Part is Parts IV
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Lex's shower looked like the bargain bins at the drug store. Bottles littered every surface, and at least four kinds of soap were clustered in the elegant, oversized soap dish. There was body wash, bubble bath, bath oil, face wash, mud masks, conditioning treatments and even shampoo. Clark looked more closely, and yes, there amongst the clutter was his own brand of shampoo.

Clark started the shower warming and grabbed the bottle. "Ok, Lex... I sort of understand all the weird skin crap, but what's up with the Pert Plus?"

Lex blushed. And looked, well, 'abashed' was the only term Clark could really come up with that fit. "It's, um... it smells like you, Clark. There's Irish Spring in the soap dish, too, and I made my housekeeper start using Tide on certain of my clothing."

"Lex, I..."

"Look, Clark, we've both got secrets. This is -- was -- one of mine. Now that you know how I feel about you, how long I've felt this way..." Lex looked up, his eyes tired and haunted, all the last traces of embarrassment gone. He whispered, "Do you blame me?"

Clark put the bottle back, and pulled Lex into his arms. Lips to Lex's ear, he murmured, "Last year, I saved up all my allowance for a month so I could buy a bottle of your cologne. I couldn't possibly blame you."

Lex laughed, a short, ironic burst of sound that held as much pain as humor. It seemed the idyllic nature of their tryst so far was cracking, and Clark was desperate to hold them together long enough to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. The time for true confessions and self-loathing would come, for both of them, he suspected, but now wasn't it.

Instead Clark nudged Lex's nose with his own and whispered, "I guess we've both been waiting a long time for this."

He drew Lex into a long kiss, one deep and passionate enough to banish anything but desire in both of them. He walked backwards, pulling Lex carefully down to stand with him in the huge tub and under the warm spray. The water cascaded over them, forcing them to keep their eyes closed and adding a slick urgency to their caresses.

Clark's hands roamed over Lex's back, deliberately smearing the designs he'd so painstakingly drawn there, trailing over all the places that had made Lex squirm and beg on the bed. Lex found Clark's nipples, tweaking them until Clark felt all his nerves jangling with desire. He didn't know how Lex did it, but at that moment he felt like his nipples were wired straight to his ass.

He felt his hole twitching, and took one of the tormenting hands in his own, guiding down and around, until Lex got the idea. Dexterous fingers probed his cleft, caressed and teased it while their tongues mapped out mouths long since fixed into memory. Clark stilled, his entire brain focused on Lex, arms cradling his lover tenderly as one slender finger began circling his hole.

Lex leaned back, leaving his hands where they were was and just pulling his face out of the spray so he could speak. "You're sure you want this, Clark?"

Clark took a moment to get his bearings, then stepped back, taking Lex with him to the other end of the tub. He wiped the water out of first his own eyes and then his lover's. A few blinks later, ocean blue and stormy grey met and locked. "Yeah, Lex. I'm sure."

Lex smiled predatorily, his eyes darkening with lust, "Well, then let's get cleaned up so we can get things under way."

He reached out and grabbed the Irish Spring, lathering it up in his hands before pressing Clark back into the wall and soaping him up. Clark yelped as his back hit the cold tile, then relaxed into Lex's ministrations. Slippery fingers lathered up his neck and chest, paying special attention to his pebbled nipples. Both hands massaged down his right arm, tickling his armpit and bringing alive nerves he hadn't realized he had inside his elbow and wrist. His fingers were laced with Lex's own, spread out and washed one by one.

He'd never had such attention paid to his body; Lex's soapy hands left no bit of him unexplored. After repeating the performance with the left arm, Lex washed the crease of hip and thigh, caressing his hipbones and probing one slippery finger into his belly button. Clark squirmed away when he did that, and was rewarded with an evil chuckle and another finger probing at his ass. The dual sensations were making him see stars as he tried to wriggle both towards and away from the touches.

