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It all started for Clark when he heard a very interesting rumor. Well, Chloe had heard it first, and then used it to pressure him into joining the football team again so she'd have a "man inside"; Pete had proved too loyal to his fellow players to be of any use to her. Whatever was going on, Pete had refused to even admit the existence of such gossip, let alone confirm or deny the truth of it.

And what a tale it was. Lex, it seemed, had lost a bet with a friend of his. Some kind of weird, stupid, drunken thing that had happened the last time he'd been in Metropolis, or so they said. Something about the football team, and whether or not they won their Homecoming game, and a cheerleader's uniform. There the stories got vague; once in said uniform, Lex had to do something for the team, but no one knew what.

Clark, of course, would have to join the team so that he could find out what. Ostensibly for the Torch, but if it was the sort of thing they were hinting at, he wouldn't want to miss it for the world. It might be his only chance to see Lex like that, to touch him, taste him. And oh, man, he'd better make sure Chloe didn't guess that this was the real reason he caved so easily to her demands, because she'd never let him hear the end of it.

After he'd agreed, Clark wandered off to see if the new coach needed a midseason replacement. Thankfully, no one had taken the slot that Mark Schaffer's broken ankle had left empty, and the very next day he found himself sitting on the bench in his shiny new uniform, listening to the voices drifting over the row of lockers in front of him.

"Dude, do you really think he's gonna do it?"

"He wouldn't have come and told us so if he wasn't. I mean, he could get arrested for this! Why would he lie?"

"Man, we'd better win, then, because I hear he can suck a golf ball through a garden hose."

"I wanna backdoor him, man. My girlfriend would never let me do that!"

"Dude, that's sick."

"What can I say, I'm a horn dog. If it's got a skirt on, I'll put my dick in it!"

Clark finished getting dressed and hurried after as they meandered out to the practice field, his head spinning. Lex really had promised to do the football team if they won. In a cheerleading uniform. His mouth and ass offered up to all those normal, horny young boys.

And now, Clark was one of them. He couldn't help grinning as he ran out into the sunlight and prepared to pretend to be normal. After all, horny and young he could do in a heartbeat.

It began much earlier for Lex. A month before the first rumors were trickling out of the football team and into the Smallville High population, Lex had spent a week in Metropolis catching up on LuthorCorp business and getting trashed with an old friend from boarding school, Bruce Wayne.

He and Bruce had always had a rivalry that extended from the business world to the bedroom and beyond. They fucked with fierce abandon that neither of them would show anyone else, they fought for control of the same companies and properties on principal alone, and they had a one more long-standing tradition. They made bets.

They bet on strange and unpredictable things, and they never, ever bet money. Money was something they both had in abundance, and didn't need or want to have interfering in their fun. And despite the sometimes serious consequences of losing, it was all in fun.

Bruce and Lex were both starting their last year at school. They'd been sitting up in one of the empty classrooms, having an illicit smoke and watching the boys wander the grounds below. Lex had pointed out one of the new kids, a pretty young redhead from Dublin. "I'll bet you he's got a boyfriend within the week."

Peering out to see where Lex was pointing, Bruce replied, "I think it'll take at least a month; he's hardcore Irish Catholic."

Lex looked thoughtful for a moment, taking a drag on the cigarette before asking, "Well, do you want to?"

"Want to what? I may be 17 but I still need more than half a cigarette's recovery time." Bruce gestured towards his crotch, still glistening with spit and come. Lex had gotten a lot better at blowjobs thanks to Bruce's kind assistance, and enthusiastic reciprocation.

Lex mock-slapped him. "Not that! Man, is that all you ever think about? I meant, do you want to bet? If it takes less than two weeks, I win. Two to six weeks, you win. Longer, it's a draw."

Bruce sat back and gave Lex his full attention. "First off," he replied, "how come you get upgraded to two weeks? And secondly, what would we bet for?"

"I get an extra week because it's already been three days since orientation and I know you, you'd weasel out. And I don't know, what do you think? Money's too bourgeois, and we already give one another all the sexual favors a boy could want."

"Not all," replied Bruce, leering. They hadn't yet crossed that final threshold to anal sex, and Bruce was definitely interested in going where no man had gone before, at least where Lex's ass was concerned.

"OK, so you want to bet our cherries? Whoever loses, gets buggered."

"And if it's a tie?"

"We both continue on with our cherries intact."

Bruce grinned, staring at Lex's ass in a decidedly proprietary manner. "You're on."

They'd shaken hands, and a tradition had begun.

Five years later, they'd been drinking their way through Metropolis' gay bars, and Lex had spotted a familiar face on the dance floor. "Bruce. Bruce!"

Bruce leaned in so they could talk over the loud music. "What?"

"Isn't that Eric O'Reilly? From school?" Lex pointed at the lithe young redhead dancing in one of the cages.

"Too young," replied Bruce dismissively.

"No way. I'll bet you that's Eric."

"A bet, huh? OK, I'll bet you that's not Eric, and furthermore, I'll bet you that he's not even old enough to work here."

"That's not fair. Even if he was Eric, he wouldn't be old enough. Eric's 3 years younger than us, remember?"

Bruce chuckled, remembering Eric well from the one year they'd had together. He'd lost that first bet when Eric had latched onto him as a protector, and turned out to be not only quite willing but eager to join in the traditional extracurricular activities of an English boarding school.

Bruce hadn't even minded giving it up to Lex first. Lex had been a considerate lover, and had eagerly reciprocated when Bruce had reported the experience to be highly pleasurable. Nor had Eric minded being with both Bruce and Lex during that last year. They'd all three spent the term happy, but exhausted. After all that, the one thing Bruce was sure of was that the boy in that cage was not his Eric.

"All right," Bruce capitulated. "Eric or not Eric. What stakes?" Lex always came up with the best ideas, and they both knew it. His mind was just more twisted -- at least when it came to fun -- than Bruce's.

"Something to commemorate Our Eric, of course. How about, loser bottoms for a person of the winner's choice?"

Bruce grinned. It was perfect, of course. "You're on. But I'll raise you. Whether or not it's Eric, I'll bet you that he'd fuck us both for $200."

"Both of us? That's pretty cheap for a club like this. And not all the dancers hook." Lex gave him a speculative look, sensing that Bruce had something up his sleeve. "And the stakes?"

"Bottoming for the group of the winner's choice."

"You're on." Lex pulled out a $20 bill -- big enough to get their boy's attention, but no so big as to blow the second half of the bet -- and they threaded their way through the dancers. Lex slipped him the tip just as the song was ending, and sure enough, he climbed down to talk to them.

"You guys want a lap dance?" He asked, avoiding their eyes.

"Actually, we were thinking of something a little more... personal." Bruce decided to go right into the pitch, and settle the first half of the bet later.

"Both of you?" Soft green eyes flicked up to Bruce, over to Lex and back down. "How much?"

"Two hundred. No rough stuff." Bruce took care not to push, or seem too eager. He knew from experience that eagerness always made the seller up their price, no matter what the commodity.

"Yeah, all right. I have two more songs in this set, and then I'm done for the night. I'll meet you by the bar in 15 minutes, OK?" Their maybe-Eric looked sort of lost and afraid, and Lex and Bruce exchanged an unreadable glance.

"You've got it," said Bruce.

"What's your name, anyway? I can't keep calling you 'hey you' all night." Lex dropped the question casually, not wanting to get the typical fake many rent boys used with their johns.

