Family Ties
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When Charlie was fifteen years old, he snuck outside one night over the Yuletide hols and practiced leaping from broom to broom. On his third attempt, he ended up missing his second broom and falling through the roof of the attic, only to discover a stash of wanking magazines. They'd preyed on his thoughts all through spring term, and he constantly wondered whose they were, where they'd come from, and, in rare moments of self-honesty, if they'd still be there come summer. The memory of those few brief glimpses he'd had made Charlie's guts twist in something like desire, and something like envy, and he snuck back up to the attic to find them the first chance he got.

"So they're yours," said Charlie, slipping out from behind a stack of boxes to see Percy opening the old steamer trunk full of glossy, full-colour sin. "I want to talk to you about them."

Percy's eyes went wide and his face paled, blood draining away until his freckles looked more like spatters of mud than part of his complexion. "No, I... Charlie..." he began, stammering a few more half-words before Charlie caught his arm.

"I'm not threatening you, Perce," said Charlie, stroking lightly along the sensitive vein inside Percy's wrist. "I just want to talk. About those. About... how they make me feel."

Percy's eyes went wider, and colour flooded back into his cheeks in fever-bright spots of red. "Y-you won't tell Mum?"

Charlie shook his head and stepped closer, still caressing Percy's wrist in what he hoped was a soothing manner. "No, Percy, I won't tell anyone. This is just between you and me."

Percy swallowed, then nodded. "All right, we can talk." He sat down abruptly, wrist tugging out of Charlie's loose grasp as he settled cross-legged in front of the trunk.

Charlie followed suit, sitting close enough their knees touched, the open trunk next to them displaying the harmless top layer of Quidditch magazines old enough to have been Dad's as a boy. "Tell me about... why you have them," said Charlie, looking from Percy to the trunk nervously. He couldn't explain his own impulses yet, the thrill of desire that went through him at the thought of Percy with those magazines, but he wanted to understand.

Percy swallowed and stared at his brother, trying to breathe past the panic and think. This was Charlie, not Fred or George, and while Charlie did share their absurd sense of what was fun, he also had moments of quiet contemplation, of a seriousness that Percy could respect. Percy could still feel that maddening touch, arousing and soothing all at once where Charlie's fingers had grazed over the sensitive skin right where the blood flowed closest to the surface.

"I," Percy squeaked, then cleared his throat and tried again, "I found the first two at school, and..." Shame washed over him but he forced himself to continue, though he dropped his eyes, "they were just so fascinating, even though I know it's wrong and filthy, I... I owl ordered more out of the back with my allowance."

Percy didn't dare look up, waiting for Charlie to stomp away in disgust, or laugh. After a long moment of silence, Charlie pulled out one of the magazines, let it fall open to a well-thumbed page and asked, "Which do you imagine yourself as, the one on top or the other bloke, the one all tied up?"

A vivid image from Percy's last wank session flooded his mind, of himself tied up in just that pose, his whole body covered with traceries of red rope, face shoved into the floor and arse up in the air, helpless. He shivered, and the whispered answer escaped before he could stop it. "Bound."

He risked looking up to see Charlie's face light up with a slow, wicked, thoughtful sort of smile that made something slither through Percy that he tried very hard to deny was desire. Charlie's fingers traced up his arm, over his t-shirt and up further, to cup his chin, forcing his eyes to meet Charlie's. "Do you trust me, Percy?" he asked, and Percy knew with sudden clarity where this was going and, damningly, that he wouldn't be the one to stop it. He nodded, and Charlie's grin widened. "Do you want this?"

"I shouldn't," said Percy, part of his litany for when he weakened and came up here, to fondle himself and his magazines as though any of it could give him what he really craved.

"That's not what I asked, Perce," said Charlie, the childhood nickname gentle, almost soothing.

Percy could already tell that Charlie would be good at this.

"You already know I do," said Percy just a little resentfully; though a part of him was desperate to be the perfect boy for his master, another part of him was still rebellious enough, still Weasley enough, to make Charlie work for the title.

Charlie's gaze went sharp, and his hand tightened just a little on Percy's jaw. "It's important that you know it, too," said Charlie, and Percy knew he was right.

"Yes, master," said Percy very softly, the words hanging heavy in the sunlit air, less substantial than the dust motes dancing around them but far weightier.

