Special Delivery
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Lex wandered into the kitchen, looking for some cold water. He'd gone through the entire stash in his office during the 3-hour conference call with his father, and his throat was still dry. He grabbed one of the little blue bottles and stood in the delivery entrance, door open, and drank in the sight of rain coming down outside. The air smelled damp and fresh, free of the familiar fumes of Metropolis.

Lex missed Metropolis. He was just starting to get really maudlin for the city, both day and night life, when an old, battered blue truck pulled up. Lex was pretty sure that, if it wasn't currently being rained on, it would even be dirty. Out climbed the familiarly damp features of his latest and most unattainable fantasy, his savior and hopefully new friend Clark Kent.

Lex entertained himself with one of those nice fantasies, involving licking water off of interesting parts of the jailbait currently rummaging under a tarp in front of him. He spared a brief wish that Clark had backed the truck up so he could watch the damp jeans clinging to Clark's ass as he bent over. He even briefly considered going inside and rummaging around for an umbrella -- he was sure he owned at least one -- but decided instead to hold the door open helpfully.

The rain, which had slowed to a mere drizzle, suddenly let loose with a torrential downpour. Clark glanced up at the sky, back under the tarp and then inexplicably removed his jacket. Not that Lex was going to complain, not one little bit, because all that left the boy with was a tight white t-shirt that was rapidly becoming a better window than an article of clothing. Clark brought out a jacket-shrouded crate and turned, displaying a stunning smile and equally stunning nipples.

Lex reminded himself sharply not to use the word "nipples" when talking to Clark. Although, damn, those shivery little peaks were just begging to warm up in Lex's hands, or better yet mouth. Lex cleared his throat and took a long swig of water. Clark just grinned more as he strode past and into the kitchen, providing Lex with a delightful rear view as he bent over and deposited the box on the floor.

Lex surreptitiously pressed the cold bottle of water against his suddenly overheated cock, then strode nonchalantly into the kitchen. "So, Clark, what do you have for me today?" he asked, trying to remember if he'd sent the boy any other potentially returnable gifts.

"It's your order from Kent Farms Organic Produce, Lex. Apples, fresh flowers, a few late squash," Clark replied, moving his jacket to reveal a bouquet of tulips, a small box of apples and several very suggestive vegetables. Clark, of course, picked up a long, narrow orange squash and held it out to Lex for his inspection.

Lex stepped forward, and set the bottle on the counter behind Clark, brushing close enough to feel the warmth off his body. He ran a hand down the length of the squash, cupping and stroking it; from the look on Clark's face, the implications weren't entirely lost, but the boy was definitely in denial. All the better for Lex, who smiled innocently and said, "Looks like a fine selection, Clark, I'm sure I'll enjoy eating it."

A drop of water chose that exact moment to fall from Clark's chin to splash onto Lex's hand. Clark pulled back, abashed, running into the counter behind him, "I'm sorry, Lex, I didn't mean..."

"It's fine, Clark, I'm the one who should be apologizing! Put the box up on the counter there, and I'll grab you a towel," Lex replied, turning around and grabbing the nearest absorbent cloth.

When he turned back, Clark was stripping out of his wet shirt. Lex stood, stunned and staring, as he pulled the shirt over his head, shook the water out of his eyes and dropped it to the wet floor with a loud "plop." Water ran in rivulets from his thick hair, down over his chest and taut six-pack abs. Lex swallowed hard, trying desperately to remind himself why it was a bad idea to trace those lines with his tongue.

A single clear drop of water hung from one pebbled nipple, and Lex couldn't seem to tear his gaze away as he waited for it to fall. It clung stubbornly even as Clark's chest expanded, abs fluttering when he laughed, saying, "Lex, I don't think that will help much."

That snapped Lex out of his stupor and he dropped his eyes to the cloth in his hand -- a small, decorative hand towel. The sight of the black LL monogrammed onto the purple terrycloth was enough to bring Lex's thoughts back up from the gutter and down to earth. He joined Clark's infectious laughter, and said, "Well, if you want to get out of those wet clothes, I'll bring you a bathrobe. The maid can dry your jeans for you before you go."

