Crossing Lines
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Lex pulled over onto the side of a deserted country road, parking his car near a sign that read, 'Welcome to Nebraska'. The sun was almost painfully bright as he pulled off his designer sunglasses, carefully putting them away before turning towards Clark. Clark's caramel-apple skin was limned with gold; his hair held warm mahogany-red highlights that only showed up on days like these. Lex's breath caught for a moment at the love shining from those impossibly blue eyes.

At his silence, Clark's expression melted from blinding affection down to mere curiosity, with a hint of sardonic humor twitching at one corner of his generous mouth. "You drove me all the way out here to see the state line?"

Lex grinned at his young lover. Clark was going to turn sixteen tomorrow, and something that his lawyer had mentioned to him recently had given him an idea. A birthday present for Clark, and one more way to bind them together in their bizarre little hobby. "Well, not exactly. You see, I recently became aware that there's a federal law against taking a minor across state lines for the purposes of performing illegal sexual acts."

A slow grin broke over Clark's face, the hints of laughter realizing themselves into a sort of cynical joy. Lex felt more blinded by the smile than the sunshine, and he felt himself wanting to squint against the brightness of it. "Well, I know how we both feel about breaking the law. Does this mean...?"

Lex's smile turned sensual, teasing. "That depends." His tongue came out to wet lips suddenly gone dry, and he heard Clark's breath catch. "Are you in the mood to break a few more, Clark? Out here in the open, in public. One foot in Kansas, one in Nebraska. There's even a small chance some state trooper might come by and try to haul my ass to jail."

Clark had his shirt off before Lex finished the first question. Shoes next, and he was shimmying out of his jeans on the word 'jail'.

Lex leaned back into his seat, letting his eyes close, contemplating the dim red network of veins backlit on the insides of his eyelids. He swallowed, once, twice. Rebuilt the careful composure that Clark's impromptu striptease had threatened to shatter. That the entire situation had been trying to bring crashing down around him since he first thought of the idea, first began preparations, first left the house, and every mile of road thereafter. He was achingly hard.

He reopened his eyes, drinking in the sight of Clark, fidgeting in the passenger seat with barely contained excitement. Clark was already hard as a rock, and Lex couldn't resist stretching out one pale index finger to collect the single drop of pre-come glistening at the tip. Bringing the finger to his mouth, he licked the salty fluid off and said, "I'll take that as a yes. Well, get out and arrange yourself, then. I'll grab the supplies out of the trunk."

Lex had thought for a long time how to spend this last day before Clark reached the official age of consent. Not that he didn't plan on violating his young lover on and after his birthday, but they'd both gotten a special forbidden thrill out of knowing that every time Lex got into Clark's pants, he was risking serious jail time. Clark seemed to feel that it showed an extra level of commitment, that Lex was putting his future on the line to be with him. Lex just liked being bad.

Lex grabbed the duffel bag out of the trunk and walked around the car. Over to where Clark was posing, head thrown back, leaning against the rough wooden signpost. One leg raised, only partially blocking the view of his blood-darkened cock, and Lex wondered just how much he could make on the black market if he videotaped this. Was glad he had it all to himself, a private showing in this public venue.

"I've got something special for you, Clark. Turn around, and put your hands as far above your head as you can reach.

Clark obeyed immediately, radiating excitement. For a boy so bent on doing the right thing in his everyday life, he was always eager to do the wrong thing in bed. Or on the balcony, in the bathroom at the Beanery, or even out on the side of the highway in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

Sun-drenched took on a whole new meaning when the light slanted over curves and planes of a boy already colored golden by its rays. Clark stretched upwards like a cat, up onto his toes for a moment before spreading his legs a little and leaning in. He shook out his hair, lolling his head back and letting his back arch, sticking his ass out in an obvious and welcome display.

Lex came up behind him and slipped a supple leather blindfold over Clark's eyes, blocking out the brightness. He ran his hands possessively down his lover's body, stopping to slide one thumb roughly over Clark's hole. Clark had taken up the habit of keeping himself slick and stretched so he could tempt Lex into fucking him in strange places, and today was no exception. The long car ride had given the muscles time to tighten up, but Lex's thumb slid easily inside.

Lex leaned in to whisper in his hear, thumb teasing Clark's opening. "You know how I love it when you're ready for me, Clark. But you're going to have to use a little patience today before I can fuck you."

