The Possibility of Perfection
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"So," said Harry, awkward and nervous as he looked up at Percy's face under the streetlight. "It's our third date."

"Yes," said Percy, glancing at his watch. "Or rather, it was our third date. I should think it's nearly concluded by now."

"Not yet," said Harry, and he took a steadying breath and surged up, pressing his mouth awkwardly against Percy's, their glasses clicking and then smudging as he tilted his head and moved his lips, turning it into a proper kiss.

When Harry pulled away, Percy's glasses were crooked and had a distinct nose-print on one lens, and his lips were shining and slightly swollen from the initial impact. Harry thought he'd never looked so good, and he opened his mouth to say so when Percy spoke.

"I suppose three dates is a respectable amount of time to wait," said Percy, pulling his glasses off and cleaning them with a charm, then adding an Impervius charm to keep them from getting dirtied again. Then he did the same for Harry's glasses, before leaning down for a second, better-aimed kiss that left Harry hard and wanting and wondering just how much was respectable to expect after three dates.

Harry grinned up at Percy. "Thanks," he said, nudging his glasses back in place, and then he blurted, "Do you want to come to my flat for a drink, or, er, spend the night?"

Percy's smile was one Harry had never seen before, filled with the knowledge that he could have Harry if he wanted, and the assurance that he very much wanted. "Do you have everything there? My bedroom is prepared," said Percy, which from him was practically dirty talk. The idea of it stole Harry's breath away for a moment, proper Percy taking care that his bedroom was ready for sex, should they choose to have it. Which Harry was all for.

"You, er, yes?" said Harry, then he stepped forward for another kiss, arms going around Percy's neck and not caring at all if someone came out of the restaurant and saw them.

Percy chuckled, hands sliding up Harry's back. "My flat," he said, then grinned and Apparated them when Harry gave no argument, instead taking the time to nuzzle at Percy's neck and press kisses along the perfectly fitted collar.

Percy smelled like home to Harry, the same laundry soap both Molly Weasley and Hogwarts used, the scent of skin and warmth and the masculine spices of Percy's cologne. "I can't wait to see what you've got under those robes," said Harry, nibbling at the underside of Percy's jaw and tasting salt and the sharp chemical tang of aftershave.

Percy cocked his head. "I wear standard wizarding pants, I assure you," he said.

Harry laughed and silenced him with a kiss. "I wear terribly unsexy y-fronts, which I've chosen to leave off today, but that's not what I meant," he said, after becoming more closely acquainted with Percy's tongue for a few leisurely minutes. "I meant you, Percy, your body. I want to see you, touch you," he paused to lick along Percy's lower lip before adding, "taste you."

Percy turned a bit pink and said, "Oh," but he gave no more argument. Instead, he led Harry backwards, through a flat that Harry vaguely registered as neat and somewhat homey. Most of Harry's attention was on Percy, and the kisses that were becoming more practised with every moment, which gave Harry hope for his own performance once they got to their destination.

Which they did, sooner than Harry expected, and suddenly the awkwardness was back. Harry stepped away and licked his lips, looking up at Percy for some cue.

"Are you really not wearing pants?" blurted Percy, and Harry couldn't help but laugh. Percy laughed along with him, and the tension ran away, leaving only anticipation in its wake.

Harry stepped close again, until their mouths were almost touching, and drew one of Percy's hands to his waistband. "I'm really not wearing pants," he murmured, letting out an embarrassing little whimper when Percy's long fingers found and traced over the shape of his cock through his trousers. "I'd like to not be wearing anything at all," said Harry, hoping it sounded more sexy than whiny. He shut himself up by kissing Percy which, it turned out, was an excellent motivator.

Percy's hands began to work on Harry's clothes, and Harry helped out by toeing off his shoes and obediently allowing Percy to move his limbs, until he was standing in his socks and glasses and still kissing Percy. The self-consciousness came back all in a rush. "Do you, er, do you like me?" asked Harry, worried about the size of his cock and the fitness of his compact frame, though he'd kept in shape as best he could.

"Very much," said Percy, pulling Harry to him and running his hands all over Harry's skin in a delightfully proprietary manner. "But I'd like to be naked, too."

