K is for Kink
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"On your knees, Slick."

"What?" J came to a dead stop, jerking around to stare at his long-lost partner in shock.

"You said you wanted a chance to prove your sincerity. Well, no one can see us here. So, prove it."

J's eyes dropped down to where K was... unzipping his fly? Here, in the middle of everything? True, they were sort of hidden in this weird little cubby-thingy off a hallway no one ever really used, but still.... Someone might see them. Might see him, Macho SuperAgent J, on his knees.

'Cos while his brain was catching up, his body had dropped him roughly to his knees. He was now eye-to-eye with K's sudden weird exhibitionist streak. K's huge, hard and leaking... Oh, man, ok. He could do this. He could feel his mouth already watering, and swallowed hard. Wouldn't wanna drool on K's shiny, black, MiB-issue shoes, right?

He grabbed K's cock with his right hand, holding it steady and stroking at the root. 'Cos he didn't want to drool on K's pants, either, and that's just what he'd do if he tried to deep-throat that thing. He braced himself on K's thigh with his left hand, and damn if K wasn't a lot more toned than he let on. J looked up, searching K's stony face for something, anything to let him know this would be more than just a quick blowjob in the hallway.

Well, shit. Miracles could happen, and K's walls were comin' down, 'cos he could see something shining in those icy blues. Something that might be a lot like the confusing, burning thing that lived in the pit of J's stomach and made him regret it the moment he neuralyzed K and for every day after, too. Love and lust and hurt and need and whatever it was, it was there in K's eyes, too. J held that gaze, refusing to back down or look away or let go as he laid a soft kiss right on the tip of K's cock.

The head was slick, skin soft and smooth. J pulled back and licked his lips, tasting salt and skin. K sucked in air sharply, and reached down to trail his fingers over J's face. He looked like he might be thinking of saying something. J frowned. No man getting a blowjob from his male partner in a public place should be that together. It was just not fair, and whatever K might have said came out as a moan as J took him in to the root, opening his throat and swallowing him down until his lips met his fist.

J could feel K's thigh shaking in his hand. That was more like it! He felt K shift, and looked back up. K had braced his arms against the wall, eyes closed, lower lip caught between white teeth. Fuck, so hot, suit still picture perfect but his face... J choked off a moan of his own, putting his energy into giving the best damn blowjob of his life, and told his own cock to just wait its fucking turn.

K bit off a loud groan. He seemed to be having a little trouble keeping quiet, and J would have grinned if his mouth wasn't full. He upped the ante by sliding his free hand up K's thigh to roughly cup his balls through his Black Suit pants. K's moans got louder, and then were suddenly muffled as he stuffed a fist into his mouth. J felt like the cat that ate the canary, and then made it beg for more.

As it was, he'd just stick making damn sure K never doubted his sincerity -- or his skills -- again. He snuck his fingers back between K's legs to tease behind his balls, and his talented tongue went to work on getting his partner off. J could tell he was close; the cock in his mouth was bigger and harder than ever, leaking bitter pre-come like a faucet. He couldn't wait to taste him after all this time, drink him down and suck him dry.

"J and K, report to Z for a new assignment. J and K, report to Z for a new assignment."

The intercom, fuck! Fuck that motherfucking Z with a fucking Zenobian multi-headed robotic fucking pool cue! *Fuck!*

"Shit. All right, Tiger, you've made your point. Let's go, we've got a job to do." K's voice was back to normal; just like that it was business as usual. J still had the man's cock in his mouth, but you'd never know it from his voice. Or his face for that matter. Even the wall had come back down over his eyes, and the change was enough to shock J into stopping. K's cock slid out of his mouth with a soft popping noise, and his hands fell limply to his sides.

"Clean yourself up and let's get going," K added, tucking himself in and straightening his clothing efficiently, the perfect picture of an MiB Agent. He started to walk off, and J had no choice but to wipe his mouth and straighten his Suit. Feeling all self-conscious about the dust on his knees and the hard-on in his pants, he followed.

