The warm spring rain was streaming down over Clark's body, running in rivulets over the tanned planes of his chest, pooling in the hollows of his hips. His back was arched, head thrown back, arms spread wide and wrists tied to stakes driven deep into the ground. His knees were spread wide and similarly bound, lower legs folded underneath in a vulnerable, uncomfortable-looking pose. His cock and balls were bound with thin strips of leather that bit harshly into the skin, water making them stiffen and stretch. The base of some toy was barely visible where it impaled him, and a ring of metal was shoved behind his teeth, forcing his mouth wide.

The soft grass was damp and slippery beneath Lex's bare feet as he paced around his prize. "You're mine now, aren't you, Clark?"

Clark's eyes drifted closed as he nodded in defeat, not even bothering to strain against the bonds.

Lex's pacing stopped right between his knees. Cold, dexterous toes began stroking his length, leaving smears of dark earth in their wake. They moved down, toying with his tautly stretched sac before catching on the base of the toy, tugging at it.

It slid more easily out of Clark's body than it had gone in, several inches of thick black rubber revealing themselves, lube quickly washing away in the downpour. Clark's low moan turned to a near-silent scream as it was slammed back in.

"You like that, don't you, Clark?"

Tears of shame mingled with the rain as he nodded again. Lex repeated the procedure, slowly washing away most of the lube he'd so carefully applied earlier. The toy was thick, and almost absurdly long, and it had been a challenge getting the whole thing into Clark's remarkably tight ass.

Lex ran a hand over his head, then down his face, wiping rainwater out of his eyes. His mauve shirt was almost violet now, clinging damply to his pale skin. His nipples were easily visible through the fabric, tiny pebbles in the slightly chill air. His fingers caught briefly on one as he reached down and unzipped his fly, carefully balancing on one foot while the other continued to fuck Clark with the dildo, pulling it out a little further each time.

Lex's cock was almost as thick, though not nearly the length of the toy currently housed in Clark's body. With one last vicious thrust, he buried it as deep as it would go. He stroked himself absently as he moved to kneel behind Clark's head. Strong fingers tangled in Clark's hair as Lex tilted his head back. He began to fuck Clark's helpless mouth, holding him steady, forcing him to take Lex deep into his throat.

"Do you want me to come in your mouth, Clark, and leave you here for the wolves? Or do you think you've decided you'd rather have your ass fucked?"

Muffled moans punctuated Lex's thrusts; the only answer Clark was able to give. Clark's fists clenched and unclenched, his own hips thrusting minutely into the air, only as much as his bonds would allow. Lex released his grip on Clark's hair and leaned forward, cock choking his helpless captive as Lex took just the blood-dark head of Clark's erection into his mouth. The bonds would keep Clark from coming, and any pleasure before they came off was just another form of torture.

Lex's hips undulated softly, giving Clark just enough room to breathe between thrusts. Lex tongue-fucked the slit on Clark's cock, tasting rainwater, pre-come, and rich, moist earth. Clark started sucking in earnest, tongue and lips working to drive Lex toward completion.

Lex backed away, grinning ferally when Clark's bottom teeth scraped helplessly along his shaft. He squatted just out of Clark's reach; cock glistening in the dim light, spit and pre-come mixing in the rain. "I want you to beg me, Clark, so I'm going to take out your gag now. Beg me to fuck you."

He pulled out the simple ring gag, massaging Clark's jaw muscles with surprising gentleness. There was none of that gentleness in his tone as he ordered, "Now, Clark. Tell me what you want."

"God, Lex, I... Fuck me. Please."

Lex slapped him, once, hard across the cheek. "What did I tell you to call me?"

"Alexander. S-sorry, I..." Blue eyes closed for a long moment.

"Please, Alexander, fuck my ass. Please!" Clark's upside-down eyes were open and pleading now. "Please."

Lex stood up, looking away for a moment, pensively. Hands in his pockets as he strode around his captive lover, cock still swaying seductively through the opening in his pants. Incongruous with the perfect aplomb he radiated, despite being soaked to the skin. Clark's eyes followed him, head raising up as much as possible to watch as Lex took up his former pose between Clark's knees.

Toes hooked one more time on the toy, pulling it nearly out with excruciating slowness. Slammed it back in once more, and knelt. Hands stroked the taut thighs, cupped and teased the stretched skin of his balls. Stroked his bound cock, fingering the wet laces. A soft kiss laid on the crown, a pink tongue flicking out to probe briefly at the slit.

Lex grasped his own cock in his left hand, aiming down towards Clark's still-filled ass. He used his right to yank the toy out, toss it aside. Lex slid smoothly inside Clark's ass before the hole had a chance to close up, using what little lubricant was left from the dildo to ease his way.

"Is this what you wanted, Clark?" Lex's voice was strained now, his breathing harsh.

He waited for Clark's moan. "Yeeess."

Lex pulled out almost completely, teasing at the opening with the now-slick head of his cock, sliding the crown just past the ring of muscle and back out, maddeningly.

Clark whimpered, pleading, "Alexander."

Lex thrust in, silencing any further words. Clark's moaning grew higher in pitch, and took on a ragged edge as Lex grabbed his hips and began to really fuck him. Each stroke, every movement strained the wet ropes that held him, and Clark's entire body was stretched to its limits. Lex had tied him carefully, with almost no slack in his bonds. No room to move away, no way out.

Lex's own control was slipping. Even white teeth bit into his lower lip, the bright spark of pain grounding him a little. Enough. One hand reached into his pocket and drew out a small penknife, water beading instantly on the silver surface. Clark's eyes grew wide as Lex slid the blade flat under the strips of wet leather holding his cock hostage. Lex's other hand wrapped around the shaft and started pumping in time to the rhythm of his still-thrusting hips.

Clark's moans grew desperate, peppered with incoherent begging. Lex's thrusting became more erratic as he grew closer to coming, and finally the knife was twisted and pulled, and Clark's cock was free. Lex had closed his eyes and softly whispered, "Come for me, lovely."

Clark came, screaming. Lex followed almost immediately after, knife dropped forgotten to the grass as he gripped Clark's hips and pounded the last few strokes to completion. The tone of his strangled, "Clark!" as he came was nearly identical to the times he'd called out to Clark for rescue.

Clark lay in a daze, still bound, and Lex collapsed on top of him, sobbing. As soon as Clark recovered his senses, he snapped his bonds and curled up around his lover, soothing him with gentle caresses. Murmuring softly as they lay together, huddled on the muddy ground.

"Thank you, ssshh, it's ok, it's ok, I'm sorry, thank you, thank you."

Clark's words were almost drowned in the pouring rain, come and dirt washing away as the storm raged on around them, but he continued to whisper until Lex stopped shivering. Until they could get up, get dressed, and go back to being simply lovers, a farm boy and a young rich playboy whose picnic lunch was interrupted by the warm spring rain.

Title: Mindfuck
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, BDSM, dubious consent
Summary: Lex has Clark staked out for his pleasure.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers, KC, Indy, 'Tilla & Ximeria.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.