Double Dog Dare
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James and Sirius collapsed, tired and laughing, onto one of the beds in their dormitory. They'd just snuck back in from their latest adventure, wherein they'd stolen a set of McGonagall's plaid knickers and hung them from the doorway of the Great Hall, on a dare from one of the younger students who'd overheard James bragging about some of their exploits. They were still giggling when Remus slammed his way in a few minutes later, his face a roiling stormcloud of conflicting emotions.

"You'll do anything on a dare, won't you, Prongs?" he said, trying his hardest to look disgusted.

Sirius, recognizing that gleam in Remus' eye for one he didn't want to be on the receiving end of, turned promptly into Padfoot and hid behind James, peeking out just enough to watch.

James, of course, just grinned fearlessly and replied, "You know I would. I love a bit of an adventure, and the dares are always so interesting." He paused, giving Remus a calculating look, and added, "Most people's are, anyway, not that you'd ever think to dare me to do more than finish my Charms essays or something."

"Don't think I don't see you back there, Padfoot," said Remus irritably. He hated it when James was right, but it was also for his own good! "I suppose if I thought up something really interesting, you'd do it? No matter what?" He paused for a moment as an idea came over him. "In fact, I could dare you, with the promise that if you do it, I won't bother you for the rest of the term about this." He looked at the glittering black eyes peering over James' hip, then added "Either of you."

Padfoot didn't like the sound of that, but James of course fell right into Remus' trap. "It's a deal. And if I don't do it, I'll actually listen to you when you try to stop me, for the rest of the term," he said confidently, still relaxed and grinning.

It was amazing how quickly they forgot that Remus had just as wicked of an imagination as they did. Or, how quickly James forgot, anyway, as Padfoot had an appropriate look of wariness on his furry face. "Well, you're always going on about how awful it is that I'm a shirtlifter, so I think it's time you gave it a shot. You and him," he said, nodding towards Padfoot's wide-eyed expression. "I'll tell you what to do."

James' eyebrows went right into his hairline as the conversation took a turn he'd never suspected in a million years. "I... we... what?" he spluttered, looking from Remus to Padfoot as though he expected Sirius to turn back and protest right along with him.

Padfoot privately thought that James had got them into this, and he'd fuck well better get them out of it, because Sirius wasn't making another appearance until it was all settled.

"You are going to bottom," said Remus, "because you need to not be top dog for a change. Padfoot or Sirius, whichever he prefers, will fuck your lily-white arse and I'll fuck your mouth, just to keep you from opening it and backing out." Remus leaned against the bedpost with his arms crossed over his chest, looking smug and triumphant. "Or are you going to chicken out?"

"You want... you and Padfoot... but Moony, that's my virginity we're talking about!" James protested, though he'd lost his real virginity to Lily Evans just a few short months ago, and he'd been busily making sure it stayed lost ever since.

"You've not been a virgin for ages," said Remus dismissively. "Perhaps you think you're too good for us?" said Remus dangerously, a dark light in his eyes beneath the twinkle of mischief.

"And you're just going to go along with this?" James demanded, looking at Padfoot imploringly.

Padfoot just cocked his head to one side as if to say, you got us into this. Truth be told, he rather liked the idea of giving the dog a go, as he'd most likely never have another opportunity to try it out in this form. And James had rather needed to be taken down a peg or two ever since he'd finally got Lily to put out for him.

"Fine," said James, standing up and pulling his shirt off, using anger and bravado to mask his fear. "Fine, if you two want to... to violate me, then I won't stop you."

"Oh, stop being such a bloody martyr," said Remus, giving James a shove and toeing off his own shoes. "We'll make sure you enjoy yourself, won't we, Pads?" he said, giving Padfoot an interesting look. He hadn't expected Sirius to remain in Animagus form for the whole thing, but if he did, it would definitely make it worth not being able to disapprove all year, just knowing he'd got James to lower himself to not only being fucked, but fucked by a dog. And Remus would make sure that he liked it, and never let him forget that he had.

Padfoot just panted at them, letting his tail wag of its own accord as he thought about how tight James would feel around his smooth doggie prick, smaller than his real one but probably better for this task in the long run.

James let down a little of his guard and gave Remus the pleading look that none of them could ever deny. "You won't ever tell anyone about this, right? Because Lily'd dump me for cheating on her, even on a dare, and..."

