving in and out while he rubbed Harry's hip soothingly with the other hand.

Spit wouldn't be enough to get his prick in that tight arse, though, so he slipped his finger out with a sigh of regret and began to work on getting Harry properly undressed, shoes and socks off so he could step out of his other clothing. "Come to the pool with me," he said, standing up, hands gliding the entire length of Harry's skin from foot to face, cupping Harry's cheeks and kissing him deeply. "Want to make love to you," Sirius said softly, then kissed him again, feeding him the taste of himself.

It was a moment before Harry realized what was different about the kiss, why Sirius tasted different, and when he did, he started to pull away, but his brain was still so foggy with lust that he let the kiss continue past the point of protest. He'd let himself be undressed in that same sort of fog, still aroused even though he'd just come. He followed Sirius into the warm water, shivering but not from cold. Sirius wanted to -- to make love to him?

Sirius stepped into the small pool and pulled Harry in after him, grateful that the lingering effects of his warming spell had kept the water steaming and perfect. "I love you, Harry," he said quietly, pulling Harry into his arms for a simple hug. He felt it in his chest, that same desperate love that had originally blossomed last year as he'd watched Harry laugh with his friends, as Harry had helped free him, the same feeling that had led him to offer Harry a home with him.

Well, Sirius couldn't give Harry a home, but he could give him this, someone to love him the way he deserved. Sweet and slow and gentle, and he'd make sure Harry enjoyed every minute of their time together, even if this was the only time they ever had for such things.

Warmth swirled around Harry -- the heated mist coming off the water, the no longer desperate, but still tantalizing heat in his cock, and most of all the comforting warmth of his godfather, the man his parents had loved.

"Love you too," he said, letting his head rest against Sirius' shoulder. He could feel the heated length of Sirius' cock rubbing up against his belly but wasn't sure what to do next. He reached down, shifting slightly so he could wrap his fingers around it. Sirius had been hard so long it had to be aching by now.

"Can I -- do you want me to s-suck you?" Harry asked, hoping he could do as good a job as Sirius. "I've never done it before, but I promise to be careful."

Sirius felt a smile cracking his normally sombre features, and directed it down at the boy in his arms. He cupped Harry's cheek, trying to ignore the delicious feeling of Harry's small hand wrapped around his aching cock, and said, "Not unless you'd rather do that than have me fuck you," as gently as he could, well aware of the needy edge to his voice. Harry loved him, and moreover wanted him, which was far more than he'd ever hoped for. Even if they didn't get further than a furtive blowjob and Harry leaving never to return, just hearing those words from Harry's lips meant the world to him, and he leaned down to steal another kiss before Harry could answer.

Breathless excitement shot through Harry's veins. "No!" he said, then blushed. "I mean, yes, I'd like you to -- to do that." He hugged Sirius furiously. "Please, oh please." He felt the cock in his hand twitch in his fingers and he smiled up into the loving face of his godfather. "Will it, er, fit?" He'd tried a few things on his own, just fingers, but hadn't really been able to reach to do it properly.

"If we're careful, yes," said Sirius, leaning down to kiss Harry gently, deepening it into a long, slow snog, letting his hands wander over skin that was swiftly becoming slick with sweat and steam. "Have you learned any of the spells, Harry, for making things, y'know... slippery?" he asked, making a wanking motion with his hand. He'd learned them from an older boy when he was only a second year, but he wasn't sure that the tradition had lasted through to Harry's generation.

Harry blushed, though he wasn't sure how he could, considering he was standing here naked with another man. But that man was Sirius, and Harry knew he was in safe hands. "Uh, yeah, the Lubricus one." He'd learnt it from Ron last summer and he was pretty sure Ron had learnt it off one of his brothers. Or possibly all of them. They'd never spoken of it after that first awkward conversation, but Harry had reason to know Ron was getting pretty good at it.

The idea was sinking in -- that Sirius really meant to fuck him, and Harry had never felt more scared or more excited in his life. The kisses were getting better, or else he was getting used to tasting himself. He wondered if he'd like the taste of Sirius, but already knew he would.

