How Do You Spell Relief?
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Lex was tired. He'd had a long day at the plant, followed by a long, aggravating conversation with his father. He'd even missed the weekly produce delivery and therefore Clark's visit, which was just the icing on the cake of the day. He'd waved off dinner, instead deciding to come upstairs and take a hot bath. He tossed his jacket over a chair and went over to the bureau to undress.

He stripped out of his cufflinks, dropping them one at a time into the dish on his dresser. The tie pin followed; someone would put them back in their proper place later, and he was just about fed up with classic French cuffs and formal shirts for the week. Perhaps he'd declare Fridays some sort of casual day, where he could get away with a sweater, not the three-piece Italian nightmares he'd been wearing.

He stripped out of his already-loosened tie, letting it slither to the floor in a whisper of silk against linen. The belt followed, buttery soft leather sliding easily out of the fine wool pants, the belt buckle hitting the floor with a dull thud. He toed off his shoes, then bent over to unroll his socks, leaving them scattered haphazardly on the floor.

The small mother-of-pearl buttons on his shirt were next, and he pulled the soft garment up out of his pants, letting it hang open. His nipples grew peaked in the chilly air of his bedroom, so he grabbed his glass of scotch off the bureau and turned, wanting to get the water running before his skin grew cold. The glass fell to the floor from fingers suddenly gone nerveless as he finally spotted Clark, standing shellshocked near one corner of the bed, eyes wide.

"Lex, I... You were with your dad, and the butler said... I mean, I waited for you here, but you were so..." Clark stammered.

Lex grinned. He'd often thought that Clark might be interested in him for more than his witty repartee, and the rather impressive erection straining his jeans seemed to corroborate that theory. "So, Clark, you figured you'd just wait... in my bedroom?" Lex purred, stalking sensuously towards his young friend.

"Well, your nipples... I mean, your office, your office was occupied... I mean..." Clark said, unable to tear his gaze from Lex's exposed chest long enough to meet his eyes.

Lex walked past Clark, allowing the shirt to slip off one shoulder as he leaned against the bedpost. "So, what shall we do, now that you've waited for me?" he asked, looking Clark up and down, for once not bothering to hide the heat and appreciation in his eyes.

Clark swallowed hard before answering, voice rough, "W-whatever you want, Lex." He took a step forward, seemingly drawn towards his friend.

Lex smiled seductively and let the shirt fall off entirely, stepping forward, letting the smooth fabric slide over his fingertips on its way to the floor. He shivered a little at the breeze from the open window and said, "What do you think I want, Clark?"

Clark's Adam's apple bobbed again and he took another step towards Lex, fingers twitching. Lex trailed a hand down his chest, over his abs to the top of his pants. "I *was* going to take a long, hot bath," he said, twitching his hips forward a little on 'long' and 'hot' before popping the button on his slacks.

Clark's tongue flickered out, wetting lips gone full and red, face flushed with desire. He took another step forward and reached up, hand curled around the air above Lex's naked shoulder. Lex could feel the heat radiating from Clark's palm and he instinctively leaned towards it, both of them gasping when their skin finally touched. Clark's other hand came up to rest on Lex's hip, half on naked skin and half on the rapidly slipping waistband of Lex's pants.

Lex slid his fingers down the front of his own pants, sliding the zipper open and caressing his own burgeoning erection. Then he reached up and cupped Clark's cheek, stepping the rest of the way into his personal space. He brought his lips to within an inch of Clark's, gazes locking, and whispered, "Are you sure, Clark? This will change things, no matter what."

Clark nodded mutely then leaned in to capture Lex's lips in a kiss both sincere and skillful. Lex tasted the sweetness of Kansas summers and Martha's apple pie, and the sourness of outcast youth and self-doubt. Clark's hands slipped, one sliding down his back, the other pushing his slacks down around his hips, both finding their way to Lex's ass. Lex moaned softly and pressed his groin to Clark's, going on his toes to align their cocks with a gentle bump.

Clark gasped, losing the kiss, and thrust his hips into Lex's. He buried his face in Lex's neck, saying, "God, Lex, I want..."

Lex grabbed Clark's head, pulling his gaze up to meet Lex's own and asked, "What, Clark? What do you want? Do you want to come like this?" He ground them together, delighting in the gasp it elicited. "Do you want my hands, my mouth, my ass?"

"Lex!" said Clark, sounding shocked and aroused. "I want it all, but right now... Can I, um, I want to... see you."

Lex grinned ferally and stepped back. "Fair's fair, Clark, and I've wanted to see you for a long time." He turned to close the window and adjust the thermostat, giving Clark a moment to decide. No matter what he'd said before, this was the real moment of truth, when Clark had to overcome embarrassment to get what he wanted.

Lex was in for a surprise, because Clark had not only not reconsidered, he'd stripped completely nude and climbed into bed while Lex's back was turned. He was posed like a model from a gay porn magazine, hands behind his head, one leg bent to showcase his impressive uncut cock. Lex's grin widened, and he let his pants slide to the floor, stepping out of them and towards the bed before doing the same with his underwear.