When the tickling hand moved down to cup his balls, he sighed and spread his legs. Lex washed him slowly and thoroughly with his right hand, jacking him to full hardness and finger-combing the suds through his dense curls. His left index finger circled and teased Clark's opening, dipping in up to the first knuckle only to go back to teasing when Clark moaned and opened his legs wider.

Once his cock and balls were covered in a mound of white suds, Lex took his hands away to re-soap them. He dropped to one knee so he could massage down one leg, circling the strong thigh, tingling light caresses at the back of the knee and sliding sensually down his calf. He pulled on Clark's ankle until he lifted his foot up. Then Lex cupped his heel, ran strong thumbs up his arches and then washed each toe individually. Clark didn't know whether to laugh or moan, and he was dying by the time Lex finished the other leg.

Lex then turned him around, standing up to stroke the bar of soap across Clark's shoulders, down his spine and into the cleft of his ass. Clark wriggled and laughed, and Lex set aside the soap to really rub him down. He dug into the tense muscles with a firm, sure touch, and even Clark's cock relaxed under Lex's expert ministrations.

By the time Lex was done, Clark was just a big puddle of goo, and a small part of his brain was surprised when he didn't go swirling down the drain with the suds. Lex even washed his hair, strong fingers working through the strands for far longer than was strictly necessary. Not that Clark was going to object to being Lex's follicle substitute, not when it felt that good.

When the water at his feet was running clean, Clark let himself be steered back to the wall, again facing it, head bowed onto folded arms. Strong teeth bit into his shoulders, nibbled down his spine and then sunk into the flesh of his ass. Clark moaned as his skin came alive, tingles running up his spine and down between his legs. He felt his opening twitch in anticipation, his balls grew heavy and his cock hardened completely.

Lex lavished attention on the taut flesh, and Clark spread his legs encouragingly. Lex responded by running his hands up Clark's legs, then cupping his cheeks and squeezing. His thumbs swept teasingly near the cleft, and he blew gently across the damp flesh. Goosebumps shivered across already sensitized skin, and his cock twitched its way to fully erect.

Agonizingly slowly, Lex spread Clark wide. Clark unconsciously responded by arching his back and letting his feet slide a little further apart, offering himself to his lover's gaze. The exposure made him whimper, and he gasped when teeth closed once again on the flesh right where thigh and ass met, Lex's hot breath caressing his hole. Even the hardest bites didn't hurt, instead sending pleasure singing through his brain.

He spared a moment of thought for Lex's relatively fragile teeth, but even that brief concern was swept away as Lex's tongue swirled down his cleft, around but not over the hole and down behind his balls. "Lex, please!"

Lex chuckled and said, "Please what, Clark?" The puffs of warm air directly on his entrance made Clark whimper.

Color flooded his cheeks. Clark wanted to feel Lex's tongue so badly, but residual shame stilled his tongue. "I... anything, Lex, just... please..."

As if sensing Clark's mood change, Lex relented, licking a wide stripe upwards from Clark's balls to the small of his back. He peppered kisses over the triangle of skin there and then kissed his way back down, ending with a gentle kiss directly over Clark's pucker. Clark whimpered again, and Lex began to lick over the hole like a cat, his tongue scraping and slicking, stimulating and relaxing.

Clark pressed back against Lex's face, drowning in the unfamiliar wash of pleasure. He'd touched himself there, sure, but it was nothing at all like this. This was a whole new world of sensation, the rough/slick texture of Lex's tongue sending tingles from the one focal point up into the small of his back, down to his balls and up the length of his now-straining cock. Lex's strokes became more pointed, the tip of his tongue probing at Clark's entrance, easing it open. "Lex," he moaned.

Lex's answer was to thrust his tongue deeply, roughly breaching the seal of Clark's body. Clark gasped and thrust back, eager to feel any part of Lex inside. He bit his lip to keep from screaming, or coming, every nerve alive as Lex began to fuck him with his tongue. It felt huge, and yet it wasn't nearly enough. Words began to spill out of Clark, pleading for Lex to stop tormenting him and fuck him, suck him, just please give him more.