Sirius' skin was tingling with excitement. He was going to make love for the first time in thirteen years, with his godson, the one person on earth who he could trust to love him, who he loved back with all his heart. He squeezed Harry tightly, then said softly, "Wait here," as he climbed out and retrieved Harry's wand, and then got back into the pool. He handed the wand to Harry, both of them awkward in the sudden silence, their bodies separate for the first time since they'd kissed.

Sirius decided to end the awkwardness as they'd ended it the first time, and drew Harry's nude form back into his arms, pressing a tender kiss on Harry's lips. They were still as soft as the first time, but more confident in their response, parting almost instantly, pliant and supple beneath his own. If he was going to make love to Harry he'd do it properly, he decided, and he set about doing just that. He ran his hands over Harry's body again, taking the time to find the sweet spots that made Harry tremble and gasp, to bring his nipples back to hardness and then his prick, which recovered, in the way of youth, mere minutes after his first orgasm.

Harry still held his wand loosely in his hands even though he was afraid of dropping it in the water. But it was so hard to think, much less cast a spell with Sirius kissing him, stroking him, really doing it, making love to him.

He wanted to return the kisses, the strokes, to make love to Sirius as skilfully as Sirius was making love to him. When the warmth of Sirius' mouth slid over his he put one hand on the broad chest, loving the feel of wet hair against his fingers. Then higher, tentatively touching one nipple with his finger.

He felt a tremor go through Sirius, and Harry knew a small thrill that he'd done this, given his godfather the same sort of pleasure he was giving Harry. Leaning forward he let his mouth follow his fingers, letting his tongue swipe the tight bud, liking it and moving in for more. Sirius tasted really good. Before he quite realized what he intended, he'd sucked one whole nipple into his mouth.

Harry's unskilled caresses were like heaven to Sirius, the hot little mouth latched onto him drawing a rumbling moan from deep in Sirius' chest. Gods, he really did want this, and that realization shook Sirius to the core. He really was about to do this, to make love to James' son, to his own godson, and Harry was eagerly participating even after he'd got off. Sirius leaned down to lick his neck, hands still working at nipples and bollocks, prick and hip and ribcage.

Harry tasted wonderful. The salt sweat mixed in with the bittersweet seed still on his tongue in a flavour he thought he could never get enough of, and he moaned again just at the thought that he might not ever get to taste it after today. "Love you," he murmured, finally letting a hand slip back behind Harry to tease at the cleft of his arse, silently adding, 'Don't hate me for what I'm about to do.'

"Cast the spell, Harry," he said instead, unable to resist pressing his finger just a tiny bit into that tight hole.

"L-lubricus," Harry said, tightening his fingers around his wand. He knew already that it hadn't worked. How could a bloke think with fingers sliding through his bum like that? "Lubricus!" he cast again, this time with a surer voice and he felt his knees buckle slightly as the finger teasing his hole slipped in now that the way had been eased.

The water lapped around his legs as Harry found himself holding onto Sirius again, with his hands and with his mouth, tasting places he'd only thought about before, although he'd thought about them a lot as far as his godfather was concerned. His arse felt weird, slick, but not unpleasant, and when Sirius moved his finger inside him, not unpleasant at all. He'd only ever used the spell on his prick before, but it had worked inside his bum and he spread his legs to get more of that -- that wonderful fullness inside him.

Harry groaned, his breath puffing over the nipple he'd been licking. "More."

Sirius fingered Harry gently, mindful of his youth and inexperience despite the desire that was slowly overtaking his senses until all he could see, hear, taste, smell and feel was Harry, Harry in his arms, Harry's skin under his tongue and the clean scent of Harry's sweat in his nose. He added a second finger with utmost care, alert for any sign that the stretch was hurting, though Harry's hands and mouth on his own skin were magnificently distracting. "So good," he murmured as he felt Harry's arse clench around his fingers, working them in deeper.

Breathing seemed like only an option, as if Harry's lungs had forgot how, and were checking in with his brain to ask for instructions. Only his brain seemed to have moved into his cock and his arse. The panting noises he did succeed in making echoed eerily off the cavern walls, as if there were several Harrys with fingers slowly sliding up their bums. He was probably holding onto Sirius too tight, fingers curled into claws now, as though Sirius were the only firm thing in his universe.

