Late Bloom
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"Have you ever wondered what kissing's gonna be like?" asked Dennis, curled on his big brother's bed on their very last night together before going back to school. As the elder at fifteen, Colin often fielded Dennis' questions about life.

Colin pondered, then rolled over to face Dennis. "Let's do it," he said decisively. "I trust you. We'll get it right together, and then when we're kissing someone else..." He never got out the rest of his sentence, though, since Dennis' lips distracted him.

A soft gasp from Dennis invited Colin's tongue inside, and it danced with Dennis' awkwardly for a few moments before they found a rhythm and deepened the kiss further. When they finally parted, cheeks flushed and breath quickened, Dennis was wide-eyed and Colin worried he'd overstepped.

"That was brilliant!" said Dennis, eyes riveted on Colin's lips, prick poking out of his boxers. "What else can we do?"

Colin nearly laughed in relief. "Anything you want, Dennis." He glanced down at that inviting little erection, and back up to Dennis' eager face.

"Everything!" said Dennis eagerly, squirming his way on top of Colin and presenting another of those clumsy kisses that became so very right. Colin found his hands running over his brother's soft skin, feeling the down that covered it, dipping fingers into the valley of his spine and following it down to the waistband of his pants.

Colin broke the kiss with great effort, Dennis trying to latch back on again as soon as their mouths were free. "Off!" he managed, tugging at the elastic even as their lips met and noses bumped once again.

Dennis wriggled delightfully, skinning out of his pants then settling back down, thin body draped over his brother's equally spare frame. Colin kissed him and then laughed, hands moving down to cup his brother's bum. "Mine, too?" Colin said, and Dennis' eyes went as wide as his grin.

"Right!" said Dennis eagerly, scooting back and tugging on Colin's boxers with awkward, helpful hands. Between the two of them and a great deal of giggling and squirming, they managed to get Colin's pants kicked away, and Dennis sat on Colin's thighs with a gratifying look of awe. "You've got hair!" he said, cocking his head to one side and reaching a tentative hand out toward the sparse curls at the base of Colin's prick.

Dennis didn't -- they'd both been late bloomers, and Colin had only just got his, but it made Dennis look waiflike and terribly young by comparison, even his cock and balls smaller and somehow more vulnerable. "It's ok, you can touch me," said Colin soothingly, his own nervousness shoved aside in favour of caring for his brother.

Dennis' hand seemed tiny, though in reality it was barely smaller than Colin's own, and it betrayed a slight tremble as the fingers gently ruffled his brown curls. The caress so close to Colin's erection made it twitch, which made Dennis' twitch in sympathy and both of them giggled like the schoolboys they were. A single shaky finger slid up his length and drew a groan out of Colin's chest at the very first touch of someone else's hand.

Colin was glad it was his brother's.

"It's soft," said Dennis wonderingly. "I mean, I've got one, I knew that but... it's different that it's yours, Colin."

Colin smoothed his hands up Dennis' thighs, urging him a bit closer until those hairless balls were nudging against his own, making them both gasp. "It's better that it's you," he said quietly, running a thumb up the soft, warm crease between Dennis' hip and thigh, then over the hairless mound at the base of that jutting cock. Dennis squeaked and his hips thrust forward, brushing their bollocks together in a manner that made Colin whimper.

"Oh, I like it when our bits touch!" said Dennis with delight, wriggling his hips to make his balls slide over Colin's entire groin, thighs and bollocks and the shaft of his cock.

Colin shivered and whimpered, his hands moving of their own accord to slide up Dennis' sides, drawing him down for another of their kisses, this one almost smooth from the very start despite the sounds they both made with their erections pressed and slid together. "I like it when we touch, too," said Colin in a voice that surprised him with its huskiness.

Dennis did something with his whole body that made his cock glide against Colin's, brushed his chest against Colin's shockingly sensitive nipples and made them both squeak with delight. "Love you, Colin," said Dennis in a gasp, eyes gone wide and dark. He pressed his forehead to Colin's shoulder and did it again, and again, and Colin glided his hands up and down that undulating back, his balls drawing up in the inexorable build toward their first orgasm together.

Dennis beat him to it, throwing his head back with a cry and shuddering, hips thrusting against Colin's in time to the jerks of his cock, the warm flood of seed between them making everything slippery and new. Colin latched his mouth onto that tempting throat and wrapped his arms tight around his brother, biting down ever so slightly as his own orgasm crashed through him, an ocean tide of pleasure that made anything he'd ever felt by himself seem like a ripple in a puddle by comparison.

When Colin returned to himself to pull away, he left behind a little ring of teeth marks on Dennis' neck, with a dark smudge of reddish purple in the centre. "Love you, too, Dennis," he said softly, pulling his brother's head down for a soft, sweet perfect kiss.

Dennis wriggled his hips, making their pricks slip through the blood-warm mess between them and sending a shivery aftershock of pleasure up Colin's spine. "Gonna do that again, right?" said Dennis with a grin gone lopsided and sleepy in the wake of their pleasure.

"Yeah," said Colin softly, hugging Dennis tight. "As many times as you want."

Title: Late Bloom
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Dennis Creevey/Colin Creevey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, incest, chan (13/15)
Summary: Dennis wonders what kissing is like. Colin shows him.
Acknowledgements: for thamiris, who asked for a weekend of porn (I was late); and for dementordelta, who was in the mood for some incesty chan. Thanks to lady_yare for the audience and swift beta.

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