Lex, of course, ignored the pleas and kept up his relentless tonguing. Each stroke seemed to open him wider and probe deeper, and Lex would caress the rings of muscle, circling with his tongue with such force that Clark started to wonder just who was the alien here. Then suddenly, with one last bite to a globe of Clark's ass, he was gone.

Clark whimpered at the loss and started to turn, but Lex said, "No, stay. I'm getting something... I don't want to hurt you."

"You can't hurt me, Lex," said Clark. His ass felt achingly empty, and he couldn't wait to be filled with Lex's cock.

"Well, I don't want to hurt me, either, so I need... yes! Lavender bath oil, that should be fine."

Clark relaxed as he felt Lex step close, his body heat evident even in the steam of the shower. Slick, cool fingers ran down the crack of his ass, dripping with oil. He could smell the sharp herbal scent of it, and he pushed his hips back against Lex's fingers when they began to circle the puckered hole. Two slipped easily inside his body, making him gasp.

Lex slid them deep, unerringly finding that spot inside him that he himself had only touched once or twice before. "God, Lex! Just... please!"

Lex leaned in, fingers still deep inside while his cock pressed against Clark's hip, and whispered in his ear, "Please what, Clark?"

Clark closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could say this. If he wanted it more than anything in the world at this very moment, then he could say, "F-fuck me. Please."

And Lex did. The fingers pulled out and were replaced by the relentless blunt pressure of Lex's cock. Clark opened for him, the muscles stretching smoothly around the head. As Lex's shaft slid in to the root, Clark finally felt like he truly belonged to Lex. Not, he thought briefly as Lex paused for a tortuous minute before moving, that he wouldn't be doing some claiming of his own once they got out.

Once Lex started moving, all thought was shattered by the myriad of new sensations coming from his body. His cock pulsed in time with Lex's thrusts against his prostate, and a keening moan was filling his throat and echoing in the shower. Lex had gone from soft moans to deeper ones, and his hands were grasping Clark's hips tightly enough that a normal man would have bruises in the morning.

Lex's thrusts became erratic, and one hand snaked around to grasp Clark's cock roughly. That one touch was all it took to set off Clark's hair-trigger teen libido; Clark would almost have been surprised that he'd lasted as long as he had, but most of his higher brain functions were splattering against the shower wall. He had an impression that he might've said something cliched and perhaps hasty, but the restoration of his former 'puddle of goo' state removed all vestiges of rational thought.

Little sparkles of pleasure ran through his still-twitching limbs as Lex continued to thrust, and huge splashes of it washed over his cock, balls and ass. Clark couldn't even muster the energy to move into Lex's thrusts anymore; there was something so perfect about just being there, the receptacle for Lex's cock, his lust, the instrument through which he achieved his pleasure.

Little whimpers were filtering through Lex's moans, as he got closer and closer to orgasm. A few deep breaths and Clark got a small bit of his mind back from the abyss to find the pieces of idea he'd been having since the zipper incident had shaped themselves into an interesting pattern. He reached back with one hand and found Lex's flank, then sent up a mental plea that he was on the right track as he ran blunt nails up the side, hard enough to leave marks.

His ingenuity was rewarded with a gasp from Lex, and several deeper, harder thrusts. Clark grinned to himself, feeling another shiver of excitement as he considered his next course of action. His cock, having never quite made it all the way to flaccid, gave a halfhearted twitch and began to refill; sometimes a teenage libido was an advantage. He silently told it to wait its turn as he reached back as far as he could and dragged his nails, horizontally this time, over Lex's ass and flank.

That was enough. Lex shouted something incoherent that might have been his name as he arched, stilled, and came. Clark swore he could feel the hot spurts filling him, the pulse of Lex's cock against his newly breached entrance. Clark moaned in his throat as the thought hit him: he wasn't a virgin any longer. He'd had another man, he'd had *Lex*, in his ass. Still had, in fact, as Lex was now draped over his back, arms around his chest, panting.