Perhaps he was.

Harry sucked in his breath as Sirius slid another finger in, feeling really stretched now, nearly to the point of pain. He could feel it hovering just at the edge of his nerve endings. But the rest of it felt so good, he didn't listen to them, rocking on the gentle intrusion, sending the water around his legs slapping against the edge of the pool.

Sirius couldn't wait any longer. Harry had coped well with three fingers, and he slipped them out of that heat, so eager to get his cock in there he nearly forgot to ask for Harry to cast the spell again. "S-spell," he stammered out, pointing to his cock, now red and angry-looking in the dim light, as though upset to be made to wait one more second before being buried in Harry's arse. Harry stared at him, eyes glazed over, and Sirius kissed him deeply, almost harshly, sliding a hand down to close Harry's grip on the smooth, cool wood of the wand.

"Need... Lubricus," Sirius said, then dove in and kissed Harry one more time, which prevented him from casting but Sirius just couldn't resist the lure of those bruised-looking lips, the sweet taste of youth that mingled so well with the sweat and come on his own lips.

Harry pulled back from the kiss, brain buzzing with the syllables for the spell they needed, trying to put them in proper order. Sirius' hand was heavy on his as he dragged his wand over their closely wedged bodies without actually lifting either. He retained enough caution about magic to actually make sure he was pointing it at Sirius' cock before murmuring the spell again. Then he threw the wand behind him, and they both heard it clatter among the stones.

"Fuck me, Sirius," he said, not even embarrassed anymore at the words, just knowing what he needed. Judging from the now-slick cock digging into his belly, it was what they both needed. He felt battered by arousal -- he'd never gone so long being hard and not wanking, and his cock didn't listen to promises made inside his arse. But if the jolts of electricity from Sirius' fingers were any indication, both his prick and his arse were going to like this.

Sirius kissed Harry one last time, long and hard and possessive, hoping Harry understood just how much this meant to him. Then he turned Harry around and bent him over the side of the little pool, moaning as his earlier fantasy was recreated in real life, right there. He parted Harry's pert little cheeks as if in a dream, each one fitting neatly into the spread of his hand, the tiny pucker between them shining with lubricant and looking far too small for Sirius' fingers, let alone his cock.

He lined himself up, took a shaky breath and pushed in gently, pausing as soon as the head cleared the tight ring of muscle. "Gods, Harry, you feel..." He had no words for how this felt, hot and tight, gods, tighter than anything, nearly painful despite the slickness coating them both, and Harry, this was his godson whom he loved more than anyone in the world. He pushed in completely, and then leaned forward and cradled Harry in his arms, overwhelmed by the feelings coursing through his emotion-starved heart.

Oh gods, it hurt, and Harry started to yell back at Sirius to stop, no matter how much he wanted it, because how could something he wanted so much hurt like this? Sweat poured off his face and he had to use one of the hands holding himself steady to wipe the wetness off his eyes, knocking his glasses slightly. Then Sirius was leaning over him, chest nearly parallel with his back, breathing hard, holding him and Harry felt himself relaxing, adjusting. It still felt like he'd taken a bludger bat to the bum, but he could see how it might feel better now that the getting inside bit was over.

Harry arched his head over his shoulder, burying his face in the fan of Sirius' long black hair. They were both breathing hard, both damp, and the scent Harry had only ever smelled on his underpants seemed to permeate them both. He felt so small compared to Sirius, in a way that had nothing to do with his cock size, yet protected by the size of him, cherished by the way he held Harry tight. He took a deep breath, feeling his arse clenching as he did, and winced before he could help it.

Sirius caught Harry's wince and his heart nearly stopped. "I've hurt you! Oh gods, I'm... I'm so sorry," he babbled, pulling out as slowly and gently as he could manage. He couldn't believe he'd actually done something so stupid as fucking a teenage boy over the edge of a pool in a cave like the mad convict people thought he was. He moaned, half in pleasure and half in guilt, at the feel of Harry around him as he slid out until just the head was left inside.

