Staking a Claim
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Lex stretched. His body sang to him, all the sore muscles, each bruise a note in the chorus of pain. From his lips to his ass, Lex's body was reminding him of every delicious moment of the night before. He yawned and stretched again, eyes still closed, trying to ignore any subtle cues that might tell him if he was alone in his huge bed.

"You can open your eyes, you know," said Clark, voice floating from somewhere in the room, warm with humor and affection.

Lex blinked back a sudden stinging, surprised by the strength of his own reaction as the brightness of the room came slowly into focus. He had to sit up before he spotted Clark, standing nude in front of the open window, the sheer white curtains billowing softly around him. He looked surreal, almost divine, skin glowing golden in the early morning sun.

He'd gotten his tan back in college, his body tightening up until there was nothing but toned muscle and smooth skin. Two years away from the farm hadn't made him soft the way Lex kept expecting, instead it had refined him until all nonessential elements were burned away. Lex had gotten a taste of this stronger, more intense Clark last night, and it had only made him hungry for more.

"I know you expected me to leave," said Clark, crossing his arms over his chest and tilting his face up into the light.

Lex sat, stunned, and wondered. When had Clark gotten this insightful, this aggressive, this... adult? Lex had been so obsessed with finding clues to Clark's secrets, he'd missed seeing Clark. He'd grown up when Lex wasn't looking, and while some part of Lex regretted it, he was mostly just grateful to have the decision taken out of his hands. He'd spent so many years resisting the temptation to make the first move, to manipulate, seduce and just take what he'd wanted, it was almost a relief to have been seduced, taken.

Clark turned to him, hair lighting up like a halo, a soft smile on his face. "You know," he said conversationally, "I'd almost given up."

"No," breathed Lex involuntarily.

"Yes," said Clark, stepping towards him. "But I wanted to give it one more try. Told myself I needed to see you one last time."

Lex felt his breath catch, stop. One last time. Oh god, if all he'd wanted was just this once, why hadn't he just left last night? Lex's eyes fell shut, blocking out the sight of Clark's nude body, his soft, gentle smile.

The bed dipped and swayed and Lex's eyes flew open. Clark crawled towards him on his hands and knees, graceful, eyes sparkling with mischief. He crawled up Lex's legs, leaned up until his face was mere inches from Lex's and said, "Now that I know you want me, I'm here to stay, Lex."

Lex had no idea what to say, so he did the next most obvious thing. He kissed Clark. Softly, mouth closed, lips caressing Clark's smile. Clark kissed him back, both of them laying invisible claim to every inch of the other's mouth, not with licks or bites but gentle pecks. Lex kept it up until he couldn't stand it, kissing from one corner of Clark's mouth to the other, the top lip, the bottom, straying to cheek and chin and even leaving one soft kiss on the tip of his nose.

Clark's smile never quite left, even as he returned the favor, trailing his kisses finally along Lex's jaw, down his neck to trace over the vivid marks of last night's lovemaking. Lex gasped, lips finally unsealing. As if waiting for that cue, Clark captured them, tongue invading, caressing, exploring his open mouth. Lex just took it for a moment, then he grabbed Clark's head and thoroughly kissed him back.

Lex's mouth was sour and sticky from sleep, but Clark's was cleaner and tinged with mint and sunlight. Lex wanted to stay there, just like that, for as long as they could stand it, but his body had finally caught up with his brain and was making demands that couldn't be ignored. He laughed at the thought and Clark pulled back, expression quizzical.

"Nature calls, Clark," he said, scooting sideways as Clark rolled away to the other side.

He lay on his back, hands behind his head, hard and ready and grinning as he said, "You know where I'll be, Lex."

Lex scooted to the bathroom and made quick work of things, giving his teeth a cursory brush and his face a quick splash with cold water, sufficient to get him soft enough to take care of business. He was back out in record time, and Clark was still waiting, muscles relaxed and cock hard. Beside him on the bed, however, there was now a neat row of items from Lex's toy chest.

"How..." Lex said, trailing off at the look of amusement on Clark's face that challenged Lex's supposed ignorance of how he'd done it. Lex had gathered more than enough evidence of Clark's abilities to know he'd had plenty of time to assemble the collection of objects in the time Lex had been in the bathroom.

