For Want Of
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Harry stalked into the library, throwing himself into one of the chairs in a huff and sulking for all he was worth, which at his age was a great deal. Sirius had once again thwarted Harry's attempt to seduce him, despite the fact that Harry knew he was gay, and knew he wanted Harry after overhearing him wank through the thin walls of their home, and more than once at that. Harry crossed his arms over his chest and let out a loud sigh, letting his head fall back against the worn leather of the old-fashioned wingback chair.

"Still resisting you?" said Remus, and Harry nearly jumped out of his skin.

"I d-don't know what you mean," Harry stammered, sitting up and adjusting his clothing, though most of it was so skin-tight there wasn't much fabric left to adjust.

Remus chuckled. "Should I be assuming this new fashion statement is a mistake with the wash rather than an attempt to get your godfather to give in to his baser instincts, then?"

Harry flushed, but he was dying to talk to someone about it, and Remus seemed the perfect candidate, now that Harry knew he wasn't angry, anyway. "No, I suppose not, but... how did you do it?"

"Never did," said Remus with a shrug and a little blush of his own. "We live together so we can work for the Order, but the separate rooms aren't just for show."

Harry's jaw dropped. "But... but... I mean, he looks at you like you're sex on toast and he wants to be the toast!"

Remus laughed. "As flattering as that is, Harry, Sirius was raised very differently from you and I, and he has a very hard time letting go of that and admitting that he wants to fuck boys instead of ploughing his seed in some woman's furrow."

Harry giggled at the metaphor, his mood dissipated by Remus' easy acceptance of his sexuality, and the target thereof. Not to mention the fact that Remus cleaned up pretty well himself, and had been the object of many an adolescent fantasy since his term teaching at Hogwarts. "Well, that sucks for both of us, then," said Harry with a sigh. "You know, I thought it'd be perfect when we all got to live together, after we caught Pettigrew."

"I know, Harry," said Remus. He stood and came to sit on the arm of Harry's chair, patting his shoulder comfortingly. His body was warm, unexpectedly so, and he smelled of books and tea but underneath there was something Harry hadn't noticed before, a scent like the musk that rose from his own groin when he was wanking, only sharper, subtler.

Harry looked up into Remus' kind brown eyes, and a plan began to form. "We should do it together," he said, just to see how Remus would react.

"Oh, Harry, I'm not sure that's a good idea," said Remus, his voice gently chiding though he didn't move away, or remove his hand.

Harry grinned. "You want him, I want him, he wants us both. We should seduce him together, and then all fuck like wild minks," said Harry, being deliberately crude just to watch the slight flush that blossomed over Remus' cheeks at his words. "I mean, you... you don't find me totally repulsive, do you?" he added after a moment of silence, worried suddenly that it wasn't so much his tender age or relationship to Sirius as a basic unattractiveness that Remus was too polite to mention.

"Oh, Harry, no, of course, not," said Remus quickly, and when his hand ran through Harry's hair the touch held a different quality than the usual teasing ruffle, like Remus was testing out how it might feel to caress him and mean it.

"Then it's decided," said Harry, eager to begin at once. "You'll help me and then he'll fuck me, and you'll fuck him, and it'll be brilliant."

Those gentle fingers teased their way down Harry's cheek, and if Harry hadn't wanted it so very badly he might have felt less than sanguine about the proprietary need in that touch, when given by a man to a boy in his charge. Fortunately, Harry had no such problems, since being wanted was exactly the goal Harry was aiming for.

"I suppose it is," said Remus softly, thumb tracing over Harry's lower lip. Harry's tongue flicked out in its wake, tasting the salt of Remus' skin like an echo of the caress, and Remus' breath caught. "Now, first we need to dress you so that you don't look like a boy who's outgrown his clothes, but instead a young man who wants to be admired."

"You, too," said Harry, nodding at Remus' patched and faded robes. They had the means to buy him new ones but Remus was a creature of hard-learned habits and had a difficult time spending money on what he considered frivolities. He didn't even wear the few new robes that Sirius and Harry had managed to sneak into his closet this past Christmas, continuing to wear his old ones until they were past all redemption.

