Going Down
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"Lex! Hold the... thanks!" Clark pretended to be out of breath as he stepped onto the elevator. The doors closed behind him, leaving then alone in the bright metal cube.

"So, Clark," said Lex, his voice strangely low and rough as he lounged against the wall by the buttons. "Going down?"

"Yeah. I was just here visiting Pete and Chloe -- the doctors say they'll recover completely from the parasites." Clark felt a pang of guilt as he remembered how poorly he'd treated Lex when he was under the influence of his friends and the red meteor rocks, and he started to open his mouth to apologize when Lex interrupted.

"Did you know that if you take this wire," he said, pulling apart the control panel with surprising agility, "And this wire, and twist them together like this..." He paused significantly as the elevator jerked to an abrupt halt. "The elevator will stop?"

"Uh, Lex, why did you..." Clark began worriedly, trailing off as Lex stalked predatorily across the small car to press him back against the wall.

"Well, Clark, you did say you were going down. Although, I think I'd rather go first, give you some pointers," Lex growled, eyes dilated, tongue darting out to moisten his lips. He ran his hands down Clark's chest, nimbly unbuttoning as he went, then peeled the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. Clark was too stunned to resist as his hands were tangled hopelessly into the shirtsleeves.

Lex dropped to his knees, hands moving faster than Clark's brain could keep up, unbuttoning and unzipping. Lex pulled Clark's fly wide, then nuzzled the exposed swatch of fabric, inhaling deeply. Clark had almost caught up to the idea that Lex was molesting him when he felt a rush of heat over his cock and balls, Lex's breath forced through the thin cotton.

Clark practically jumped out of his skin, shifting sideways enough to get his groin out of Lex's reach. "Jesus, Lex! Are... are you feeling ok?"

"Mmmm," said Lex, following Clark's retreat easily until he was trapped in a corner, then diving back in for another nuzzle. "I feel fine, Clark."

"Lex, stop!" Clark squeaked as his pants and boxers were yanked unceremoniously down to confine his ankles much as his wrists were trapped, leaving him swinging in the wind.

He glared at his traitorous cock, already more than halfway to hard and showing no signs of the confusion roiling through Clark's overtaxed brain. Guilt warred with lust, shock and uncertainty fought down long-suppressed desires. Lex ignored his protests to lick at his cock like he was tasting a new flavor of ice cream. Fastidious little tasting licks followed by long, sensual strokes with his whole tongue, swirling around the head like it was a soft-serve cone.

All of Clark's blood was obviously leaving his brain, because he couldn't remember why he'd ever thought this was a bad idea. He struggled a little against his clothes, trying to free himself without ripping anything, not sure what he'd do, but positive that he could find a good use for his hands. He managed to get one foot free by slipping out of his sneaker, and felt amply rewarded when Lex's mouth traveled down to suck on his balls.

Lex pulled back with a slurping sound, his mouth stretched in a wide, wet grin. "Still going down?" he asked mockingly.

"Ohgod, Lex... Please!" he moaned, feeling his balls drawing up towards his body, the base of his spine tingling with imminent orgasm. He almost managed to feel embarrassed at how quickly he'd gone from protesting to pleading, but lost even that last vestige of coherent thought when Lex's mouth closed over his cock. He let out a long groan as he was engulfed completely.

That was all it took for Clark's first blowjob to be over. He didn't even have enough brain cells left to warn Lex, he just screamed and spurted deep into Lex's flexing throat. Lex hummed his appreciation as he drank Clark down, pulling back to catch some of the thick cream on his tongue. When Clark was spent, he sagged back into the corner, grimacing slightly when the cold air hit his cock as Lex released him abruptly.

Lex slid his body up Clark's, the fine wool waking up nerves in his thighs, belly and chest that Clark had never known were nearly this interesting. He jerked as Lex's silk tie slithered along his cock, the pattern picking up a sticky smear of spit and come. He tangled his hands in Clark's hair and brought his head down enough to capture his mouth for a deep kiss. His seed tasted strange on Lex's tongue, salty-sweet and bitter.