"Eric... er... yeah. Sorry, Eric." He looked up and met their eyes for the first time, and Bruce's heart contracted as he saw the face of their high school fling staring back, dark circles around his sad green eyes. "I know you recognize me." His eyes dropped again, his voice almost inaudible in the loud club as he added, "I'd've done it for free, if I didn't need the money."

The music started up again, and Eric squirreled his way back up to the cage for his last few dances while Bruce and Lex made their way over to the bar.

"Fuck, Bruce. He looks like shit! We've got to do something." Just as fun was Lex's area, this was Bruce's department; any overly humanitarian act on Lex's part would inevitably either be used against him or simply thwarted by his father.

"I'm already thinking; I might have something for him in Gotham, it depends if he's addicted to something or just down on his luck." Bruce felt the weight of one more responsibility settle over him like a familiar cloak. "I'm sorry we were right, Lex."

Lex looked up at him, eyes dark and pensive. "Me, too. I think for my stakes, I'm going to pick Eric. He never did get to top when we were in school, and I think it would..." Lex shrugged painfully, "you know. But we have to make sure he knows that it's not about the money, so... not tonight. Tonight, we'll just take him back to the penthouse and... talk. Catch up."

Bruce was surprised, but pleased. If Lex was honoring his end of the bet in such a way, perhaps it left him open to a little manipulation of Bruce's own; the seed of his idea flowered as he casually asked, "Smallville's got a football team, right, Lex?"

"Yes, and you know very well that felony acts fall outside normal bet parameters." A long time ago, they'd made rules. No breaking the law unless it was part of the bet originally. Nothing that would really hurt them, or anyone else. Nothing too public.

"Felony, Lex? Right, this is Kansas and they're teenage boys. Well, how's this. Those boys win their homecoming game this year, you dress up like a cheerleader and do them all. They lose, you get off Scott free. That way, you get an extra chance to get out of it, and the higher stakes are covered in the new bet."

Bruce waited impatiently while Lex pondered. Bruce had already known Smallville had a team, and they were doing really badly this year; their star player was out for the rest of the season with a broken ankle. Lex's young friend wasn't even on the team lending his own brand of whatever it was that seemed to bring success out of the worst situations. "All right, you're on."

They settled in to wait for their old friend.

"I want you to tell the boys about the bet," said Bruce, a few minutes later. Lex's friend might not be on the team, but Bruce had gotten the feeling that when the gossip inevitably started Clark would join up, one way or another.

"What? No way. If it gets out, I'll be arrested!"

"It's only fair they know what they're playing for, Lex. Otherwise, they might all clear out before you have a chance to give them their prize! Besides, you and I both know that no DA in Kansas would convict Lionel Luthor's little boy of sodomy."

Lex sighed. Bruce obviously wasn't going to relent on this, and even though technically the parameters of the bet had already been set, the fact that he'd be getting out of losing another bet completely gave Bruce some leeway. Dammit. "Fine, fine. But if my dad hears about this, I'm going to hunt you down and fuck you until you beg me to stop!"

Bruce laughed. It wasn't an idle threat, but it wasn't precisely a horrible thought, either. He leaned over and whispered into Lex's ear, "How about you just take me up to the penthouse and fuck me until I beg you for more?"

Lex laughed, replying, "Sorry, sunshine, we've got plans." He pointed to where Eric was coming towards them, now in street clothes and looking even more nervous. "Remember?"

Bruce pinched Lex's ass, whispering "Afterwards."

They escorted Eric outside in strained silence, the addition not even getting a raised eyebrow out of the stoic limo driver. Eric chose to ride with his back to the driver, facing Bruce and Lex's united front. After another awkward moment, Lex leaned forward and laid a hand on Eric's knee suggestively, asking, "What's a nice boy like you doing in a place like this?"

The laughter that followed was edgy, but managed to break the ice. Once it died down, Eric seemed a lot more relaxed; at times like these, Bruce envied Lex's easy glibness. "What's happened to you since we graduated?" he asked, trying not to sound too judgmental.

"Well, I pretty much kept to myself at school, and my grades were top-notch once I wasn't so, er, distracted," said Eric, eyes down and face bright red. "I got a scholarship to come over here and study at Metropolis University, and I pretty much beggared myself paying for the move. The problem was, when I got here, there had been a mixup with my scholarship."

"Why didn't you call me?" asked Lex, eyes troubled. Bruce had been thinking the same thing, a stab of guilt going through him for not keeping better track of his erstwhile lover. He'd gotten so used to thinking of his schoolmates as the pampered sons of the rich and influential, he'd allowed himself to forget that Eric was nothing of the sort.

"I... I didn't want... I mean, I hadn't heard from either of you..." Eric trailed off, practically wringing his hands in his lap.

This time Bruce spoke up, saying, "I'm so sorry you didn't feel you could come to us, Eric. I guess... Well, you'll let us help you now, right?"

Eric looked up, finally, searching their faces. "You -- you really want to help me?"

"Of course we do," said Lex. "We care about you, Eric. Neither of us wanted this kind of a life for you."

Eric blushed red again, ears practically glowing. "I... I normally don't, y'know. I just dance. It's just... It's been a bad month for tips, and rent is overdue. I can't afford to get kicked out, and I figured... well, what would it hurt to take money for it, if it's something I'd do anyway?" He was looking down, ashamed and embarrassed.

"I think it would hurt you, Eric," Bruce rumbled, his voice dark.

Eager to end the awkward silence that followed, Lex said, "Look, can I ask you something and get an honest answer?"

"Um, sure."

"You on drugs?"

"No! God, no." Eric had looked genuinely shocked.

"Willing to be tested?" asked Bruce, eager to get this part over with.

"I guess... Why?" Eric was looking from one to another, puzzled.

Bruce caught his eye and held it for a long moment. "I might have a job for you. I've been needing someone I can trust. Basically an appointment secretary, but for personal stuff." Bruce looked over at Lex, his eyes showing a small measure of their shared affection. "Like with Lex. I can't have my regular secretary call his office to make a date, because in the business world, we're enemies."

Eric looked... well, amazed. And a little nervous as he asked, "What about... what about tonight?"

"That was a bet, Eric. You remember..." Lex trailed off as Eric started laughing, an edge of hysteria making the sound echo strangely in the small car.

"God, the bets you two used to have! I guess I shouldn't complain. Everything good we had together was because of your stupid bets."

"Yeah. In fact..." Lex looked from Bruce to Eric and back. "Bruce lost one of our bets."

"One of them?"

"He didn't believe it was you."

Eric looked down. "I... I guess I should be glad he wouldn't believe it of me."

Bruce caught Eric's chin gently and met his eyes. "I wish it had been under better circumstances, but I'm glad it was you."

Eric smiled tentatively, eyes shining. Bruce changed his grip, cupping Eric's cheek and moving in for a soft, sweet kiss. He whispered, "Lex wants me to bottom for you. I... I think I'd like that, but I won't force you."

Lex laid a gentle hand on Eric's knee. "I wouldn't force you either, Eric. It just seemed like... I know we always topped you in high school, and... well, I think it's past time we turned the tables."

Eric pulled back, gaze flitting from Bruce to Lex as he said, "I... if you really mean what you said about the job, and the bet... And it's not for money, it's just because you want me?"

