Red Satin
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"Why am I letting you do this to me again?" Sirius asked from behind the dubious shelter of his bed.

Remus chuckled and shook his head, walking around to get a glimpse of Sirius. "Because you want me to forgive you for being an utter prat and fuck you again," he said, leaning against the bedpost and whistling.

Sirius was a sight worth whistling over, really. He wasn't feminine by any stretch of the imagination, but the charmed makeup kit had done wonders, lining his eyes with dark kohl, painting his lips a sensuous carmine and dusting cheeks and eyelids with colour. His hair, grown out during his exile from Remus' bed, hung around his face in a dark fall that looked soft and touchable. The left strap of the red satin camisole had slipped off of Sirius' shoulder, adding to the lost look in his eyes and emphasizing his vulnerability. The tops of the black silk stockings showed below the sinfully short black leather skirt, just as Remus had hoped they would, and Remus could just imagine the red silk panties beneath, straining to hold things they were never meant to contain.

Remus brandished the last item, a pair of high-heeled boots in shiny black leather that would make Sirius look like the tallest hooker on the block, were he ever allowed to go out in them. "You forgot these," he added, holding out the boots with one hand and very deliberately adjusting his erection with the other, watching as Sirius' eyes flicked down to his crotch with an expression like a starving man staring at a banquet.

Which, Remus supposed, after weeks of being denied a kiss let alone the other things that Sirius craved, it rather was.

Sirius moved forward accompanied by the soft slither of silk and satin, and Remus felt his cock twitching in his grip. "You promise no one will see, Moony?" he said, biting his lip and looking up at Remus from eyes made twice as wide by the makeup.

Remus rolled his eyes, despite the ever-present urge to comfort his wayward lover, and said, "Yes, Padfoot, I've told you a hundred times. No one will come in, and you certainly won't be allowed out." He paused to let Sirius take the boots from him, licking his lips unconsciously, "You look too much like a victim."

Sirius whined low in his throat, but still made a show of bending over to get into the boots, gripping the edge of the bed for support while Remus admired the flashes of red panties he got every time Sirius moved, the skirt riding up further with each frustrated little shift and pull. "Hate these heels," said Sirius, finally zipped into them, still bent over and panting slightly from the effort of getting them on. "They make me--"

"They're perfect," said Remus, stepping forward, hands moving to cup and stroke the globes of Sirius' arse, noting how his legs looked so much longer and more curvaceous in the boots, how the depilatory charm had left him smooth as a first year's balls everywhere. "You're perfect like this," he added, slipping his thumbs under the elastic and stroking slowly inward toward Sirius' dirtiest little secret. Remus wondered how his admirers would feel if they knew Sirius loved to be fucked, hard and fast and rough, loved to have his arse filled with fingers, tongue or especially cock, and would happily beg for it given half a chance.

Remus dropped to his knees, burying his face in the red satin, suddenly very glad that he was the only one who knew, the only one allowed to see this side of Sirius. Sirius who whimpered at the touch, staying obediently bent over and grinding his arse back onto the tongue laving him through the satin. "Yours," said Sirius softly, the sound nearly a whimper.

Remus pulled the panties down and tucked them in front of Sirius' balls, amused that Sirius had taken the shaving edict seriously enough that they, too, were hairless. "Mine," said Remus, sliding his tongue into that twitching hole, tasting the flavours he'd missed so much, musk, dark earth and pure need. "Tell me what you want, Padfoot," he said, giving the order casually before going back to fucking Sirius' arse with his mouth.

"Oh god, Moony, want your cock so bad, anywhere, let me suck you, fuck me, use me," Sirius begged, voice already broken with need. "Please, Moony, you know how I need your cock, I've missed you so much, please! It's been so long!"

As much as Remus loved to listen to that sweet pleading voice, he had to agree -- it had been far too long. He gave one last swipe of his tongue over the greedy hole, then stood, grasping Sirius' hips and turning him until he could brace against the bed. "You want my cock?" Remus asked, pulling his prick and bollocks out and slicking up with a wave of his wand.

"Please!" Sirius practically sobbed, spreading his legs as wide as he could manage in the unsteady boots. "Need you, please, Moony."

"Good," said Remus, sliding inside in one swift stroke, knowing it must've hurt but needing to punish just a bit more even as his hairy balls rubbed against Sirius' shaved ones, his hands crinkling the leather skirt, senses full of all the things Sirius had done for him just to get this back.

"Yessss," Sirius hissed, arse clenching around Remus' cock. "Take me, god, just like that, just what I deserve," he whispered, and Remus groaned at how hot it was, better than ever to hear that beautiful voice broken and begging, to see Sirius' confidence turned to wanton, desperate need.

"Yes," said Remus, driving in again and again, using his cock to take, claim, punish and use, everything Sirius begged for, everything they both needed. Sirius might be a prat, but he was Remus' prat, now and forever, and that was what mattered in the end.

Title: Red Satin
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, crossdressing, underage (16+)
Summary: Sirius would do anything for Remus' forgiveness.
Acknowledgements: Comment porn for my sweet little brother.

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