Extracurricular Activites
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Percy did a little twirl, blushing when his eyes caught the view in one steamy mirror of a gawky, flat-chested girl, brown eyes hidden behind bookish glasses and long legs leading up to a very short skirt. He adjusted one knee-high sock, tugging it up with magic until it matched its Transfigured mate, then polished the tops of his shoes. They were a passable imitation of the shiny black ones Penelope had worn last week that had so fascinated him, the little strap and buckle drawing his attention for no reason he could fathom. The skirt which he'd Transfigured from some old, too-small trousers fell quite short of the regulation length, but he left it just as it was. He'd kept his own shirt and tie, since those were basically the same, and the knickers had embarrassed him so much it had taken four tries to Transfigure a passable pair, and a fifth to make them fit properly.

Or as properly as they could, given his unrelenting erection.

Percy put his robes on over the top and closed them up so only the shoes could give him away. He gave himself one last glance in the mirror, and headed off for his destination -- Professor Lupin's office.

Lupin might have ignored Percy's other advances, but he wouldn't be able to ignore this.

Once he arrived at Lupin's door, Percy straightened his spine and his glasses, then his tie and robes, hoping the skirt wasn't too obvious underneath. Then he licked his lips and knocked, waiting for Lupin to let him in.

The door opened, and Lupin gave the same smile he always did, welcoming but guarded, as though he was afraid Percy's presence would damage something fragile and important to him.

"I have a question about the lesson, sir, may I come in?" asked Percy politely, trying very hard not to look down at his girly shoes.

Lupin's eyes narrowed, then he nodded and stepped back. "Of course, Mr. Weasley, you're always welcome to bring your questions to me. Would you like some hot chocolate?"

Percy followed him into the room and found it, as always, warm enough that he had a good excuse to unfasten and remove his robes, hanging them up by the door while Lupin was preoccupied with getting their treat. "Thank you, sir, that would be lovely," said Percy, sitting primly on one of the chairs. He was grateful for the fire; he had no idea how girls got on in these things, draughts were constantly finding their way up to chill his admittedly overheated cock. He spread his legs just a little, letting the fire warm him for a moment before bringing his knees together as a proper girl ought.

Lupin turned around, and nearly dropped the tray he was carrying. "Percy! What on earth are you wearing?"

"Do you like it, Professor?" asked Percy, posing just a little with his hands on his knees and back arched. "I wanted to talk to you about some... extra lessons, you see."

"Extra lessons," said Lupin, setting down the tray and handing Percy a mug, which he accepted with a nod. "Like Harry's getting, you mean?"

Percy's eyes went wide. "I certainly hope not," he said, his inner prude coming to the fore. "Harry is far too young for that sort of thing."

"And I suppose you're not?" said Lupin dubiously, taking a biscuit and a sip of his own drink.

"I'm of age, I've my Apparition License and everything," said Percy, trying to sound like the adult he was claiming to be. "I wish to learn... certain things... from someone whom I trust, and who is more experienced than I."

Lupin's eyebrows went up, though Percy could hardly think what else he could have been asking for, given his clothing. "You want me to teach you... are you even gay?"

Percy blushed. "I believe so, yes. I had a girlfriend, but it didn't work out." Percy looked down into his cocoa, wishing the answers could be divined from the pattern of melting marshmallows as Trelawney would have them all believe. "I never got, you know, excited about her." Percy looked back up again, intent. "I get excited about you."

"Are you excited now, Percy?" asked Lupin, voice rough. He cleared his throat and colour rose in his face, emphasizing the scars.

"Yes, sir," he forced himself to admit. He spread his knees again, feeling the heat from the fire, and from Lupin's gaze on him, looking intently into the shadowy valley of his thighs.

Lupin dragged his eyes up from Percy's crotch, but Percy was pleased to see it was an effort. There was lust in Lupin's face, finally, openly, and Percy's breath caught at the force of that intent gaze. Lupin's voice was barely more than a growl as he asked, "What if I told you I wasn't interested in... conventional lovemaking?"