Remus chuckled and conceded defeat. "Me, too," he said, then he leaned in and it was Harry's turn to catch his breath, wondering if he might finally be kissed by a proper man and not some weepy girl or slobbery boy from school.

Sirius, of course, chose that moment to make an appearance.

"Harry, are you all right?" said Sirius, rushing up and taking Harry's face from Remus' hand, examining him carefully.

Harry flushed and shrugged. "I was feeling a bit warm, so Remus was checking me for signs of Argyle Pox," he said, the lie not utterly transparent as one of the kids in Diagon Alley had been sporting the telltale pattern on his arms last time they'd gone, and Harry hadn't had it as a young boy like most wizards did.

"You do look flushed," said Sirius, laying his forehead against Harry's and getting a reaction in Harry's trousers, though Harry managed to suppress the whimper that threatened to escape his lips. "You're not warm, though."

"Maybe my jeans are too tight," said Harry impishly, watching as Sirius' eyes flicked down and then back up, widening just a little. "I need to do laundry today, I suppose."

"Why don't I help you out with that, Harry, no need for you to do all your chores alone," said Remus, standing up so that his own prominent bulge hovered right next to Sirius' face.

Harry saw the glance and envied the way Remus could bring that little flush to Sirius' cheeks. "I, um, I've got something to do. In my room," said Sirius, standing up so fast he nearly fell over. "I'll just go be doing that, erm, thing."

Harry barely managed to keep from bursting out laughing, at least until after Sirius had retreated to take his thing in hand, so to speak. "Oh, that was brilliant!" said Harry, surging up out of the chair on impulse. He wanted to kiss Remus properly, but he chickened out at the last minute and just brushed his lips over one stubbly cheek instead. "Let's go get me out of this tight clothing, shall we?"

"This plan," said Remus, giving Harry's arse a swat to propel him out the door, "is going to be the death of me."

They started slow, Remus helping Harry to find patience with soothing hands and words, never quite going beyond the bounds of friendly affection, but always skirting them, each touch full of implied promise.

Harry's new outfit consisted of a thin white dress shirt that outlined Harry's nipples as though painted on and a pair of jeans that, while not as tight as the ones he'd worn earlier, still hugged every contour of his legs and arse. Remus rolled up the sleeves, left the top two buttons undone, ran gentle fingers along Harry's collarbones to open the neck just a little, then sent him downstairs with a swat.

Harry found Sirius in the kitchen making dinner, and instead of draping himself over Sirius as he would have any other day, he stood very close, almost but not quite touching, and asked innocently, "Is there anything I can help with?"

Sirius' eyes made Harry feel naked as they travelled up the length of his torso, lingering at his chest and throat before finally meeting Harry's own shy gaze. "Sure, Harry," he said, and Harry couldn't help but smile back when Sirius grinned at him. "You can make the salads."

"Wow, salad," said Remus from the door. He was wearing his usual patched robes, though he'd promised Harry that the new ones would make an appearance soon. "I didn't know you had it in you, Padfoot."

"Just because you and I would rather eat meat doesn't mean we can let Harry's nutrition suffer," said Sirius, sounding terribly responsible.

Harry had a tiny pang of guilt, until he caught Sirius looking at his nipples again. He smiled secretly to himself and began to chop vegetables from the crisper, his fingers lingering over the shapes of cucumber and carrot before cutting them up and tossing them atop three bowls of fresh lettuce and spinach from their garden. He gave the tomatoes a little squeeze, thinking of heavy bollocks, then those too were chopped up and added to the mix. "What sort of dressing do you want?" he asked, bending down to replace the unused portions of the vegetables and not so incidentally flashing his arse. "I'm in the mood for something creamy myself."

"Oh, me, too," said Remus, still leaning casually against the door jamb.

When Harry emerged with the bottle of dressing, he was amused to find two sets of eyes lingering hotly on his body. "Bleu cheese all right, Sirius?" he asked, sounding just a bit breathy as he got used to the heady feeling of being so wanted for the first time in his life.

"What? Oh, yes," said Sirius distractedly, forcing his attention back to the spaghetti sauce he was tending on the stove.

Harry exchanged a secret smile with Remus as he brought the bowls to the table, already feeling as though he'd made progress thanks to Remus' excellent advice.