"We won't tell," said Remus, giving Padfoot a stern look. "Right, Pads?"

Padfoot nodded seriously, then rolled over, giving them both a view of his soft grey belly fur and the erection lying red and obvious against it.

James couldn't help but laugh. "I see you're all right with this, anyway. Always did wonder if you had secret desires to get Padfoot a bit of tail."

Remus and Padfoot both snorted, and Padfoot leaned in to lick himself a bit, just for good measure, making his prick shine in the warm light of the room.

Remus and James stripped efficiently, Remus pausing to ward the door and James not quite managing to get himself back onto the bed -- which was, fortunately, Sirius' and not Peter's -- what with Padfoot licking himself shamelessly right in the centre of the red counterpane. "Oi, Pads, shove over," James said finally, his own cock feeling quite small and unhappy faced with Padfoot's obvious eagerness, and Remus' giant prick, the source of much teasing back before he'd known he'd have to try and suck the thing. James sat on the edge of the bed and eyed it, growing larger by the moment it seemed, and joked manfully, "At least I've only got to take Pads' little prick up my arse, I think yours might kill me."

Remus blushed, looking down at his cock with the same surprise he always did, used to being outshined by James and Sirius in anything physical. Anything but this, anyway, though he was a bit self-conscious of it all the same, especially now that it was rising up out of his brown curls at the thought of sliding into James' insolent mouth. "I'm sure you'd survive," said Remus flippantly, neatly folding his clothing to give himself a few moments more, "though it might leave you with a permanent limp."

Padfoot snorted, then gave in to his canine curiosity and moved in to snuffle at Remus' groin, not quite touching it with his cold nose. It smelt good, musky and interesting, and he already couldn't wait to sniff James' arse and maybe taste, if they'd let him get away with it. Looking up at Remus' disapproving stare, he had a feeling he'd get left out altogether if he licked Remus' prick like he wanted to, so he slunk back to a corner of the bed and curled up to wait until he was called upon.

"I suppose we'll have to do this doggie style," said James, having left behind afraid and slipped into a sort of perverted gallows humour as he got up on his hands and knees, his limp little cock and balls hanging down between his legs rather piteously.

"Actually," said Remus, palming his arse just because he could, pulling until he could see the dusky pink opening hidden there, "I thought I'd warm you up a bit first. Roll over."

James did, looking quite dubious even as Remus laid himself out on the bed with his head conveniently between James' spread thighs. He started to say something sarcastic, but lost it completely at the first wet swipe of Remus' tongue over his balls, which he'd never managed to convince Lily to do even after they'd started shagging. "Ohh, that's brilliant, mate," he moaned, spreading his legs further; if the rest of the dare felt this good, James was starting to think he'd end up with the best part of the bargain after all.

For his part, Remus closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the fulfilment of any number of his most cherished wank fantasies as James writhed shamelessly under the onslaught of his mouth. He sucked on James' balls for awhile, a part of the body that several of his one-offs had informed him that girls rarely appreciated properly, his hands stroking up and down the strong thighs, coming closer to their juncture with each pass.

Padfoot watched, envying them both but determined to stay in this form and give his doggie side a chance to have something his human side never would. He finally gathered up his courage and snuck forward, between Remus' invitingly spread thighs, telling himself all he was going to do was sniff.

Remus was quite aware of Padfoot's shifting, but he wasn't James, and Remus appreciated that the unusual form held the mind of one of his best mates -- someone he wouldn't mind having something to hold over later, especially in the way of shagging. He shifted, ostensibly to get a better angle and take James' now-hard cock into his mouth, drawing his knees up under him and teasing his fingers just over the sensitive flesh behind James' balls as he did so.

James nearly levitated off the bed at that, the combination of Remus' all-too-willing mouth doing quite a bit better at sucking him than any girl, and Remus' clever fingers touching him where no one ever had.

Padfoot couldn't any more resist the temptation of Remus' arse now than he could've resisted chewing on Snape's shoes the one time they'd stolen all his clothing during a rare evening shower. He crept forward further, nostrils filled with the enticing scent of Remus' nether regions, thick and musky and just what his doggie nose liked best, then ran his tongue from balls to tailbone in one brave swipe. When no reprimand was forthcoming, he did it again, and again, then settled himself in to give Remus' balls and arse as thorough a tongue-bath as he'd ever given his own.