He caught up with his partner as he was buttoning his jacket.

"You want to tell me what that was all about?"

"Later, Kid. We've got work to do now."

"Right, fuck. Always was work with you. You wanted to know why I never said anything before you left? This is why." Well, fuck. He felt all important all of a sudden, like he was just about the biggest priority in K's life. Except, of course work, aliens, explanations, wrinkles in his suit and probably the fucking gum on the bottom of his shiny black shoes.


K stopped suddenly, and J almost ran into him. K turned, face blank but eyes full of something J couldn't quite place. He looked like he might be about to say something, but instead he just motioned for J go in Z's office first.

"Well, there you two are. Took you long enough. I've got some Janutian dignitaries I need shown around, and you two have just qualified yourselves for tour guide duty."

K paled, and J wracked his brain trying to think of how the two of them would be... No. No way. No fucking way!

"Z, I don't think we're really..." J started, but Z shut him up with a wave.

"Nonsense, son, you've still got the dirt on your knees to prove it. Good job, by the way, I've never seen K looking so frustrated."

J's eyes grew wide, and he glanced from Z to K, his panic rising. "No way, man. I haven't even... We haven't... Just not yet, ok? Please, Z, you've gotta let us take... our..."

K finally piped up at that. "The kid's right. We're not ready for this assignment, Z." A dry cough, as though he loathed to admit anything. "That was our first..."

"Save it, K. If you didn't want to have your first time in front of an audience, you shouldn't have been doing it in my hallway."

"Yes, sir." K's face was totally blank now, no anger or anything showing through.

"That's the spirit. Now go pick up those Janutians and show them a good time!"

"No." J had finally found his voice again, was surprised at the real rage he felt. He'd gone through so many partners, so much pain and shit because of the MiB. He wasn't about to give them this, too. Whatever it was, it was between him and K, and it certainly wasn't for anyone's entertainment.

"What did you say to me?" Zed looked shocked, but J thought he spotted a smile hanging out. The motherfucker had planned this!

"I said no. I've been a top fucking agent here for the last 5 years, and this is my one chance at finding a goddamn partner *worth* havin'. I ain't lettin' no one fuck this up. I'd rather neuralyze myself than share this... this..."

K laid a hand on his shoulder. When J calmed down enough to look him in the eye, he saw pride mixed in with everything else. "You tell him, J."

J. K had called him J. Not Kid, not Slick, not Tiger or Junior, but by his name, even if it was his stupid MiB letter of a name. He was pissed, he was panting with the effort of not strangling Z, and he realized he was grinning like an idiot. "We're taking a vacation, Z. Two weeks. No interruptions unless the world is about to end, and even then I reserve the right to die happy in bed with my man."

Z laughed like a walrus and shooed them out the door. "It's about damn time. I'll tell the twins to put you two on leave until further notice."

After they left, Z got on the intercom. "J and K are on leave for the next two weeks. Make a tape of their little session in the hallway and send it to the Janutians, inviting them to come out in three."

~ * ~ *~ * ~

"Your man?"

"Look, just drive, ok? We'll talk when we're safe from Peeping Z... uh, K? Why are you gettin' in the back?"

K slid over and patted the seat next to him. "Taking advantage of the autopilot, Slick. Now get your cute ass back here and I'll show you who belongs to whom."

J shook his head, but followed anyway. Why was he always following K's orders, anyway? It made sense when they were training, sure, but now? Now there was something else going on here, and from the look K was giving him, he was about to find out what.

"Only you would use 'whom' in a come-on, K-mph!" K's mouth on his was surprising, shocking, and really, really good. Hot, wet and demanding. J groped for the door handle, pulling it shut and then just curling up in K's arms. It might not be macho, but it sure felt right.