Lex grabbed onto Clark's waist, erection digging into Clark's hip as he leaned back and laughed. "Tasty treat! Now turn around."

Clark wasn't quite up to processing directions, let alone following them, but he allowed Lex to turn him into the corner with rough hands. He leaned on his forehead, pressing his cheek and shoulder against the cool metal of one wall. Lex's hands felt as if they were touching someone else, distant and strange as they did arcane things to his body.

His shirts were rearranged so his hands were held higher and his ass was exposed. The cheeks were slapped, each in turn, then pulled apart to expose his hole. He'd have blushed if there was any shame left in him, but after that blowjob there just wasn't any, and all his blood was going to the task of reawakening his flagging erection as persistent fingers probed his opening.

"Does that hurt?" Lex asked, his tone more academic than considerate as he pushed two fingers completely inside Clark's ass.

"N-no!" Clark stuttered, as sensation rushed through him. He'd definitely never felt that before, but he sure as hell wasn't complaining about having his horizons abruptly and pleasurably expanded. "F-feels good," he added, just to make sure Lex was clear on what he meant.

"Really?" Lex drawled out, practically purring. "Well, then, I've got just the thing for you," he said, fingers pulling out to be replaced by something hot, blunt and oddly soft. It pressed against him, pushing in, slick with what his sex-drenched brain informed him was probably pre-come. Lex reached around with one hand and pinched one of Clark's nipples hard, almost as hard as he would have himself, and he gasped, his ass flaring open and Lex's cock slipping inside with shocking abruptness.

Lex slid smoothly in until his balls bumped into Clark's own, then pulled back out and began hammering into him before Clark could even begin to adjust. Instead he floated like driftwood on the flood of new sensations, helpless to do anything to avoid being pulled under by the relentless, pounding current. The false helplessness of his trapped hands added to the illusion that he had no choice here, and he didn't even resist when his head began to beat softly against the elevator wall.

Lex's breathing grew shallow and fast, and soft almost-moans were leaving his lips. His hands held Clark's hips in what would be a bruising grip on anyone else, and Clark wondered that Lex wasn't hurting himself with the roughness. Lex's cock felt like nothing else Clark had known, hot and hard, setting off sparks inside a part of his body he hadn't known could give such pleasure. His second orgasm was rushing towards him with the inevitability of small deaths.

Lex gave one last, deep thrust that left a dent in the wall where Clark's head collided with the metal, and flooded barely tangible heat into Clark's body. Then he pulled out, and Clark could hear him humming to himself as he tidied himself up. "Thanks, Clark, you were great!" he said, slapping Clark's ass.

A tinny, far-away voice said, "Just hold on, we'll get you out of there in a few minutes," but Clark was too far gone to care. Even the thought of being discovered like this, naked, hard, and bound, with Lex Luthor's come dripping down his thighs wasn't enough to bring life back to his leaden limbs. His balls ached dully, his cock bobbing in time to his pulse as if tapping a foot, impatient for release.

"Hmm, we'd better get you dressed, before someone accuses me of corrupting the youth of America," said Lex, untangling the shirts and freeing Clark's hands. "Come on, farm boy, pull yourself together, I don't look good in institutional orange."

Clark numbly re-dressed, fingers fumbling with the simplest of tasks as his brain struggled to process what had happened. He'd lost his cherry to his best friend, who'd treated him like a toy and left him wanting. In fact, why on earth would Lex take a risk like this, when rescue could have come at any time? It just didn't seem like...

"Lex, have you been in the caves?"

Title: Going Down
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, dubious consent, underage (16)
Summary: Lex corners Clark in the hospital elevator after the events in "Rush."
Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Kel for the brief beta, and to all you nice girls who audienced and encouraged me!

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.