They both nodded. Eric initiated the kiss this time, one hand sliding around Bruce's waist inside his jacket, and one straying to Lex's knee. There was sweetness, but the softness was replaced by wet heat and genuine passion.

When they broke apart, Bruce looked over at his friend; Lex was watching them intently, hard for the first time since Eric had come down from his cage at the club. Bruce had been hard since Lex had named Eric as his forfeit.

Eric followed Bruce's eyes and blushed when he realized what he was looking at. "I'd like that. I... I'd like it to be like it was, the three of us."

For an answer, Lex pulled them both close for one of the messy three-way kisses they'd perfected in back high school.

The rest had been a night to remember.

The day before homecoming, Smallville High held the traditional Pep Rally. No one was more surprised than Clark when Lex got up to make an announcement after the cheerleaders got the crowd going. The principal looked positively smug as he introduced "the young Mr. Luthor" to the crowd.

Lex stepped confidently up to the mike, adjusting his jacket and smiling at the crowd. "I know there have been some rumors going around about me and the football team," he began, and a ripple of amazement ran through the crowd. "Something about me, and a bet, and some uniforms. Well, the rumors have that much right. A month ago, I offered the boys a little wager, which I'm now going to share with all of you."

There was a dramatic pause, during which everyone murmured and wondered. When Lex once again had everyone's full attention, he continued, "If they win tomorrow, I will personally be donating new uniforms not only to them, but to every band member, cheerleader and uniformed activity at Smallville High."

The cheers were deafening. Clark sat silent, amazed at his friend's ability to spin things. Or at least he assumed it was spin, he'd never quite gotten the guts up to talk to Lex about this particular rumor -- he'd been too afraid his blushes would give him away and ruin their friendship once and for all. A growing part of him feared that the whole thing was a bad joke, or a weird dream. Uniforms for the girls, not for Lex. No chance for him, then. No chance to finally, finally taste and see and touch all that lovely skin.

These thoughts would occupy him for the rest of the night, not only him but the rest of his teammates as well. Clark sat mute while the talk swirled around him in the locker room after the pep rally; the consensus seemed to be that Lex was backing out, until someone mentioned the rumors and told them spin control was what being a Luthor was all about. They went home wondering.

And now, here was Lex, numbly packing up his very own Smallville Crows cheerleading uniform. Perky Nikes, check. Cute little bobby socks, check. Pleated skirt, tight sweater, check. Spanky pants, those stupid spandex underthings that hid the girls' real panties from the eyes of the audience, check. But only for show; if they did win, he wouldn't be needing them. He wasn't really sure what he felt about this anymore; it had all seemed like harmless fun until he saw Clark's name on the roster, his stunned face in the crowd.

Lex looked at the clock. It was time to go to bed. He checked his bag one last time. Lube, lube, and more lube; dozens of condoms, both unlubricated and lubricated; towels, because the things they called towels in a public school locker room would tear his tender skin to shreds; and his drag kit of course. He added some bottles of water to keep himself hydrated, set the bag next to the long, black trenchcoat he'd bought just for the occasion, and went out to find Bruce and Eric.

The two of them had decreed that, as the object and winner of the original wager, they deserved to be there, especially since Eric was thriving in Gotham, and even Bruce seemed less introverted these days. They were planning on sharing a limo to the game, sitting together to watch it, and even take him home afterwards.

Lex sighed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Game day dawned bright, cold and sunny. The whole town was looking forward to the game. The whole school knew about the uniforms, and as a result the stands were packed, with literally everyone and their grandmothers. Even Clark's parents were there, despite his father's continual disapproval of anything that brought attention to their son's physical prowess.

Lex showed up right before warm-ups, sauntering into the locker room after the coach had gone out to the field. He hung the cheerleader uniform on the front of one of the lockers, and leaned casually next to it.

"A lot of you are probably wondering if I'm going to cop out on you. After all, I would have every right to. Someone opened his big mouth, let rumors get out, and jeopardized my reputation. " Lex paused, looking around the room at players in various states of excitement and dress. He was shocked to see Clark there, but tried not to let it show as he continued, "But I won't. I'm a man of my word. As long as you adhere to the rest of the rules, and of course assuming you win, I will be your after-game entertainment."

The boys fidgeted silently, and Lex smirked at them, a smile that was equal parts sexy and mocking. He ran one hand down the front of the cheerleader uniform, playing with the hem of the skirt. "Remember the rules? Rule one, no one finds out. Rule two, condoms and lube. Rule three, we go at my pace, and no one but me gets to go twice." Another pause, another sweep of the room. Clark's tongue flicked out to wet his lips, catching Lex's eye. "Are we clear, boys?"

A surprisingly enthusiastic cheer of assent made Lex feel a little better about the way this was heading. Combined with the motivation of new uniforms and a guilt-free sexual experience, having Clark on the team might be enough to give them the victory. Either way, he was starting to think he might survive this after all, if they were taking to the idea with such... zeal.

Sitting in the locker room, Clark couldn't believe that he was really there. On the football team, at homecoming, getting ready to try and win so that he'd have one chance to fuck his best friend with no consequences. He must be crazy. A big, crazy, gay alien who was getting hard watching said friend play with the hem of a skirt that he wasn't even wearing.

Lex left to go watch the game from the stands, and Clark put his head in his hands. Lex seemed to be looking forward to this. Sure, but it might all be an act. He'd put on convincing acts before this, and Clark knew better than to think he couldn't be fooled.

He went out to the field, his head swimming with visions of Lex's hands, his mouth, and a short, short skirt.

This was going to be a long game.

The boys returned to the locker room, tired and sweaty and dirty. They piled into the showers, laughing and joking with a manic, determined air. The Smallville Crows had pulled a last-minute victory, and oh what a prize they had won.

Lex had announced the new uniforms at the end of the game, and the whole town had cheered. He'd looked perfectly at ease, he knew, giving away no hints of his intentions. At some point during the post-game chaos, all the happy parents and coaches moved on to their own private celebrations. The team was still mostly in their towels, horsing around and generally enjoying their good spirits, when Lex made a quiet entrance, dropping his bag of goodies to the floor with a soft whump.

This Lex was as different from that Lex as a black cat and a bright bird. He was still bald, but he'd taken the time to apply subtle, softening makeup to his eyes and cheeks, and bright Smallville red lipstick to his mouth. The uniform fit snugly on top, no illusions there. Below, the skirt was shorter than strictly required, and long, pale legs led up from the traditional cheerleader socks and shoes to disappear right before they joined. Lex's half-hard cock flashed below the edge, hidden in the flaring pleats.

The tension in the room ratcheted up as heads swiveled, a wave of attention starting in one corner of the room and washing over Lex. When all eyes were fixed on him, he straightened up and sauntered into the center of the room. He turned a slow circle, hip cocked, his body radiating accessibility. Clark was nowhere to be found, but there were still a few stragglers coming out of the showers, so Lex put him out of his mind for now.

Everyone in the room jumped when he suddenly yelled, "Gimme a C!" The pose was almost an afterthought, making a curve of his arms that seemed almost mocking.

Years of sports-event training kicked in, and a ragged reply of "C," echoed around the room.

His arms curled into a circle, and one leg went out, the toe pointed delicately. "Gimme an R!"

"R!" came the response, louder this time.

Lex straightened up, circling his arms over his head and thrusting his hips forward, flipping up the front of his skirt as he yelled, "Gimme an O!"

They all had the idea by now, and a clear, together, "O!" rang through the room.