K pulled away long enough to give directions to the autopilot, and then stripped J efficiently out of the last suit he'd ever wear. K kept his own clothes on, batting J's hands away when they tried to undress him and stashing J's clothes behind him, out of reach.

"It's a little cramped in here, but let me take a look at you, Slick." J was too surprised -- and turned on -- to argue. He just lay back against the seat as K's hands ran over his body, making little happy noises whenever K hit one of his hot spots. K's face was scrunched up in concentration, as if trying to memorize him by Braille.

Those hands left *nothin'* to K's imagination, neither. J felt kinda like a thoroughbred horse; when K's fingers trailed over his face and neck, he kept wondering when K was gonna check his teeth. His arms were first stroked, then prodded, and he squirmed like a little kid when K's fingers poked him in the armpits.

K used gentle touches to make the left nipple harden, and the moan that escaped J's lips ended in a squeak and a curse when K pinched the other one hard enough to make him jump. Fuck, that hurt, but it hurt pretty damn good. K's short nails scraped down over J's abs, then dug painfully into his thighs. And damned if his thighs didn't just fall right open. Who would have thought he'd turn out to be some kind of a pain slut?

K ignored the invitation and just went his merry fucking way to cup J's knees. Then those hands ran firmly down over his shins and ankles, and why did even *that* make his cock jump like a crackhead wantin' a fix? J kicked and giggled like a little girl when K tickled his feet, and then melted into a puddle of warm goo when those same evil fingers began a truly expert foot massage. J didn't even argue when K told him to lay face down over his lap like a naughty child. He may not know what was going on, but he knew when to shut up and go with the program.

Warm hands ran up the backs of his legs, strong thumbs rubbing at the backs of his knees. J was starting to develop a new appreciation for certain parts of his body. Then the short, hard nails were back, digging their way up thighs that parted before them like the sea in front of Moses. He bit back something that might have been a moan, and might have been a curse, and spread as wide as he could get in the back seat of an MIB vehicle.

Of course, because K was obviously a sadist, he skipped right over J's ass. Despite the fact that J was practically *begging* for it, K showed no interest whatsoever in fucking him. Which was kinda pissing J off, 'cos it wasn't like he just up and offered his ass to every T, Z and L that came along. He opened his mouth to say something, but his words and all his righteous indignation drained away as K put those talented hands to work massaging his back and shoulders.

All the tension of five K-less years was being worked right out of him, until the only part of J that was still stiff was his cock. That, K held prisoner, trapped between his knees. The rough/smooth material of the MiB slacks was sweet torture against his tender bits, but it was just one more thing he was more than willing to put up with.

Hell, right now he was starting to think there were all kinds of things he'd put up with and even enjoy, as long as it was for K. He'd never understood the appeal of all that kinky shit before, but now, putty in K's hands, he was starting to see. To feel the freedom that came with being the naked guy draped over the lap, and at the mercy, of the completely dressed guy. Besides, an evil little part of his brain was savoring the image of K trying to explain the pre-come stains on his pants to the MiB cleaners.

K still hadn't explained shit, but J was willing to forgive that 'cos K was puttin' him in heaven. The hands he'd spend the last 5 years fantasizing about were finally on his skin. Maybe not the parts of his skin he wanted them to be, but he could imagine what came next. K moving down to massage his ass, part his cheeks and finally take the prize that J'd been savin' for him. He was so far into his daydream that the first stinging swat against his ass took him completely by surprise.

"Wha.. K!"

"You telling me you don't want this, Slick?" Another swat, and his hips thrust forward, away, but at the same time a part of him did want this. Needed it. Shit, how had K known, when J had no freakin' clue?

"N-not sayin' that. Just surprised me is all."

Swat! "Now hush, or I'll gag you."

More sharp swats, spaced just weirdly enough that they always caught him off guard. They hurt, but after each sharp sting came a warmth that made his ass tingle with anticipation. His balls were definitely feelin' some heat, and his cock felt like it was made of hot steel. He was starting to think he might come just from this, his whole body twitching with the pain and pleasure of it. And wouldn't that be a kicker? Fucking embarrassing, too. Shit, though he was so close.

