Caught in the Act
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"God, just a little more, so good," said Harry, leaning back against the stone wall. He was pleased with this new alcove he'd found for a bit of privacy, and even more pleased with the job he'd done Transfiguring a random branch into the toy that was now thrusting itself inside him. His robes were up around his waist and trousers and pants left off entirely, toes curling against the cold stone floor as his climax approached. He stroked himself roughly, the slick potion he'd wheedled out of the twins giving each touch the perfect amount of friction. He could feel his balls drawing up, the pleasure gathering itself at the base of his cock, just waiting for that one more little thing that would push him over the edge.

What he hadn't been expecting to see was, "Percy!" cried Harry as he came, white spattering his thighs and the floor, arse clenching around the toy that, he hoped, was too hidden by his body.

"Harry! You, you're, oh my," said Percy, cheeks going pink. "You're out past curfew!"

Harry blushed and spelled away the mess, tossing the robes over his knees and wishing he dared dismiss the spell that kept the slender wooden cock thrusting gently in his arse as he tried to gather his wits. "I'm sorry, I just... there's no privacy in the dorm, and I, you know?" he said lamely, already flinching away, bracing himself to have points taken or be marched to McGonagall's office, which would be tantamount to death in his current state.

Percy swallowed and stepped fully into the little niche, and oddment of architecture hidden behind a bit of decorative stonework. "Harry, you should be careful doing that by yourself," said Percy, kneeling down and putting a hand on Harry's knee. "Where did you get that thing, anyway?"

Harry moaned and buried his face in his hands, embarrassment still not enough to kill the lingering pent-up desire that was keeping his prick at half-mast. "I made it, Percy, I'm not a bad h-hand at Transfiguration, you know."

"I know," said Percy. His gentle, soothing touches dislodged Harry's robe and it slid down, exposing one thigh invitingly. "You shouldn't let it keep moving like that if you're not, um, going to. If you're done." His long fingers slipped down and touched it, then touched the place where it entered him. "Are you done?"

Harry's cock certainly didn't think so, especially not with Percy's warm fingers caressing him so intimately. "I think," said Harry bravely, swallowing against a throat gone dry, "I think I'm done with it," he said.

Harry gasped as Percy pulled the thing free, breaking the movement spell as it clattered to the floor. "You're still excited," said Percy, his fingers trembling as they traced the curve of Harry's erection.

Harry nodded, then gathered his courage and surged upward for an awkward kiss. "I, um, you... I mean..."

Fortunately for Harry, Percy shut him up with another kiss, this one slightly more on aim but no less smooth. "Harry, this... Are you sure?" he asked, actions belying his words as he slid two fingers boldly into Harry's body.

"Oh, yes," said Harry, spreading his legs wider. He slipped his fingers through Percy's hair, messing its perfect order and finding it softer than it looked. Percy's fingers were warmer than the toy, softer but more satisfying somehow, but Harry knew what he really wanted. "I want you, Percy, please."

He might regret it later, but he knew he'd regret it more if he didn't. After all, what was the use of being Gryffindors if they couldn't blindly follow their instincts once in a while?

Percy moaned and kissed him again, and Harry reached for the phial of lubricant with one hand while the other held on to Percy for dear life. He could already tell this was going to be a magnificent ride.

Title: Caught in the Act
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Percy Weasley/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage, wanking, toys, PWP
Summary: Harry thinks he's finally found a private place for a really good wank. Percy proves him wrong.
Acknowledgements: For emiime as comment porn.

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