A few of the towels were starting to show signs of teenage libidos at work, and Lex smiled to himself, cocked a hip, moved his arms and yelled, "Gimme a W!"

"W!" Grins were popping up, contagious like yawns; first one or two and then the whole room.

"Gimme an S!" Yelled Lex; a sinuous curl, and cocks started popping up as well.

Their enthusiasm was growing to a peak, Lex's little show serving as the equivalent of a pre-game pep talk. The boys waved their arms and yelled, "S!"

Lex straightened up, hands on hips, and cocked one knee. Their excitement was catching, all the glistening naked bodies around him causing the front edge of his skirt to lift a little. He smirked, did a quick survey of the room and yelled, "What's that spell?"

This time, the response was almost deafening. "Crows!!"

Lex's elegantly executed cartwheel was almost an anticlimax. He engineered it so that his momentum carried him across the room, and he ended up on his knees, looking up past the quarterback's towel-covered erection to the expression of mingled shock and desire on his face.

The hush that fell over the room filled the ears as much as the yelling a moment before. The only sound was the soft patter of water still going in the showers. Lex stared expectantly up at the boy, a mocking smirk on his face, hands loose at his sides. He'd do them, and he'd make them like it, but he wouldn't make it too easy. One of them was going to have to take the next step.

Long seconds ticked by, and Lex let his smirk fade, instead dropping his jaw with tantalizing slowness, pink tongue coming out to lick his red lips. The quarterback smiled back, and finally, finally dropped the towel. Lex pulled out the condom he'd hid in his sleeve, unwrapped it and slipped it into his mouth. Not a single boy in the room breathed as he lowered his mouth onto the cock in front of him, using his lips and tongue to unroll and caress.

He swallowed gently, taking the head into his throat so he could get the condom all the way down to the base. The boy -- Paul, he thought, or Peter maybe? -- moaned, and brought his hands up to cup Lex's head almost reverently. Not that the name mattered, he'd never know them all, and it wouldn't be the first time.

Lex smiled around his mouthful, pulling back and bringing his hands up to brace himself on strong, young hips. At least, he thought as he began sucking in earnest, it wasn't such an onerous duty. Most of these guys were clean, fit and at least reasonably attractive. The boy's moans grew breathless and his hips snapped forward, fucking Lex's skilled mouth. It was a matter of a very few minutes before he was swearing, thrusting deeply and filling the condom with hot come.

Lex slid off with a grin, and only mild regret that he wouldn't get to taste. As much as he loved it, and entire football team's worth would be a bit much for even the most enthusiastic connoisseur. Lex stood up, grateful for theater-quality smudgeproof lipstick, and turned to face the gathered boys.

Lex's voice held equal parts cynicism and desire as he raised an eyebrow and said, "All right, who's next?"

Clark was in the shower. He'd waited until after everyone else, wanting a few minutes alone to think. Now that the time was here, he wasn't sure he could go through with it. With basically helping to gang rape his best friend, supposedly willing or no. No matter how much Lex acted like this was all fun and games, a part of Clark would never believe that it didn't hurt him somewhere deep inside.

He leaned against the wall, head down, straining to hear Lex's arrival cheer, distant and muted by the showers. As Phillip's first moans reached him, he covered his ears and slid down to the floor. When other voices joined in, Clark backed himself into the corner and curled up into a ball of misery and lust.

The next few hours were a blur for Lex, hot bodies and hotter cocks, the bitter taste of mint-flavored latex and the slick slide of lube. It had taken a blatant invitation to get the first boy to fuck him, but after that their eagerness overcame their inhibitions. They tended to be artless, rough and quick, but that fit so well with the cheerleader motif that he had to fight back giggles whenever his mouth was empty. Those boys took longer anyway, the difference between skill and novelty; most of them had at least been blown before, but few high school girls would take it up the ass.

He took the first few standing, bent over at the waist, skirt flipped up. He had his mouth full and ass empty when one boy who was a bit more "gifted" than the rest slid into him just as the boy in his mouth flooded his throat with heat. He lowered his head and spared a thought for Clark, wondering who it was and suddenly not wanting to know.

Instead of another cock, someone held a bottle of water to his lips, and he felt himself pulled up against a broad chest so he could drink. He drank few gulps and let the rest sluice down his overheated flesh. He shook his head free of the clinging drops and then grinned, ready to get back into the game, so to speak.

The boy inside him never stopped his thrusting; he'd settled for long, slow strokes while Lex was drinking but now he was pounding hard and fast, and his girth meant that each little movement rubbed against Lex's prostate. Instead of diving straight into another blowjob, Lex allowed himself to enjoy it, laying his head on the football player's shoulder and moaning.

Another boy, this one slender with shy brown eyes, dropped to his knees in front of Lex and rolled a condom onto him. He nearly screamed as the boy lowered his gaze and his lips closed on Lex's cock. The thin skin felt stretch taut as a drum, doubly sensitive to the unexpected attention. It didn't take much before Lex was coming, spilling gratefully into the waiting mouth. His orgasm set off the boy behind him, and he was lowered, gasping, onto one of the benches.

He rolled over onto his back, hanging his head off the edge, and the brown-eyed boy fed him more water, this time transferring it mouth-to-mouth with wet, messy kisses. One last, deep kiss and a mint-covered cock was presented at his lips, and another pressed eagerly into his abused ass. He changed positions again and again, bent over a bench and even once over someone's lap, on his back and on his knees but always open and waiting.

At some point the last half dozen or so formed a line, the boys that were done cheering the others on as he took them one by one in the ass, a cock in his mouth the whole time. His jaw ached, his knees ached, he'd have a myriad of strange and interesting bruises in the morning, and he felt loose and satiated and desired. Dirty in a way that was just so right, grounded in his body and wanted just for that in the incredibly uncomplicated way that only teenage hormones could manage.

His ass, though he'd stretched and lubed when he got dressed, felt tender and sore. But incredibly good, the least friction sending sparks of pain and pleasure through his spine and straight to his cock. He'd come twice already, and was starting to get hard a third time when he abruptly ran out of bodies. He looked around, surprised to find that most of the boys were dressed and the few that weren't, were getting there fast.

He was hot and sweaty and sore in places he hadn't been sore in years, and the showers were still pouring out inviting clouds of steam. Lex stripped wearily out of the uniform. He was tired, but it was a really good kind of tired. His only regret was that he hadn't paid enough attention to specifics to know when Clark had taken his turn. "I'm gonna take a shower. Who's supposed to lock up?" he asked no one in particular, voice a little hoarse.

The quarterback wandered over, dangling a key. Phillip, Lex remembered now, said, "I am, but if you give this to Kent he can get it back to me later."

Lex blinked, surprised, and took the key. "Kent? Why him?"

"He's still hiding in the shower. I think he wanted to wait for some alone time for his turn." Lex suddenly wanted to slap the smirk off Phillip's face, wanted to drown the taste of them from his mouth, purge their sweat from his skin. Except maybe that one doe-eyed boy, whose name he'd never caught. He'd have to tell Clark to watch out, both for Phillip's obvious disdain and the pretty young thing that had so willingly gone down on Lex.

"Thanks," mumbled Lex as he grabbed a towel and headed for the shower.

He stopped just inside the doorway, peering through the steam. "C-Clark?" Lex cleared his throat before continuing, "Are you in here?"

