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Percy sat rigidly, as though the stiffness of his cock had somehow translated through his body, pulling his muscles taut and raising goosebumps across his pale skin. Oliver knelt at Percy's feet, rubbing his thighs in a soothing manner. "You don't have to do this," Oliver said gently, though his body showed itself to be of a different opinion, prick jutting up between strong thighs demandingly.

Percy swallowed and shook his head. "I want it to be you, I just... I'm sorry," he said, flushing a deep red. Oliver knelt up, lean body unfolding in a long line of muscled flesh that distracted Percy's gaze until their lips met and his eyes fluttered closed. Percy stopped paying attention to that part of himself that insisted this wasn't supposed to feel far more right than kissing Penny ever had, and slowly began to relax. His skin tingled under Oliver's careful caresses, his nipples taut and begging for Oliver to touch them, taste them, an order of magnitude more sensitive than he'd ever been before.

"I want you to enjoy it," said Oliver, hands moving as if summoned by Percy's thoughts, coming up to pinch and tease at Percy's greedy nipples.

Percy whimpered, legs spreading wider of their own accord as he said, "I do. I am," each word a gasp as Oliver's mouth busied itself at his tender throat. "D-do you enjoy me? I mean, this, being with me," he stammered, suddenly worried that Oliver was only humouring him.

"God, yes," said Oliver, sounding so heartfelt that Percy's doubts melted away in the heat from Oliver's voice. His sincerity was demonstrated further when he moved his hips inward so his prick slid against Percy's, the wet heads kissing before they slid past so the shafts could align.

Percy's exclamation of surprise slipped into a moan at the pleasure of such an intimate caress, and suddenly the wanting took over and everything else stopped mattering. He spread wider, rocking his hips up to meet Oliver's, pulling Oliver's head back up for a hungry kiss. "Feels like I've wanted this forever," he said, hands shaking just a little, nose bumping against Oliver's as he went in for another kiss, and another.

"Me, too," Oliver whispered, one hand slipping down Percy's chest and into the nest of red curls there, mussing the careful neatness that Percy had spelled them into. Everything had been neat about him at the start of the evening, but now all that artifice had been stripped away layer by layer, revealing the wanton creature hiding inside.

He didn't even resist when Oliver pushed him down onto the bed, still kissing, large hands easily moving Percy's thin frame until they were lying together amongst the too-many pillows. A cascade of them fell down from their neat pile to land on the would-be lovers, and Percy blushed while Oliver laughed. "You're as bad as a girl," Oliver teased, tossing the extras aside and shoving down the blankets while he was at it, until there was a single pair of pillows, an expanse of white sheet, and Percy lying in the centre, feeling a bit like a fish stranded in the middle of someone's dinner plate.

"Not a girl," Percy muttered, though his knees tried to come together like some prudish girl's, and it took all his willpower to spread them, to run his hands down his flat chest and show off all the ways in which he was most definitely a boy.

Oliver groaned appreciatively. "No," he said, crawling on hands and knees up the bed and then up Percy as well, until his mouth hovered over Percy's, "You're all male, and you're mine."

It was Percy's turn to laugh, and Oliver's to flush, though he, too, smiled. "Read that in one of your mum's bodice rippers, did you?" Percy asked teasingly, wrapping his arms around Oliver's shoulders and giving a little pull.

Oliver's knee slipped and he landed on Percy with a little 'oof' from both of them, and this time their giggling was just a little bit hysterical. "I never could be smooth with you," said Oliver wryly, and that warmed something deep in Percy's heart.

"I never wanted you to," said Percy, nipping at Oliver's lower lip. "I like you the way you are, all twelve stone of you." He shifted his hips and the friction of Oliver's belly sent a flash of heat through his own, and pulled a gasp from his mouth.

"I like you, too," Oliver murmured, finding his balance and rolling his hips, rubbing his cock against Percy's maddeningly, then claiming a kiss before Percy could figure out if he minded or not. He gave another wicked little thrust, drinking in the moan that left Percy's lips, then murmured, "We don't have to do it all today, you know. I'll still like you tomorrow, and the next day."

Percy shook his head; though a part of him trusted that Oliver wouldn't leave in the night like some cad, another part of him wanted to have it all now. There would be other nights for all the variations, if what Oliver said was true, but only one first. "I want you in me, Oliver, please," he said, a little shocked at how low and needy his voice sounded.

Oliver seemed shocked as well, and no little aroused. He swooped in for another kiss, this one harder, not so much deeper as more intent. Percy returned it with interest, rubbing one leg up Oliver's calf and spreading himself wider. Oliver gave a little growl and pulled back, then moved down to bite at Percy's neck again, hard enough this time to make Percy cry out, though not precisely in pain. "Please," said Percy softly, and Oliver listened this time, fumbling about for a wand and then casting spells that cleaned Percy's body, made him slick inside, and sent a warm thread of relaxation through him that was a bit disconcerting, given that it started in his arse.