Remus moaned around James' cock as Padfoot's agile tongue worked over his most sensitive areas, thinking he'd have to dare them more often if this is what he got. He sucked harder, using his tongue to flick over the head and caress the shaft, taking it as much into his mouth as he could manage with his hand around the base to stroke the rest in time with his movements. When he felt James' balls drawing up, and his own near that point as well just from the tongue that was slowly working into his arse, he stopped and sat back. "Now," he said with a wicked grin, "I think you're warmed up."

Fortunately Padfoot knew when to call himself lucky with what he'd got, and he moved his cold nose out of the way before it could come in contact with any of Remus' nicely warmed bits. He curled around Remus' legs instead so he could watch, furry balls aching for his chance at James' delectable-looking arse.

James thought of protesting when Remus stopped, but one look at Remus' face and he rolled over and presented without another word. He felt self-conscious about it, more now than when he'd done it before, with his cock hanging heavy and full beneath him, his body obviously quite willing no matter what his brain might think of it. "You're sure it's got to be Padfoot?" he asked, though honestly he didn't mind that nearly as much as he thought he should, since Padfoot and Sirius were nearly the same thing in his mind these days.

"You'd rather try me?" said Remus with a raised eyebrow, stroking his own thick cock while James stared wide-eyed over one shoulder and shook his head. "Thought not." Remus picked up his wand and cast a spell that he was pretty sure neither of his roommates knew of, that would clean and lubricate James as well as relax the muscles just enough to make things easier for all concerned.

James' eyes went wide as he felt tingling warmth in places where he'd tried very hard not to feel anything at all up until now. "That's... different," he said, finding that he couldn't actually complain about it, since his cock seemed to like the feeling quite a lot.

Remus next used a spell they all knew quite well, slicking his fingers with the magical lubricant that was a lonely boy's best friend. "This will be, too, just relax and try to push back at me," said Remus, one hand parting James' cleft as he slid one slick finger over and around the wet little opening.

Padfoot scooted around so he could see exactly what was going on, his nose just inches from butting into Remus' hand as one slender finger slipped inside. James' moans were music to Padfoot's ears, and he found himself rocking just slightly against the coverlet, wishing Remus would hurry up before he rubbed himself raw, or got himself off.

"Stop that," said Remus sharply, and Padfoot stilled his hips with an effort, sinking down to put his head on his paws and stare mournfully back up at his best mate. "None of that, I've got to take my time getting him ready for you."

"Will he feel this good?" asked James tentatively, afraid that Remus would never let him live it down now that he'd admitted to enjoying the slick glide of Remus' finger moving inside him. It didn't hurt at all, far from it, and it lit up nerves in his arse he hadn't known wanted touching, giving nearly as much pleasure as having his balls sucked.

"Better," Remus promised, all thoughts of using this for revenge fallen away as James bent down and moaned shamelessly, arse grasping at his finger. He added a second and got a whimper, but he could tell it was a good one so he kept on with it, moving in and out until he felt James relaxing around him. "Roll over, Pads, let me see how big you are," he said, not sure if James would need another finger or if this would be enough.

Padfoot complied readily, baring his unsheathed cock to Remus' sight, long and slender. Remus pulled his hand out of James and slicked Padfoot up with the last of the lube, making Padfoot whine with need.

"Ready?" Remus asked, looking from one to the other.

James was already missing those clever fingers, and he nodded eagerly at the promise of better and more. "Am I still... you know," he asked, nodding toward Remus leaking cock. He wasn't sure he wanted to, but he wasn't sure he didn't want to, either, and he wouldn't let Moony weasel out of his forfeit by not fulfilling all provisos of the dare.

"You are," said Remus with a chuckle, amused at James' change in attitude. "Just let me get Padfoot started, I want to be sure he doesn't hurt you in his... enthusiasm."

"I do appreciate that," said James, a frisson of fear running through him at the idea of being hurt by the overzealous dog, despite knowing it was really Sirius trapped inside the fuzzy skull.

Padfoot had rolled over and was standing now, leaning against Remus in an unsubtle attempt to shove him out of the way as his body's instincts rose and told him there was a hot, wet hole only a few inches from his nose and just asking for his cock. Remus grinned and moved, ruffling his fur gently and even going so far as to help him get into position with his forelegs on either side of James' ribs, his cock poking into the sensitive flesh behind James' balls. His body took over after that, and a few short, awkward thrusts were all it took to get him into James' body, his cock sinking into the tight space like it was going home.