It took Remus four more days to arrange to snag his old robes on a nail in the library, ripping them irreparably right in front of Sirius and exposing a swath of bare thigh beneath. "Damn," he said mildly, making Harry giggle.

"Those are practically more patch than robe anyway, Remus," said Sirius, looking terribly concerned to be sure that Remus hadn't hurt himself. Harry wondered if Sirius' fingers were cold as they explored the scarred flesh of Remus' thigh for further damage, and if they were trembling.

"I'm fine, just let me go upstairs and change," said Remus calmly, stepping away and heading off.

Sirius looked after him like a lost puppy, and Harry had to hide a smile as he watched them. Harry made idle conversation about dinner once Sirius sat back down, managing to bring the word 'thigh' into it four separate times just to watch the way Sirius' face -- and trousers -- got a bit tighter each time.

His expression was utterly priceless when Remus came back in wearing the robes that Sirius had picked out personally. The mahogany velvet highlighted bits of auburn in Remus' hair and brought out the colour in his cheeks while the cut, rather than hiding Remus' lean body as the old ones had, outlined his narrow hips and broader shoulders, the fabric moulding to Remus' long legs as he walked. "These fit wonderfully, Sirius, I don't think I've ever thanked you for them properly," he said with a smile, brushing a kiss over Sirius' cheek before finding his seat, careful to avoid the bookshelf with its protruding nail. "The velvet's so fine and light it's almost like wearing nothing at all."

Over the course of the next week, Harry learned the art of turning everything into an innuendo, and began to realize just how much of Remus' conversation could be taken entirely the wrong way. One day, when they'd retreated to Harry's bedroom to plot, Harry asked, "You were never... saying stuff like this to me in school, were you?"

Remus chuckled and shook his head. "No, no. I might find you a delight now, but at thirteen you were too young for me to even contemplate. Not to mention that the guilt would have killed me, thinking about what your dad might have thought about me propositioning his son, even obliquely."

Harry sighed and leaned his chin on his hands; he was laying on his belly and swinging his feet up behind him, long legs bare beneath the cut offs that had worked admirably to get Sirius' undivided attention earlier today, when they'd been doing yard work and Harry had been wearing nothing but, as he was now. "Would you ever have wanted me, I mean, if it wasn't for us both wanting Sirius?"

"Oh, Harry," said Remus, and Harry had a feeling that he was about to get some sort of absurd platitude. Instead, Remus came to sit next to him on the bed, his hand large and warm in the small of Harry's back. "I already wanted you," he admitted, something he'd never quite said before, though he'd hinted in his way. "I just didn't think I could have you."

"You mean because of my age and stuff?" asked Harry, rolling over just to feel Remus' touch drag along his side and settle on his belly instead.

"No, Harry," said Remus, leaning in and kissing Harry's forehead as he was wont to do when he knew Harry wanted another sort of kissing. "I mean because you were so in love with Sirius that you never even looked my way."

"Oh," said Harry softly, blushing and ashamed of his own thoughtlessness. He paused and swallowed, and licked dry lips before mustering up his courage enough to say, "I see you now."

Remus smiled and nodded. "Yes," he said, lowering his mouth to Harry's for a single kiss that was, in Harry's limited estimation, absolutely brilliant. "You do," he said, the words a caress over Harry's wet lips as Remus pulled back. "But now we're on a course, and we have to stay until the end because we're Gryffindors that way."

Harry laughed and surged up, hugging him tight and claiming a second, less well-placed kiss. "We are, and we will, but I'm starting to think we'll have to just toss me into his bed naked some night before we can break through all that bloody denial."

Remus laughed, and then got a look which Sirius would have recognized and, depending on who the intended victim might be, either run for cover or demanded to be let in on the joke. It was a thoughtful, wicked look, which Harry had become familiar with over the course of planning a fortnight's worth of dropped books, untied shoes, accidental brushes and artfully unbuttoned clothing. "What if we did that?" said Remus, hands running up and down Harry's back idly now that his mind wasn't paying attention to where they wandered.

"Did what?" asked Harry, fighting the urge to melt under the caresses if only because it would bring Remus' attention back to what he was doing. "Tossed me into his bed naked?"