"A part of me wants to just make love to you," said Clark, rolling over onto one elbow. "But I also know you too well to think that it would be enough for you."


Clark held up his other hand, stopping Lex mid-word. "You've had too many people in your bed that were skilled at faking those emotions. So, I'm giving you the option -- claim, or claimed?" He waved his hand at the toys like Vanna White, showcasing the possibilities.

Lex had a long-cherished fantasy of claiming Clark like this, collar around his throat, at Lex's mercy. Lex held no illusions that a spanking would even redden Clark's perfect ass, but it was really the psychological game anyway. He just wanted to take him the way he'd taken Lex last night, deep and hard and helpless. Lex took a deep breath and said, "Claimed."

And then immediately wondered where the hell that had come from, even as Clark's grin grew feral and knowing. "I promise, Lex, you'll never again doubt that you," he paused, going to his knees, "Belong," he continued, leaning forward on all fours like a big golden cat, "To me."

Clark pounced. He literally came charging off the bed on all fours, racing towards Lex almost faster than the eye could follow. Lex could only stand, like a deer in the headlights as he was tackled, thrown over Clark's shoulder and carried at alarming speeds to the bed. Lex bounced gently when he was tossed onto the bed, and then just lay there, blinking up at Clark, his brain running about three steps behind.

"Kneel for me, Lex," said Clark, grabbing a thin leather collar from the jumble of toys now scattered across the comforter.

Lex could feel himself sinking into the role, already going nonverbal as he obeyed. He knelt on the center of the bed, facing Clark. He sat back on his heels and spread his knees as far as they'd go, clasped his hands behind his back and lowered his head. "Good boy," said Clark softly, running a gentle hand over Lex's head and down the back of his neck.

Lex arched into the caress, letting out a soft, small purr of contentment. Clark's hand came around and hooked under his chin, carefully lifting his head up. Lex kept his eyes lowered, partly in submission and partly out of fear. Fear of what he'd see in Clark's face, and of what Clark would see in his. Clark's fingers trailed down his cheek in a tender caress and he said, "Look at me, Lex."

Lex took a deep, steadying breath and looked up, meeting Clark's steady sapphire gaze. Lex poised for a moment on the edge of those midnight depths, almost afraid, but the glimmer of love drew him in. He lost himself in Clark's eyes for long moments, seeing love and determination, lust and something darker, all overlaid by an intense gleam of protectiveness. "Yours," said Lex softly.

"Mine," replied Clark, before taking Lex's lips in a brutal, possessive kiss. One hand cupped Lex's head, trapping him as surely as if he'd had hair to grab onto, and the other trailed the soft leather collar over Lex's chest and stomach. Clark released him suddenly and he rocked back on his heels, body arched and heart pounding. The collar was buckled around his neck, tested for fit. "All mine."

Clark's big hands spread themselves over his ribs, thumbs teasing at Lex's nipples. "Maybe we should pierce one, so you'll always have a reminder," he said, voice heavy and rough. His hands trailed down, one finger dipping into Lex's navel, the other hand cupping his erection. "Or this. Would you let me pierce your cock, Lex?"

"Anything," said Lex, his response immediate and visceral. A small part of his brain was screaming at him frantically; there had been no negotiation, he and Clark hadn't even been that close in the last few years, and yet.... Here he was, trusting Clark with everything. And aside from the small, paranoid voice, he was all right with that.

Clark was grinning now, wide and almost innocent like an echo of his younger self, eyes alight with a fierce joy. His fingers wrapped around Lex's shaft almost protectively, and he leaned in not to kiss, but to raise another vivid love bite on Lex's collarbone. Lex spread his legs wider, feeling the strain in his already aching thighs. Clark licked into the hollow, sank his teeth into the flesh above Lex's right nipple. His hands stayed busy, stroking Lex's cock and fondling his balls.

Lex's hands gripped one another tightly, shaking with the suppressed urge to touch. All that golden, velvety skin, calling to Lex from behind his eyelids. Clark's mouth closed over a nipple and Lex gasped, "Please."

"Please what?" whispered Clark, cool air puffing against Lex's wet skin, making the nipple crinkle and rise. His fingers wandered behind Lex's balls, teasing at his opening, and Lex's breath came in short pants as he tried to gather his wits.

