Oh, My!
headers and warnings
based on this pic by glockgal

Remus collapsed on top of Sirius, spent and grinning as he flopped his weight across Sirius' middle, though he left his arse within easy reach. "That was a brilliant shag, Padfoot, and here I thought being home for the hols would make you, I dunno, repressed or something."

Sirius shifted until he could breathe again and then snorted. "Nothing could repress me enough to resist this," he said, cupping Remus' arse, feeling the familiar contours that nonetheless always felt just a bit forbidden and new. He admitted freely that he was, at heart, a dog, and he loved the messy after bits just like a dog would, to run his fingers or tongue through Remus' sticky crack and taste the sharpness of come and lube and musk.

Remus relaxed, humming softly in satisfaction. "I think we're going to have a beautiful Christmas this year," he said, letting his eyes drift shut.

Sirius let his own knees fall open, remembering the one time he'd coaxed Moony into topping him, cupping Remus' cheek and thinking about maybe trying it again later. He was deep enough into his own fantasy that he didn't even notice they weren't alone until cold, curious fingers cupped his knees, pulling them wider and then creeping their way up his thigh.

"I think we'll all have a beautiful Christmas," said Regulus, teasing the sensitive skin behind Sirius' bollocks.

Sirius' eyes went wide and he froze halfway to sitting up, the snoozing Remus too much in the way for him to do more. "Reg, what're you doing in here, you prat?" he asked, though he had a sick feeling he knew very well what his little brother had been up to -- spying for mum and dad.

Regulus grinned slyly. "I saw you both, having fun up here. Acting like queers," he said, finger pressing against Sirius' hole, which clenched up tighter than Pince with a study pass. "I want to try it. If I try it, I can't tell, can I?"

Sirius swallowed. He was used to his parents to bring their wrath down on him, but he didn't want to have to subject Remus to that. And, well, they had done it a couple of times with James joining in, and even that once with Peter, so maybe... "Oi, Moony," he said, giving his lover a poke. He added a false sense of jollity to his tone as he said, "Reg wants to see how it feels to be queer, what d'you say, should we give him a go?"

Remus blinked sleepily, then turned slowly to see Regulus sitting there, the smugness going to something nearly earnest, in a Slytherin sort of way. "If he wants a go at my arse," asked Remus slowly, "why's he fingering yours?"

"No good reason," said Regulus with a shrug, though Sirius didn't miss the flash of surprise on his face. Sirius blessed the easygoing hedonism that Remus hid under his Prefect exterior, and gave his arse and encouraging squeeze. "Maybe I want to see you fuck him."

Remus yawned again and then stretched like the wolf he was, arms out and arse up in the air. "I s'pose that can be arranged," he said, sitting up and giving his hips a bit of a wriggle. "You'd better be a decent shag, though."

Sirius laughed, sounding only slightly hysterical. "I couldn't vouch for him, but I'm sure you can teach him a thing or too, wot, Moony?"

Remus gave Padfoot a languid, wicked grin that said he'd pay for this favour later, and probably in deliciously humiliating sexual favours of his own. "Sure," he said, pulling Regulus close enough that they were almost, but not quite, kissing. "First thing I'll teach him is how to get you randy enough to fuck anything."

Sirius flopped back onto the bed as Reg and Remus kissed, not some peck but a proper, hot snog. He was, he could already tell from the way his prick rose up and Reg's finger kept circling and massaging at his already-loosening hole, utterly and totally buggered.

Title: Oh, My!
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Remus/Regulus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage (15/15/14), dubious consent, threesome, Blackcest
Summary: Sirius and Remus have just had a lovely holiday shag, but Regulus wants to join in on round two.
Acknowledgements: Just a little comment fic written for the wonderful drawing by glockgal.

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