"K... gonna..."

"Oh no you don't, Slick. I've got plans for you." K stopped the spanking, and squeezed J's cock sharply between his knees. And yeah, that stopped the flood from comin', all right, but left him just as hard and aching as before. A little further from the edge, but not much.

"Damn, K! Where'd you learn to do that, anyway?" And where had he found words? Maybe the shock of pain and pleasure directly to his cock had restarted his brain, because he suddenly felt less foggy and more alert.

"Here and there. You ever been fucked before, Slick?" J just about leaped out of the car as a cool, slick finger slid down the well-warmed crack of his ass and massaged teasing circles around his twitching opening.

"N-no! I never... never wanted anyone but you, K."


J was tempted to twist around and see what K's face looked like at that very moment. That and any other thoughts were permanently derailed by the slow slide of one cool finger into him. K's finger was *in his ass*. He'd done this to himself a couple of times, sure. When he'd first met and lost K. Afterwards, J had spent many long and frustrated hours reevaluating his sexuality. Despite a newfound talent for giving head, he'd eventually decided that whatever it was that had kept him hard as a rock whenever K was in the room, it wasn't some previously unknown need to get fucked. By a man. By K, in fact.

Two fingers were proving him wrong, and god that felt good. Fucking incredible, in fact, so good even his eloquent vocabulary couldn't think of words to describe it. His cock was throbbing with need, his brain was melting with desire, and his stomach was full of butterflies. He was about to get fucked, for the first time. By K, the only man he'd ever loved. In the back seat of an official MiB... "Um, K?"

A third finger slid into him, making him almost lose the thought. Legs already spread as far as they could go, J thrust back, moaning a little as K replied, "Yeah, Slick?"

"Are the MiB cars bugged?"

"Z records it all. I'm sure he'll send us a copy, though."

"Well, that's ok, then." Somehow, K's casual acceptance of the fact that Z was watching him writhe like a slut on the end of, god was that *four* fingers now? Somehow, that was reassuring. It let him go back to the soft, warm fog he'd been drifting in, secure in the knowledge that K would take care of him.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, Slick. You want that, don't you?"

The fingers were gone, and that was really just a fucking tragedy but this was enough to make up for it. "Fuck, yeah."

"Glad to hear it, Slick, 'cos you're gonna have to be on top."

"On top?"

"Not enough room back here to do it any other way." K pulled J up and around until he was straddling K's lap. K pulled his cock out of his pants and rolled on a condom, a process that J was finding abso-fuckin-lutely hypnotic.

"Was it that big when it was in my mouth?" He couldn't tear his eyes away; it seemed huge to be going into his tight, virgin ass. His burning hot, achingly empty ass.

K slouched down until his cock was comfortably nudging the inside of J's thigh. "Hasn't changed. Now you gonna ride me or what?"

There was only one response he could make to that. "Oh, hell, yeah!"

J twisted around in the small space, grabbing K's cock in one hand, lifting his ass and finding the bullseye. The head was just slick enough to slide right on in, and four fingers must've been just right. He was truly feelin' no pain until his much-abused ass contacted the fabric of K's pants. He hissed at the rough scrape of fabric against his raw flesh and ground down harder. He was determined to show K how much this second chance meant to him. Plus, it all just shot straight into his cock, pleasure or pain made no difference. That edge had crept back up on him, and it wouldn't take much more of either to send him right on over.

"Aaah... god, Slick, you're so tight." K's face was buried in J's shoulder, smashed there by the low ceiling of the car. K nipped at him, sharp little bites followed by soothing kisses and long, slow licks. Fuck he just had to get his two cents in every damn time, and J's cock jumped and rubbed along the cool, smooth fabric of K's shirt, leaving more wet trails of pre-come.