A thin, sad voice came drifting through the mist. "Lex?"

Lex moved through the spray, letting the water sluice the sweat and other fluids off his skin. He followed the sound until he found Clark curled up in a corner, naked and crying. Shit. Fucking Jesus Goddamned Christ on a fucking popsicle stick. "Clark, what's wrong?"

Lex knelt down next to his -- possibly former -- friend, dreading the answer. When none was forthcoming, Lex risked a hand on Clark's arm and said, "Clark, look... I know this might not be the image of me you wanted, but it was all in good fun."

"Fun? You call that fun? You let them gang rape you, Lex! How could I... no matter how I feel about you, I couldn't be a part of that."

"Clark, look at me." Lex tucked his fingers under Clark's chin, tugging gently upwards until the stormy blue eyes met his own. "No matter how the boys may or may not feel about me, you can't rape the willing. None of them hurt me in any way, they were too intimidated."

"You... you're ok?" Clark blinked the last tears out of his eyes, finally focusing on Lex's face.

"I'm fine, Clark. One afternoon of consensual safe sex with the underage studs of Smallville isn't going to kill or even particularly harm me. I've got friends waiting to take me home, and as long as your fellow players keep their mouths shut, this will fade into the annals of 'stupid things I did in my youth' pretty quickly."

Clark looked dubious, and then slipped back down into miserable while his eyes slid over Lex's naked form to hit the floor. "We're not very memorable, I guess."

"They aren't, but you are. And you weren't out there, you're in here with me." Lex made a snap decision, one he hoped he wouldn't regret. He stood up, holding a hand out to Clark as he said, "And now you're going home with me. Come on, Clark."

Clark looked back up, startled. "I... what?"

"You're coming home with me. We obviously have things to talk about that deserve privacy and," Lex smirked, ruefully, "probably clothes."

Clark let his gaze roam over Lex's nudity as he reached up and took his friend's hand. "Probably clothes?" His answering grin was tentative, but it held a shadow of the old Clark.

"Well," Lex replied, pulling Clark up and sauntering out into the now-deserted locker room, "I wouldn't want us to limit ourselves too early."

Clark got dressed in record time, watching Lex surreptitiously while he fidgeted with turning off the showers and generally cleaning up. Lex responded by putting on a show; he dried off slowly, put his pants on commando and left the fly open while he slid into the form-fitting sweater. He heard Clark's breath catch as the pants slipped low on his hips when he wriggled into the sweater, and he grinned to himself while he buttoned up and packed the evidence away.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah, Lex... Are you... um... I mean, you sure you want me to come with?" Clark was fidgeting now, looking up at him through those thick, black lashes and twisting the end of his flannel shirt in his hands. He looked so adorable like that, Lex couldn't resist walking over.

He cupped Clark's cheek gently, tipping his face up just enough for their eyes to meet. "Clark, you're the only one here I wanted at all. Now come on, I know you want to meet my high school boyfriends."

"Boyfriends, as in plural?"

Lex took a risk and gave Clark a quick, soft kiss, turning quickly to head for the door, saying, "Yep. I've always been too much for one man!"

Clark groaned and caught up to Lex at the door. "Lex, that was awful!" A short pause while Clark peered at him intently before adding, "Not the, um, kiss. The joke."

Lex grinned and said, "Good." Then he locked up, handed Clark the key and led the way to the limo.

Bruce looked up from where Eric's head bobbed in his lap, obviously expecting to see Lex. He stiffened when his eyes met Clark's, and gently tugged on Eric's hair, using his other hand to shield himself from Clark's shocked gaze as he said, "Eric, we've got company, sit up."

Eric sat, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand while Bruce quickly rearranged himself for modesty's sake. Lex's voice drifted over Clark's shoulder, saying, "Get in, Clark. They won't bite unless you ask nicely."

Clark just stood there blushing as Bruce replied, "I think he's a little embarrassed. Eric and I were, ahem, occupied when he opened the door." Clark shook himself out of his shocked, frozen state, and forced himself climb in. When Lex poked his head in after, Bruce added, "I hadn't realized you were bringing a guest."

Lex slid smoothly into his seat, lounging back in that casual rich-boy way of his and deliberately spreading his legs to flash them his half-hard cock. Clark's eyes were riveted to the spot where it pressed against his thin wool pants. He twitched when it did, as Lex noticed Bruce's gaze lingering on the same spot. Lex grinned and said, "Clark Kent, these are my old high school boyfriends and still occasional lovers, Eric O'Reilly and Bruce Wayne."

Clark blushed and mumbled something, his eyes fixing on Eric's shining red lips. Eric smiled gently, trying to reassure him, and said, "Pleased to meet you, Clark. I'm sorry about, um, before. We were just waiting for Lex." A flush rose up Eric's neck as he said it, obviously embarrassed to be caught in such an intimate act.

Ironically, it was Eric's blush that reassured Clark the most; having someone to share his embarrassment with was all he'd really needed. The other two, with their decadent nonchalance, still made him feel awkward and ingenuous, but he managed a small smile for Eric as he replied, "It's all right. Did you... did you really both date Lex in high school?"

Bruce laughed and said, "I'm not sure I'd call it dating, but yeah. There weren't a lot of extracurriculars that interested us besides each other."

Bruce put his arm along the back of the seat and Eric snuggled into him unselfconsciously. The redhead didn't seem much older than Clark at this point, and seeing them together comforted Clark somewhat about his feelings for Lex. Despite Bruce's serious countenance, Eric's good cheer seemed infectious, and Clark decided to indulge his curiosity as much as they'd let him.

He fidgeted, opening and closing his mouth a few times before managing to ask, "Are you... I'm sorry if I'm being too nosy but... are you two, y'know... boyfriends?"

Bruce tried to stifle a laugh, and Lex was hit by a sudden coughing fit. Eric took pity on them and answered, "We were all lovers in school, you know that. I think Bruce and Lex have been lovers off-and-on since them. About a month ago they found me... I'd fallen on some hard times, and I was dancing in this club. They helped me out; Bruce took me back to Gotham and now I'm his personal appointment secretary." He looked up at Bruce, eyes full of adoration. "He and Lex took care of me, then and now."

Lex leaned forward and took Bruce's proffered hand as Bruce added, "I have Eric in my life all the time now, but we worry about Lex. He needs someone who can be there for him."

"You... you'd share him?" Clark blurted; he was a little scandalized, a little hopeful and a lot turned on.

"We don't have a claim on him," said Eric. "I mean, I know I love him, but that's not enough when we're apart almost all the time."

Lex's face was priceless just then. Clark looked at the three men; it was obvious Bruce knew how Eric felt, and equally obvious that Lex hadn't known. "We both love him," said Bruce, evidently enjoying the poleaxed look on their lover's face. "But we know we can't be there for him."

Clark looked down at the floor, his mind in turmoil, his voice barely audible over the sound of the car as he said, "I haven't been a very good friend to him lately, either."

That broke Lex out of his stunned state; he put a hand on Clark's back, rubbing soothing circles and leaning in to peer into Clark's downturned face. "Neither of us have been communicating that well lately, Clark, but that doesn't make you a bad friend."

Clark's head snapped to the side and he practically bumped noses with Lex. They froze, stunned, Lex's breath tickling Clark's lips. After an interminable pause, Eric said, "Jesus, just kiss already, would you?"