"So perfect," said Oliver, watching intently as Percy melted into the bed, knees splayed, arms lax and prick hard and ready.

"Not perfect yet," said Percy, feeling almost drunk on the charm, though he knew the giddiness would fade once Oliver was inside him, grounding him. "Need you t'be perfect."

Oliver cast a final spell to lubricate his own cock and then leaned down to kiss Percy, both of them chuckling breathlessly when they managed to bump noses again. "You'd think we could get that bit right," said Oliver, his brogue thicker now that desire made him sloppier, his voice like warm honey poured directly over Percy's brain, drowning them both in warm, sticky thoughts.

His cock felt thick and strange, the head softer than Percy had expected, but more insistent as it found the centre of him and pushed inward, not relenting until it was Percy's body that gave way instead. Percy's head dropped back to the pillows and a low groan escaped his lips as Oliver pressed inexorably into him, further and further until there was nowhere left to go and Oliver's hips were flush with Percy's arse. "Full," said Percy, the only word he could pull out of his desire-flooded thoughts.

"Tight," Oliver agreed, leaning back down to find Percy's lips with his own, obviating the need for speech. Percy was nearly folded in half, but he was young and flexible enough for this, and he spread his legs a little wider and hooked his ankles at the small of Oliver's back, and that helped, too. Then Oliver started to move, sliding back out and over twice as many nerves as before, and Percy's legs didn't seem to matter much at all anymore.

Percy tightened involuntarily, his whole body protesting the loss, and Oliver gasped and swore, "Fuck!" He pushed back in, but then both their bodies took over and Percy didn't seem to mind the out so much because it was always followed by that in that found something deep inside him and made his whole brain go to static and need and nothing else, not a single thing but him and Oliver and Oliver's brilliant cock.

Upon retrospect, Percy would think that that was the second-best part of sex; the best part was that he was good at it, or at least good enough that Oliver wanted to do it again at every opportunity.

In the moment, Percy called Oliver's name and writhed beneath him shamelessly, kissing when he remembered and had the breath, which wasn't often. Oliver mostly swore a lot and his big, square hands roamed all over Percy's body, finding places Percy hadn't known wanted touching and then caressing them over and over until Percy couldn't hold it in anymore. It wasn't anything at all like coming by himself, no furtive wank after everyone had gone to sleep or have a wank of their own; this was joyful, glorious, and made Percy's whole body tense up one last time as he spilled between them and made a right mess of himself.

Oliver followed in short order, and Percy really didn't think the whole affair had taken nearly so long as it was supposed to, but he also had a feeling that was to be expected with first times. He thought he might come again just from the image of Oliver's face above him, and the feel of Oliver thrusting in as deep as he could go and then shuddering, coming inside his body because Percy made him do it.

Afterwards, Oliver collapsed onto him, which wasn't nearly as pleasant as Percy had thought it would be with come cooling on his stomach and that same twelve stone of boy restricting his already laboured breathing. "Move, you great lummox," said Percy fondly, dropping a kiss on Oliver's sweaty hair.

Oliver laughed and moved off to one side, and although Percy did regret losing that lovely fullness, he didn't miss the weight and used the opportunity to cast a few judicious cleaning spells with Oliver's wand. Oliver laughed again and kissed him. "I love you just as you are, you know," he said, cuddling up and pulling the sheet up over them.

Percy found he rather liked this part as well, and snuggled back shamelessly. "I know," he said, because he'd never quite unbent enough to say the other and anyway, Oliver knew. Didn't he? "You know, don't you?" Percy asked, biting his lip and hoping he wouldn't have to try, especially at a time like this though, really, he supposed this was the sort of time one was expected to say such things.

Oliver snorted and kissed him, teasing his lip away from his teeth and then giving him a proper snog. "'Course I know," he said, smiling down and then dropping another kiss on Percy's nose. "You wouldn't've done this otherwise."

Percy blushed and smiled back, but had to concede the point. "It was perfect, you know. You're perfect."

"We're perfect together, you mean," said Oliver, snuggling back up with a great yawn. "Go to sleep, I've set an alarm charm to wake us before anyone else."

"Smarter than you look," said Percy teasingly, followed by a yawn of his own. They settled into the bed as though they'd always slept this way, in a tangle of limbs and sweat and affection, and for the first time in years Percy fell asleep straight away with a smile on his face, and not a single thing on his mind.

Title: Perfect
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Percy/Oliver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, PWP
Summary: Oliver teaches Percy what it's like to be imperfectly perfect.
Acknowledgements: Happy birthday, juice817! Many thanks to corvidae9 for the swift, sure beta.

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