"Fuck, this feels good. Why did I never do this before?" J slowly began thrusting, up and down, impaling himself on K's cock. Definitely feeling slutty, but not in any kind of bad way. He reached down to jack himself off, but K grabbed him and held his wrists behind his back in one strong hand. Damn that man had a grip on him!

"Because I was working in the post office?" K replied, with a sharp tilt of his own hips.

"Yeah -- Fuck! -- that must be it. 'Cos ain't no man but you ever comin' near my ass."

Another quick thrust that made J swear, and K replied, "You've got that right. This ass is mine, Slick."

"Gah... god, yes! Yes, I'm yours, fuck... Just do that again!" J was moving faster now, trying not to hit his head while still getting the best angle he could, desperate for just a little bit more of something, something...

K grabbed J's hips with his free hand and began driving into him, hard and fast and God so good. That was what he'd been missing, K's firm touch, his control. This was what he loved about K, the man always knew when to take charge in a difficult situation. J met each thrust with a little tilt of his own hips, feeling K's cock filling him, pounding into him. He was so fucking close.

"Please, K, I gotta come. Please!" Was that him begging? Christ, the things we do for love. And really, really hot kinky sex in the back of a car.

"Just a minute more, Slick, I'm almost there. I don't want you jumping the gun on me." K's thrusts grew faster, more unpredictable, and his breath came in harsh pants. Tiny noises escaped K's throat, and J bent himself impossibly to capture his lips in a hot, hard kiss. That tiny change in angle brought K's cock into contact with something inside J, that magic button, and he felt himself falling past the point of no return.

"Shit! Can't... m'comin'," was all he could say as he felt the white wave of static wash over him. His limbs twitched, ass trembling around K's cock; the completely fucking new sensation made the whole thing sharper and somehow just *more* than anything he'd ever felt before. The sharp bite of K's teeth into his shoulder sent a fresh jolt of pleasure through him, and he could feel K coming, cock beating in long pulses against the walls of his body.

"Guh... God, that was... Love ya, K." Oh fuck, had he really said that out loud? And would it really matter anyway? I mean, if it wasn't obvious to K by now just how badly J had it for him, then K wasn't as smart as he looked.

"Love you, too, Slick." The words were so soft, he almost wasn't sure he'd heard them, but the kiss that followed convinced him they were real. J wrapped himself around his partner and lover, feeling boneless and spent. And loved. Yeah, and way more important that the shine on K's shoes.

"Got your suit dirty, man," J said, as he snuggled down into K's lap.

"That's ok. I've got a feeling I won't be wearing it much for the next few weeks. Now get dressed, we're almost home."

"Home, huh?" J moved off of K's lap, whimpering a little when K's cock slid out, softer now but still; there'd been something almost comforting about having K inside of him. J ended up in a boneless pile on the passenger side with his clothes, and he began tugging them on lazily. "You gonna come live with me, now?"

"I was thinking. I mean, I need somewhere to stay, you've got a really hot ass. It all works, right?"

J grinned. Yeah, it all worked. "Sure. But can we maybe stay away from the public sex for a while?"

K laughed. "Yeah, sure, kid. I figured this way at least Z will stop bugging us."

J finished up a truly half-assed job of dressing, slipping bare feet into his untied shoes as the car pulled up to the curb. He got out, and then gave K a hand.

"I dunno, man. That guy's evil. I mean, Janutians!"

--The End... or is it?

Title: K is for Kink
Fandom: MiB
Pairing: J/K
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM
Summary: J and K rethink the nature of their relationship... with spanking.
Acknowledgements: For KC, because she begged and wrote hers first. And for all the other bunnies in my farm, especially Ximeria, who helped me take out all the excess Amy and put in just the right amount of J.
Note: In most parts of the world, Z is pronounced "zed" when said aloud. Since the few times in the movie you see names they're just single-letter designations, I have chosen to go with that in this fic.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.