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For the first time in his life, Harry felt as though there was nothing missing, felt that ever-present hollow in his chest filled with something other than grief. Here in circumstances many would find humiliating, he found himself the happiest he'd ever been. He was bound with lengths of scratchy brown rope, a web of it decorating his whole body. His hands were tied behind his back, fingers wrapped around the opposite forearms. His back was bowed, a rope running from neck to ankles assuring he'd remain that way. More ropes held him suspended from the ceiling, tied his ankles to his thighs, spread his knees wide and arse wider.

Harry Potter was bound completely, and he'd never felt so free.

This was just the beginning of his torment, though. Snape admired his handiwork, running his hands along the ropes, pinching a nipple, stroking along Harry's rampant, unbound cock. "Whatever shall we do with this, Mr. Potter?" he asked, pushing a fingernail into the slit and sending a jolt of exquisite pain up Harry's spine.

Since Harry was gagged as well as bound, he declined to answer. Snape seemed to already have something in mind anyway, and he produced a long, thin metal rod with a small egg-shaped bulb at the bottom. "Perhaps this will give you something to think about other than causing mischief," he said, dipping the end in a pot of unguent. Harry didn't even have time to wonder what it was for before the tip of it slipped into the tip of him, and he moaned behind his gag.

The sensation was agony, ecstasy, his cock being fucked by the little toy, made into just another orifice for Snape to ravage. Snape worked the slick little device down Harry's shaft, deeper and deeper until Harry thought he might scream. Snape saw the tears flowing from Harry's eyes behind his glasses and smirked -- Harry was always allowed his glasses, the better to see his own predicament and know he couldn't do a thing to prevent it.

"Perfect," he said, giving the rod a little flick with his finger. The end of it vibrated with the blow, stimulating Harry's prick from the inside, while the little rosebud buried deep in his cock made absolutely sure Harry wouldn't be coming any time soon. Harry moaned his agreement into the gag; Snape was right, it was perfect.

Snape took up a length of green velvet ribbon and bound Harry's cock and balls as thoroughly as his body was bound, each little nudge shifting the rod inside him and sending waves of pain and pleasure through him. Each small sound Harry made brought a look of utmost satisfaction to Snape's features.

"You're such a delight tonight, Potter," said Snape, flicking the rod once more. "I'll have to use these on you more often."

Harry whimpered at the thought, at the glint in Snape's eye and the evil little smile on his face as he opened another small box and drew out the familiar contents, a pair of toothed clamps he placed on Harry's tender nipples. The pain was nothing compared to having his cock fucked by that wicked rod, but it brought fresh tears to Harry's eyes nonetheless. "Lovely," said Snape, giving the chain between them a tug. "Your pain is such a joy to me, Potter, payment for years of trying to teach you."

Harry whimpered again as he waited to see what Snape would do. This part was always the worst, anticipating Snape's choice of objects to penetrate him with -- it was rarely Snape's cock, but instead a variety of cruel and unusual devices that would torment Harry without Snape's intervention. Snape would leave Harry hanging like that in the middle of his classroom while he graded papers or evaluated student potions. He delighted in letting Harry know when the door was unlocked, that someone might walk in at any time.

Tonight, of course, was one such night.

"I believe you require special attention tonight," said Snape, walking around Harry in a circle, pinching at Harry's flesh with cruel fingers, scratching sensitive skin with his yellowed nails. "I've made something special just for you," he said, pulling a small stoppered vial from his pocket. "Let's see how you like it."

Snape poured a single drop of the sticky golden fluid on each of Harry's nipples, then another onto the head of his cock, just where the rod disappeared into the slit. Almost immediately a burning sensation set in, followed by a chill tingle. Harry's eyes went wide, and Snape smiled. "I see it's working. Good," Snape said, and proceeded to soak the velvet bindings on Harry's cock with it until his entire groin was on fire, the thick fluid dripping down his crack to seep into the wrinkles of his entrance.

He'd thought it was bad on his cock, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of having it on his most tender of places. He struggled in his bonds futilely, knowing there was nothing he could really do. By his own consent, Snape had free reign to be as creative and cruel as he wanted. Somehow at the start of the night, all flushed with anticipation and need, Harry always forgot these moments when he was reduced to nerves and need, pain and pleasure so close together that he couldn't even tell them apart anymore.

Of course, these were the moments he came here for.

Snape had apparently been busy while Harry was distracted, and a small sound of satisfaction caused Harry's eyes to snap open again. Snape was holding a glistening object, one of Harry's most hated tormentors; the long, thick obsidian snake would come to life once it was placed at Harry's entrance and burrow into him, then relentlessly nudge at his prostate with its blunt nose until Snape removed it. Harry had a sinking feeling he knew exactly what fluid it was coated in, and he screamed into his gag when Snape slid it into him with no preparation at all.

As his body adjusted to its girth, the burning and tingling set in, and Harry knew he'd been right.

"I have a study group tonight," said Snape conversationally, pocketing the vial and waving his wand to Banish the rest of the toys to wherever they were kept when they weren't being used on Harry. "I'll be casting a limited invisibility charm on you, but if you make any noise at all, or even move too much, the charm will be break, leaving you in full view of my NEWT students. Do you understand, Potter?"

Tears leaking from his eyes, body aflame with torment and lust, all Harry could do was nod miserably at this new quirk in their games. If the students were to see him like this, then his humiliation would be truly complete, and though a part of him longed for the freedom that would give him, the small portion of his brain still focused on his real responsibilities knew that he'd do his best not to dismiss the glamour and reveal himself.

Snape's grim smile told Harry that it was going to be a long, long night.

Title: Complete
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, BDSM, object penetration, and more kink
Summary: Harry finds peace at Snape's mercy.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to juice817 for the beta.

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