Clark blushed adorably while Lex was busy wondering when the hell his cock had taken over his mouth and left his brain completely out of the loop. Clark, for his part, dropped his hands to his waistband and began slowly unbuttoning his 501s. Button by button, the trail of dark hair leading downward from his navel widened, revealing more and more of Clark's golden skin.

"Um, Clark, don't you want to wait until I've got the bathrobe?" asked Lex, his brain once again reasserting itself. Naked fifteen-year-old boy was a sight best savored in the privacy of one's own curtained, locked bedroom.

Clark blushed deeper, the red color traveling down his neck and chest, but he grinned innocently as he replied, "Wet jeans are *really* uncomfortable, Lex. I'm sure no one will see me on the way upstairs."

Upstairs? Clark wanted to go upstairs with him? Lex's mind completely shut down as the last button went and Clark turned around and proceeded to shimmy his way out of the heavy, wet fabric. Evidently, he'd gone commando, as the taut globes of his ass were revealed to Lex's intent gaze without the obstruction of underwear. Lex bit his lip hard enough to hurt when a particularly interesting contortion revealed a glimpse of Clark's shadowed hole.

Somehow Lex couldn't believe it wasn't deliberate, especially when Clark stopped for a moment, legs spread as wide as they could go considering the pants still trapped around his ankles by his boots, and leaned forward on the counter. It was a little too much like a bad porno movie, the handsome young delivery boy bent over the kitchen counter, and Lex took an involuntary step forward, hand outstretched.

Clark chose that moment to look over his shoulder, cheeks flushed and grin gone feral as he said, "I seem to be in a bit of a bind."

"I-I see that," Lex stammered, "How can I... I mean, what do you need me to do?"

Clark's lashes lowered seductively as he gave Lex an unmistakable once-over, eyes meeting Lex's before dropping back down to linger on the bulge in Lex's trousers. "I think you know what I need, Lex. I saw it in your eyes that first day," said Clark, his voice husky.

With his earlier pose of innocence shed, Clark was even more appealing. Lex threw caution to the wind and stepped forward, running both hands over Clark's ass, brushing one thumb boldly over his opening. "Well," Lex replied when Clark gasped, "I can think of something, but are you sure the kitchen is the best place for it?"

Clark took one of Lex's hands in his and brought it around to the front, pulling Lex up against his still-damp form. His skin was chilled from the cold air, but his erection radiated heat as Lex wrapped a hand around its substantial girth. Lex made a mental note to see if it looked as big as it felt later, and pumped it once, roughly, saying, "Eager, aren't we?"

"Ahh, please!" Clark cried out. He caught his breath and added, "Lex, just... please, I want it like this. You, here, now."

Lex stroked again, running the pad of his thumb through the wetness at the tip, and said, "Is this your first time, Clark?"

Clark whimpered and nodded as Lex's other thumb probed at his tight opening. Lex grinned and scanned the kitchen, looking for something suitable. He bent down and ran his tongue up Clark's spine, catching a few cool drops of rainwater. Clark moaned deeply and his hole flared open a little, tugging at Lex. Lex chuckled and pulled away as he spotted the perfect lubricant -- Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Clark looked up sharply and said, "Lex, w-what...?"

"Don't worry, Clark," he interrupted, "I just need something to smooth my way." He brandished the bottle and returned to his former position, setting it on the counter next to Clark. He'd shed his tie an hour into the meeting, but he didn't want to get olive oil down the front of his fine linen shirt, so he unbuttoned it and unzipped his slacks, gasping a little as the cool air hit his overheated erection.

He rubbed his cock up and down Clark's cleft a few times, first caressing upwards towards his spine, then angling down to nudge at his balls from behind. Clark gasped and trembled, and Lex ran his hands up and down Clark's back, gentling him like a frightened animal. He nestled his erection behind Clark's balls and leaned into him, curling his warm, dry skin over as much of Clark as he could reach.

Clark shuddered once, violently, and moaned softly. Lex wrapped his arms around his lover, rubbing at the crisp trail of hair running down his belly with one hand and finding a pebbled nipple with the other. He thrust his hips gently, rubbing the base of his cock against Clark's opening, nudging the swaying ball-sac with the other. Clark moaned again and relaxed when Lex gripped his cock and began pumping in time with his mini-thrusts, his other hand tweaking and pinching one nipple then the other.