That galvanized Clark, who closed that tiny gap to press his lips to Lex's. Soft, softer than he'd expected, that was his first impression. Soft, and strong; Lex's lips, even in their chaste, close-mouthed kiss, were sending signals straight down to Clark's cock. Then Lex's tongue snuck out, hot and wet, and all thoughts of anything but Lex went out the window as they began to neck with the earnest passion of new love.

A small part of Clark's mind registered it when Eric scooted even closer to Bruce, snuggling practically in his lap. He whispered into Bruce's ear, "Let's get back to what we were doing, they'll never notice," and began to slide his head down towards Bruce's lap.

Bruce chuckled and dragged Eric away from his goal, instead capturing those red lips with his own. The car was filled with nothing but the soft, breathy moans of the two kissing couples for the rest of the ride. Clark ended up with Lex straddling his lap, and he spotted Eric's hand straying into Bruce's pants more than once. It wasn't until the limo slowed to a stop and the driver tapped on the window to let them know they'd arrived that they broke apart again.

Clark's eyes were wide, and he was flushed and panting. He panicked for a moment when he realized he'd just spent the last ten minutes necking with his best friend, in front of two of his best friend's lovers, no less, and tried to backpedal, saying, "Lex, I... I didn't..."

Lex laid a finger over Clark's lips, silencing him. "You better have, Clark, because we still have quite a bit of clothing-optional talking to do," he said, and Clark's face relaxed into a smile.

Eric broke their intimate moment in his own irrepressible way, "Ooh, can I watch? Or better yet, help?"

That got Clark's full attention, and his eyes were wide as he stammered, "You... you'd want to... oh man."

Eric laughed delightedly, saying, "Of course I would. But I would also never intrude on you and Lex. Trust me, Bruce is more than enough to keep me busy while you two get acquainted."

Clark took a look at the naked desire on Lex's face and got an evil glint in his eye as he said, "Well, I don't know... I mean, you did say you don't visit often, and I'd hate to miss out..." Somehow, the fact that he still had Lex -- who, he noted, wasn't voicing any kind of objection to the proposed orgy -- wiggling seductively in his lap only underscored his newfound willingness to experiment.

Lex responded to Clark's unexpected statement by capturing his lips again for a deep, hot kiss before climbing off his lap. As they all straightened their clothes enough to pass with the servants, he said, "Well, then, let's move this to somewhere more comfortable. Like my bed." He gave Clark a searing look and added, "Now."

Eric deliberately lagged behind the others as they filed into the mansion, wanting to spend a few minutes reflecting on his good fortune. Ahead of him were two of the richest, most powerful men of his generation, along with one of the loveliest young men it had ever been his pleasure to, well, pleasure. He was fairly sure Clark was a virgin, at least with men and probably with women. He had the same earnest shyness that Bruce and Lex had found so appealing in Eric all those years ago.

Eric watched as Lex led his guests inside with all the grace of an emperor welcoming visiting dignitaries into his castle, only a slight flush on his cheeks and the minutest trembling of his hands giving away his excitement. Eric was getting used to all the grandeur now, even the presence of servants becoming old hat to him after a month of living with Bruce, Dick and Alfred.

He snickered, thinking of Dick, and Bruce glared at him as if reading his mind. The young master Grayson had been angling to get into his guardian's -- and now Eric's -- bed for awhile now, and this evening's activities with Clark were going to put some big holes in Bruce's "you're too young" defense. Not that Eric minded the idea one bit, but somehow Bruce had never gotten over thinking of Dick as the 14-year-old Boy Wonder he'd taken under his wing four years ago. He sniggered again; at this rate the bed was going to get awfully crowded when Lex came to Gotham next.

Eric climbed the stairs slowly, admiring the contrast between the three men ahead. First Clark, farm fresh and still damp from his post-game shower, a taut body just barely hinted at underneath baggy clothes a lot like the ones Eric used to wear at home in Ireland; sturdy, serviceable, and most of all cheap.

Eric's eyes drifted to Lex, with clothes specifically tailored to deemphasize the taut curves of a very well proportioned body, wiry muscles hidden beneath fine fabric. His ass moved seductively beneath his slacks, hips swaying just enough to remind Eric of the time they'd gotten a girls' uniform and played dress-up. Bruce's much larger frame had looked absurd crammed into the tiny plaid skirt and vest, but Lex's slender hairlessness had fit it perfectly.

Eric's cock, already stiff, grew just a bit harder at the memory; Bruce had fucked Lex while Lex sucked Eric off, in uniform the whole time, skirt flipped up and white panties down around his knees. Bruce had taken his uniform off, muscular frame nude in the late afternoon sun, tan and fit and everything Eric had always envied about him. Eric's own body was short and skinny, and he'd never really understood the appeal for either man but wasn't about to take it for granted.

Bruce, big even as a teenager, was now a huge wall of a man; his black suit didn't even attempt to disguise the broad shoulders and bodybuilder's physique. His black hair was impeccably styled and his voice low and gruff as he murmured to Lex and Clark. They'd been chatting while Eric was woolgathering, and he hoped he hadn't missed anything important; when they got to the room, Bruce was grinning at him with a rather disturbingly proprietary gaze.

Lex opened the door to his bedroom suite and gestured expansively, saying, "Welcome to my parlor, Clark. After you."

Clark looked a bit like the proverbial fly as he walked into the room, his nerves plain on his face. He stood next to the door and fidgeted, eyes darting everywhere but at the huge bed in the center of the far wall. Lex sauntered in and drew the curtains, plunging the room into dimness, while Eric trailed along after Bruce.

"So," he said, toeing off his shoes, "How's this gonna work? Condoms, assigned roles, free-for-all, what?"

Bruce's grin became positively evil as he replied, "You're the bottom and we're all gonna do you bareback, of course."

Clark's eyes were wide as saucers as Eric flapped a hand dismissively and said, "Sure, why not?" Then he stripped out of his shirt and added, "After all, it's you two and virgin boy here, so it's not like I'm gonna catch anything." He skinned out of his pants and socks and stood there, naked in a room of clothed, horny men, basking in the sudden attention.

Lex laughed, "You always were up for anything. Seriously, we were thinking safe for anal but not oral, and Clark gets his pick of partners." He grinned at Clark, putting an arm around his waist as he added, "What with the virgin thing and all."

Clark's face was bright red, and his eyes kept straying down to where Eric's erection rose proudly from its nest of copper-gold curls. "I want to suck you," he said suddenly, then glanced over at Lex as if embarrassed. Eric thought it was cute that Clark kept seeking approval and permission from Lex, and even cuter when Lex nodded like it was his right to tell Clark what -- or more precisely, who -- he could and couldn't do.

Clark didn't even bother to undress, just dropped to his knees and looked up at Eric shyly through those thick black lashes. Despite the incredible temptation to just shove his cock past Clark's full pink lips, Eric took the time to drop down to one knee and capture those lips in a kiss instead. Clark tasted tart and sweet, like crisp apples, and Eric spent long moments just enjoying the heady flavor. His kisses were inexpert, but the sincere passion in them was more than enough to compensate.

Eric moaned into Clark's mouth when a large, warm hand closed over his cock. The touch was tentative at first but grew bolder, weighing him then stroking. Fingers curled around the head, spreading the slickness, and then Clark's mouth was pulled away and filled with those same fingers. Eric whimpered a little and stood abruptly, taking Clark's hand and practically dragging him to the bed.