Clark smiled, leaning towards Lex's voice. "It's apple, Lex. Your.. mmm.. favorite."

Lex threw his head back and laughed, pulling out his thumb and squatting down to nip at Clark's ass with his teeth. "Apple, huh? Well, I'll just have to work that into my plans somehow."

Clark jumped as more of the sharp little nips were scattered across his cheeks. Lex's strong hands spread his cheeks wide, and a more serious bite landed on the inside right, just above the crease. Another on the other side, and Lex could already taste the apples. Bright, artificial sweetness mixed with the salty tang of Clark as Lex swiped his tongue up Clark's cleft, one wide lick from perineum to the small of his back.

Clark whimpered. Lex bit him again, for good measure. "Lex, please!"

Lex spread Clark even wider, exposing the small pink hole to the afternoon sunlight. He blew over it lightly before leaning in to tease. Small circles with the tip of his tongue, sweet slickness over the rough skin of Clark's puckered opening. He savored the feeling for a few minutes, teasing spirals from the hot center out to the tender skin around it and back again. Clark's moans turned to whimpers, and Lex plunged in as far as he could go. Clark moaned and bent forward, pressing into Lex's probing tongue.

In and out, Lex tonguefucked his lover ruthlessly. He moved one hand to the front and teasingly caressed the underside of Clark's twitching cock. Lex rummaged around the bag with his free hand, finding the dildo he'd bought just for this occasion. He ran it up Clark's thigh, nudged at his hole with it. Stood up to whisper in his ear again, "I could give you this while you wait."

Clark usually went non-verbal pretty quickly on in this kind of session, as though the loss of sight took away his powers of speech as well. A soft moan and a nod were enough consent for Lex, who began to ease the toy into Clark's tight ass. It took some work, but eventually he got the whole thing in. Clark was already sweaty and panting, and Lex took no small amount of pride in his ability to get Clark this hot, this quickly.

Lex took out a hammer and nail, and some wrist cuffs. He knew it would have been faster to get Clark to do this part, but he got a certain satisfaction out of doing some things himself. He pulled Clark's feet away from the pole until he was bent over at just the right angle, exposed to the empty road. One foot on one side of the sign, one on the other. Ready to be taken, literally across the state line. Clark's hands slid down the pole just enough for Lex to reach them, and he cuffed Clark's wrists and then nailed the strap between them to the signpost.

Out of the bag came a second set of supple leather cuffs, quickly fastened around Clark's ankles. A stretcher bar was next, pulling Clark's legs open as wide as they could go and then some, exposing the base of the toy obscenely. Lex sat back to enjoy the sight for a moment. He knew that doing something this elaborate in a public place was a big risk, but he felt the rewards were worth it. The sight of his lover, glistening with sweat, hair darkening to black against his caramel skin. Head thrown back, mouth open and chest heaving as he drew short, panting breaths.

Lex got out another new toy, this one intended as a surprise for Clark. Lex took Clark's balls in his hand, tugging just a little roughly until they were pulled down and away from his body. Clark moaned softly; his cock jumped. Lex buckled the weighted strap around the top of Clark's sac, then leaned in to suck gently on the tender skin pulled taut over his balls. Clark's moans degenerated into whimpers.

Pre-come dripped in clear strands off the head of Clark's erection; Lex decided that a cock ring was in order. Lex used a simple leather strap, snapping it around Clark's cock and balls. It would increase the tension from the weights, while delaying Clark's release.

"Do you like that, Clark? You're displayed out here, for anyone to see. Someone could drive by and see you, see even from the road that you're being fucked." Lex started slowly, deliberately fucking him with the toy. "They could see your ass, see this in your hole. I'd hear them coming, I could hide, but you... The whole world can see you."

Clark moaned. Dirty talk was one of his favorite parts, as Lex had found out early on. Clark liked to be reminded just how bad he was being. He was arching into the dildo now, head bowed, surrender written in every line of his body. Lex started toying with Clark's nipples, pinching and twisting first one then the other. Although Lex wanted to play with him a little more, maybe draw things out, the danger increased with every passing minute.

Lex grinned, deciding he'd let Clark choose.