Harry moaned at that, and his hands got to work, though he had to stop kissing for a few minutes to figure out the more complicated layers of Percy's clothing. Even Percy's shoes were more difficult, and Harry ended up kneeling down, working open the buttons and slipping them off, then the socks and Percy's trousers, leaving him face to face with a fine wizarding tradition. Harry thought the pants might have been linen or cotton, the fabric soft as an old pair of jeans, thin and fine and nearly see-through. They were a bit like boxers, only more form-fitting, and they covered Percy from a few inches above the knee to the jut of his hipbones, held fast at the top by a string-tie. The flap in front parted readily enough and Harry couldn't help but bury his face in the opening, inhaling the clean, masculine smell before he slid the pants off entirely and ran his mouth along the generous length of Percy's cock. "I like you naked," said Harry, sliding his hands up and down the ginger-furred legs while he wallowed in the taste and scent of Percy, mouthing his balls and cock and nuzzling at the neatly trimmed ginger fur around the base.

Percy let out noises that were nearly as delicious as his skin, which proved to taste the same with or without freckles, though Harry sampled several times to be sure. "Bed?" said Percy in a strangled voice, and Harry grinned up, then nodded.

"Bed," he agreed, standing up, then bending over quite deliberately to slip off his socks, which he had a feeling weren't very sexy all by themselves. Percy moaned, and ran a hand over Harry's arse, thumb just brushing along the cleft. "And you inside me, I hope?" added Harry, standing. It was his turn to tug Percy toward the neatly-made bed, and he got a certain satisfaction out of shoving down the covers and pulling the naked, mussed man between his equally mussed sheets, hoping to get them both quite dirty very soon.

"Are you sure?" asked Percy, once the tangle of limbs had been sorted and Harry had wriggled his way to the bottom, Percy's hips cradled between his thighs and their cocks nudging and kissing, distracting him from any worries.

Harry nodded, pulling Percy down for a kiss that clicked their glasses together again, before they got the new angle right. "I'm sure, Percy, I trust you," he said, hoping he wasn't rushing things but eager anyway, greedy to have Percy inside of him, just as he'd been imagining for longer than he'd like to admit. "Unless you don't want to?"

Percy chuckled and kissed Harry. "I'd be an idiot not to want to, I just... I wasn't sure you'd want me to top," he said. His sweet nervousness was a balm to Harry's own nerves, a reminder that this was new to them both, and they both wanted it to go well.

Harry blushed, but his grin was hungry, wanton, and he gave a little thrust of his hips that made Percy gasp. "I do, though I'd like to try the other one of these days, too," he said teasingly.

Percy grinned back, then reached over to the nightstand, where their wands had ended up when Harry wasn't looking. He slid the cool wood down Harry's chest and stomach with a wicked expression, teasing at the slit of Harry's cock and then down the shaft and back until his wand was resting against Harry's entrance. "Have you ever done this?" asked Percy, pressing the tip inside just a little. Harry shook his head, biting his lip and hoping Percy wouldn't mind so much, though he didn't seem to. Percy said a spell and Harry felt something tingle through him, inside him, leaving him emptier and more wanton than before.

"Please, Percy," he said, reaching down to lift his balls out of the way, wanting to see as much as he could. "I need you."

That seemed the right thing to say, because Percy groaned and set his wand aside, exchanging it for a vial of potion. "Soon, Harry, I have to get you ready," he said, pouring a little of the viscous, clear fluid onto his fingers. The fingers then found Harry's greedy opening, spreading the slick stuff over it before one slipped inside, the way eased by the potion and Harry's eagerness. "Soon," repeated Percy, licking his lips, a look of concentration resting familiarly on his features. Rather than making Harry feel like an Arithmancy problem, the full weight of Percy's regard was a heady thing for Harry to have, and it only added to his mounting lust.

"Soon," said Harry, rocking up, too lost in the sensation of Percy's finger moving inside his body to worry about much more than getting Percy's cock there instead. Harry's hands fluttered over Percy, touching his arms and shoulders, face and hair and even the frame of his glasses. The familiar everyday parts of Percy seemed exotic when paired with all the creamy, freckled skin dusted here and there with ginger hair.

Percy did something and Harry gasped, thinking that it had better be sooner than later or Harry would finish before they'd ever started. "That's it, relax," said Percy, and Harry was pretty sure that there were at least two fingers inside him now, though it was hard to tell because it was all so new. He tried to sit up and look but Percy soothed him back down with kisses and murmured nonsense, until finally, finally Percy pulled his hand away entirely and spread some of the lovely slick potion on his cock. "Ready?" he asked, squinting though his glasses were still in place and quite clean thanks to the charm.

"More than I've ever been for anything," assured Harry, with enough enthusiasm to bring a smile to Percy's anxious features.