James moaned, turned on beyond belief at the sheer wrongness of it even more than the heat and sensation of Padfoot's cock filling him, deflowering his now-eager body. Padfoot was hot and heavy on top of him, but hotter still where the red cock speared into his arse, thrusting back and forth over something absolutely brilliant inside him, and he began rocking into each movement just to get more.

Remus watched for a few moments, a little disturbed by how hot it was to watch James get fucked by Padfoot, knowing who they were and that they were doing this for him -- or at least wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for him since they both seemed to be deep in their own pleasure now. He scooted around to the head of the bed and sat propped up against the pillows, spreading his legs right in front of James' face. "Open your eyes," he said, though he'd miss the look of bliss on James' face.

James did, and found himself face-to-face with Remus' fat cock and hairy balls. Even half an hour ago he would have recoiled, but after all Remus had done for him, and with Padfoot's prick working itself rapidly in and out of his stretched arse, he could only think that he was happy to be returning the favour. His tongue flicked out, tasting sweat and musk on Remus' balls, exploring at the strange texture of the wrinkled skin, and he was gratified when that got a moan out of Remus. He let his eyes close again and began working over the heavy bollocks with his mouth, licking and sucking shamelessly, listening for each whimper and gasp above him for his reward.

Padfoot kept his eyes open and fixed on the sight in front of him, though his brain wasn't processing much beyond the feeling of James' arse, hot and tight around him as his body thrust without any direction from him. James looked utterly sublime, and Remus impressively smug as James lapped at his balls as though they were the best treat ever, a fact with which Padfoot could only agree. He whined in his throat as his release approached much faster than he'd have liked, hips pumping frantically now.

Remus was almost too distracted by James' newfound enthusiasm for his bollocks to realize what Padfoot's whine meant, but he managed to pull his brain together for just a moment. "Suck me, James," he ordered sharply, then he looked up at Padfoot's furry, ecstatic face and said with equal authority, "Sirius! Come back to us, Sirius."

Sirius could no more have disobeyed than he could have stopped himself from coming just as soon as he did. He changed back into a boy and felt James grow impossibly tighter around him as his prick expanded, and came two short thrusts later, spilling himself into James with a shout.

James was glad he'd taken a moment to collect himself, or he'd have choked when the cock in his arse grew quite a bit larger, and he felt skin rather than fur pressed against his back. Sirius' shouted orgasm was enough to snap him out of it, though, as he had a job to do and not a lot of time to do it, if Sirius was going to be like a normal bloke and pull right out and roll over. He stretched his mouth around the head of Remus' cock, his hand going to the base as Remus' had, brain barely registering the taste in favour of trying to coordinate sucking and licking without any sort of accidental biting coming into play.

Remus moaned, threading his hands in James' hair. The inexpert blowjob was almost as good as any skilled lover he'd had, not that there had been many, just because it was given with the single-minded enthusiasm James put into everything he decided to do. "Fuck, Prongs, Pads, fuck, ohfuck," he babbled, head hitting the headboard with a loud thunk that he ignored entirely in favour of watching James suck him with sloppy eagerness.

Sirius kept rocking his hips, knowing from experience that he'd get hard again in a minute if he kept where he was, wanting to try this out as a boy now that he'd made the shift still in a position, as it were, to have it. "Fuck, James, you feel so good on my cock," he murmured, reaching around as he'd heard it was polite to do and stroking James' cock, finding it bigger than his but smaller than Remus' monster and feeling not the least inadequate as his erection firmed back up and he made James moan with a particularly firm thrust.

James couldn't believe that Sirius was still fucking him, that Sirius was fucking him at all for that matter, and he liked it, loved it if he were to be perfectly honest with himself, just as much as he loved the taste and feel of Remus in his mouth, Remus moaning and writhing at his mercy. He'd finally got the hang of it, mostly, and Remus had stopped talking altogether in order to thrust shallowly and pant quite a lot, which were both things James could identify with from having had Remus' mouth on his cock earlier.

Remus opened his eyes long enough to watch as Sirius fucked James harder, hand on James' hip to keep from shoving him down on Remus' cock too much and the other wrapped around James' straining prick, and that was all it took. Remus spiralled over the edge and just managed to give James' hair a frantic tug before he was filling his best mate's mouth with thick seed. "Ohgod, James, that... oh, Prongs."