"Lex, I..." Clark started, unsure of what to say next.

"Mmmm... Clark?" came Lex's sleepy, satiated reply.

Clark carefully pulled forward and turned around, a little noise making its way out of his throat as Lex's cock came free with a soft, wet sound. He carefully enfolded Lex into his arms, kissing the top of his lover's bald head. "Was that... um... was that ok?"

Lex's low chuckle was muffled in the warm, damp expanse of Clark's chest. "I may not move for a week, Clark. It was... yeah." A slight pause, a tightening of Lex's arms, and he added, "God, your ass is... mmmm."

Clark laughed softly, his theory confirmed. He'd have to be very careful about the line between 'pain Lex enjoyed' and 'pain that just hurt', but Clark would definitely have to explore this newfound aspect of his lover's personality. He was dying to return the favor and sink his teeth into the round, pale flesh of Lex's ass... he looked down, spotting the remains of his earlier artistic endeavor running in colored streaks over Lex's back and down his legs. Yes, he'd explore, *after* he got Lex washed up.

Clark wrapped his arms more tightly around his lover, just reveling in the feeling of naked Lex in his arms. The skin was so smooth, more like wet satin than skin at all; there was no hair anywhere, not even tiny fine hairs like most girls had on their arms. Clark ran his hands over Lex's skin, delighted to finally, *finally* have permission to do so.

He couldn't get his fill of it, Lex's skin or the freedom to touch it. He laid open-mouthed kisses on the top of Lex's head, rubbing his cheek against it as his hands drifted down to grab and cup and squeeze Lex's ass. It was firm, taut, each half-globe a perfect handful he'd take over breasts any day. His fingers stretched out to cover the whole surface, thumbs idly caressing the small of Lex's back while his pinkies curled into the crease where his thighs began.

His index and middle fingers drifted towards the cleft and he had a flashback of Lex's hands doing the same thing to him mere minutes ago, only upside-down. Suddenly he wanted Lex clean and dry so he could lick and bite and suck and scratch, touching all the parts of Lex to his heart's content.

He kissed his way down to Lex's ear and murmured, "If you let go so I can wash you, we can move this to the bedroom." He punctuated his offer by curving the fingers of one hand into claws and scraping them over the untouched side of Lex's ass and flank. His other hand he curled down into the cleft of Lex's ass, pulling it open and teasing at the entrance hidden there.

Lex moaned softly and pulled away, saying, "Tease."

Clark chuckled and reached for the soap. As he lathered up his hands, he said, "It's only teasing if I don't intend to follow through." He turned Lex to the wall and began working on the remains of the (thankfully water-based) markers. As his fingers made their way back into Lex's shadowy crevice, he leaned in and whispered, "And I intend to not only follow through, but make you scream."

Lex gasped as, on the word 'scream', Clark plunged one finger up to the second knuckle into his lover. He pulled out after the one teasing stroke, and then made quick work of the rest of the soaping. As much as he wanted to linger over every inch of skin the way Lex had, he wanted even more to get Lex onto the bed as quickly as physically -- or at least humanly -- possible.

He re-soaped a few of his own bits and rinsed them both, making sure to get the come off the wall as well. Then he shut off the shower, dried them both with gentle efficiency, and literally carried a laughing, protesting Lex out of the bathroom and back to his bed. Markers made a soft pattering like rain as they hit the floor when Clark peeled back the covers and deposited his lover square in the middle of the sheets.

He slid into bed with his lover, grinning in anticipation. This was going to be *fun*.

continued in Parts is Parts V: Cock

Title: Parts is Parts IV: Tails
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, mild kink
Summary: Parts is Parts IV. Clean-up. And shower sex. Because no matter how stereotyped it is, sometimes you just need shower sex.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my Bunnies for the encouragement. This is for KC, who helped get me jump-started. And to my two blue cats, because they are patient beta goddesses who don't mock me for my typos. Much.

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