A shiver ran through Percy; he hadn't been sure, but he'd hoped, a little. "I'd say I've been a very bad girl, Professor, and I need to be taught a lesson."

Lupin swallowed, then set his cup down very deliberately and sat back in his chair. "The first lesson for such a naughty girl," he said, patting his lap with a subtle motion that Percy barely caught, "ought to be a spanking."

Percy wanted to fling his cup into the fire and leap forward, but he forced himself to echo Lupin's deliberation and get up slowly, then walk over to stand in front of him. "Shall I take these down?" asked Percy, lifting the tiny skirt to reveal the straining panties, white cotton damp where the head of his cock pressed against them.

"Allow me," said Lupin, reaching out with steady hands to tug them down just to Percy's thighs.

His prick jumped out obscenely, red and wet, bollocks below just as bare of hair as he'd made his legs, the spell going a bit higher than he'd originally intended in his nervousness, though he still had the neatly-trimmed ginger thatch above. "Thank you, sir," said Percy, trembling just slightly. He draped himself over Lupin's lap, awkward until he gave up on trying to keep control and let Lupin position him instead.

The air felt cool on his arse and balls when Lupin flipped up the skirt, but Lupin's fingers were warm and sure as they touched him intimately, weighing his bollocks and then tugging them, cupping his firm, round cheeks and then parting them to just look at his entrance. Percy shivered as Lupin's breath caressed him where no one else had ever touched or seen, the one place he longed to have explored and hadn't been able to even consider asking Penelope, who balked at anything more than a bit of a snog. Lupin's fingers moved inward, pulling at the skin even there, as if to spread him open and gaze right inside. "You're such a lovely shade of pink here," said Lupin, and Percy shivered. The hands let go and Percy couldn't help giving a small wriggle of his hips, which Lupin stilled with a single hand in the small of his back. "Let's see if we can't make the outside match," he added, and that was all the warning Percy got.

Lupin's right hand came down with a resounding smack, more forcefully than Percy had expected, a sting that turned swiftly into spreading warmth and did nothing at all to quell his desperate arousal. Percy yelped in an entirely undignified way, and the hand on his back rubbed a soothing circle. "Th-thank you, sir," said Percy in a small voice. Already his surprise was melting into desire, and he wanted nothing more than to feel the next strike.

Lupin didn't make him wait long. "Good girl," he rumbled in that low, growly voice, and his hand came down again, harder, right across the most sensitive part in the middle of his arse.

"Oh! Thank you, sir, please," said Percy, spreading his legs just a little, though he had a feeling it wouldn't feel too good if one of those swats fell onto his unprotected bollocks. He swallowed and twisted around just enough to see the satisfaction and lust in Lupin's face, and then said, "Please, may I have another."

"Oh, yes," said Lupin, teasing his fingers along Percy's cleft without ever delving too deeply. "You'll have many more, naughty girl." His hand came down, just on one cheek this time, and then again on the other, too fast for Percy to do more than whimper between them, and the spanking was begun in earnest.

Percy found himself struck again and again, the swats growing harder as they went on or perhaps Percy's arse was simply growing more tender, though each strike seemed to find a new place to rain down on him. Lupin's left hand stayed where it was in the small of his back, not so much restraint as comfort, gentle where the other was cruel. Percy writhed under the assault, he couldn't help it and he didn't quite think Lupin minded, though tiny gasps of pleasure joined the pain sounds whenever his traitorous, still-hard cock brushed against Lupin's trouser leg in a tantalizing imitation of a caress. Warmth spread out from his arse and turned to heat until he thought his cheeks must be glowing with it, pain and pleasure thrumming all through him until he thought he might come just from this. Lupin even swatted his poor balls a few times, not nearly so hard as his arse but enough to give Percy a shock that helped to stay the relentless rush of pleasure through his veins.

And then just as quickly as it had begun, it was over, and Lupin's hot hand was cradling his bollocks, tugging on them while the last smack echoed in Percy's head. His arse felt raw, sore and hot, and it was all he could do not to dig his fingers in, spread himself wide and beg for Lupin to fill him up just as hot on the inside. "Th-thank you, sir," he gasped, wriggling his hips just a little until Lupin's fingers tightened warningly on his balls.

