The Intricacies of Expectation
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Harry struggled, but the green velvet ribbon held his wrists surprisingly securely behind his back, his ankles spread to an embarrassing width and anchored to rings set in the floor that he had some small hope weren't there just for this purpose. It was warm, but there was enough of a chill draft from the swishing robes pacing around and around that his nipples had risen to needy peaks, and his cock betrayed him by rising as well, bouncing away from his body with each small movement.

The feet stopped, and Snape looked down at him, one foot coming up to nudge at his balls, the leather cool and smooth against the tender skin. "Enjoying your punishment already, I see," he said, voice the coldest thing in the room. "I shall have to see to it that you regret this untimely erection even more than the one that led you here."

Harry might have retorted, but another green ribbon kept him quiet, a simple but effective gag that reduced any possible objections to humiliating moans and grunts. Harry stuck to glaring after Snape as he stalked over to one of those ebony drawers, possibly even the same one these wicked ribbons had emerged from. He returned with a spool of silver cord that proved just as scratchy and uncomfortable as it looked when he began tightly wrapping Harry's cock and balls in an intricate design of shining discomfort.

When Harry struggled to get away, Snape simply tightened the bindings, making Harry whimper and go still. "You can be taught after all," said Snape wryly, finishing off the pattern with a limp little bow just beneath the head, "it just requires getting your attention properly first. It's a shame you're no longer my student, as you so astutely pointed out, so I won't be able to utilize this teaching method."

Harry whimpered again as his cock and balls began to ache and sting, the cord scratching the sensitive skin and limiting the blood flow, making him desperately need to come and taking away all hope of doing so.

Snape had gone to another drawer while Harry was learning the cruelty of his new situation, and when he returned, Harry began to wish quite a bit more devoutly that he'd kept his schoolboy crush behind his teeth, or even taken Snape's initial rejection to heart instead of making a foolish declaration. Instead, here he was, naked and bound and having wicked, sharp-toothed clamps applied to his nipples, little matching silver bows and bells on them adding to his humiliation. A similar bell was hooked just below the head of Harry's bound prick, tinkling merrily when Snape set his cock to bobbing again with a vicious flick of one long finger.

"There, now you're at least decorative if not useful," he said, standing up and going to yet another drawer. "Have you ever been fucked, boy?" he asked, so casually that Harry almost didn't believe he'd said what Harry thought. His grin went positively feral when Harry shook his head reluctantly; he'd been hoping to offer that to Snape, and it looked like he would be, though not the way he'd thought. "Well, this should be interesting, then," said Snape, walking toward Harry with a long, slender object in his hands.

When it got closer, Harry could see it was a sculpted snake, detailed down to the little green scales and winking emerald eyes, its belly wrought silver and looking for all the world as though it might move at any moment. Harry's suspicion was proved correct when Snape spoke some obscure keyword and the now-animated snake turned to flick a long, red tongue at Harry. "I do believe this shall be an entirely new experience for you," said Snape, stroking the snake lovingly once, before pulling a phial out of his pocket and pouring some shining liquid over its head. He whispered another word to it and it nodded, then turned to Harry and, it seemed to Harry, grinned.

Snape lowered his hand until the snake was level with Harry's bound cock, and Harry moaned when the tongue flicked out to taste the fluid collected at the tip. A shiver ran through him, ringing all the silver bells as the serpent's oiled length slithered down over his prick, coiled once around his balls and then went further back to probe at the hole exposed by his widespread stance. "Are you enjoying our liaison, Harry? Do you find me a fit lover after all?" Snape asked, his glittering black eyes fixed avidly on the snake's progress, cold fingers toying with one of the wicked clamps and sending little frissons of pain and pleasure through Harry's slender frame.

Harry closed his eyes, but made no other response, confused by his body's responses to Snape's callousness, the deep ache of desire that transmuted these cruelties into something else, delicious torments that made him long for more. A more that wasn't long in coming, the serpent's blunt, slick head probing at his entrance, the tongue slipping easily past the ring in a tickling violation, followed by the burrowing nose, its very shape easing its way as it invaded Harry's body.

The worst part, Harry thought, was that the pain faded quickly in the wake of the pleasure, the snake's smooth-sculpted body warmed by magic that pulsed faintly through it, its tongue flicking over his sensitive insides as it explored deeper and deeper. Harry's whole body jerked, bells tinkling merrily as the toy found something inside Harry that sent sparks of pure pleasure through him, making his cock jerk in its bonds. The long tail was still wrapped around his prick and balls, and the round-pointed end began to swish through the leaking fluid, stimulating his cockhead while its nose pressed relentlessly against that place inside him, and he felt tears leaking out of his eyes as he realized this was, quite possibly, the best he'd ever felt.

He was sure of it when the tail slipped into the slit of his cock, probing just far enough inside to make him entirely aware of it and end all chances of him finding release. He was so deeply into his own body's torments that he'd forgotten all about Snape, crouching almost close enough for his robes to brush Harry's widespread knees, watching his every twitch and whimper with that avid, hungry gaze. "Are you enjoying my toy, Harry?" came the low voice that Harry had long decided was secretly sensual, and sent his helpless desire ratcheting another notch tighter.

Harry was, of course, helpless to respond, though he moaned long and low as the toy began to slide in and out of him, fucking him of its own accord while he quivered helplessly in his bonds. Snape seemed to come to some sort of decision, and he stood abruptly, pulling out, not another toy but simply his wand. He tapped the side of Harry's gag and spoke a charm, and Harry found his mouth slowly opening, the ribbon splitting to form a ring behind his teeth that held his jaw just wide enough to be uncomfortable.