Fortunately, someone had been paying attention and the bedclothes were pulled back, so all he had to do was sit back on the edge of the bed and spread his legs. Clark knelt down between them and licked a stripe up Eric's cock, making him moan into the mouth that was suddenly covering his. Hands began to roam over his flesh, one of Clark's cupping his balls, someone toying with sensitive nipples, and fingers insinuating themselves under his ass.

He lifted his hips to accommodate them, and ended up thrusting into Clark's mouth. Instead of resisting, Clark opened wide and took Eric in, and he moaned desperately into the kiss ravaging his mouth. Clark barely even twitched when Eric hit the back of his throat, simply pulling back to lick at the head before sucking him in again. He couldn't take Eric's full length, but when he started moving, his agile tongue and gentle suction were certainly enough to drive Eric to the edge awfully quick.

Everything narrowed to the sensation of Clark's mouth on his cock and the knowledge that this was, most likely, Clark's first blowjob. Eric barely noticed as he was lifted and repositioned, Clark adjusting easily as Lex and Bruce put Eric on his knees at the edge of the bed. Clark's hands braced his hips as Bruce's blunt, familiar fingers probed at his hole, slick and cool on his overheated flesh.

Eric threaded his hands into Clark's hair and opened his eyes briefly to see Lex stepping out of his pants. Clark was pulled away long enough for Lex to remove his shirt, causing a shock of cool air to hit Eric's erection. The eager mouth was returned, hotter for its brief absence, and Eric forced his eyes to stay open so he could watch the rest of Clark being unveiled. Between Lex's agile hands and Clark's distracting wriggling, they revealed long, tan legs, wide shoulders and a strong back leading down to Clark's firm, inviting ass.

Bruce's mouth latched onto Eric's shoulder as his cock pressed inside Eric's body, strong arms pulling them together. His eyes fell shut, pleasure overloading his senses as Bruce began relentlessly tormenting his nipples, each spike of pain adding a spice that made his whole body twitch. Bruce's thrusts forced Eric deeply into Clark's mouth, and he let himself drift for a few long minutes.

When he next saw the world, Lex was just entering Clark, who moaned around Eric in a way that sent vibrations up his spine. Lex looked like he'd just found paradise in Clark's cherry ass, and Eric stopped worrying once and for all about who'd care for Lex's heart, because Clark's face looked exactly the same -- only stretched wide around Eric's cock, a view he was more than aroused by.

"Clark... god, Clark... so perfect," Lex moaned.

Eric freed one hand from Clark's hair to tangle in Bruce's instead. "Remember when that was you?" rumbled Bruce in Eric's ear.

Eric nodded faintly; he was becoming overwhelmed, the edge looming close as his senses were inundated. Clark's hands tightened on his hips, and he knew he'd have fingerprint bruises in the morning. Bruce was fucking him roughly, taking advantage of Clark's iron grip on him to drive inside with the deep, brutal strokes Eric loved. He almost didn't want to blink, his eyes captured by Lex's as he drove into Clark, taking the boy and his virginity in deep, smooth strokes.

One of Clark's hands left to grasp his forgotten erection, pumping himself fast and hard. The expression on Lex's face as he drove into Clark, pleasure and wonder and love and some sort of painful hope, that was what sent Eric over the top. He let his head fall back, eyes closed and that look branded on his eyelids forever as he emptied his pleasure into Clark's mouth. He might have shouted something, a name or a prayer, but he doubted anyone was listening, least of all himself.

Clark moaned and swallowed, spluttering a little as come ran over his chin. He pulled away and looked up, meeting Eric's dazed eyes as orgasm overtook him. Eric watched the blue eyes darken to almost black as thick ropes of come splattered over the duvet and carpet, and Eric spared a moment of pity for Lex's servants; it didn't last long when Bruce's fingers tightened painfully on his nipples, twisting them both cruelly. He cried out, cock and ass twitching in reaction, and felt Bruce's erection pulse heat into him.

Lex's face was transformed, transcendental bliss changing his normally cynical countenance to near-angelic beauty. Bruce sighed in Eric's ear and murmured, "Lovely, isn't he?"

"They both are," Eric replied as Clark buried his face in Eric's hip, arms wrapped around his waist as he took Lex inside of him. Little whimpers issued from Clark as Lex's rhythm sped up, and Bruce stayed buried in Eric as they watched the other couple making love. Eric could tell Lex was close; he always started swearing creatively when he was about to come. "He's ours now," Eric added, amazement in his voice as he cradled Clark's head.

At that, Lex's hips snapped forward one last time and Clark bit Eric's hip as Lex spilled into his body, crying, "Clark!"

After a few moments of stillness, both Lex and Bruce pulled out, leaving Eric and Clark clinging to one another as they cleaned up in the bathroom. Eric sunk down onto the bed and pulled Clark's face up for a tender kiss, tasting himself, bitter and salty on the sweet red lips. Eric felt himself growing hard again, one of the perks of a teenage libido. He felt Clark's answering perk against his leg, and gave up their embrace with reluctance when their lovers pulled them apart and up onto the bed.

Lex snuggled into his new lover's arms, bone-tired but too enervated to sleep. The press of Clark's renewed erection into his hip accentuated his building desire to end the evening with Clark inside him, despite his residual soreness. Bruce snuggled in behind Lex, and Eric surprised him by rolling Clark onto the flat of his back so he could take the other arm, throwing a leg over Lex's. It seemed that his old friend was becoming attached to their new lover. Despite the stab of possessive jealousy that ran through him at the idea, he thought it might end up being a good thing.

Eric and Clark started necking, and Bruce's arm curled protectively around Lex as he whispered, "Don't they look lovely together?"

"Yeah," Lex agreed, snuggling back into Bruce's embrace. They really did; he felt desire burning the sight onto his brain. He'd miss them when they were gone, miss this like he always did, but at least this time he'd still have Clark. Bruce was already half-hard himself, pressing into Lex's cleft with a warm, familiar weight.

The shock of Eric's hair, a bright red that always reminded him of autumn leaves, was a stark contrast to Clark's dark mop. Clark's lips were full and pink, where Eric's had gone the bruised red of fresh cherries, and Clark's golden farmer's tan made Eric's natural pallor seem all the more stark. Even Eric's freckles seemed pale by comparison. Eric's cock was purple where it thrust against Clark's hip, framed by a dusting of red-gold curls at its base.

Bruce began to lick the back of Lex's head, careful not to mark even as he nibbled and sucked at the delicate contours. Lex moaned and felt his skin start to tingle; not even that could revive his cock after hours of virtually non-stop sex -- and three orgasms -- but the rest of him was ready and willing for more. "Clark," he said, running his hand up over Clark's balls and cock to rest on his broad chest.

"Mmm?" was the reply as Clark pulled away from Eric to look at him.

Clark's eyes were sapphire blue and heavy-lidded with desire, and Lex almost lost himself in their depths as he asked, "Fuck me?"

Those eyes went wide, and a wicked grin appeared on Eric's face behind him as Clark stammered, "Are you... I mean, aren't you sore or..." Clark took a deep breath and blurted, "Ohgod can I?"

Lex returned Eric's grin with a wink and then cupped Clark's cheek, saying, "I may not be able to get it up, but I don't want to go to sleep without having you inside me."

