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Remus tapped his foot impatiently. And checked the time. And tapped some more. Sirius was late. He'd found them a room, transfigured some old, dusty desks into a rather serviceable bed, stripped down and even donned the thin leather collar that he'd let his lover wheedle him into wearing. And now here he was, half an hour of sitting naked in the cold with an erection that didn't appear to notice, and no one to play with it.

He was somewhat used to his lover's inability to make their trysts on time, but this had been special, or so he thought. Remus had finally agreed to try something a little different, a bit kinky, and he'd shown up early to prepare. Fat candle-ends lined the room, filling the air with the sweet scent of beeswax. He'd spent ages on the bed, getting the coverlet just right, a deep, soft red velvet, with sheets of something nearly silken. He'd even conjured soft ropes for each post, just in case Sirius wanted more than he'd let on.

He'd been so nervous when he'd brought out the collar, eyes wide and dark with lust as he stammered his way through the proposition, offering to trade off, even, be on the bottom next time, so to speak. Remus had never actually shagged Sirius, not that way, and he'd been rather looking forward to the rare opportunity. Even more, he wanted to show Sirius that his trust was re-forged, that he'd finally forgiven him for his near-fatal mistake last year with Snape.

So, here he was, waiting on the flakiest git in all of Hogwarts to make a show and bugger his all-too-willing slave for the night. Bastard.

Remus was just getting up a good head of steam when he heard a noise, shuffling footsteps outside the door. He froze, suddenly wondering if perhaps the golden light spilled out past his shielding spells, if some noise or telltale sign had alerted their worst enemy, Filch, to his presence. The thought of Filch finding him like this, starkers in the middle of some abandoned classroom, finally did what the cold hadn't managed and wilted his persistent arousal.

Just in time for Sirius' head to poke around the door, a look of profound apology on those dark, handsome features. "Oh," said Sirius softly, eyes flickering around the room before coming to rest on Remus' still form. Remus was kneeling, knees spread, wearing nothing but the collar. He'd prepared his body, as well, oiling and stretching so Sirius could be just as rough and impatient as he'd sometimes wanted. Just thinking of it started him twitch again as Sirius re-cast the locking charms.

"You're late," said Remus, voice slightly off from the fright, and his desire.

"Had to distract Filch," said Sirius offhandedly. "Christ, Moony, you're lovely like this." Sirius was walking around the bed now, pacing evenly as he admired Remus from every angle. Remus responded by arching slightly, his renewed erection bobbing softly between widespread knees.

"I'm all yours, for the night, at least," said Remus softly. "Whatever you want, Padfoot. Anything."

Sirius groaned and crawled onto the bed, fisting his hand in Remus' hair and pulling him back onto his heels until his body was taut as a bow. Somehow, he kept his hands behind him, determined not to ruin this. "And if I want to fuck you right now, just shove on in?" growled Sirius, rubbing his still-covered cock against Remus' flank.

"Yes," said Remus, voice still soft, even, submissive. "Anything."

"Perfect," said Sirius, tugging open his fly. "You're perfect like this, just like I knew you'd be." He used his hold on Remus' hair to shove his face into the velvet, turning it just enough that Remus could breathe. Then he transferred that hold from hair to wrists as he positioned himself behind, nudging Remus' feet apart with his knees. Remus spread eagerly, gladly.

Sirius' cock was hot and hard, not the least bit slick as it shoved its way inside his ready body, which had tightened just enough to send a thrill of pain and pleasure up Remus' spine. He gave a strange laughing moan, and thanked providence just this once for his lover's flakiness.

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Title: Flaky
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Sirius (Marauders Era)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM, underage
Summary: Remus waits for Sirius.
Acknowledgements: My second 15 minute ficlet, which continues the trend of them being interrupted just before it gets good (or really sick, in the prior case). Thanks to all my bunnies for encouraging me!

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