"Well, Clark," he said, climbing onto the bed and up Clark, ending up leaning over him on all fours, lips only inches apart, "It seems like you're pretty clear on what you want, so..."

Clark kissed Lex, the metallic tang of passion coloring his taste as their tongues explored. They necked like that for long minutes until Lex's arms grew tired, and he moved in to straddle Clark's hips, hands tangling in Clark's hair. Galvanized by the feeling of Lex's ass in direct contact with his erection, Clark moaned and pulled back, gasping. "Lex," he said, between panting breaths, "I want... want to... suck you."

Surprised, Lex complied easily when Clark's hands pulled his hips up and forward, Clark's shoulders sliding down, mouth falling open. Lex whimpered when Clark's lips closed over him, the heat and wetness overwhelming. He felt his legs trembling, but Clark held his hips steady as he suckled at the head, tongue probing the slit. "So good," he said, pulling back to lick it clean of pre-come before taking more of the shaft into his mouth.

Lex felt the tension of the day coiling at the base of his spine, white-hot and heavy. He didn't want things so clearly one-sided, so he pulled away despite Clark's whimpered protest and turned around, presenting Clark his ass while he grabbed the base of Clark's erection. He swiped his own tongue over the head, sliding back the foreskin and lapping up the salty flavor. Clark moaned and grabbed Lex's ass, pulling him forcefully onto Clark's face.

Lex had only meant to start them on the mutual oral gratification, but who was he to pass up a good rimming? Clark's tongue swiped over his hole with no trace of tentativeness, wide licks that explored the textures of Lex's ass. Lex rewarded Clark's enthusiasm by taking his whole shaft deep into his throat, one hand braced on the bed while the other cradled Clark's balls. Clark's moans vibrated over Lex's nerves, and his tongue began a more focused probing of Lex's opening.

Lex began sucking in earnest, massaging the head of Clark's cock with his throat. Clark's hands tightened on his hips, and Lex spared a thought for the bruises he'd have in the morning, one which brought a spurt of pre-come onto his lover's chest. The mix of pain and pleasure was a heady one, and Lex felt the coil tighten. At this rate, he was going to come before Clark ever got back to his cock, and he wasn't about to complain.

Clark's mouth moved from his ass down to his balls, tongue laving them with spit. A finger probed at his opening, dipping into Clark's mouth before gently pushing in to the first knuckle. Lex's cock twitched again, and he moaned around the cock in his mouth. Clark's legs fell open, spreading wide, and Lex took the invitation to heart. He spit-slicked two of his own fingers and trailed them down past sparsely-furred balls to tease at the opening below, wondering if anyone had been here before.

"God, Lex, yes!" said Clark, legs spreading even wider, inviting Lex inside in the best possible language. Lex slid one finger in, pressing smoothly and slowly, holding Clark's cock deep in his throat until he was in up to the last knuckle. He pulled back, breathing deeply and began sucking at the head, tongue working as his finger probed around for Clark's prostate.

Clark's finger slid the rest of the way into Lex as he gasped out, "Lex! Gonna... gonna come... please, Lex!"

Lex sucked harder, head bobbing up and down as his finger slid in and out. He finally found the spot, pressed up and in and was rewarded with an incoherent shout and a flood of bitter come. He drank it down eagerly, his own ass twitching in sympathy, and felt the edge grow nearer. When Clark was finished, instead of collapsing as Lex half expected, he began fingerfucking Lex's ass, adding a second spit-slicked finger and setting up an almost punishing rhythm.

Lex let himself collapse onto his elbows, face against Clark's thigh, ass high in the air. Clark's mouth once again closed around his balls, hot and wet, sending tingles of desire up his spine and down his cock. He was close, so close, at that point where every nerve is alive and ready but the final spark hadn't yet been lit. One of Clark's big hands closed over Lex's erection, pulling it back almost painfully until his mouth could capture the tip.

That was all Lex's body had been waiting for, and he bit his lip and trembled as his release pulsed out over Clark's agile tongue. Clark surprised him yet again by swallowing it down, then manhandling Lex's limp form until they were cuddled, spooning, under the covers. Lex lay there a long while, dazed and sated, in the circle of his lover's arms, drifting in and out of sleep.

After a while, Clark shifted behind him, lips pressing up against Lex's ear. "So," he whispered, voice still husky, "You said something earlier about your ass?"

continued in PWP II: Turning the Tables

Title: PWP Trilogy I: How Do You Spell Relief?
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM
Summary: This is complete, unrepentant, unapologetic, unredeemable porn. Riftless, Plotless, Pointless. Enjoy!
Acknowledgements: Betaed by kelex, audienced and shamelessly encouraged by ximeria, fizzabith, & crooked_rhyme, vaguely inspired by ubertodd's love of French cuffs and other such encouraging things.

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