"Excellent," said Charlie, rifling through the pile of magazines and pulling out one in particular. There was a white smear on the page he chose, a loss of control Percy had always regretted, though the figures in the photograph seemed to enjoy the evidence that their antics were... inspirational.

This particular image had always fascinated Percy, because it started from the very beginning and showed each step in loving detail rather than coming along in the middle and just cycling through a few minutes of shagging over and over. Percy looked from the picture to Charlie and nodded, then swallowed once for courage before grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head.


Charlie let out a long breath when he realized that Percy understood his silent entreaty, and they'd found an accord in what they wanted and the knowledge that neither of them had anyone else to provide it except each other. "You're lovely, pet," said Charlie, stroking over Percy's slender torso, the soft skin like mum's fine porcelain, only dotted with spatters of darker brown where the potter had been careless at the wheel. "Do you have things here, or do you Transfigure them every time?" he asked, even though Percy shouldn't be that good yet, not after only three years at Hogwarts.

"I have a few things, sir, but I Transfigure anything, um, incriminating," said Percy, which made Charlie's cock swell with avid interest.

"Finish undressing, and then assemble your things as you normally would, pet," said Charlie, standing and stripping off his own shirt. He rarely wore shoes in the house during the summer, and he was left in nothing but a pair of Bill's old jeans, too tight by half on his hard prick and ragged at the hems where he'd hacked them off. He didn't get a lot of hand-me-downs from Bill anymore, but these were comfortable in their way, the fabric soft as the finest wool, the holey knees familiar in a moment where nothing else was.

"Yes, master," said Percy again, and the words seemed more confident this time, less a giving in than a giving over, a slow building of trust, order by order, bit by bit. Charlie watched as Percy folded his shirt, stripped his trainers and put one sock in each, then folded his shorts and even pants, setting his wand on top of the neat little pile. The sense of ritual to it was unmistakeable, and the idea that Percy had been doing this for long enough to have developed a routine drove a hot spike of desire through Charlie's belly, nearly painful in its immediacy.

Charlie was forced to adjust his own cock while he stared at Percy's, thinking that his hadn't been that smooth or pale in years and wondering if Percy trimmed the ginger fuzz above it. "How do you keep yourself so neat?" he asked, knowing that Percy would follow his eyes and understand that he didn't mean the folded clothes or clean, milk-pale skin.

Percy coughed softly and blushed. "It's a charm, master," he said quietly, then hesitated before offering, "I could show you, make it all smooth if you'd prefer."

Charlie swallowed, but just this once he needed the reminder that Percy was old enough to be doing this, in as much as either of them were. "Another time, love, you're fine just as you are," he said, running his fingers through Percy's neat hair, messing it up just because he could and giving his scalp a good scratch.

"Yes, master," said Percy, already moving to fulfil his original orders and pull things out of the surrounding jumble of boxes and junk. Coils of white rope came first, curled in a neat circle right in front of the trunk, and Charlie knelt down to feel them while Percy fumbled for the rest. The strands were thick and soft, and Charlie hoped he could work the knots well enough to leave Percy's skin unmarred unless, of course, he chose to mark it in other ways.

"You have good taste," said Charlie, returning the rope to its coil, sensing that the placement was important for Percy. He might be the master, but he knew that every moment they had together was a gift from Percy, and it was Percy who had to be kept happy or it would all end.

Percy flushed and set a folded silk scarf down in the centre of the coil, and then put a thin leather dog collar on the left, and a spool of leather cord on the right. "Thank you, master," he said, kneeling in front of the tiny collection of objects. "Do you want to see the things I conjure, too?"

Charlie nodded. "I want to understand what you need," he said, though he hoped Percy already knew that.

"Yes, master, thank you," said Percy, and Charlie smiled; Percy really did have a perfect instinct for his role, saying just the right things to convey far more than just the words. Percy picked up his wand and one of the Quidditch magazines, then transfigured it into a shockingly large replica of a cock complete with heavy bollocks, bigger than either of theirs though thankfully for Charlie's ego not by much. He laid it on top of the scarf, then snagged another magazine and repeated the conjuration to get a second, smaller toy, this one smoother, similar to Percy's own cock.

