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Red roses, sprinkled with shining beads of moisture. At least a dozen, probably two, close-wrapped in plastic with nothing but greenery to accent the blood-dark petals. Lex had been rinsing off, felt a draft and opened his eyes to find them thrust in his face, their perfume drifting up to his nose in the steamy shower.

He focused past them to see Clark, standing naked in the tub with him, roses outstretched and a mischievous grin on his face.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Lex!"

Lex grinned. Usually he hated this holiday, but with all the enthusiasm a sixteen-year-old boy could put into it, he'd found himself anticipating their date eagerly. "Happy Valentine's Day, Clark. Aren't you a little early?"

Clark blushed, but didn't look the least bit chastened. "Nope. I wanted to have time for some pre-dinner nookie with my Valentine."

"Why, Clark, you say that like I'm easy!" Lex tried to look offended, and failed, giggling.

"You *are* easy, Lex. You put out on our first date."

"You consider delivering produce a date now?"

"Heh. Guess not. Doesn't help your argument, though. That makes you even easier, sleeping with the delivery boy."

"Well, how could I resist, when he delivers such wonderful apples? Besides, you've got a great ass."

Clark turned around and splayed his hands against the wall, one still holding the bundle of roses. He wriggled the anatomy in question, looking at Lex over his shoulder. "This old thing?"

"Yeah, that. Yummy." Lex decided that was enough banter. He stepped forward to press his now-hard cock into the warm, welcoming cleft.

"Oooooh. See? Easy."

"You're the one climbing into my shower and offering me your ass, farm boy."

"Yeah, but I know *I'm* easy, old man. Now are you gonna fuck me or what?" Clark batted his eyelashes somewhat plaintively, and Lex finally relented.

Lex reached up to snag a bottle of oil from a shelf. He was glad he'd had oil and lube stocked in pretty much every room in the mansion since he'd started sleeping with Clark. His lover had an amazing habit of showing up and seducing him at the oddest times.

Slick fingers slid into Clark's remarkably welcoming ass, and he marveled for a moment at his own good fortune. Being with Clark not only relieved the boredom of life in Smallville, it made all his other vices pale in comparison. The feeling of Clark's body grabbing Lex's fingers and pulling them into his searing heat was better than anything Club Zero had ever been able to offer.

Clark was ready for him. Lex groaned as he sank balls-deep into the tight, hot space. Lex knew Clark loved to be fucked. Clark said enjoyed doing the fucking, too, but given the choice he always chose the bottom. Lex began to move, angling his thrusts for maximum stimulation for both of them, more than happy to oblige.

Lex reached one oiled hand around to grasp Clark's cock, trailing the other up over the ribcage to unerringly seek the pebbled nipples. A gasp, and the cock in his hand twitched. Another, harder pinch, a low moan and Lex stopped stroking him and moved to cup Clark's balls. He preferred to time it so they came a little closer together, and Clark was already on the verge of release.

He was always quick the first time they made love, but always ready for another go in no time. The advantage and disadvantage of having a teenage lover, and Lex was fine with both. It was very rewarding to be able to make Clark come at the drop of a hat, even if it did sometimes result in a frantic search for tissues.

Clark was whimpering now. Little needy sounds high in his throat, almost sobbing as he called Lex's name. Lex loved these moments, when he could hold Clark on the edge for as long as possible. He moved both hands to brace on Clark's hips and began to really pound into him, the punishing rhythm bringing his own climax near in no time.

Lex knew this would be enough to make Clark come, but it was Valentine's Day, so he figured the boy deserved some help. Plus, he loved to tease and Clark loved to take orders. Lex slid both hands around and wrapped them both around Clark's length, then murmured, "Move, Clark. Get us both off."

Clark moaned again and began thrusting, first forward into Lex's hands and then backwards onto his cock. Just when Lex felt himself about to come, he thrust hard and tightened his grip. Clark came all over the wall. Lex spilled hot seed into Clark.

When conscious thought returned, Lex pulled gently away, bringing Clark with him. He turned them both so that they were embracing under the warm spray, letting the water rinse them somewhat clean.

"Mmmm. Nice." Clark said, running one hand up and down Lex's back. The other still held the forgotten flowers, now soaking wet and slightly crushed.

Lex nuzzled into Clark's chest, holding him close. "Yeah. I guess we're both easy."

"Heh. I guess so. But at least I brought you flowers!"

Title: Easy
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage (16+)
Summary: Written for the LexSlash 'Red as Roses' Valentine's Day Contest and guaranteed 100% plot-free!
Acknowledgements: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers, especially Nora for spawning this bunny for me. Also thanks to the LexSlash list moms for being so nice about 'Velvet' that I just had to find something for the contest.

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