That first plea had been instinct, and the rest of the English language was like a distant mystery to him, receding further and further as Clark's hands and mouth worked. He moaned, half pleasure and half frustration, unable to decide let alone ask for what he wanted. Clark's hand left his cock, slid up his chest, and pushed. Lex bowed back, limbs trapped beneath him, back arched and body offered up to Clark's tender mercies.

Lex's cock hovered just above his taut abdomen, bobbing gently, pre-come glistening in the sun. Clark rummaged through the toys and found a leather cock-and-ball harness. He snapped it around Lex, one strap going around the whole package, one strap around the base of his cock, and a third connecting the other two, lifting and separating his balls. An urgency Lex hadn't even known he was feeling rooted itself in his spine as the release he'd just begun building towards was suddenly denied.

Clark briefly sucked two of his own fingers until they went back to teasing at Lex's opening, now slick with spit. He trailed the fingernails of his other hand over the bites from last night, already half healed but still raw enough to sting. Lex twitched and writhed, his own movements impaling him on Clark's probing fingers.

Fine tremors ran through Lex's entire body, tension and desire ratcheting together in a body still weak from sleep. Clark's breath ghosted over the head of Lex's cock before his tongue flickered out, lapping up the shining droplets gathered there. Lex whimpered and his cock twitched, eager for the contact. Clark blew cold air over the head and it jumped again, any touch better than no touch.

"How should I do this, Lex?" asked Clark, two fingers sliding deeper into Lex. He may only have had spit to slick him, but Lex was still just open enough, just slippery enough from last night to ease his way. "Spanking, biting, clamps? Cock and ball torture? You've got a lot of toys, Lex, which ones do you like best?"

Lex shook his head, needy and helpless. When he'd given himself over to Clark's care, he'd given up everything, mind and body, will and voice, command and control. "Please," he whispered again, eyes full of trust.

Clark's fingers probed, finding Lex's prostate. Lex's cock felt hot, the skin stretched too tight, too full, and he whimpered. Clark added a third finger, this one barely wet and nearly painful. Lex's vision sparkled, his breathing labored from the position and the flaming desire. A vicious twist of Clark's fingers made his breath catch and head spin.

"If you don't decide," said Clark, his voice casually conversational even as he fingered Lex, "I'll put the biggest plug you've got inside you, and make you wear it to your meeting later with your dad."

Pre-come oozed from the tip of Lex's cock, and those damned tenacious fingers kept pumping, in and out, relentless. Lex forced himself to take deep breaths, gather his wits and his options and *think* around the sensations. What did he want from Clark?

He already had plenty of proof, his body littered with love bites and bruises, so marks weren't the issue. He was in the perfect position for cock and ball torture, but somehow that was too specific, too focused. Spanking was out for the same reason, the other side of the same coin so to speak. So what did that leave him?

"Whip me," he croaked out. He had a whole assortment of whips, from a tiny rubber one he'd often used on cocks and cunts, to a heavy suede one that would tenderize his back and ass, to a thin hard leather one that bit and bled. As long as his head and hands were left alone, he could be covered in marks from neck to toes and still go about his business, every movement a reminder.

"Gladly," said Clark, the fingers disappearing from his ass with alarming speed, only to be replaced by a slick, thick plug. "Keep it in for the whole thing," Clark whispered, fucking him with it in short, hard strokes, "And I'll let you come. But if you lose it, you'll be wearing it *and* the cock ring to that meeting."

Oh god, why did that thought even begin to arouse him, let alone add fuel to an already burning pyre? He should never, ever want to have an erection and his father in the same room, and yet, there it was, a truth not to be denied. He didn't have nearly the mental capacity to analyze why, especially not with Clark crawling up his body, weight pressing him painfully back and down onto his bent limbs.

Clark was over him, on him, on all fours like a predator with a gleam in his eye to match. Lex expected more orders or another lingering, possessive kiss, but instead Clark just stared, trapping his gaze like a startled mouse. "You're mine now, Lex," he said, then licked slowly along Lex's lower lip. "You belong to me, and no one else gets to touch you," he growled, then nibbled at Lex's upper lip, tongue tracing the scar there. "Right?"

"Yess," hissed Lex, breath leaving in a rush as Clark ground into him, cock fitting along the curve of his hip like it belonged there. He might regret it later, but there was no room for that now. The small part of his mind still thinking rationally squeaked about his current belle, but she wasn't Clark and never would be, and hadn't that really always been her one fatal flaw?

