Turning the Tables
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Lex pulled himself up out of his lethargy, encouraged by the hot length of Clark's renewed erection poking him in the back. He wriggled up and around, enjoying the wet lines of pre-come it painted on his skin as he maneuvered himself to face his lover. His own cock was still mostly soft and sticky, and he pressed it into the curve of Clark's hip.

Clark was grinning, eyes bright, no hint of hesitation on his features as he leaned in for a kiss. Clark's tongue traced his lips, and he nibbled gently before taking Lex's mouth with force and skill. When they finally came up for air, Lex asked, "You've done this before, haven't you?"

Clark, amazingly, blushed. "Um... you don't... I mean, that's ok, right?"

Lex laughed, giving Clark a resounding kiss on his soft lips. "Of course it's ok. It's not like you're *my* first, after all."

Clark looked relieved, then worry crept into his face as he said, "You don't... y'know, want details or anything... right?"

Lex made a show of thinking it over, before letting Clark off the hook with a chuckle, saying, "No, Clark. At least not right now."

Clark blushed again and said, "Not right now?"

Lex tilted his hips, sliding his half-hard cock along Clark's, and said, "I think we've got... other things to think about right now." His cock twitched at the stimulation, filling further, and he added, "Don't you?"

Clark groaned and pulled Lex tight against him, kissing him with passion and serious intent. Large hands, surprisingly soft and gentle, drew mysterious patterns on Lex's skin. Senses heightened by his previous orgasm, Lex felt as though Clark was sending him messages in some alien language he could feel, but not read. He responded by writing his own lust on Clark's chest with his tongue.

Clark's moan vibrated through his ribcage, loud in the silence of the room. A part of Lex wondered if he'd locked the door, if his father had bugged even this room, if he was going to be caught in flagrante delicto. The rest of him reveled in Clark's hands on his skin, Clark's taste on his tongue, Clark's cock sliding against his stomach.

Lex's hands wandered down, one in front and one in back to tease and torment his lover. Clark arched and shuddered beneath his touch, hooking one leg over his lover's. He grabbed Lex and rolled them over, pressing his weight down onto him, stealing his breath. When Lex resisted, trying to regain some control, Clark turned the tables further.

"Uh-uh. Now it's my turn," he said, getting up, pulling the covers down with him. He moved with purpose and a slightly eerie speed, returning before Lex's skin had a chance to grow cold. He dropped his acquisitions into the tangle of bedclothes, out of Lex's line of sight.

Lex tried to sit up and see what Clark had found, but found himself once again covered in a warm, living blanket. Clark's hands ran up his ribcage and upper arms to grab his wrists, somehow maneuvering them over his head. When he opened his mouth to ask just what Clark thought he was doing, he found himself silenced with deep, distracting kisses.

He vaguely felt Clark's weight shift, but he was taken completely by surprise when he felt the familiar slide of Italian leather around his hands. Clark diverted his attention by arching up, letting Lex's cock slide beneath his balls as he deftly wrapped and buckled so that Lex's wrists were secured. He could bring them down if Clark ever let his arms go, but getting them apart would take more effort than he could spare at the moment.

After all, who could put the effort into such a mundane task when a mouth like Clark's was traveling its way down his body? Agile hands trailed behind, fingers dancing more of those mysterious patterns, tickling as much as they excited. Lex squirmed, legs trapped between Clark's, hips thrusting, cock painting sticky squiggles on Clark's chest. He moaned softly when Clark predictably skipped over his cock, choosing instead to suck vivid love bites into the hollows of his hipbones.

His legs were abruptly freed and spread wide, strong hands holding his thighs up and out, feet left dangling in the air. He started to bring his hands down, wanting to find some measure of control, but one sharp look from Clark and he left them right where they were. He didn't know where this new, aggressive, dominant Clark had come from, but Lex wasn't about to risk pissing him off before he got laid again.

More love bites soon littered his thighs, one particularly large and violet one adorning the crease between his thigh and his ass. Only pride kept him from begging when Clark's breath washed over his opening. Despite the attention being paid to his ass, his hole was feeling neglected and exposed. His brain was rapidly turning to gelatin, but his body was wound taut as a spring, and he whimpered low in his throat when Clark's mouth once again passed so close to where he wanted it.

Clark grinned up at him, capturing and holding his gaze before deliberately leaning in to swipe his tongue from Lex's tailbone to the tip of his weeping cock. Lex bucked and shouted, the sensation intense after seemingly hours of deprivation. Clark grinned again, sucking the head into his mouth, letting Lex's thighs rest on his shoulders as his fingers ghosted over Lex's balls and ass.

Lex brought his arms down again, unable to resist twining his fingers in Clark's hair. He was startled to find himself suddenly flipped over, ass in the air and hands once again stretched over his head. Clark's body molded itself to his back and his voice rumbled in Lex's ear, saying, "Keep them there or I'll tie them behind your back."

A frisson of combined lust and fear ran through Lex; he was truly at Clark's mercy. He had no illusions that he'd have a chance against his new lover if it came to a struggle, but he found the loss of control paradoxically empowering. He had the freedom from responsibility he'd been craving, Clark having taken it forcibly from him. His knees were pushed wider, and he moaned with abandon as his ass was palmed and spread wide.

A puff of cool air preceded, not more torment this time, but the hot, wet swipe of Clark's tongue where he'd been craving it. It seemed he could feel the roughness of it, every taste bud scraping him where he already felt raw, sending a thousand separate sparks of pleasure dancing up his spine. His moan cut off with a squeak when it was followed up with a sharp blast of cold air. He instinctively tried to curl down and in, and Clark's answering chuckle sent something hot coiling in the pit of his stomach.