He was unsurprised when Snape stepped back to undo his flies, pulling out a cock as ugly and sallow as himself, long and slender with prominent veins and a foreskin that nearly covered the purple head, even hard. Wiry black hairs crawled partway up the shaft, disappearing into the dark maw of his trousers, and the head took on an even more unpleasant hue when Snape skinned back and exposed it before rubbing the slick precome over Harry's helpless mouth. "If I am satisfied with your performance," said Snape, slipping just the head inside, the salt-sour taste of sweat and precome sliding over Harry's tongue, "then I might allow you to achieve release with the snake."

Harry whimpered, wasting his last bit of breath as Snape drove into his mouth, wondering what on earth Snape meant about his performance -- he was bound and helpless, Snape's hand tangling in his hair and holding his head still as the blunt cockhead battered at his throat, stealing his breath but for tiny gasps of air and making the whole thing seem utterly surreal. He found he could move his tongue, slip it around the shaft and trace the veins, but that didn't seem to get much of a reaction from Snape, so he let his eyelids flutter shut and his throat go slack, accepting the violation as he'd accepted all the rest.

Snape's strokes sped, the fluid leaking from the tip growing bitter and copious, filling Harry's throat and making it even harder to breathe. He swallowed as best he could, unable even to gasp in surprise when Snape's cock slipped into his throat, though his eyes went wide and sightless as that last barrier was breached. That was enough for Snape, cock growing impossibly larger as it pulsed hot seed down the back of Harry's throat, pulling back at the last to spread the last jets of bitter fluid over Harry's tongue.

"My, my, we are a natural, aren't we Mr. Potter?" said Snape, petting Harry's hair like one might stroke a favoured child, or pet. Harry hated how comforting he found the gesture.

Snape tucked his cock away, then pulled his wand back out. A tap, and Harry's gag went back to normal, letting his mouth close over the damp velvet, tasting of spit and Snape's come. He swallowed gratefully, then enjoyed a few deep, unobstructed breaths while Snape knelt back down in front of him, one hand spidering over his face and down his chest while the other lifted his wand. "Let's see if you can't find your release just from the delightful attentions of my favourite toy," he murmured, then he performed an impressive bit of charmwork and Banished just the silver cord from Harry's prick and balls, leaving snake and equipment intact.

Harry gasped from the sudden loosening of ties, the unobstructed slide of the smooth snake against the abraded skin of his needy cock and balls like silk after the rough cords and prolonged deprivation. The snake began to undulate, inside and out, fucking deeper into him and hitting that place again and again, pressing behind his balls and caressing over and around them, squeezing his cock in the grip of its body and using the tail-tip to tease the sensitive crown. Harry moaned and closed his eyes in something like shame as his hips began to thrust of their own accord.

Pain and pleasure flooded through him from an unexpected source as Snape removed the clamps, blood flowing back into his abused nipples in a rush. Harry was helpless beneath the onslaught of sensation, and he threw his head back with a soft moan as his the coil of tension inside him finally snapped. He felt like he was flying apart, the bonds the only things keeping him together as he came harder than he'd ever come before, pulsing out jet after jet of hot seed over himself, the snake, the floor, and he hoped with a small vindictive thought, Snape's robes.

"Lovely," Snape breathed, his voice sounding far warmer than Harry had ever heard it. A hand cupped his face, removing the gag, and a warm mouth covered his own in a kiss so gentle Harry felt as though what had come before must be a dream, despite the slithering glide of the animated snake as it retreated from his body and, presumably, back into Snape's possession. "Perhaps you'll do after all, Harry."

"You... what?" said Harry, confused and sated and feeling strangely cared for, for all that Snape had practically raped him with an object, bound him against his will and... well, done what Harry had offered, apparently, satisfying own sexual desires with Harry's body in a way that Harry had never thought to protest before it was happening to him, and all forms of protest were denied him.

"If you find yourself craving this," said Snape, gesturing toward Harry's still-bound form and the spatters of come adorning it, "then you may seek it here, whenever you wish, Harry. I will be your lover, if this is what you want. If I am truly what you wish, now that you know what it is I have to offer you." Snape stroked a thumb over Harry's cheekbone, and looked at Harry in a way that made him feel as though Snape had peered through his eyes into his heart. "I have left your purity intact," Snape added, "should you decide to pursue a more... conventional relationship."

Harry was surprised at how a small change in tone could make Snape's usual dry phrasing sound like an invitation to sin, like an offering for heaven, just by adding a drop of warmth to his normal cold voice. Harry had to clear his throat and swallow twice before he could manage speech through his slightly battered throat, and said, "Will we get to have, er, conventional sex once in awhile?" he asked, feeling as though he'd be ready for that very soon, were Snape willing, though he rather thought he might like to recover a bit before going the full course again at Snape's mercy.

Snape's smile this time was almost mischievous, just a touch of his earlier wickedness giving an edge to it. "I suppose, every once in awhile, I might be convinced."

Harry grinned, then leaned forward to nuzzle at Snape's neck, smelling musty dungeons and pungent potions ingredients, not so much pleasant as familiar, needful. "Now?" Harry asked, feeling his spent prick begin, in the way of youth, to twitch with renewed interest. He hadn't got what he'd expected when he'd gathered his courage to approach Snape but, perhaps, he'd got instead what they both needed.

Title: The Intricacies of Expectation
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, bondage, highly dubious consent, CBT, object penetration
Summary: Harry makes Snape an offer and gets something rather different than what he's expecting.
Acknowledgements: Started as comment pr0n for normalone, egged on with wibbly eyes by isidore13, joslyncook, rubyrosered & lady_yare, and quick-betaed by rubyrosered, who would like to disavow all use of the word "nuzzle" herein. Toy inspired by dementordelta, who has made me into a dirty, dirty pervert.

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