Part is Parts III:
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"Do I want to know, Clark?"

Lex was lying on his stomach in his bed, all the lights in the room turned on bright. A set of washable markers and a well-lit room were what he'd asked for, and Lex was determined at this point to deliver pretty much anything Clark wanted, up to and including a small country. Or even a large one, although that would take a little longer.

"You'll find out soon. Hold still and close your eyes."

Lex's plans for handing Clark the world on a silver platter were slightly derailed as he felt the first soft, cool stroke of the marker against his bare skin. The room itself was warm, the French doors open to let in the hot afternoon air, but the gentle caresses were raising goosebumps on Lex's skin. He was pretty sure Clark was going to play connect-the-dots, an urge which Lex had adamantly refused to indulge in any of his previous lovers. Clark was different, though. Lex found himself allowing Clark liberties that no one else could come close to taking.

After a few minutes, Lex realized that there was something more going on. There was no discernable pattern, long strokes alternated randomly with short in all different directions. They weren't even designed to arouse; he already had evidence that Clark was perfectly capable of being arousing when he set his mind to it, and it was obvious that stimulation wasn't the point either.

Not that it wasn't exciting; just the feeling of Clark straddling him was enough to keep him hard and eager. His cock twitched every time he felt the soft, wet brush of Clark's erection over his ass, and he couldn't help but wonder when he'd get to feel it *in* his ass instead. One particularly long marker stroke ran up his spine, and the erection in question slipped into the valley between his cheeks, making Lex moan.

"Sssh, Lex. You have to sit still." At that, Lex realized he'd been arching into the strokes, pushing back to try and trap Clark's cock in the cleft of his ass. Trying to encourage him to just hurry up and do something else. Do *him*.

"I'm not sitting, I'm lying." Aah, sarcasm, the refuge of the otherwise occupied.

Clark smacked him lightly on the ass, and Lex's brain lit up briefly with fantasies they'd have to wait until another day to fulfill. "Well, then *lie* still. Sheesh."

Lex sighed and forced himself to relax, closing his eyes and just letting his mind drift. He opened his ears, heard his own heartbeat, heard the soft whush of the markers against his skin, the slightly irregular rasp of Clark's breathing. It almost sounded like Clark was trying not to talk to himself, or hum under his breath. Lex extended his hearing further, but it was as if they were alone on the earth. No sound penetrated the thick stone walls to intrude on their sanctuary, and despite the bright light filling the room, he felt draped in the kind of stillness that you normally only find at 3am.

His own breathing slowed, calming. He pushed his desire to the back of his mind, willing his hips to stay still, his cock to stop throbbing so insistently. It might have worked, too, had Clark not chosen that moment to scoot down, dragging his softly-furred balls over the tender backs of Lex's knees. Lex tensed but just barely managed not to curl, kick, thrust; managed to stay still and not do any of the hundred things his body was suddenly clamoring to do.

Soft marker strokes over his ass now, and he felt himself rolled so they could curl around his hip. He was tempted to open his eyes, give the game away and just finally *know*, but he was used to suppressing his curiosity around Clark. This small mystery was nothing compared to the huge, looming secrets that Clark constantly denied. And wasn't that just a mood-killer, only somehow his cock wasn't listening and then neither was the rest of him, as the marker dipped and caressed down into his cleft. Came tantalizingly close to the secret hidden there, curling down and around and just missing the one spot he wanted it to touch the most.

Lex snorted with suppressed laughter at that thought, the image of a bright blue marker making a bull's-eye target of his ass, but the need to have Clark, to be had by Clark, was starting to overwhelm all other thoughts. Especially since Clark's strong hands were now running down his thighs, lifting and parting and revealing Lex to all the world. Or at least to Clark, who right at this moment comprised the vast majority of Lex's world.

"Lex, you're so lovely like this." A finger coursed down his lower back, into the cleft to tease gently at the pucker. "All mine."

"Yessss." Clark's tentative probe drew Lex's response out into a long hiss of pleasure. This was what he wanted, what he needed.

Suddenly it was all taken away; the finger, the cock, the weight that pressed his legs down into the soft mattress below. A gentle swat to his ass made him jump, got him paying attention to the words that followed.

"Get up and come see. Then we can have fun washing it all off."

"Ooh, does this mean I get shower sex?" Lex replied, rolling over eagerly and opening his eyes. The tail end of *something* curled itself around one hipbone, bright green with a softer green detailing that looked sort of like scales. Intrigued, Lex eagerly followed his lover into the closet where the 3-panel dressing mirror awaited him. For once, it was paying off to be particular about the way his suits fell.