This toy nestled next to its larger cousin on the now overcrowded silk, and Charlie had to swallow a moan at the image of Percy filling himself with these toys in lieu of living flesh. "Do you always use both, love?" he asked, and Percy looked up, startled, hand already outstretched toward the pile for another magazine.

"No, master," Percy replied, a little shy and a little sly at once. "I can't fit the big one in my mouth yet, so when I want something in both ends I suck the small one."

"God, that's hot," said Charlie, not bothering to disguise the lust in his voice. "D'you think you'll need them with me to fill you instead?" he asked. He unzipped his fly and let his cock spring free, folding down the fabric to show it off to its best advantage.

Percy's hungry look took his breath away.

"I'll take that as a no," he said with a smile, running one finger up the underside and watching Percy's eyes follow it, Percy's tongue flick out to lick dry lips like a starving man in front of a feast.

Percy flicked his gaze up to Charlie's expectant face, then back down. "I've never touched anyone else's cock, master," Percy said, and Charlie had to bite back a moan, though he'd expected as much.

"I'll take good care of you, love, though if you don't want to give me all of you today, I'll understand," said Charlie as evenly as he could manage, terrible though the idea was. Percy's future choices were more important to him than getting his cock up Percy's lovely arse; he could already see that Percy valued the ability to offer purity to his master, and Charlie wasn't foolish enough to think he'd be Percy's true master, only his first.

Percy sat back on his heels as if surprised to have been given a choice, then bit his lip and thought it over, which made Charlie proud; he didn't think he'd have been able to stop at a moment like this and ponder weighty issues at Percy's age. "I think," said Percy slowly, reaching out to caress the length of the larger dildo, "I think that if I do keep anything from you, I shall always regret that I didn't give myself fully the first time."

Charlie smiled and nodded, going down to one knee so he could lean in and press a kiss to Percy's lips, just a chaste one at first. "I'll take good care of you, Percy," he promised, then kissed Percy again, this time pressing his tongue into Percy's mouth demandingly, taking and tasting in a way his girlfriends had always complained was too aggressive.

Percy moaned and swayed, his whole body gravitating toward Charlie while his hands went to the small of his back, nestling there with a comfort that bespoke long practice. "Oh, thank you, master," said Percy as the kiss broke, letting out the words before he got back enough breath for more than a whisper of sound.

"My sweet boy," said Charlie, fingers lingering over Percy's cheek as he stood up. "Conjure the rest of your toys, love, I want to taste more of you soon."

"Oh, yes, master," said Percy, moaning as though that single kiss had been enough to break his control and let loose the wanton thing hiding beneath. He turned the larger toy into a pair of shining, wicked clamps that would torment his brown little nipples delightfully, while the smaller became a heavy metal ring that Charlie recognized from the magazines as a ball weight.

"You'll look so beautiful," Charlie breathed out, already imagining how lovely the shining weight would look hanging between Percy's spread legs and stretching down his spell-shorn sac, the expression of pain and pleasure that would suffuse Percy's features as the clamps went on one by one.

"Please, master," said Percy, and Charlie had to swallow before he could answer.

"Yes, Percy," he said softly. He picked up the collar and stepped up to Percy, prick nearly brushing against lips that he used to think were thin before he saw them glistening with wetness and eagerly parted in the hopes of admitting his cock. Instead of thrusting his hips that last inch forward, Charlie bent down and carefully wrapped the collar around Percy's neck, buckling it on and checking the fit. "All right, pet?"

"Oh yes, master," said Percy, looking up at Charlie worshipfully.

"You may kiss it once," said Charlie, just brushing his prick over Percy's mouth.

Percy nodded and leaned in, eyes going blissfully half-lidded as he pressed soft lips to the head of Charlie's cock. He stayed there for a long moment, then slid them apart and together again in an obscene kiss before sitting back to lick his lips. "Thank you, master," he said, blinking to focus back on Charlie's face. "You taste wonderful."

Charlie smiled at that and ruffled Percy's hair, then stepped back to give Percy room to move. "Stand up, Percy, same pose as the photo," he said, tapping the picture with his wand to restart it; the slender young man was standing quietly, dark hair obscuring his features, legs spread wide and hands clasped loosely at the back of his neck.