James swallowed as best he could, barely managing not to choke as Sirius' relentless thrusts kept forcing him down onto the pulsing cock in his mouth. It was bitter and salty, thick and pretty much entirely unpleasant, and he suddenly had more sympathy for girls who didn't like to swallow, but he wasn't some girl so he got down what he could, though he couldn't quite manage to make himself lick up the rest. Instead he pulled his head away and laid it down on one of Remus' thighs, panting and moaning with his mouth against Remus' balls, tongue flicking out from time to time just because he could, now, and probably couldn't tomorrow.

"Fuck, Moony, you look so brilliant like that," said Sirius, wondering if it was a bad sign that he was already trying to think of excuses to do this again, just to see that look on Remus' face. He thrust harder, faster now that James wasn't busy, hand moving in tandem with his hips as if trying to pull James' orgasm out of him by sheer force of will.

James was no longer worried about sucking Remus or saving face or any of the other distractions that had kept him from entirely enjoying the novel sensations of being fucked by his best mate. He was panting and moaning open-mouthed against Remus' balls, his cock and arse slowly becoming his whole world as he was assaulted with relentless pleasure from inside and out. He gasped and made an utterly undignified noise as Sirius gave a particularly hard thrust and set fireworks off inside him, the one final bit of pleasure that he'd needed to find his release. He cried out softly, burying his face in Remus' moist, fragrant groin as his cock spurted over the sheets and Sirius' fist, shuddering as Sirius kept thrusting, drawing out the sensations until they were almost unbearable.

That was enough to send Sirius over the edge a second time, and James had barely stopped trembling when he fell. His hips snapped forward one last time of their own accord, burying him to the hilt in James' tight arse as he spilled his seed deep inside, this time with perfect silence as his eyes met Remus' and he suddenly understood a lot of things he never had before. Like why Remus was a queer, for one, and why Remus had dared them to do this, and the fact that he was probably ruined for girls now that he'd felt the tight clasp of a man's arse and could see the lust in Remus' gaze that said he could feel it again, if he so chose.

All it would take was admitting what he wanted, and that, Sirius thought, would be the easiest bit. "Get under the covers," said Sirius callously, giving James' arse a slap as he pulled out and watched a trickle of white escape down James' thigh. Remus chuckled and spelled the curtains closed on all three of their beds, dismissed the door wards and then helped Sirius to get James' tired form under the blankets and snuggled up between them.

James cuddled them both shamelessly and said, "S'brilliant, Moony. Best dare ever."

Remus couldn't help but laugh, pretending he didn't hear the edge of hysteria in his own voice. "Should've dared you to do it ages ago, I suppose," he said, stroking a hand over James' cheek with the sort of affection that would've got him called a big girl's blouse yesterday, but just got a happy little smile tonight.

"You'll just have to dare us again," said Sirius, meeting Remus' gaze and letting his sincerity show through, though he couldn't help but bite his lip nervously as he realized he'd just propositioned Remus and James both.

Remus laughed and ruffled both their hair. "Maybe, or maybe I'll just ask. After all, it wasn't like you protested much." He looked shy at that, but James just wrapped a hand around his neck and kissed him soundly, once, before snuggling back down and looking sleepily content.

Sirius grinned and stole a kiss as well, then planted a very loud, obnoxious one on James' mouth just because he'd had the gall to roll over and sleep on them. "Asking is good."

"Shutting up is better," said James, giving Sirius an elbow in his ribs. His arse felt distinctly squelchy, and if they didn't let him sleep he'd have to get up and shower, which was sure to spoil all this good afterglow.

Remus rolled his eyes, but snuggled obediently down into the pillows and exchanged a conspiratorial glance with Sirius. "I think you wanted it, deep down," said Sirius, getting comfortable as well, though his bare bum was distressingly close to the edge of the bed. "After all, he didn't even have to double dog dare you."

Title: Double Dog Dare
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/James/Padfoot, Remus/James/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, rimming, Animagus bestiality, mild coercion
Summary: James will do anything for a dare.
Acknowledgements: For fluffylama. Thanks to juice817 for the beta, and the whole closet for encouraging me to kamikaze this in one afternoon!

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