"Now you've done it," said Clark, his voice filled with mischief and dark promise, and Lex realized his hands had pulled in with the rest of him. His brain tried to form a protest, but all that came out was a low whimper when his hands were roughly unbuckled and re-bound behind his back, pushing his face down into the sheets. His legs were spread as wide as they could comfortably go, or perhaps just a touch wider, and shook with the strain.

The new position made his ass seem even more exposed and vulnerable, and Lex had a sudden flash of Clark leaving him like this to be found, taken, by anyone who chanced to pass by. Lust ran through him like a bolt from the blue, but then, nothing about this evening was even remotely like his expectations. His train of thought was thoroughly derailed when Clark's tongue resumed its work; evidently the preliminaries were over, because this was no tease.

Instead he found himself speared open and reamed out, violated in preparation for a much more thorough violation. His focus narrowed to that one point of contact, the squirm and press of Clark's tongue in his body. His ass relaxed, opened, first welcoming then desperately needing Clark's touch. Lex moaned as he was rimmed, then whimpered when it stopped, only to let out a strange, high keening noise when two slick fingers slid easily into him.

"Please, Clark!" he gasped out, well past prepared and on into desperately needy. "Fuck me, please!"

The sexy chuckle he got in response just made him hotter, and he arched his back desperately, begging with his body as well. All thought of dignity and pride was burned away in the fire of his lust, leaving nothing but need behind. He almost sobbed with loss when he felt the fingers withdraw, but the blunt head of Clark's cock provided almost instant relief. It teased his opening, rubbing around and around, dipping inside and pulling back out before Lex could relax enough to enjoy the feeling.

He groped for the words that would get him what he wanted, but they fled to the same place the rest of his worries had gone. One of Clark's hands left his hips to grab his bound wrists and he was filled abruptly, almost brutally, as Clark pulled him up and back to meet his own forward thrust. His shoulders were wrenched painfully, his ass burned with the sudden stretch of it, his face was a very few short thrusts away from hard-to-explain rug burn, and Lex had never been happier.

The sounds escaping from Lex's mouth would have mortified him at any other time, but now they just melded with the blood rushing in his ears. Clark's other hand slid up past the bindings to rest between Lex's shoulder blades, and his body curled around his lover's. Heedless of the torment he was putting Lex through, Clark stretched and pushed until he could tongue the back of Lex's head, hips thrusting shallowly.

Lex thrust back, and between them they somehow managed enough friction to coil the spring in his spine a few notches tighter. Breathing was starting to become a problem, between the pull on his shoulders, the press of his face into the sheets and Clark's weight on his back, but even the slow fuzz of oxygen deprivation added to his arousal. He was almost disappointed when Clark pulled them both up and back, pulling Lex into his lap.

"Ride me," came that voice again, sultry and commanding. Lex forced legs gone rubbery with fatigue to support his weight as he pulled off Clark's cock. He was rewarded for his efforts when his downward motion was met with a snap of Clark's hips, burying him even deeper than before.

This new angle made the head brush over his prostate, and the first tingle of impending orgasm made his balls draw up. His untouched cock jutted proudly in front of him, and it spurted pre-come as he arched his back to increase the pressure inside. Clark's hands curled around him, not after his cock but to pinch his nipples roughly, almost brutally.

Lex rode Clark for few more thrusts, life and vigor returning to his legs with each movement. Those tingles came faster, building towards the inevitable peak. Lex was trembling with the strain of holding back when Clark finally whispered, "That's it, come for me."

One large hand closed over Lex's cock, the other rubbing strangely soothing circles over his taut abdomen. That was all it took, and Lex's movements degenerated into formless twitching as he pulsed his seed out over the sheets and Clark's fist. His vision went white, then golden, and the roar in his ears drowned out everything else. Long moments later his movements stilled, and he felt limp and sated and quite ready for sleep.

Except, of course, for Clark's cock, still hard and firmly lodged in his ass. Lex wasn't sure if he had a single erg more energy in him, but since Clark seemed happy to have Lex's lifeless form draped awkwardly over his chest, Lex wasn't going to mention it. Instead, he allowed himself to be moved and posed like a doll, first laid down on his face, then tortuously maneuvered onto his back, Clark's cock never quite leaving his body.

Despite the discomfort of lying on his bound hands, Lex was quite content to stay there and take whatever Clark had left to give. And it turned out, that was quite a lot; Clark set up a punishing rhythm, pounding into Lex with a will. His eyes were closed and Lex studied his face with languid interest, the intent and pleasure as clear as if they'd been written. His body shook under the assault but he took it gladly, wanting only to give what he had received.

It didn't take long before Clark's thrusts grew ragged and he came with a shout of Lex's name. Clark held him for a few long moments and he longed to return the embrace. Clark pulled out gently, disposed of the condom Lex hadn't even realized he'd been using, and returned with a warm towel and soothing kisses for Lex's slightly chafed wrists. Once they were clean and the bed put back in some semblance of order, they drifted off to sleep.

Lex's last thought was of the morning, and wondering if Clark would still be there, and what it would mean.

continued in PWP III: Staking a Claim

Title: PWP Trilogy II: Turning the Tables
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM
Summary: This is complete, unrepentant, unapologetic, unredeemable porn. Riftless, Plotless, Pointless. Enjoy!
Acknowledgements: Betaed by kelex, audienced and shamelessly encouraged by ximeria, fizzabith, & crooked_rhyme, vaguely inspired by ubertodd's love of French cuffs and other such encouraging things.

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