"Oh, yes, master," said Percy, his voice eager and his motions smooth, imbued with a grace he'd obviously spent hours practicing. He took the pose, his long body no longer coltish now that he was in his element, even the knobby knees and elbows a natural part of him, as perfect as the neat thatch of red hair above his slender cock and the flush of desire riding high on his cheeks.

"Perfect," said Charlie, and then added, "Good boy," just to watch Percy preen under the praise. He knelt down and retrieved the rope and scarf. "You're being very good, so I'm going to give you a choice," he said, then pressed a kiss to Percy's mouth, just because it was so close and so very easy to do. "Want to watch, or be blindfolded?"

Percy swallowed, glancing from the magazine to Charlie and back, then down to the scarf now hanging loose in Charlie's fist. "Watch, please, master," he said, and Charlie smiled.

"Good," said Charlie, glad that Percy didn't mind the small deviation from their script; in a way this was a performance, his very first, and he felt better knowing he had Percy witnessing it.

He didn't bother to explain what he was going to do; it was Percy's magazine, after all, and Percy showed no surprise when Charlie began to copy it, slowly enveloping Percy's torso, groin, and arms in a webwork of white rope. He'd practiced a little on his mum's sewing dummy, getting the knots right and spreading the tension out right, and he felt himself slowly relaxing as the construct came together, all the knots in the right places and though some of the ropes were a bit loose, overall he thought he'd done a bang-up job for his first go.

Percy seemed to agree; his eyes were glazed over again and his breathing reduced to pants and whimpers, cock jutting up nearly vertical and even his nipples hard in the sultry afternoon air. Percy's arms were bound behind his back now, forcing his body to arch up and offer those tempting peaks to Charlie.

"You look good enough to eat," said Charlie, leaning in to lick and bite Percy's nipples, enjoying the moans and gasps that spilled from Percy's reddened lips. "Does no one ever hear you up here?" he asked, though he thought he knew the answer; if anyone did hear moaning from this part of the attic, they'd assume it was the ghoul.

"No, master," said Percy, though it came out as more of a groan before he gathered himself enough to add, "No one's ever come up here but me since I started, um. This."

"Wanking," said Charlie, slipping his fingers down into the short hairs at the base of Percy's cock. "Having it off with your bondage porn."

"Y-yes, master," said Percy, his whole body straining forward toward Charlie's touches. Charlie obliged by feasting on his nipples a little more, hand sliding down to cup and weigh his bollocks thoughtfully, feeling the soft, crinkled skin move under his touch.

"Do you need help kneeling, pet?" asked Charlie, leaning down to get the nipple clamps and ball weight, pushing the leather cord aside with his foot. Percy's cock and balls jutted out through a diamond-shaped opening in the pattern, just as his arsehole was framed with another, and Charlie had every intention of making sure that Percy was bound and filled just as thoroughly as he needed to be.

"No, sir," said Percy, going just as gracefully to his knees as he'd risen from them. He stayed kneeling up with his thighs straining to stay as wide as possible, presenting himself in an obvious entreaty for Charlie to finish the job he'd begun.

"I can't wait to see your balls swing while I fuck you," said Charlie casually, just to see the ripple of shocked lust go through Percy's features and travel down his body.

"Oh, yes," Percy moaned, a shiver running over his skin and tightening things in its wake.

Charlie pulled the silk scarf from his pocket and folded it carefully. "I think it's time for this," he said, stepping forward so his prick nestled gently in the curve of Percy's throat, hands in easy reach of Percy's head. Percy just nodded, face eager and eyes closed, and Charlie found his chest tight at the level of trust Percy was giving him, and vowed never to abuse it. He tied the scarf around Percy's eyes and murmured a charm to keep it in place, then pressed a warm kiss to Percy's mouth and whispered softly, "I love you, Percy."

Percy made a helpless little noise and swayed, so Charlie knelt down to hold him. "L-love you, ma- Charlie," Percy stammered, his voice raw, as though it broke him more to be loved than to be bound.

Charlie gentled him for a few moments more with kisses and murmured reassurances, then tucked the ball weight into a pocket and looked at the nipple clamps with a wicked smile. "Good boy," Charlie said softly when Percy steadied as he pulled away. He pinched one nipple tightly, tugging it out from Percy's body and getting a small sound of pain from Percy, humming with the satisfaction of knowing it was a pain Percy welcomed. Percy's moan when the clamp went on was high and needy, and it turned into a strangled gasp when the other one followed. "So good," said Charlie, kissing each reddened tip softly, then pulling the body-warmed weight from his pocket.

