Miscellaneous Drabbles
short ficlets of varying ratings, pairings, and fandoms

Harry/Bob, Dresden Files, possession, 100 words for bkwyrm

Bob didn't know when he'd grown used to being someone's possession, but he had a feeling it had more to do with his current owner than with becoming resigned. He slipped into existence gladly at Harry's barked, "Bob!"

"All done with your lovely, lithe, luscious...?"

"That's enough," interrupted Harry. "You keep your eyes off her."

"I don't actually have eyes," said Bob, drifting closer to Harry. "Or any of the other relevant body parts, sadly," he added, ghosting his 'fingers' over the front of Harry's pants.

"Stop that!" snapped Harry, pulling back, though not before his body reacted.

Bob smirked.

Yuki/Kyo, Fruits Basket, freedom, 100 words for rubyrosered

Kyo sat on the roof and stared out over the mountains, wondering once again what he was giving up to be near Yuki.

"At least we've got more freedom here," said Yuki, sitting next to him, "than in the main house."

"Not that I was ever welcome there," said Kyo, though not as bitterly as he might have, before he really understood the what Akito did to everyone there, binding them all to him so tightly they suffocated.

Yuki leaned a little closer and said, so quietly that Kyo wasn't sure he'd really heard it at all, "You're welcome here."

Crowley/Aziraphale, Good Omens, boys, 100 words for wyomingnot

"Boys will be boys," said Crowley, his expression one of unrepentant charm.

Aziraphale rolled his eyes; he wasn't having any of it. "You've never even been a boy."

"Oi, that's low!" retorted Crowley. He screwed up his face, then hefted something that likely hadn't been between his legs a moment before. "I'm all boy here."

Aziraphale snorted. "Does that mean no one's made you a man yet?" he asked mildly, turning to put another book on the shelf.

He wasn't prepared for the shiver that went through him when Crowley moved in close and whispered, "Why, angel, are you volunteering?"

Dean/Sam, Supernatural, hurt, 100 words for shinywhimsy

"Ouch, fuck," said Dean, sucking on his thumb where the lighter had burned him.

Sam watched for a moment as the bones sparked and flamed, then turned to Dean with a teasing grin. "I could kiss it and make it better."

Dean rolled his eyes, but he held his hand out anyway, daring his brother to go through with it.

Sam stepped in closer, then brushed his lips over the small hurt, first lightly, then more firmly, followed by a swipe of his tongue. He sucked Dean's thumb into his mouth for just a moment, then pulled back, grinning smugly.

Dean/Sam, Supernatural, hands, 100 words for juice817

Dean used to dream of small, soft hands on his body, feminine hands touching him gently, skillfully. Now all he can think about is big hands, still soft but getting rougher by the day, hands that pulled his ass out of the fire on a regular basis.

As they drive along yet another random country highway, Dean glances at Sam's hands, watching the way they curl around a knee, rub along a thigh or slip carelessly through tousled hair. It's always Sam's knee, thigh and hair, but sometimes Dean wonders if he's really the only one that wishes it wasn't.

Bobby/Logan, X-Men, heat, 100 words for normalone

"I hate this," growled Logan, glaring up at the vents, which refused to let out even a feeble puff of air. The humidity made breathing seem like too much effort, and the oppressive heat pressed everyone flat.

Everyone except Bobby, anyway. "At least you won't melt," he said cheerfully. He was in his ice form, shimmering and cold and it was all Logan could do not to rub himself all over him like a body pillow.

"I don't see you doin' anything ta help."

Bobby ran a cool finger across Logan's lips, eyes sparkling with more than ice. "Any suggestions?"

Kurt/Logan/Remy/Bobby, X-Men, fur, 100 words for celtic7irish

"I never get tired of petting him," said a voice, tugging Kurt up from the lovely dream he'd been having of hands stroking him all over.

The sensations of the dream didn't end when he awoke enough to identify Logan's voice responding, "He's just so soft."

Fingers continued to card through his fur, and he heard Remy say, "Except when 'e's 'ard."

Kurt rolled over, stretched and grinned wickedly, presenting evidence to back up Remy's statement. "I never tire of the petting, either, mein Geliebten."

"Especially when it leads to sex," said Bobby, hands busy ensuring that outcome.

Kurt purred.

Jack/Will/Norrington, Pirates of the Caribbean II, hamster wheel, 100 words for lalaith_niniel

"That," said Captain Jack Sparrow, flopping back onto the bed, "was a brilliant way to settle our differences."

Will considered Jack's smug face, then looked past him instead to see the contented smile gracing James Norrington's well-kissed lips.