Remus grinned wickedly, then purposefully slid his touch down into Harry's waistband, until he was cupping Harry's arse under the shorts. "Yes, exactly."

Harry grinned.

Harry could barely contain the nervous energy that filled him for the rest of the day, leaking out to taint everything he did. Dinner was filled with laughter as he was teased for his bouncing and chattering, and he managed to give as good as he got. Harry's inability to sit still got him banished from the library afterward, so that Sirius and Remus could read in peace, and he went up to the bathroom for a long, hot bath during which he limited himself to a single extended wanking session, not wanting to be completely drained before the evening's main event.

Fortunately for Harry and largely thanks to Remus' application of several cups of liberally whiskey-laden tea, Sirius went to bed early and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"Do you really think he'll forgive me?" said Harry, fidgeting with the buttons on his shirt; though they'd flirted a lot, Remus had never seen Harry naked, and that only added to his nerves.

"I think that any man would count himself lucky to get what Sirius is about to get," said Remus, sounding just a little wistful.

Harry went up and put his arms around Remus' neck, then kissed him sweetly, lingering more than Remus usually allowed. "Seeing as he'll get you next, I have to agree," said Harry, "a-and if he can't see how wonderful that is, then sod him. We can shag without him." He was proud that his voice only wavered a little at that, and even more so when it put a smile on Remus' face.

"You're right, Harry," said Remus, kissing Harry again, hot enough to curl his toes. "Even if he's determined to be alone, we've got each other."

A few more of those kisses gave Harry the courage he needed to strip off, shooting Remus shy little glances all the while and being rewarded with the rising heat in Remus' steady gaze. "Is it... I mean, am I all right?" he asked as he slipped his pants off and stood nude in the middle of his bedroom.

Remus pulled him close again, those warm hands chasing away the slight chill from the night air as they roamed over Harry's body. "You're perfect, and he'll love you," said Remus, claiming Harry's mouth in a kiss that Harry would have called possessive, if he didn't know Remus was about to hand him over to another.

Remus swatted Harry sharply on his arse and said, "Go on. I'll be in my room, if he kicks you out."

Harry grinned and stole a last kiss, then headed for the door. "If he doesn't, we'll be coming for you anyway," he said, then slipped down the hall and into Sirius' darkened bedroom.

Harry stood just inside for long minutes, letting his eyes adjust until he could see Sirius' sleeping form sprawled beneath the thin sheet. His spread thighs made a valley that invited Harry between them, one knee crooked to leave a space just the size for a boy to curl up, his cock a bump at their apex that wanted exploring. His torso was bare, sheet pushed down to his belly, one arm flung out into space and the other hand resting limp on his chest as if to be sure his heart still beat.

Harry felt his own heartbeat skip and his breath catch as the face he'd loved for so long came slowly into fuzzy focus, dark shapes where his features smudged over pale skin, the mouth that Harry had dreamed of kissing, the eyes that Harry could almost imagine were open and looking at him, waiting for him to make a move.

Harry stepped further into the room, approaching the bed in silence, his bare feet soft and careful on the wood floor. He made it to the edge of the bed and looked some more, drinking his fill of this peaceful moment before leaning down to press a single sweet, desperate kiss to Sirius' slack mouth. Sirius sighed in his sleep, murmuring something that was lost in the space between their lips, and Harry kissed him once more before slipping into bed next to him.

Sirius' skin was warm, but Harry couldn't help but compare it to an earlier embrace and think that Remus was warmer, though perhaps it was just that Remus was more welcoming. Sirius didn't move away, but his hand didn't curl automatically around Harry's waist as Remus' did whenever Harry got close, and for one heartbeat he felt like a fool. Then Sirius shifted and sighed out Harry's name, and he let himself hope again.

He slipped down into that perfect space between Sirius' legs, hidden under the sheet from even the tiny slivers of moonlight that lit the room. Sirius was wearing loose boxers, and Harry's hands slid up his thighs and into them, caressing his stomach and hips before gathering his courage to nuzzle at the prominent cock already rising up, tenting out the fabric. Sirius smelled of desire to Harry, frustration and need and something else that Harry was only now realizing meant love to him, the scent that followed Sirius around, that enveloped Harry each time Sirius' arms did.