"You're welcome, my naughty girl, though I don't know that you've learned your lesson," said Lupin, fingers teasing underneath, along the aching shaft of Percy's cock. "I think you enjoyed yourself a little too much."

Percy let out a whimper of pure need, spreading his legs further and arching up, trying to get more of that lovely contact. "Please, sir, teach me a proper lesson," he begged.

Lupin stroked a single finger over the slit of Percy's cock, over and over in a maddening tease, smearing the fluid there until it was all Percy could do to hold back. "But what would teach a naughty slut like you?" asked Lupin.

Percy hoped the question was rhetorical, as he could barely remember his own name, let alone form actual sentences or frame coherent ideas.

"Spread yourself for me, show me what a wanton slut you are," said Lupin, as though he'd read Percy's mind earlier and wanted to play out all the filthy impulses he'd found there.

"Yes, sir," said Percy, hands shaking as they came up and back, as his fingers touched the hot, sore flesh of his own arse, as he parted his cheeks, pulling them wide, offering his body up to Lupin's gaze, and hopefully much more.

Lupin's hand left the small of Percy's back, the other one still teasing relentlessly at his cock, pinching the tender foreskin and stroking the wet head again and again. "I ought to show you just what happens to sluts," he said, sliding his fingers down Percy's crease and around and around his entrance in a cruel tease.

"Oh, please, sir, I need..." Percy tried to gather his thoughts, to play along with the dialog despite the torment of Lupin's hands on his most intimate, greedy places. "Need to understand," he gasped out, as Lupin's finger pressed against him, not inside but massaging the tight muscle, promising future pleasures.

"You've never felt this before, have you?" asked Lupin. He licked his finger and slid just the tip into Percy, barely breaching his entrance at all, though it felt huge to Percy, in its significance to him, a violation he'd so deeply desired and finally won from Lupin.

Percy shook his head and moaned softly, his whole being focused on that one touch.

Lupin slipped his finger in more deeply, twisting it just a little. "I think it's going to take a lot more than this to teach you."

"Please," begged Percy, wishing there was some way to offer himself up more, to be even more the wanton slut that Lupin had named him.

Lupin chuckled wickedly, and Percy tensed, worried he'd gone too far. "Perhaps a bit of wandwork to start," he said, and Percy blinked, confused.

Lupin left off Percy's cock and pulled out his wand, then cast a series of spells that Percy didn't know, each one sending a tingle into him as Lupin's wand tapped right at the centre of his greedy opening, the first cool, the second warm and the third slippery. "There, now you're ready for your first lesson," said Lupin. He brought his wand down in front of Percy's eyes and said, "Mahogany, ten and a half inches and unusually thick."

Percy's eyes got wider as he suddenly understood, looking at the fat wand with its worn grip, the firelight reflecting off the smooth, warm wood. "Y-yes, sir, wandwork is very important," he said, a shiver running through him. This seemed almost more intimate than a simple fucking, the core of Lupin's magic penetrating him in place of mere flesh.

Percy moaned as it slid inside him, the long, smooth shaft going deep and deeper before the handle bumped against his entrance. "Can you feel it?" asked Lupin, turning the wand, pressing it forward, pulling it out and thrusting back in again.

Magic tingled through Percy, igniting his nerves until all he could think of was the pleasure coursing through him, originating in Lupin's wand. Percy arched and moaned, writhing as Lupin fucked him with the wand, in and out while the tip sparked along nerves he hadn't known could offer up such pleasures. He swore and begged, wanting desperately to come but holding back with the last of his shredded willpower, knowing it wouldn't be long before he lost out to the onrush of new sensations and exploded.

Lupin's fingers closed tightly around his cock, stroking it more firmly now. "Let go, naughty girl," whispered Lupin, voice rasping across Percy's senses and setting free that last bit of restraint.