"It's certainly preferable to a swordfight," said James, without bothering to open his eyes.

Will gave in to the new urge that arose, leaning over Jack to kiss James' smiling lips. Rather than protest, Jack smoothed one hand down Will's damp back. "Much better than that thing with the wheel... thing."

Will laughed, finding a kiss for Jack, too. "Much," he agreed.

Bink/Trent, Xanth novels, innocent, 100 words for isidore13

Bink was looking for an appropriate tree to anoint when he stumbled upon Trent behind a bush. "Oh, pardon me," he said, turning away.

"No matter, I am spent," said Trent.

"Spent?" said Bink, confused. "Does this shrub take money in trade for its leaves?"

"No, I meant I'd already come," said Trent, now fully clothed and making an odd gesture in front of his waist.

"I knew you came here first, that is why I apologized," said Bink, brows still knit.

Trent grinned like a tiger upon finding a tender, lone lamb. "Let me show you what I mean."

David, Strangers in Paradise, saying cheese, 100 words for dragon_moon

"I can't believe I'm doing this," said David, leaning back against the chair and trying not to shiver as an errant breeze wandered over parts of himself that were usually well-protected.

"You're doing fine," said Katchoo distractedly, busy using charcoal to draw on the canvas where he couldn't see.

He'd dreamed of being naked with her, but in his dreams she'd been naked, too. And there hadn't been a draft. "Are you sure you can't close the window?" he asked, feeling like an idiot for worrying about how his chilled prick would measure up.

She just laughed and kept working.

Iceman/Northstar, X-Men, making the cut, 100 words for aliciamasters

"All settled in?" said Iceman, poking his head into Northstar's new quarters.

Northstar smiled appreciatively; at least the eye candy was nice here. "Working on it, Iceman," he said, shaking out his uniform and hanging it up. "It's nice to have made the cut."

"Call me Bobby," said Iceman, moving into the room with a sensual grace that belied his laissez-faire facade. He leaned against the bed and gave Northstar an unmistakable once-over. "Call me anytime."

"Call me Jean-Paul," he replied, stepping closer. "I thought you were straight."

Iceman grinned. "I'm flexible," he said, just before their mouths met.

Matt/Danny, Studio 60, procrastination, 100 words for psycho_tabby

"They've rehearsed everything but that," said Danny, pointing at the laptop and then looking significantly from Matt to the countdown clock. "We're going to go live with no rehearsal if you don't finish that sketch."

"Shut up, I'm trying to make it less gay," said Matt, without looking up from his screen.

Danny's eyebrow rose. "Gay as in stupid, or gay as in..."

"As in what we spent the time last night when I should have been writing this doing," said Matt, hitting print and sitting back triumphantly.

Danny returned the grin with a shy one of his own. "Oh."

Bruce/Johnny/Walt, Dead Zone, choices, 100 words for rubyrosered

"I don't ever want to know what you see when we do this," said Bruce, rolling off of Johnny's back with a satisfied sigh.

"I second that," said Walt, shifting to snuggle more comfortably when Johnny slipped from his body.

Johnny kissed them each in turn, then watched appreciatively as they kissed each other. "I third that," said Johnny, though the visions were thankfully fading as his heart slowed. "But you two are an excellent distraction."

"You're just saying that 'cos you like being the meat in our sandwich," said Bruce, chuckling.

Johnny raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Wouldn't you?"

#4: Fargo/Taggart, Eureka, skills, for rubyrosered

"Taggart, what exactly are you looking for?" asked Fargo, squirming. He was all for male bonding, but this seemed to be taking things a bit too far.

"<i>Ixodes scapularis</i>. Checking for deer ticks. Nasty little buggers," said Taggart, not bothering to pause in his minute examination of Fargo's scalp. After a few uncomfortable moments he declared, "You're clear here."

"Oh, thank goodness," said Fargo, making to stand up.

"Not so fast," said Taggart, pushing him back down and grabbing the hem of Fargo's shirt to lift it up over his head. "Now I have to check the rest of you."

#7: Hiro/Peter, Heroes, discoveries, 100 words for dragonmhs

"Peter, you stop time, too!" said Hiro excitedly. So far no one they'd met had the same powers, and it was thrilling to be the first.

"No, no, it's not like that," said Peter, sighing. "I mean, I did, but... It wasn't me. When I'm with someone who flies, I can fly. When I was with Isaac, I finished his painting, and now with you, I can stop time. I can do what the people I'm with can do."

"Peter, you stop time!" said Hiro, grinning. It was nearly as cool as knowing he had a sword in the future.