Harry suddenly needed to taste him, the last of his guilt and uncertainty melting away as he was surrounded by the building warmth of their bodies in the small space, and that achingly familiar scent. He shifted carefully, getting Sirius' boxers down and away and planting himself back between those long legs without waking Sirius, though how he managed that he wasn't sure. He nuzzled again, this time feeling the bare flesh of another man's cock against his own skin for the first time, taking the time to kiss the loose, soft sac and then sliding his tongue up Sirius' cock.

Sirius moaned, and his hand came down as if to curl itself around that prick, only to find itself thwarted. Fingers tangled in Harry's hair as he drew the tip into his mouth, as Harry's hand found the warm balls and cradled them just to feel the crepe-thin skin and wiry curls, the skin just slightly sticky from sweat and heat and need. Sirius' cock tasted like salt and the thick scent that clung to his flesh, and Harry painted that musky flavour shamelessly over his tongue. He didn't really know what he was doing, but Sirius' touch encouraged him, and Harry couldn't even bring himself to mind that sometimes the name that fell from Sirius' lips was his, and sometimes it was Remus'.

Once he even heard Snape's name, and Harry pushed that thought as far away as possible and sucked harder, head bobbing up and down now while his hand braced the shaft, everything slick with spit and sweat and the slightly bitter fluid that kept welling from the tip, each drop thicker and, to Harry's mind, sweeter. It didn't take long after that before Harry was rewarded with a flood of the stuff, which actually tasted pretty bad but he swallowed it down anyway as his just reward, freezing when he heard Sirius beginning to truly wake.

"H-harry?" asked Sirius, confused hands feeling over Harry's face and hair. "Oh, Harry, what have you done?"

Harry swallowed one more time against the lump in his throat, and let the sheet slide off so he could face Sirius properly. "I love you, Sirius, and not like a godfather, but you, you never let me love you." He trailed off, feeling a little ridiculous with his hands still full of Sirius' cock and balls and his chin covered in spit and come, but what he'd done wasn't as pretty as he'd imagined it, though it had been every bit as good, in its way.

"Oh, Harry," said Sirius, tugging until Harry moved up and laid his head on Sirius' chest so Sirius could wipe his chin with a corner of the sheet and kiss his hair. "Harry, I love you, but..."

"Please, Sirius," said Harry, clinging tightly. "Don't push me away."

"I was taught... I should be with a woman, getting married," said Sirius, his voice distant, his battles happening in his head where Harry couldn't see. Harry thought of Remus, all those years waiting with a patience Harry knew he didn't have, all those years of hurting because Sirius couldn't push away the prejudices he'd been given as a child, hurting more because he pushed away so many but not this one, the one that kept them apart. That kept them all apart. Harry held his breath, afraid to interrupt, and the silence went on so long he jumped and squeaked when Sirius said, "But then, I never was much good at supposed to."

"It's not wrong," said Harry, ashamed that his voice broke anyway. "I love you and you love me, and who cares if we can't make babies or I'm young, I've wanted you since the first time I saw you fly." He buried his face against Sirius' chest and tried not to cry, tried not to acknowledge the evidence of that wanting that still pressed into Sirius' hip, greedy for any touch at all.

Sirius swallowed, then one trembling hand came down and tilted Harry's head up, and he pressed a single kiss to Harry's quivering lips. "You're right," he said, running a reverent hand down the line of Harry's back. "It's not wrong, and I do love you, just like this, and I have for a long time."

It took a moment for Sirius' words to sink in, but then a smile broke over Harry's face and he kissed back, willing and sweet just as he'd always longed to be. "I... there's something else," he said, though he still arched and gasped when Sirius' other hand slipped from chin to chest to cock, wrapping itself around Harry's need.

"Tell me," breathed Sirius, nibbling down Harry's neck now, and somehow it was Harry on his back and Sirius on top of him, touching and holding, stroking him.

"R-remus," said Harry, moaning and losing the thread for a heartbeat when Sirius' mouth found a nipple. "I, ohgod, Remus, he wants you, us, he wants... I want... please."

"I thought you two might have become a package deal," said Sirius, the hesitancy slowly leeching from his voice now that the decision was made and fast becoming irrevocable. "I've seen how he touches you." Sirius bit at the other nipple, making Harry cry out. "I envied it."