Harry's hands scrabbled around frantically, grabbing onto Sirius' hip, holding him, stopping him from sliding out. "No!" he said, twisting around, but careful not to dislodge the seal their bodies made. "You aren't hurting -- okay, maybe just a little." He bit his lip at the slow slide of cock inside him, then, as carefully as he could, pressed back. "That's part of it, isn't it? I mean, it gets better? It's already better," he said, loosening his grip on Sirius' hip. "Please?"

It was the 'please' that broke Sirius, that made him press back in, even more slowly this time, watching Harry's face for any sign of pain. "Tell me..." he panted, holding back with every shred of self-control he possessed, "tell me when... when it feels good." Gods, it felt good already to Sirius, the tightest thing he'd ever been in and oh that was a guilty thought, the underage arse of his godson as the best feeling he'd had in thirteen years or more, but the guilt only added more spice to it somehow, making it feel more taboo despite the fact that Harry had wanted, asked, pleaded for it.

Yes. Sirius was easing back inside, and Harry's fingers fell away. His head dropped down onto the cool stone, as if suddenly too heavy for his neck. "Feels good," he huffed, as if simply repeating what Sirius told him. The fullness had given way to something he could not describe, a sensation as though he and his godfather were connected somehow.

Harry's hands found no purchase in the rock floor but the sharp pain took his mind off the duller one in his arse. When Sirius pulled back again the pain lessened, and by the time he was moving without hesitating after each thrust to check on Harry, the dull pain had blossomed into something quite different.

This time when Harry gasped, it was not from pain but from an elusive prickling that only happened when Sirius-- "Just like that--" he panted, "please, just-- just--" He moaned, but pushed back on Sirius' cock to show him it wasn't pain that drew those needy noises from his lungs.

Sirius saw the exact moment that pain turned to pleasure for Harry, felt the tension in his frame change, his whole body screaming need and desire. Sirius started moving his hips a bit faster, and a touch harder, feeling the sensations begin to overwhelm his control. He'd stood against the worst that the Dementors could throw at him but this, Harry's slender body in his arms, Harry's arse clenched around his cock, Harry's pleas echoing in his ears, this undid him completely. "Yes, Harry, love you, love you," he murmured, kissing and licking Harry's neck and shoulder.

Harry arched back into the warmth of Sirius' mouth on his shoulder, turning his head just enough so that Sirius could see he was all right. More than all right, bloody fantastic, with that pounding in his arse, and Harry was taking it, taking it, loving it, loving Sirius, pushing back, quivering, shivering as though it were cold in the cavern.

"L-love you too," Harry groaned out, though it was not words of love his body was listening to, but the acts of it. The steady slide of Sirius' cock inside him, the way his own cock had hardened against his body, the fingers that dug into him, as though Harry were needed, was necessary.

The shivering got worse and he realized, quite apart from everything else, that he was coming, deep inside, not through his cock at all, coming in rolling waves that spread up through his arse, making him shudder, making his whole body aware of being pinioned upon the pillar of Sirius' prick.

Sirius felt Harry shuddering beneath him, his entire frame racked by the force of his orgasm. Sirius had done this, made Harry come like this just for him, with his hands and mouth and cock in this dank cave. He felt his own climax, waiting since he'd first begun touching himself what seemed like a lifetime ago, finally burst over him and he spilled into Harry's now-pliant body with a final, harsh thrust and a shout.

Sirius curled himself around Harry's body, slowly becoming aware of how cold the stones of the floor were, how rough against Harry's tender young skin. He pulled gently out and gathered Harry back into his arms. The room was filled with white clouds of steam and Harry still fit perfectly against him, the post-orgasmic lassitude making everything seem unreal, like a dream. "I love you, Harry," Sirius said, as much to make some sound in the stillness as to reassure his godson of the affection that flowed between them, thick and almost visible like strands of golden honey, sweet and natural and so very real.

Title: Steam Heat
Authors: & Dementordelta
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, rimming, underage/chan (14), PWP
Summary: Harry goes to get some godfatherly advice about asking girls to the Yule Ball his fourth year, and finds Sirius otherwise occupied in his cave.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to rubyrosered, clauclauclaudia and She Who Must Not Be Named for the betas, and everyone in our little closet for just being them.

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