#8: Gideon/Reid, Criminal Minds, glasses porn, 100 words for gblvr

Gideon watched as Reid pushed his glasses back up his nose, then went back to compulsively rearranging the cards held in his long, graceful fingers. Gideon didn't know why Reid had started wearing them, but his own appreciation for the sight was making his body react, and had the potential to embarrass him with the team.

He was grateful to be sitting behind the table when Morgan joined him, and momentarily relieved when Reid misunderstood his sharp look, interpreting it for blame rather than frustrated desire.

Watching the glasses slide down again, Gideon found his relief turning slowly to regret.

#11: Aziraphale/Crowley, Good Omens, trick or treat, 100 words for lirren

It was All Hallow's Eve, and Aziraphale was just closing the shop early and without warning, as was his wont on the rare days he opened at all, when Crowley appeared at the door.

"Trick or treat," said Crowley with a wink.

"What on earth are you on about?" asked Aziraphale, though he stepped aside anyway.

"American thing," said Crowley, turning to give his angel a wicked little smile. "Felt like making an effort."

Aziraphale smiled back, leading Crowley upstairs. It was undoubtedly frowned upon to fraternize, but at least this way he knew exactly what Crowley was up to.

#14: Logan/Bobby, X-Men, coming of age, 100 words for normalone

"Hey, kid, wait up," called Logan, hurrying after him.

"I'm not a kid anymore," said Bobby, stopping abruptly.

"All right, don't get your panties in a twist," said Logan. "Is that why you ran off?"

Bobby swallowed, and this close Logan could smell the embarrassed desire rising off his skin like a heat wave. "Not... not exactly."

Logan stepped closer, inhaling pheromones. "I'm willing to help with... whatever comes up," he said, glancing down Bobby's body and letting his eyes travel back up the slow, scenic route. "If you want."

Bobby's breath caught, but he still managed to say, "Yes."

#17: Jack/Will, Pirates of the Caribbean, Halloween, 100 words for cassandramalfoy

Jack looked out over Tortuga, elbows on the polished rails of the Black Pearl and an empty tankard dangling from one fist. "You know, the one thing I never could countenance about the Isla de Muerta..."

"Besides sinking into the sea?" said Will, topping off Jack's cup.

"Besides that, yes," replied Jack. "It that never sat right with me was that I couldn't properly enjoy being cursed. I mean, it's Halloween, the moon's out... and here I am, perfectly normal."

"I wouldn't say that," said Will dryly. "You've never been normal."

"Why, thank you," said Jack, making it a toast.

#19: Mal/Simon, Firefly, a gun, 100 words for nicholsa

"I've never fired a gun before," said Simon, looking at the object in question with unmistakable trepidation.

"There's a first time for all of us," said Mal with a shrug. "Just make sure you pay attention to where it's pointed when it goes off, and mind the kickback, just like givin' a hand job."

Simon's breath caught, and he moved closer to Mal, feeling bold and reckless. "What if I've never done that before, either?"

Mal looked Simon up and down, and let a smile light up his handsome face. "Well, I reckon it's my duty to teach you, then."

#21: Hiro/Peter, Heroes, discoveries, 100 words for dragonmhs

Peter backed away from Matt; listening to the thoughts of a guy who could hear your thoughts was too weird. He ran smack into Hiro, whose mind was a jumble of Japanese around the single warm thought that wow, Peter was hot.

Peter blushed and grinned, looking down at Hiro and realizing that he was sort of cute and entirely too approachable without the sword. "You're hot, too," said Peter, before he could censor himself.

Hiro's face lit up, and Peter discovered just how hot a kiss could get with a guy who could literally stop the world with you.

#23: Booth/Zack, Bones, smug, 100 words for rubyrosered

Zack and Booth came in together, Zack peeling away once they were inside to head for his workstation.

"Why's he looking so smug?" asked Brennan curiously. "And why'd he come in with you? Usually Hodgins brings him in."

"Well, today it's me," said Booth, a flash of the same smugness crossing his features.

"Oh, no, you didn't," said Angela, coming up behind Brennan to peer from Booth to Zack and back again. "You did! You dog."

Brennan gave Booth a look, then turned and disappeared into her office with a parting shot of, "Dog is right. Is no one safe?"

#25: House/Chase, House MD, jealousy, 100 words for metal_dog5

"Nope, sorry," said House, shouldering his backpack and grabbing his cane. "Another night, my little kiwi."

"It's Wilson again, isn't it," said Chase, arms crossed over his chest and looking as petulant as ever.

"Can't let on I'm sleeping with one of the kiddies," said House, loud enough to turn heads as he limped down the Hall, Chase in tow.

"Why, because your stellar reputation will be in danger?" asked Chase, shoving his way onto the elevator with House.