"Haven't... done this with, oh, him, oh please, only you." Harry's words were losing focus, punctuated by gasps and moans, whimpers and indrawn breaths and finally cries, unmistakably pleasure-driven, mostly of Sirius' name though Remus kept creeping into the edges of his thoughts, stealing his way to Harry's lips just as he'd crept onto Sirius' lips, and into Harry's heart.

"Let me see you come, Harry," whispered Sirius, and that was all it took for Harry to let go, clinging to Sirius like a lifeline as he spilled over Sirius' hand and his own stomach, the fluid glistening like moonstone in the dim silver light.

"Brilliant," said Harry, panting his way back down from heights he'd never imagined could be so high when propelled by the hand of another. He was grinning stupidly and he didn't care, because he'd tasted Sirius and Sirius was tasting him right back and not kicking him out at all, and now everything would be all right. "I can't wait to see you make Remus come."

"Neither can I," said a voice from the doorway, and Harry blushed and kept grinning anyway. "You were calling my name," Remus explained, stepping into the room.

"We both were," said Harry, holding out a hand.

Sirius chuckled and rolled over, his own come-slicked hand extended in new welcome for his old friend. "Let me do it again," said Sirius with a wicked grin, that same grin that Harry had seen in old photos and even sometimes of late, a look that bespoke mischief and himself very happy to be in the thick of it.

Harry was happy, too, when Remus shed his dreary nightshirt and joined them, settling with joyful selfishness between them. "You two had a chance at each other first," he explained, pulling them both close and stealing kisses left and right, "Now it's my turn."

Harry didn't even bother to agree, instead letting his hands and mouth show how very much he liked that idea. Remus and Sirius were all caught up in snogging, so Harry went south, carding his fingers through the hair on Remus' chest and following the trail of it right down to his large, heavy cock. "You're big!" said Harry, wrapping his hand around it and licking at a nipple, and getting a gratifying moan in response.

Sirius' hand joined Harry's, and the kiss broke long enough for Sirius to say, "Damn, Moony," before resuming their kiss just as if he hadn't interrupted it at all, much to Harry's amusement.

They both stroked and petted Remus' cock, their fingers tangling and touching each other as well as him, and it wasn't long after that Remus had to tear himself away, panting, "God, you two." His head thumped back onto the pillow, one hand wandering up to tangle in Harry's hair as Harry licked and sucked at his nipples, the other doing something to make Sirius gasp. "Feels like a dream."

Harry couldn't resist; he bit Remus' nipple sharply and said, "Not a dream. This is the 'fuck like minks' part, remember?"

Sirius' laugh was scandalized, and Remus' wicked, and Harry's muffled against the fascinating swell of Remus' chest. "Whose idea was this minks thing, then?" asked Sirius, just a bit shaky as though he wasn't quite as secure in this new, permissive world as he'd like to pretend.

"Harry's, of course," said Remus, gasping when Harry bit him again, though more gently this time. "I'd have kept on longing for you forever like an idiot."

"You're both idiots, but you're my idiots now, so could we get to the shagging parts?" said Harry a bit plaintively. His cock had found the energy to participate once again, but all the talking was making him worry it wouldn't get a second chance tonight after all.

That got another laugh and then the whole bed rocked as Sirius pounced on top of both of them and said, "Yes, let's get to the shagging parts, Moony," he said, kissing Harry deeply and then Remus for good measure.

Harry slid down and let them snog, content to leave that prize to Sirius, who'd been deprived of it far longer than Harry, even if it had been self-denial. Instead he nuzzled his way between Remus' thighs much as he had done with Sirius an hour ago and let himself explore, drowning in the sharp musk and wiry curls that were everywhere here, except where they weren't. He pressed kisses to the soft, bare skin on Remus' inner thighs, then tasted the creases and got a moan in reply. He licked up to suck on a hipbone, then back down, diving into the shadows to find the opening hidden there, figuring now was his chance to explore what he'd been too nervous to even consider trying with Sirius.

