New Kind of Monkey
headers and warnings

"I swear by Coach Marlin's third testicle, Jeremy, you only became bisexual to give your penis wider options," said Barry, adjusting the flow mix on the power coil just a touch.

Jeremy bounced around the room, naked and grinning. "We both know I did it for you," he said, flopping onto the bed. "I mean, when were you ever gonna find time to get laid if I didn't bring you my ass on a platter?"

"I don't see a platter," said Barry without looking, "and you just like making me do all the work."

Jeremy grinned. "There could be a platter. You want me to go downstairs and ask your mom for an ass-platter?"

"Shut up like a good fuck toy and get lubed," said Barry, a grin finding its way to his mouth without his permission, just like the erection that always seemed to pop up in his pants whenever Jeremy was around these days.

Jeremy laughed and went hunting for the bottle. "Oooh, you got the good stuff!" he said, making liberal use of it, until the scent of strawberries hung heavy in the air.

"Only the best for my bitch," said Barry, taking one final readout and then slapping the control panel shut. Barry turned around to find Jeremy face-planted into the pillows with three fingers already inside that luscious brown ass, opening himself up for all the wonderful things that they'd learned to do together.

Who would've thought Jeremy would turn out to be the real genius of the pair, at least when it came to sex?

Barry shucked his own shorts and moved in to lick at Jeremy's fingers and hole, until Jeremy's hand got out of the way and busy slicking up Barry's cock. "If only I'd have known that I was being prophetic when I called you an ass monkey all those times," said Barry, sliding inside with a grunt.

Jeremy arched like a cat, shameless as always, slick fingers already working his eager cock. "Ass monkey, cock monkey, fuck monkey," chanted Jeremy in time to the thrust of Barry's hips.

Barry had to admit, while puberty might suck in a lot of ways, Jeremy was always the right man to find the upside in any situation.

Title: New Kind of Monkey
Fandom: Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius
Pairing: Barry/Jeremy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Foul language, teenage boys in lust
Summary: "I swear by Coach Marlin's third testicle, Jeremy, you only became bisexual to give your penis wider options."
Acknowledgements: A Yuletide Treat for jheen.

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