"Thank you, master," said Percy breathlessly, and Charlie appreciated that Percy couldn't see him as he fumbled to make the ring open wide enough to push Percy's balls through, then tightened it to trap them, weighing them down until they were outlined against taut skin and swinging below his body. "Oh, thank you," said Percy again, with a shudder that set the weight swaying in a way that would've made Charlie wince, if it hadn't sent a spark of need straight to his own bollocks.

"My good, beautiful boy," said Charlie, pressing a kiss to Percy's cock while he was down there, tongue flicking out to gather some of the moisture welling from its rosy tip. He fingered the leather lacing thoughtfully and then let his own desires override Percy's in this one small thing and instead slipped his fingers down behind Percy's swaying bollocks to his wrinkled entrance. "Are you ready for me to be inside you, pretty boy?"

"Oh, please, master!" said Percy, and Charlie knew he'd made the right decision; this way they had something to look forward to, though of course there were endless variations in the magazines, not to mention a few ideas of his own. Besides, having denied one want would make the rest of the pleasures sharper, he hoped.

"I'm going to move you now, love, don't fight me," said Charlie. Though the master in the image had left his boy standing and fucked him just like that, Charlie wanted Percy's arse in the air for him, Percy's face pressed into the worn wood flooring, grounding them both.

"Yes, master," said Percy, though there was a note of confusion in his voice.

Charlie carefully pulled Percy forward until he gave up his balance and leaned into Charlie's arms, lowering his torso to the floor until his shoulders were bearing most of his weight, cheek laying on a stretch of sun-warmed floor. "There, that's lovely, isn't it?" he crooned as Percy wriggled, getting as comfortable as he could, given the position.

"Yes, master, thank you," said Percy, sounding dreamy now as he lost himself completely in the role.

Charlie spent a few long minutes just petting and admiring him, hands roaming over Percy's body and feeling the tension in his shoulders, the smoothness of his thighs, the little dimples where the ropes had tightened and bit into his flesh. He finally just sat behind Percy for a moment, taking in the shine of the weight, the fragile skin stretched over Percy's balls and the vulnerable opening above, bared by the shape of his bindings for all the world to see, so long as the world was Charlie. "You're so beautiful like this, Percy, you were meant to be used just this way," he murmured softly, conjuring the slick lubricant that every Weasley male learned from his brothers at the onset of puberty.

"Thank you, master," said Percy, his voice heavy with desire, his whole body straining back into it when Charlie's slick finger traced a circle around his entrance.

Charlie didn't bother to say anything more, putting his admiration into his touches instead, a gentle push that slipped his finger easily inside, a gliding caress into that silken warmth and a moan that echoed from his lips to Percy's. He fingered Percy with just one for only a few strokes before adding another, feeling how easily Percy opened beneath his touches and taking shameless advantage. "Do you need more, love?" he asked, though he didn't mind much about the answer; stroking his fingers in and out of Percy like this was a sort of sex all on its own, heady and powerful to know he was giving Percy a pleasure so wonderfully intimate.

"Please, master, I'm ready for you," said Percy, though his breath hitched a little at the start, the only thing betraying his nervousness.

"Ssh, pet, it's all right," said Charlie, twisting his fingers around while the other hand petted Percy's hip. "It's me, love, it's Charlie, and I'm taking care of you. Haven't I always taken care of you, Perce?" he said, just as if he were gentling a frightened thestral. He kept his rhythm steady, not stopping or speeding up, giving Percy a steady pleasure that set his bollocks to swinging and Charlie's heart to racing.

Percy swallowed audibly, then a shiver ran through him and he relaxed again. "I trust you, master, you've already m-made it all so perfect," he said, and Charlie understood; Percy was waiting for the axe to fall still, a part of him expecting the joke to be on him now that he was at his most vulnerable, his body and soul bared and opened, giving Charlie the means to heal or harm.

"You're what's perfect," said Charlie softly, pulling his fingers out and pushing his prick inside with no more preamble, making himself as complicit as Percy, should they be caught; surely no one would believe it wasn't Charlie's magazine, Charlie's idea, Charlie's fault.