His wandering mind was brought abruptly back on course when he found himself inexplicably standing at the foot of the bed, a vague memory of movement clawing at the back of his brain. Two heartbeats later there were cuffs on his wrists and ankles, two more and he was bound spread-eagled to the bedposts, back to the room and to Clark.

This confused helplessness reminded him somehow of his childhood and those conversations he'd never quite understood with his father, and the stripe of pain that crossed his back without warning cemented the analogy. His breath caught in his throat, eyes stinging and muscles tensing, and the second strike was somehow so much worse. Lex closed his eyes and bowed his head, unable for a moment to remember why he was doing this, what possible appeal this could have.

The whip hit him just above the crease of his thighs, and his eyes flew open. His own blood-purple cock filled his vision the way the plug filled his ass, and he remembered Clark, and trust, and love. This pain, for once, had nothing to do with his father, and something in his chest eased slowly as the soft, heavy whip landed again, and again. His muscles went with it until he hung slack in the cuffs, legs wide and ass offered up like a sacrifice.

The moments jittered and blurred, one strike much like the next until his entire back from shoulders to calves felt like one solid sheet of burning pain. He lost himself in the sensation, barely having the presence of mind to keep his ass tight around the plug, the edges of his world gone fuzzy and indistinct. He floated along on a haze of natural opiates, wondering vaguely if he'd been marked yet, if he'd bruised or bled.

He was brought back to earth with a shattering clarity when a line of pure pain was laid across the very top of his ass. He lost track of his breath, his vision swimming with sparks, a cry wrenched from a throat gone suddenly dry. He barely had time to feel the burn sink in when the crop laid a second line of fire across his ass, this one a few inches below the first. He struggled in his bonds, every other ache fading completely away in the face of this new torment.

"One for every year, Lex," said Clark behind him, the first words he'd spoken since the whipping started. A third line was laid, and a fourth, each lower than the last. A part of Lex was gibbering that there wasn't room for six, the rest of him barely registered anything more than the pain.

The fifth line was right at the bottom of his ass, and drew a strangled cry from his lips. A vividly short respite found him re-bound, bent at the waist and face pressed to the bed, legs spread painfully wider. The sixth line was laid right at the crease of his ass and thigh, biting cruelly into the tender flesh, and forcing the forgotten butt plug deeper into his body. He screamed Clark's name, feeling his balls drawing up, trying to give him release.

Lex lay limp and panting, the pain from those six lines crawling over his skin. He squirmed as if to escape his own skin, but that just rubbed his neglected cock against the bedspread. It felt like sandpaper on the oversensitized head, and Lex whimpered and went still. He jumped when Clark's cool hands ran up his thighs, between them, and gave a wholehearted moan when they caressed his hot cock.

Soft licks and kisses rained over his abused ass, soothing and aggravating the flesh where they landed. The plug was eased slowly out of his body, and the kisses spiraled inward. Lex's whole body grew tense, as if merely being erect wasn't enough anymore, his cock too small to hold the desire that filled him. Clark's tongue probed, explored, his teeth scraped. Lex writhed and moaned, not even a pretense of control left, nothing remaining but sensation and submission.

Even the panicked voice had quieted, drowning in the flood of endorphins and need. Lex's entire world had narrowed to what his body could tell him, what Clark was doing to him. That agile tongue burrowing into him, tasting and claiming, preparing. It seemed to go on forever, time stretching out into one long thread of desire as Clark's hands and mouth worked him. He knew that some of the sounds coming out of his mouth now were words, begging, pleading with Clark to finish him, fuck him, let him come, but he didn't care anymore about dignity or composure.

He cared that the hands left his cock and balls, the mouth trailed wetly up his spine, Clark's skin like velvet sandpaper where it slid up and over his back and ass. Clark's mouth sucked on his skull, tongue laving over the knob at the back the way he'd laved Lex's balls earlier. His cock probed at Lex's entrance, slid in with almost no resistance, finding its way into the heart of him effortlessly.