"Should I fuck you now, Clark? Take my cock out and ram it into you? Stand here on the side of the road, fully clothed, using your naked underage ass?"

Clark's moaned, pleading. Only one word was coherent, but it was enough. "Yes."

Lex grabbed the lube and a plastic baggie. He slid the dildo out of Clark and was answered with a whimper as he stowed it in the baggie, then his pocket. Lex stepped behind his lover, ears open for vehicle noises as he finally pulled his aching cock out of his pants and slicked it up. This was always the biggest risk; he could go to jail for a long time after being caught with his dick actually inside the ass of a bound and blindfolded fifteen-year-old boy.

It was, of course, their favorite part.

Clark nearly screamed when Lex slid into him, just slow enough to not quite satisfy Clark's need to be pounded. Lex was fairly certain that Clark would have come then and there if it wasn't for the cock ring, and felt a little spark of triumph that made his cock jump as he pulled nearly all the way out and then slammed back in. Heat and tightness surrounded his cock. Lex ran his hands aimlessly over his lover's body, drowning himself in the feel of Clark straining beneath his hands.

Lex felt him starting up a litany, the words flowing out of him in counterpoint to his lover's cries of ecstasy. Lex never quite knew afterwards what he said in the heat of the moment, but it always seemed to make Clark happy, so he didn't worry too much about it. Clark's moans had been loud enough to eclipse his soft chanting the one time he'd thought to turn on the sound in the videotape. Clark had just given him an amused look, and refused to tell.

Neither of them ever lasted long when they were like this, and today was no exception. It only took a few dozen strokes before Lex was reduced to crying out Clark's name as he came, buried to the hilt in Clark's ass.

Clark whimpered a little when Lex pulled out, and a quick glance showed why. Clark's cock was purple and throbbing in time to his pulse. Lex knelt in front of his lover. He took the toy out of his pocket and positioned it once more at Clark's entrance, gaining another whimper. He shoved it in roughly, letting the movement push Clark's hips forward. Lex's open mouth easily captured Clark's cock, and he leaned in to take the entire length.

A few strokes of the dildo, aimed carefully to hit Clark's prostate, and Clark was pleading almost coherently for release. This was the point that Lex had been working towards, where Clark went all the way through non-verbal and out the other side, so desperately wound up that his brain kicked back in, trying to find any path to orgasm.

Lex obliged him finally; he reached up to release the snap, timing it to combine with a particularly vicious thrust. Clark screamed his lover's name as he came, and Lex wondered if any nearby farmers would hear and wonder. When Clark's orgasm finally subsided, Lex pulled the toy out of Clark and dropped it unceremoniously to the ground. He'd leave it here for the locals to find and be shocked by, he decided. A little souvenir of their visit.

He let Clark's softening cock slip out of his mouth with a little regret. Clark leaned heavily against the signpost, panting as Lex freed him from his bonds. Ankles first, then wrists, and Clark surprised Lex by grabbing his hand when he went to take the ball-weight off. "Leave it. For the ride home."

A tingle of desire shot through Lex. This was new, and he suddenly regretted the dildo lying in the dirt. Tried to remember if he had any other toys with him, but then shook himself back to reality. One thing at a time, and he'd make sure to find something large, vibrating and wireless for Clark's birthday party tomorrow.

He took the blindfold off, and folded Clark in his arms. This was actually one of the best parts, when they were both sated and glowing, and they would kiss as if to devour one another. They necked for long moments, sharing the taste of Clark's come and reliving the echoes of spent passion.

Clark suddenly stiffened in Lex's arms, pulling his mouth reluctantly away. "Lex, I hear someone coming. We have to go."

Clark walked over to the car, his gait made awkward from the heavy band weighing down his balls. Not bothering to pry out the nail, Lex unhooked the cuffs and left the strap that had joined them. He tossed the rest of the toys into the bag, leaving the dildo on the ground where he'd dropped it.

He belatedly remembered to tuck himself into his pants, getting everything put away and jumping into the car just as the sound of the approaching vehicle finally reached his ears. Clark had already managed to get dressed, and made a show of shoving his underwear into the glove compartment as they pulled away, heading back towards Smallville.

Title: Crossing Lines
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM, underage (15)
Summary: Lex and Clark break the law while they still can.
Acknowledgements: Written for the first Silk & Flannel zine.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.