"Nope," said House, grinning. "Because then next time we have the argument about whose love life is most inappropriate, he'll win."

#27: McKay/Twins, SGA/HP crossover, 100 words for alexandriash

"Okay, yes, I get that I've been transported to an alternate dimension and all that, but why did I end up in England?" ranted Rodney. "Are you <em>sure</em> you don't have a phone?"

"Nah, mate, we're not that sort of shop," said one of the twins. Rodney hadn't bothered to learn their names or tell them apart, though he did pause to imagine them naked. Twice.

"What kind of retail establishment doesn't have a telephone?" asked Rodney, frustrated.

"A wizarding one," said the other twin, leaning in close enough to his brother to completely distract Rodney from the wizard thing.

#29: Hiro/Ando, Heroes, moving fast, 100 words for rubyrosered

"I was starting to worry you'd left me behind," said Ando softly, as they drove along another endless stretch of highway.

Hiro smiled his goofy smile, and Ando's chest tightened. "I love Charlie some," he said, putting his hand over Ando's on the steering wheel, "but I love you more."

Ando couldn't help but smile back; he never could. All their lives, no matter how much Hiro raced ahead, he always remembered to come back and remind Ando that he wasn't so much left behind as allowed to move at his own pace.

Apparently, being a hero wasn't much different.

December 3
Harry/Blaise, SGA crossover, timing, temerity, Tupperware, 100 words for wyomingnot

Blaise looked up from his dinner as someone sat at his table, eyes going wide when he recognized Harry Potter. "What are you doing here?" asked Blaise, glancing around at all the new arrivals from the Daedalus.

"Trying to bring you home," said Harry, pushing a plastic container at him. "I brought a bribe. Draco and Snape were both double agents, and we've won, and..."

"And what?" asked Blaise suspiciously.

"And Draco used to always talk about how he missed you, before he was killed," said Harry softly, looking down at his hands. "It made me want to know you."

Note: Blaise in Space is wyomingnot's concept, which she requested. See her fic lj at wyoming_knott for more, sans Harry.

Booth/Zack, Bones, investigating, 100 words for rubyrosered

"What's this?" said Booth, stealing Zack's book.

"Hey! I was reading that," said Zack, though a smile snuck out anyway.

"Shouldn't you be playing with dead things?" said Booth, sitting down on the stool next to Zack's and looking at the decidedly non-dead-thing-related book cover. "Anal Pleasure and Health?" he said, disbelief coloring his voice.

Zack blushed and snagged it back, his smile vanishing. "I was investigating the..."

Booth interrupted him. "This sort of thing," he said, taking the book from Zack's limp hands, then cupping Zack's cheek and looking into his eyes, "needs to be investigated in the field."

Dean/Sam, Supernatural, relief, 100 words for rubyrosered

Some days, the biggest relief in the world was a hot shower and those few hours that Sam could share with Dean, when they knew they were alive and weren't afraid to celebrate it. Other days, it was a relief when Dean locked the bathroom door for his own shower, and Sam could roll over and turn off the lights and pretend he wouldn't dream about losing everything he'd ever loved to Dad's crusade.

Most days, though, the only relief he needed was Dean's smile, rock'n'roll on the radio, the wind in their hair and another dead spook behind them.

Mal/Simon, Firefly, 100 words for suedeheadspike

"I think my head's gonna explode," said Mal, laying back against his bunk with his arm over his eyes to shield out the too-bright lights.

Simon ran his eyes over Mal's body, taking in the sheen of sweat, the lack of clothing under the thin sheet, and the tent right in the middle that was definitely not a knee. He found some analgesic pills and leaned against the cool metal of the ladder for just a moment before giving into temptation.

"Which head would you be referring to?" Simon asked with a slow grin. "Because I can help with both."

House/Chase, House MD, restraint, 100 words for ruedifference

House's problem was that he had no restraint left in him. He said what he wanted, did the first, second and third thing that came to mind, and if he'd ever had a proper moral compass, it had dropped, cracked and rolled under the couch years ago.

Fortunately for Chase, this tendency applied to personal as well as professional decisions, which is how Chase had ended up in one of the empty exam rooms long after the patient had gone, riding House's cock, long legs barely staying on the narrow table and his own prick slipping through House's wet fist.

Logan/Remy, X-Men, something kinky, 123 words for normalone

"You t'ink you gonna get to de point sometime soon?" said Remy with a little smirk, wriggling as best he could in his elaborate bonds.

Logan smirked, gathering up another, thinner length of the soft white rope. "I might, but you won't," he said, and began to wrap it around Remy's freshly-shaved prick and balls in an intricate pattern that would stave off Remy's release.