"Leeeeeeex," moaned Clark, angling his hips up. "Fuck me!"

Lex bit Clark gently on the shoulder and murmured, "Your wish is my command."

He gave Clark's cock one last squeeze and grabbed the olive oil, splashing some over the globes of Clark's ass in his haste. The golden oil ran in rivulets over the satiny skin, and Lex used his cupped hands to spread it over the skin and direct it into Clark's cleft. Clark gasped when the cool oil dripped onto his hole, and Lex used a well-oiled finger to work him open.

Inside, Clark was hot and smooth like wet satin, and Lex quickly added a second finger. He scissored his fingers open, adding a third and then even the thumb from his other hand. Lex wanted to make sure Clark was ready for his nine-inch cock, because he had no intention of stopping once he was inside. He probed around until he found Clark's love button, gratified when gentle pressure brought a whimper from Clark.

Satisfied with Clark's readiness, Lex oiled himself up and pressed the blunt head against Clark's opening. It slid in easily, the crown clearing with an almost audible pop, and Lex used the momentum to slide smoothly in to the root, reveling in Clark's strangled gasp. Lex reached oiled hands around to caress Clark's cock and balls as he gave the boy a chance to adjust to the sensation. He tugged a little roughly at Clark's sac and was rewarded with a deep, low moan.

"You like it a little rough, do you?" said Lex, pulling out until the crown just cleared the muscular ring and then slamming his length back in, tugging down hard on Clark's balls at the same time.

"God, Lex, yes!" cried Clark, his cock twitching in Lex's hand like a live thing.

A jet of pre-come hit the counter, and Lex spared a moment of pity for the maid, but it was lost when Clark's ass clamped down around his girth. He sunk his teeth into Clark's shoulder and began fucking him in earnest, long, deep thrusts that hit Clark's prostate. He let go of Clark's cock to grasp his hips for better leverage, digging his fingernails into the skin and pounding into his lover.

"Fuck! Yes! Clark!" Lex chanted, repeating those three words as every thrust seemed to take him deeper into the furnace of Clark's body.

Clark's loud, incoherent cries of ecstasy echoed through the kitchen and probably the rest of the ground floor, but Lex didn't care. He'd finally found a good reason to stay in Smallville, and he celebrated with an experimental swat to Clark's ass at the apex of his next thrust.

Clark's undeniably enthusiastic reply of, "YES!" left Lex's ears ringing a little, but he thrust on, adding in increasingly rough swats.

Clark's whole body was tense, his head thrown back and breath coming in pants. Lex took pity on him and moved his hands back around to the front, losing some leverage but allowing him to stroke Clark's straining erection. Clark began to help, driving his ass back to meet Lex's cock and then thrusting forward into Lex's fist. Lex tugged sharply down on Clark's balls just as a vicious stroke hit his prostate, and said, "What's my name? Say my name!"

Clark screamed, "Lex!" loudly as he came.

White heat splashed over Lex's hand and onto the counter and floor, and Clark's ass contracted rhythmically, pulsing around Lex's still-thrusting cock. Lex milked the last few drops from Clark's orgasm before letting his own wash over him. He buried himself to the hilt in Clark's hole and filled his lover with hot seed, eyes closed and teeth sunk deeply into Clark's shoulder. The moment stretched on, Clark's ass milking him with little post-orgasmic contractions until he was completely spent.

Lex pulled out and leaned heavily against the cooking island behind him, wryly noting the olive oil and come stains on his pants. Ah, well, at least his shirt was clean. He looked at Clark, who had turned around, pants still trapping his feet. The delivery boy was flushed, sweat and rain mingling on his brow and chest, hair in damp ringlets framing his face. Lex vowed to always get his produce from Kent Farms from now on, if this was going to be his reward.

Title: Special Delivery
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, deliberate badfic, underage (15); Read, Drink, Read (keyboards don't love coffee)
Summary: Lex gets seduced by the delivery boy.
Acknowledgements: One beta's comment: "ohjesus, oh jesus. oh jesus. so very bad that I could barely read; I was laughing so hard I was crying." Kel only encouraged me, so I made HER beta it, too. It's still really bad, though.

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