He kissed and nuzzled, finding Remus hairy even here, then gave in and used his hands to part Remus' round cheeks and find the tiny opening hidden between them. He pressed a kiss to it, and Remus called out his name in that rough voice that did nothing at all to discourage him. He licked it, because licking seemed to work just about everywhere and here, too, it got more moans and a hand in his hair, pressing him closer. Harry nibbled and lapped and sucked at the tender flesh, whimpering when Remus' hand retreated though he understood why when Sirius whispered praise to Harry before taking his own try at sucking Remus down.

Between them, Remus didn't last much longer, and Harry was feeling incredibly smug and very much in need of another orgasm of his own when he came up to claim a kiss as his reward. "So that was all right, touching you there?" he asked innocently.

Remus chuckled. "You know very well it was lovely. Would you like me to show you how it feels?"

Harry nodded his head enthusiastically and found himself quickly on his back once again. "You'll love it," said Remus, burying his head between Harry's legs, while Harry helpfully spread his own cheeks to give Remus better access.

"You're so shameless," said Sirius, stroking up and down Harry's body while Remus' tongue worked magic on Harry's arse, teasing the greedy entrance and even slipping its wicked way inside.

Harry gasped and nodded, tilting his face up in hopes of kisses. "I-if it's love, then it's all right," said Harry, though he couldn't say how or where he'd learned this idea, just that it rang true to him. And Remus' tongue in his arse was doing nothing to disabuse him of the notion, nor were the kisses Sirius bestowed gladly on his mouth before trailing them down his throat and adding nibbles and even sharp bites that made Harry cry out and shudder. "Please, Sirius, my cock, please!" he begged, so close to coming but needing to feel that extra touch.

Sirius took him in readily, and Harry thought wildly that it must be much easier than sucking Remus' huge cock. He bucked helplessly and came almost at once, but it was too good for him to be embarrassed, two mouths on his most intimate parts, Sirius and Remus touching him because they loved and wanted him, which was more than any boy could bear.

After he calmed, they plied him with kisses and Remus asked gently, "Do you remember what you told me you wanted?"

It took a moment, but then Harry grinned and nodded. "Sirius fu- making love to me, and you inside him?" he asked, watching Sirius' eyes go wide with lust and surprise.

"Do you still?" asked Remus, one finger sliding easily into Harry's bottom, now that he was slick with spit and open from having Remus' wicked tongue inside him.

"Oh, yes," said Harry, then they both turned to Sirius expectantly.

"Oh, yes," said Sirius, if anything sounding more needy than Harry. That got him kisses from both of them, which devolved into a messy three-way kiss that was all tongues and heat and moans passed between them like boiled sweets.

Somehow it ended up being all Remus' doing after that, slick fingers opening them both until Sirius was panting and Harry was begging, and then Sirius was inside him and Harry couldn't breathe for fear he'd come just from this. Then he couldn't breathe because Remus was heavier than he looked, though that didn't last long and then Remus was moving, which made Sirius move, which made Harry writhe and moan and swear, and soon enough they all came one by one, Harry crying out Sirius' name, and Sirius saying, "Remus," while Remus moaned Harry's name in that gravel-rough voice that sent a last little shudder of pleasure through Harry.

"We're sleeping here from now on," said Harry defiantly, sandwiched in the middle this time with Remus' furry chest under his cheek and Sirius' arms and body curled around him.

Sirius yawned. "You'd better," he said, tangling his fingers with Remus' on Harry's hip. "I'd only wonder what you two were up to if you didn't."

"And wank yourself raw," teased Remus, sounding terribly satisfied.

"This is better for everyone's wrists," said Sirius soberly, though he couldn't keep a straight face and ended up laughing along with them.

Harry'd taken a big risk, crawling into Sirius' bed the way he had and taking what he wanted instead of asking, but this was, he thought as he drifted off, better than forgiveness or permission -- they'd found love and acceptance, and a future together.

Title: For Want Of
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius/Harry, Remus/Harry, Sirius/Harry/Remus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, AU, underage/chan (15+), somnophilia, dubious consent, threesome, rimming
Summary: Harry wants Sirius, Remus wants Sirius, and Sirius wants them both. So what's the problem?
Acknowledgements: Thank you to my lovely betas, clauclauclaudia, lady_yare and juice817. Just look at what you've helped bring into the world. Written for sazzlette in the 2006 sirry_slash Secret Santa exchange.

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