"Me, too," replied Percy, rubbing the head of his cock nervously over Harry's entrance in a kind of unconscious erotic torment. "I'm glad you want me, Harry, really glad."

Harry felt a little part of him melt, and he pulled Percy down for a kiss. Startled, Percy had to let go of his prick to catch himself, but despite the awkwardness Harry rather thought the kiss was one of their hottest yet. "I'll be more glad when you're in me," said Harry teasingly.

Percy had lost his place as well as his balance when Harry pulled him down, and he had to sit up again to find his aim. Harry pulled his knees up to his chest and did everything he possibly could to look eminently fuckable; it must have worked, because Percy moaned and pressed inward. Harry gasped and pushed back and then Percy was inside him and bigger and hotter than he'd imagined, sliding deeper with a torturous slowness that made Harry feel as though his every nerve was singing the praises of Percy's cock. He nearly screamed when Percy went still again, the full length of him buried inside and a look of concern swimming its way up through the desire in his eyes. "All right?"

"Fuck, Percy, yes!" said Harry, half moan and half demand. He let go of his legs and put them up over Percy's shoulders instead, loving the way they framed Percy's face like there was nothing in the world but the two of them.

"Yes," groaned Percy, sounding relieved as his hips began to pull out, that delicious friction lighting Harry up again as all those inches slid back the way they'd entered. Percy paused to tease the ridged crown just in and out of Harry's opening, watching as if entranced to see himself disappearing inside. Harry gave it a little squeeze and Percy gasped, then laughed. "No more teasing," he promised, shoving back inside with startling force and drawing an approving cry from Harry's lips.

After that it was a blur for Harry, sensations building on one another until he didn't know where he ended and Percy began. Percy's face came in and out of focus since Harry's eyes rolled back in his head more than once when Percy hit something inside him that stole away the last of his control. He reached down between them and began to stroke himself, hand moving in counterpoint to Percy's relentless thrusts. It didn't take long after that for Harry to explode, spilling all over his belly while the pleasure shivered through his limbs, sparking from nerve to nerve until it finally died out, leaving him languid and greedy to see Percy so undone.

"God, Harry," gasped Percy, folding Harry nearly in half so they could kiss.

Harry moaned as the angle changed, starting the tingle along his nerves once again despite the protest of his emptied balls. "Come on, Percy, please," he begged, kissing Percy again and arching up, trying to encourage Percy to let go of that last bit of control.

"Fuck," Percy swore, and his rhythm slipped, growing erratic as his eyes fell shut, pleasure suffusing his features until there was nothing else left. He gasped and thrust in once, hard, shuddering and bucking for long moments, head thrown back and tiny sounds finding their way out of his open mouth. Red-faced and sweating, hair mussed and glasses askew, Harry thought he'd never looked so perfect.

He went limp, and Harry's legs came off his shoulders to wrap around his waist. The shifting separated them, and Harry whimpered, Percy drinking the sound in a kiss just as possessive as the first. "That," said Percy, panting too much to finish his thought.

"Perfect," said Harry, smoothing down Percy's hair with gentle fingers, then stealing his glasses, setting them on the nightstand and Harry's with them, looking quite like they belonged there.

Percy grinned, and Harry knew it had been the right thing to say. A few cleaning charms and several more kisses later, Percy had them tucked neatly into the bed, warm and dry and Harry making the inner spoon with Percy's longer body curled all around his. They stayed that way for a long while, not quite sleeping but not speaking, either, snuggled up to enjoy the warm glow that suffused them both, well-being and pleasure and affection built up out of years and mistakes and forgiveness.

"Why'd you say yes, the first time?" asked Harry a bit later, still cuddled into the curve of Percy's body.

Percy pulled him closer, dropping kisses along Harry's shoulder before resting his chin on it. "I was tired of not taking what I wanted, just because my family wanted it, too," he said, nipping at Harry's ear. "Besides, I knew you weren't the sort to pull a prank like that."

Harry chuckled, twisting around so they could kiss again. "You'll let me stay, then?" he asked teasingly, hoping Percy knew he meant more than just now.

Percy smiled and kissed his nose. "As long as you learn to pick up after yourself," he teased back.

Harry kissed him again properly, thinking that if Percy had finally learned to tease, then anything was possible.

Title: The Possibility of Perfection
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Percy/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, PWP
Summary: It's their third date, and they both agree it's time to move their relationship to the next level.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to clauclauclaudia for the beta love!

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