Percy didn't answer; a moan spilled from his lips lasting as long as Charlie's first thrust, then changed to a gasped intake of breath when Charlie pulled away, as though Charlie's cock took up all the space Percy had in him for air. Percy's body was exquisitely tight and silky-smooth, the walls of him grasping like warm, wet satin as Charlie pulled out, the tight little mouth of him sucking Charlie back in like a greedy child with an ice lolly. "So good, Percy," he moaned, his hands bruising as they gripped Percy's hips, his own bollocks battered just a little and not at all in a bad way as the weight swung back and forth in time to his thrusts.

Charlie knew he wouldn't last though he dearly wanted to, so instead he concentrated on giving Percy all the pleasure he could, not that he'd done this before either but he trusted his instincts. In and in and in again, thrusting over and over into that tight space, into his little brother's welcoming body and oh god that wasn't the time to be thinking such things but it didn't matter because Percy loved and trusted him and that's all Charlie'd ever wanted from any girl or boy and never found. "Percy, Percy, my Percy," he chanted between groans, control held between clenched teeth. Percy wasn't quiet either, though most of his moans had been wordless or cut off by whimpers, his body pliant under Charlie's touches despite the tension gathering along his spine.

"Come for me, Percy, oh please come," he said finally, nothing left but a few frayed threads and the pulse of lust through his whole body, yearning to escape through the only outlet available. Charlie's hand just curled around Percy's cock as he gave the order, the plea, for Percy's release.

Percy cried out as he came, his whole body bucking and shuddering as his balls tried to rise up and were thwarted by gravity, spilling their seed anyway in juddering bursts from Percy's cock.

"Perfect, so perfect," said Charlie, wondering if next time he could make Percy come just from his cock. He let go and thrust raggedly into Percy, finding his own way to a gasping, needful release. It washed over him unlike any he'd had before, crashing from his toes to the roots of his hair and back down his spine to burst out of his prick in a flood of pleasure that burst in white-gold static through his brain, turning off everything but simple feeling until it was through and he was limp and sated, still buzzing with the aftershocks of it. "God, Percy, that..."

"Best thing ever," said Percy with a soft little smile, nervousness washed away by their shared pleasure, their shared secret. "Thank you, master."

Charlie wrapped his body around Percy's as best he could and hugged him close, kissing his shoulders and whispering softly. He didn't linger long, instead pulling out regretfully so he could get to the heavy steel weight, removing it with the spell and pressing grateful kisses to Percy's bollocks and entrance. "Thank you for sharing yourself with me, Percy," he said quietly, sliding his hands up underneath to find and remove the clamps one by one, soothing the hurt with gentle fingers before tucking both objects away in the trousers he hadn't ever removed, then pausing to tuck himself in as well.

Percy hummed happily, almost a purr, and Charlie elected to remove the ropes with the spell he'd practiced for emergencies rather than try to make Percy stand back up and reverse the process. Swish and flick, and then only the blindfold was left. Charlie leaned back against the trunk and gathered Percy into his lap for warm, sweet kisses before taking that final comforting bond away. "All right, Perce?" he said quietly while Percy blinked against the sudden sunlight.

Percy's eyes focused on Charlie's worried face and he smiled almost drunkenly, then kissed Charlie full and warm and shameless. "Best day ever," he said, showing his age for just a moment in a way that tugged at Charlie's heart.

"Yeah," said Charlie, pulling Percy in for a proper kiss and cuddle. "Best day ever." He spent a few heartbeats enjoying the feeling of Percy so warm and relaxed in his arms, and then said softly, "Next time, I'll even take my jeans off."

Percy laughed along with him, and Charlie let the last of his worries go; even if he didn't get to be Percy's master forever, he'd be Percy's brother forever, and despite everything they were still all right.

Title: Family Ties
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Charlie/Percy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Incest, BDSM, underage (16/13)
Summary: Charlie has never told anyone that Percy is into bondage, or any of his lovers where he learned to tie such tight knots.
Acknowledgements: Betaing wonderfully done by treewishes and juice817. First line and summary both absconded from 20 Random Things about Charlie Weasley by iulia_linnea.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.