Rough curls scraped over the welts from the caning and Lex screamed, ass closing tightly around Clark. Clark moaned, the sound vibrating against Lex's skull, then teeth scraped lightly there, not enough to mark but enough to threaten, to brand him where all could see, and would know. Lex arched back, grinding into Clark's hips, the coarse fur rasping against Lex's hairlessness, Clark's balls swinging free to collide with Lex's bound ones.

He moved then, in and out and in again, hips snapping on the down stroke to burying himself as deeply as he could go, and even so it felt as though there was more, deeper they could manage if only they knew how. Clark's hands ran up Lex's arms, then down his sides and underneath to trace his ribs, pinch his nipples, glide over tense abs. Blunt nails scraped along his chest, bright new pain amongst all the old hurts.

Lex could see, feel, taste the edge of orgasm, it was just there, so close yet so very far away. Clark's hands went down farther, grabbing his hips, and the pace increased, each thrust hard and furious. A steady stream of pleas spilled from Lex's lips, the bright spark of pleasure filling him up so high he thought he might just explode, the denied release taking any outlet it could find. "I'm close now, Lex," whispered Clark in his ear, and a pulse of pre-come hit Lex's stomach.

At that moment Lex realized he'd been freed, another of those acts of inhuman speed removing all the bonds except the collar. Clark's hands came up to loop around Lex's chest to his shoulders, holding them back to chest, cock to ass, and Clark breathed, "Come for me, Lex."

Another scream was torn from his lips as white-hot pleasure surged through him, a release like fire at its flashpoint. His vision went golden and his body convulsed in Clark's arms, pouring his seed over the bed. A small part of him registered Clark's own orgasm, the pulse and spill of his pleasure into Lex. They lay transfixed, together, Clark's weight like an anchor, holding Lex to this world, this moment, keeping him grounded in consciousness.

Long moments later, Clark pulled them, spooning and still joined, up under the covers. "You're mine now, Lex," he murmured, over and over, and "I love you. I need you."

"Yours," Lex responded, body and mind mostly numb but for that one point of contact, that remaining possession.

They fell asleep that way, despite the bright room and the beckoning day, Lex cradled safely in his lover's arms. When he awoke, Clark was there, still with him, still in him. "C-," Lex coughed, throat dry and raw, "Clark!"

"I'm here, Lex," he said, "Are you... is this OK?"

He sounded unsure, all his earlier confidence draining away by sleep. Lex stopped and thought, really thought about what they'd done, what Clark had done to him. His entire body ached, his skin was raw and sore as his throat, and a bright burn of embarrassment flushed over him as he realized just how much he'd let go. All the screaming, and worse, the begging, and why on earth...

"Why didn't anyone come when I screamed?" asked Lex, trading question for question, not yet ready for the real answers.

Clark's hand rubbed in soothing circles over his belly and he said, "I sent everyone away, told them to cancel your appointments." Clark chuckled and added, "I think... they seemed to think it was about damned time that we got together."

Lex snorted and said, "I don't know whether to give them a lecture or a bonus!" He wriggled himself back onto Clark's soft cock, not wanting to let it slip free just yet. The scrape of his welts across Clark's body brought a gasp to his lips, and a soft kiss on the back of his head from Clark.

"I'm sorry if I... I just didn't think you'd really believe it unless we did something really drastic," said Clark, voice sad and guilty. His arm loosened and he made as if to move away.

"Stop," said Lex, grabbing hold of Clark's arm. "You always did know me too well, and you were right. This is just what I needed to know you meant business. Both the whipping and the demonstration of your, um, powers."

He reluctantly let Clark's cock slide free as he rolled over to face him, needing to see what was in those blue eyes. Love, and fear, and even that fierce glimmer of possessiveness were there, joined quickly by a surprise that made Lex wonder what was on his own face. They lay like that for a long, silent minute, and then Clark grinned and said, "So... Does this mean I can move out of the dorms?"

Lex laughed and hugged Clark close. "Yeah," he said, "You can move out of the dorms, and I'll move out of this damned castle and back to Metropolis where I belong. But," he added, "Only if I get to fuck you now."

They sealed the bargain with a kiss, interrupted by Clark's stomach rumbling louder. Amidst the laughter, Clark managed to gasp out, "Maybe... maybe after breakfast?"

Title: PWP Trilogy: III Staking a Claim
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM
Summary: This is complete, unrepentant, unapologetic, unredeemable porn. Riftless, Plotless, Pointless. Enjoy!
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