"Oh, yes, fuck!" cried Percy, his whole body stiffening as he came, magic pulsing through Lupin's wand and into his balls, then streaming out of his cock in juddering spurts.

Percy went limp, draped over Lupin's lap, even his hands loosening their grip so that he felt his cheeks close around the cooler wood of the wand's handle. "Oh, thank you, Professor, th-thank you," he gasped, the words stuttering as tiny aftershocks of pleasure shivered through him.

"Good girl," said Lupin, patting his arse. Lupin's left hand gathered his wrists and held them at the small of his back, trapping him in a surprisingly strong grip. Then the wand pushed into him just a little further, so that now the thumb groove was held fast by Percy's entrance. Percy's arse twitched and he felt the wand shifting inside him; Lupin had obviously let go of the handle entirely, trusting Percy to hold it where it was. Another whisper of magic and Percy's hands were bound behind his back, and Percy whimpered. "Now," said Lupin wickedly, "I think we need to do something about that filthy mouth of yours."

"S-sir?" asked Percy, though he knew he'd said a great deal of bad words while Lupin had been busy violating him with his wand.

Lupin gave the small of Percy's back one last comforting pat, and then those big, warm hands were lifting him up, positioning him on his knees in front of Lupin, the wand still lodged firmly in his fundament and sending sparks of sensation through him whenever he shifted. "Your mouth obviously needs something to fill it besides dirty words," said Lupin, pulling out a cock every bit as unusually thick as his wand.

Percy moaned and licked his lips, moving forward eagerly, made awkward by the stiff length of the wand inside him and the spell keeping his hands tied behind his back. He'd always wondered what it would be like to suck another man's cock, even dared to practice on a stolen carrot or banana a time or two, though he'd had to be careful of getting caught. "I think this will do very well, sir," said Percy, mouth hovering a bare inch away from the tempting flesh, nose full of the scent of musk and arousal and his own prick twitching hopefully.

"I think you know what to do, my naughty little slut," said Lupin, his voice a dangerous growl, hands urging Percy's head down.

"Yes, Professor," said Percy, scooting forward. A gasp escaped him as Lupin's wand shifted, reminding him of all the delicious humiliations he'd already experienced. He closed that final inch eagerly and nuzzled Lupin's cock, then opened his mouth to lick and kiss it worshipfully for a few long moments before slipping his lips upward where he knew they were supposed to go. His hands twitched, wanting to come up and help, to roll the heavy balls and wrap around the thick shaft, but he had to content himself with using his mouth to explore all the wonderful textures and flavours.

Lupin's skin was salty and the musk scent coated his tongue, clinging to the back of his throat until that was all he could taste. Percy swirled his tongue around the head of Lupin's cock, teasing back the foreskin and gathering the first drops of precome. Lupin's fingers tightened in his hair warningly, and Percy gave in and did things properly, taking first the head in his mouth and then as much as he could manage, only a few inches of the shaft but enough, he hoped, to please his Professor.

Lupin's hips jerked forward and Percy's eyes went wide as the head of his prick hit the back of Percy's throat, Lupin's hand on his head giving him no choice but to swallow and hope he could handle it after all. "Good girl," said Lupin, pulling away and then thrusting in again more shallowly, actively using Percy's mouth instead of passively allowing Percy to pleasure him.

Percy sucked as best he could, grateful that Lupin was making the effort not to hurt or choke him as he took his pleasure from Percy's helpless mouth. It wasn't quite like his fantasies but once he let himself drift on the rhythm of it, he found it was better than he'd imagined, almost as good as the wand had been, the thick shaft sliding in and out of his mouth as the taste grew more bitter on his tongue. Percy moaned when he realized what it was, that Lupin would come soon and Percy had done that, by being here, offering himself as he had and taking what pleasure Lupin chose to give.

Percy realized that his own cock was growing hard again from the treatment, and something inside him melted just enough that in those moments he became what he was pretending to be, a toy for Lupin's use. His eyes slipped closed and he gave himself over to the sensations, the slick friction of Lupin's shaft against his lips and the softness of the head as it slid over his tongue, the hard wood of Lupin's wand still buried inside his body and even the cool air slipping over his own hard, wet prick.