Remy moaned softly, looking down at his body and the webwork of white that covered and bound him, stark against the warm tan of his skin. "Remy never knew you was so cruel," he said imploringly as his balls tingled with the presage to a nasty case of blue balls.

Logan laughed. "You haven't been paying attention."

Simon/Mal, Firefly, 123 words for roklobster

Simon let himself relax, head pillowed on a broad chest, heartbeat against his ear. He'd told himself at first this was his way of ingratiating himself into the Captain's good graces, but he knew, deep down, that even if he didn't need Mal's regard for himself and River, he'd have wanted this. It was too warm, too comforting, too needful for him not to.

That's what made it hurt so much more when Mal said those cruel things to him, about who was and wasn't crew in the Captain's eyes, eyes that seemed to darken a little more every day they went without prospects.

Simon could only hope that, at least in these moments, he put a little of the old sparkle back.

House/Chase, House MD, 100 words for metal_dog5

After Cuddy implied that House's cane was a big phallic symbol, Chase couldn't keep his eyes off it. He'd managed not to stare at the lean arse through months of House bending over that stupid board, but one snide comment and he's suddenly obsessed with the long, slender, firm length of House's... cane.

Of course, that couldn't be the worst part, not with House. The worst part was when House caught him staring, a wicked grin blossoming over his features. "You two go on," he said, shooing Cameron and Foreman, then turning back to Chase. "We've got something to discuss."

House/Wilson, House MD, PG,
"somewhere around here there has to be a place where we can get some privacy,"
100 words for rubyrosered, August '05

"Who builds an entire hospital with glass walls? People like their privacy, you know," said House, limping along at an irritably fast pace.

Wilson followed along, grinning to himself. "I'm sure they did it just to spite you."

"If they were building an entire hospital just to spite me," said House, wondering if he could find the least-used bathroom and drag Wilson into a stall, "there would be less elevators and lots more stairs."

Wilson laughed, comfortable and familiar as a kiss, and it was almost enough to make up for not having an office private enough to kiss in.

Giles, Buffy, gen, sharks, for themadtapper, July '05
(100 words, and no, I can't explain it either)

"A shark?" said Xander disbelievingly.

"They're admirable creatures," said Giles defensively. "At least it's not a cartoon."

"Bugs Bunny is an icon of American culture," Xander replied, unfazed.

"But what does it say about you?" Giles countered, looking down at the picture he'd chosen, of a great white in an attack pose.

"It says the spell isn't specific about what tattoos we get, so I can have Bugs if I want him," said Xander, looking sulky.

Giles rolled his eyes, but was spared from soothing Xander's ruffled feelings when Buffy emerged, followed by the artist. "One butterfly, as ordered. Next?"

Pooh/Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, PG, 200 words, for oxoniensis

"Pooh?" asked Piglet, looking around Pooh's House with a Very Special Joy warming his fluffy innards.

"Yes, Piglet?" Pooh replied, wiggling his round, plush bottom as he rifled through the cupboard for a bit of honey to Tide Them Over until Morning.

Piglet peered around one more time, taking in the Comfortable Chairs, honey-filled kitchen and Very Cosy Bed. "Where will I be sleeping?" he asked, hoping his face showed none of the Secret Forbidden Longings he'd been feeling for quite some time regarding himself, Pooh Bear, and the Very Cosy Bed.

Pooh turned back around, a puzzled look on his face. "With me, of course," he said, bringing a sticky paw up to his chin. "Unless you've got Obvert- Odd- Objur- um, unless you Mind Very Much?"

Piglet sidled up to Pooh, gazing hungrily at the honey glistening on Pooh's golden fur. "I don't mind at all," he said with a smile, then did a Very Brave Thing and flicked out his pink tongue to lick the sweetness from Pooh's fluff.

Piglet felt Very Warm All Over when Pooh replied, "Oh, good," bringing his paw up to lick at the Very Same Spot where Piglet's tongue had just been.

Pooh/Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, PG, 100 words, for ladydey

Piglet woke slowly, feeling Warm and Snug and just a bit Sore in Odd Places, as though his stuffing had been Rearranged . He wiggled, then snorted, finding his nose filled with amber fluff from being pressed against a Very Familiar round belly. "P-pooh?" he said anxiously, memories of last night flooding in.

"Yes, Piglet?" said Pooh, sounding as Sleepy and Content now as he had last night, after... well, After.

"Oh, nothing," said Piglet with a small smile, burrowing deeper into Pooh's Fluff and feeling rather Sleepy and Content himself. "Just wanted to be sure of you, is all."

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