Clark motioned him over to the mirror, looking for all the world like a kid at Christmas. His eyes held the same sort of delighted anticipation Lex usually reserved for takeovers and hundred-year-old wines. Lex hurried over, taking his position as Clark triumphantly hit the light switch and adjusted the mirrors until Lex could see his back.

His back was no longer a smooth, freckled expanse of skin. It was menagerie of colorful creatures, drawings out of myth and legend. A dragon rode low on his left hip, great golden breast gleaming as it shot red flame over his lower back and the top of his ass, tail curling around his hip. A pair of young men in chitons walked hand in hand, golden laurels resting on their heads, one bald and the other with shaggy black hair. A group of three lion cubs played across his shoulders.

A dozen other carefully drawn pictures decorated his back, and through them all ran subtle lines of freckle-brown, like antique drawings of the constellations. The child's view of a connect-the-dots he'd been expecting had instead turned out to be an astrologer's view of an inverted night sky. The feeling he'd had at the beginning had, in fact, been the long, straight lines from dot to dot that formed the skeleton for each remarkable drawing.

"Clark, it's... it's amazing." Lex turned and twisted, trying to see it all. A twist of vibrant green trumpet vines followed the erratic line of freckles down his spine, ending just before the flames would have consumed them. There was even a lone hummingbird hiding in the shadow of his left shoulder blade, sipping from a brilliant red flower.

"Do you want to take pictures? I've got a camera around here somewhere," Lex asked.

Clark looked thoughtfully at the images he'd laboriously drawn. "Hmmm. No, I don't think so. I'd rather this was... just between us, y'know?"

Lex thought he understood, but to just to be sure, he replied, "No one would ever have to see them but you and me."

"No, that's not it. I'd rather... the only images left should be our memories, once it's washed away." Clark paused, dropping his eyes, "Yours is practically photographic anyway, and so is mine, so it's not like we'll be losing anything, and this way... This way I know that, no matter what, this is ours alone."

"All right, Clark." Lex was... touched, and a little frightened by the implications. The ephemeral nature of what they were doing here, and the potential for permanence.

Instead of dwelling on it, he looked his fill of his new and oh-so-temporary tattoos. A horse, disturbingly reminiscent of the Ferrari logo, pranced inwards over his left kidney. The bright blue bull's-eye he'd been fearing had been replaced with a shining blue water bottle poised suspiciously on his right buttock. Just above, the hip was peppered with a group of black and green rocks, obviously the meteors falling through the dragon's flame, gathered around a large bluish object; it almost looked like a fish. Almost. "What's this one?"

Clark blushed, and a familiar nervousness crept over his features. "I... Can I tell you later if I promise I *will* explain? 'Cos I'd really like to have that shower sex, and I think you're gonna be mad at me after I tell you."

Lex gave Clark a long, considering look. "Does it have anything to do with the car accident?"

"Maybe? Please, Lex, please let me do this in my own time." Clark's fidgeting got worse, and he started to look amazingly guilty. His persistent teenage erection even started to flag.

Lex looked at him again, then back to the mirror. Everything he'd always thought he wanted from Clark was his, and all he'd had to do was wait for Clark to make the first move. This was no different, and Lex realized he was just going to have to trust, and endure.

"Ok, I'll be patient. But I want one thing in return."

Clark looked up, his face suspiciously optimistic. "What?"

He gestured at himself, head to toe. "For you to stop with all this long enough to just fuck me."

Clark's jaw dropped, but his cock twitched. Before his choice of phrasing had time to settle in and possibly scare Clark off, Lex stepped towards him, hands reaching up to tangle in shaggy black hair. He pressed their bodies together, going up on tiptoe to press thigh to thigh, chest to chest, cock to cock. Lips to lips. Clark's arms wrapped around him, hands finally caressing his whole body the way Lex had always imagined.

A low moan sounded in the room, echoed by another as their hips twitched, and thrust. Tongues twined as they devoured one another, and Lex was lifted up off his feet. Lex wrapped his legs around Clark's waist, large hands cupping his ass.

Clark's mouth pulled away long enough to trail up his jaw, full lips nibbling softly at his ear. Clark proved himself to be not so easily scared off; a husky whisper sending shivers up Lex's spine, "And here I was hoping you'd be fucking me in the shower."

continued in Parts is Parts IV: Tails

Title: Parts is Parts III: Dots
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, mild kink
Summary: Parts is Parts III. Clark finds a new favorite hobby.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my Bunnies for helping me choose. This one's for KC, who let me delay her crack for mine.

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