Percy moaned and shivered, and Lupin groaned and came. Percy swallowed easily, pulling back just enough that he could savour the thick, bitter seed as it went down; the part of him that might have worried about how to manage such a thing was too far gone to interfere with what his body knew, somehow, to do. "Good girl," said Lupin again, stroking Percy's hair now, petting him like one might pet a cat, soothing and kind.

Percy gave one last suckle and let Lupin's softening cock slip from his mouth. "Thank you, Professor," he said, blinking in the light, looking into Lupin's face to see what sort of approval he had truly won.

Lupin's eyes were guarded but his smile seemed genuine, and his touch stayed kind and gentle in Percy's hair. "Do you think you've learned your lesson, Miss Weasley?" asked Lupin, his voice warm and affectionate.

"Yes, sir," said Percy, pleased to realize that he was truly satisfied with what they'd done tonight, with the pleasures Lupin had chosen to share with him. He shifted, then blushed as the wand reminded him of its presence. "I may need another lesson later, though," he added hopefully, kneeling up to press a single, shy kiss to Lupin's smiling mouth.

Lupin's hands curled around his bum, cool against the still-smarting flesh, the fingers teasing along his crease, nudging the wand. "I do believe you will," he said, then pulled the wand out in a long, slow tease. "This same time tomorrow, if you do show up, I will not show the same... restraint."

Lupin's finger touched the place his wand had just been, and Percy gasped, pushing back. "Y-yes, Professor, I understand," he stammered, though he wasn't sure he did, entirely. What restraint had Lupin shown, aside from leaving his arse technically virgin? Percy shivered, but he knew he'd be back tomorrow to find out.

Curiosity had always been one of his failings, the need to know and understand that had, in its own way, been what brought him here in the first place. Curiosity and desire.

"Good girl," said Lupin a third time, the words echoing through Percy like an incantation, making his whole body twitch with a very different pleasure than the ones he got from Lupin's touch.

"Thank you," said Percy softly, standing up awkwardly, hands still tied, erection peeking out from under his scandalously short skirt and the knickers clinging crookedly to his pale thighs. "I'll be here, Professor, tomorrow for another lesson."

Lupin seemed to drink in the sight of Percy, dishevelled and greedy for more even now, his mouth swollen and wet from Lupin's cock. A word from Lupin released Percy's hands, but the Professor took it upon himself to restore Percy's appearance, fixing his tie and straightening his shirt, pulling up his socks and then, finally, tucking him into the knickers and pressing a soft kiss to the very spot on his skirt that covered the head of his still-needy prick.

"I'll be waiting," said Professor Lupin, and it was very clearly a dismissal.

Percy left, barely remembering to grab his robes as he went, to button himself back up into the proper Head Boy that everyone else knew. He went back to the Prefect's bath and his other clothes and spent some time just looking at himself in the mirrors, the flush in his cheeks and much redder one on his arse, the wetness glistening around his little puckered entrance and the way his cock looked when he finally allowed himself to come again.

He put his clothes back on, a proper boy once again from socks to pants to tie, bundling the incriminating costume up into a nondescript package just as he bundled away that wanton, greedy part of himself that Lupin had shown him tonight. He was already wondering if he ought to go back or be grateful for what he'd been shown and call it done, though deep down he knew he would go, tomorrow and as many other days as Lupin would allow.

Percy was, after all, never one to miss out on a chance to learn something new from someone who was so obviously an expert in his field.

Title: Extracurricular Activities
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Percy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Underage (17), Crossdressing, Spanking, D/s, Roleplay, Wandplay, Light Bondage
Summary: Percy decides he needs to some very special lessons from Professor Lupin.
Acknowledgements: Written for the Percy Ficathon 2007. Thanks to emiime for helping me find a direction for this fic -- I wouldn't presume to call it a plot. Extra thanks to my betas, who are much beloved and know who they are and what naughty things I've been up to.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.