Clark groaned and kissed Lex with bruising force, turning on his side so they were face to face, his erection sliding into the hollow of Lex's hip. His own cock and balls nestled into the thatch of Clark's hair, sensitive to the tickle and scrape of the dense curls. He lost himself in the taste of Clark's kiss, the lingering bitterness of Eric's come underlining the sweetness.

Bruce's hand wandered down to Lex's ass, testing him with an easy slide of two fingers in to the second knuckle, and said, "I think you're ready enough. Eric, can you grab the lube and a couple of condoms?"

Lex vaguely felt Eric and Bruce both pulling away, but he was too fascinated by the simple freedom to kiss and touch and finally, finally love the man in his arms. After long moments of necking, he felt himself being moved around much like they'd moved Eric earlier, slid doll-like and unresisting until his head hung over the edge of the bed, Clark's mouth now suckling at his throat.

Clark's bulk settled comfortably on top of him and Lex drew gentle nails across the broad shoulders. Teeth closed on his nipple at the same time that the blunt head of Clark's cock pressed inside his sore, empty ass, and the gasp that followed was lost as Bruce's cock filled his mouth. He clawed harder, the skin under his hands slick with sweat and virtually invulnerable.

Clark's weight against him grew as Eric entered Clark from behind, and Lex wished he could see the expression on Clark's face as the last of his virginity was well and truly taken. He unexpectedly got his wish when Bruce pulled out, and he looked up to see Clark's open lips begging to be filled as he whimpered with the pleasure of it. Eric's hands, all that was visible of him behind Clark, skittered across his chest, catching on a nipple and stopping to tweak.

Clark leaned in for a kiss, then thrust even deeper into Lex while capturing Bruce's cock in his mouth. Lex moaned at the sight, and then put his mouth and hands to good use, sucking at Clark's neck, tonguing Bruce's balls and digging his nails into Clark's ass as he thrust into Lex again and again. Bruce spread his legs wide to accommodate Lex's questing mouth, and he licked and nibbled everywhere he could reach.

Clark's cock was hitting his prostate on every stroke now; his virginity well and truly gone at this point. Lex chuckled at the thought, then moaned at a particularly deep and vicious thrust. The vibrations elicited a deep moan from Bruce that echoed through his whole body. Eric was chanting, swearing, "Shite, shite, fuck, bugger, god, fucking, dammit," at the apex of each thrust, and Clark was making satisfied little noises around the shaft in his mouth.

Every thrust sent tingles of near-orgasmic pleasure and pain through Lex's body, his opening sensitized by hours of hard use. His cock twitched a few times, valiantly trying to rise to the occasion but his body just wasn't up to four times in one night. Sensation built in little spikes, each higher than the last; he bit into Bruce's thigh and was rewarded as Bruce flooded Clark's mouth with come.

Lex licked at Clark's face, cleaning the leaking seed from his chin and lower lip, sucking it off Bruce's balls and shaft. Between the two of them, they managed to get Bruce completely clean and limp while Clark and Eric were still thrusting away. Bruce knelt down and kissed Clark and Lex both in a messy three-way tangle of tongues that just went on and on. Eric's swearing degenerated into throaty whimpers and he shouted, of all things, "Lex!" as he came again.

Clark levered them up so he was sitting on Eric's lap and grabbed Lex's hips, giving half a dozen hard, deep strokes before pulsing warmth into Lex's body. Lex was gratified to hear him also say, "Lex!" this time as a deep, low moan.

Bruce chuckled and said, "You're very popular tonight, Lex," and kissed him again, upside-down and wet and deep.

Lex was panting into Bruce's mouth, his entire skin tingling with electricity as Clark pulled gently out. He hadn't managed an erection, but his whole body was on edge, waiting for something, anything to get him off again. He was dragged abruptly onto the bed, the slide of the sheets scraping sensually over his back and ass, and a mouth closed over each nipple. The bed dipped and swayed as Bruce got in, and another mouth closed not over his cock but instead engulfed both his balls.

They were drawn up tight to his body, and the warmth completed some kind of a circuit inside him, electricity crackling under his skin from nipples to cock, balls to ass and back. He was so close, god, so close; he heard a voice pleading, begging, and couldn't even spare the energy to be shocked it was his own when Bruce's two fingers slid back into his ass. He convulsed on the bed, twitching and screaming, as those fingers pressed relentlessly up on his prostate; his vision went gold, then white, and black crept in around the edges as his body exploded with pleasure.

When he came back to reality, Clark and Eric were coiled around him, heads on his shoulders, arms across his body and resting on each other's hips. Bruce had incongruously decided to curl up with his head in Lex's lap, cheek resting in the hollow of his hip. They were all tangled up sideways on the thankfully huge bed; Bruce's feet dangling over the edge was a strangely comforting sight.

Lex placed a soft kiss on the top of the boy's heads and gasped out, "Guh.. Th.. thank you," letting his head drop back against the sheets. He still felt a little like someone had sanded off a whole layer of his skin, his whole body as sensitive as his cock normally was after that incredible orgasm, but somehow the sensation just fit. He let the blackness overtake him, the soft replies of his three lovers lost as he drifted gently into sleep.

Their bets, Bruce reflected, were a good tradition, and one with unpredictable but often inexplicably good outcomes for both the winner and the loser. He rubbed his cheek against the baby-soft skin of Lex's hip, placing a soft kiss on Lex's limp cock. A single pearl of come was beaded at the tip, all that his exhausted body had been able to produce for that final, incredible explosion.

Lex's breathing had grown deep and even as he passed into slumber, and Bruce gave into the temptation to gently lick it off. It was bitter and salty, yet surprisingly sweet, much like Lex himself. He cleaned carefully around the head, suckling at the soft skin, and Lex whimpered in his sleep.

"I think he's done, Bruce," said Eric, a smile in his voice.

"I'm pretty sure he's been and done, Eric," Bruce replied, smiling affectionately. He sat up and reached out a hand to help Eric sit, adding, "Let's get the bed properly arranged so we can sleep, ok?"

The two boys helped him arrange Lex's sleeping form, and he snuggled up to his long-time lover, pillowing his head on Lex's shoulder as they went to the bathroom to clean up properly. Clark stopped to cover them up before he went, and Bruce was surprised to see him arrange the tangled covers just the way Lex liked it. Bruce spared a moment to wonder that it had taken Lex this long to get a clue; Clark's face was tender and loving as he dropped a kiss on the top of Lex's head and wandered after Eric.

He'd miss Lex in the coming months, he mused, but he'd sleep much easier now, knowing that they'd finally found someone to take care of his amazingly needy lover while they were gone. Bruce had been shocked when he first realized back in school how affection-starved Lex was, and he was glad to finally be able to set aside that worry.

Clark curled himself into Lex's embrace like a kitten, and Bruce jumped a little as Eric's cold body molded itself to his back. "Mmm, warm," said Eric sleepily, and Bruce had to agree. Despite the cold world out there, together, they'd always be warm.

Title: Cheer
Fandom: Smallville/Batman
Pairing: Lex/Bruce, Lex/Bruce/m, Bruce/m, Clark/Lex/Bruce/m, Lex/m/m/m/m/m... you get the idea
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, crossdressing, group sex, gangbang, underage (15-17)
Summary: Lex loses a bet to Bruce. Madness ensues.
Acknowledgements: Firstly, this is all Adam's fault. And Cat's. And Lizzi's for good measure. Thanks to my wonderful blue cats and purple bunnies, who oddly enough exist outside of my brain and even audience and beta for me.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.