Burn and Balm
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"Today had been one of those days, and Seren practically stumbled into his bedchamber, his emotions riding the lowest point of the rollercoaster that his life and powers sent them on all too frequently.

"Should I bring you some wine, Divinity?" asked D'mer, dark eyes full of sympathy.

Seren shook his head, pulling D'mer to the large bed and curling into his arms. "I'm not feeling very divine tonight," he said, voice low, his head still aching from Sere's cruelty.

"You should eat, then," said D'mer gently, and Seren sighed. Even when he was teasing, D'mer did everything gently these days, as though he felt that Seren had grown fragile. Not that Seren could fault him; he felt fragile lately, as though something was thinning him out until one stray nudge would crack him apart.

Seren pulled D'mer down for a kiss, using the sensations of D'mer's strong body over him and D'mer's mouth so sweet and passionate against his to transmute his own anxieties into something hotter but just as volatile. "I'm not hungry for food," he said, fingers and mind both stealing into D'mer's clothing, unwrapping him like the best possible present.

Of course, that was the moment that his valet, Jorvana, descended upon them with a tray of bite-sized delicacies designed to tempt a finicky Avatar into eating. "Oh! My apologies, Divinity," she said, bowing low. "The Kimarian ordered a meal prepared...?" she added hesitantly, when they made no move to untangle themselves.

Seren was trying very hard to keep a straight face, difficult to do when D'mer's nimble fingers were worming their way under his robe to press at his sides, just where he was the most ticklish. "Y-yes, Jorvana, just leave it please," he said, countering by sneaking his own hand over to a much more intimate part of D'mer's anatomy, the motion hidden by their bodies.

Jorvana's face was carefully blank, and Seren dismissed her from his mind as she set the tray down and bowed herself out, turning instead to exact a proper revenge on his errant lover. He tackled D'mer and they wrestled about on the bed in a cloud of clothes, hair, and shrieks of laughter, fingers roaming over skin both smooth and scarred until they were both lying back in a panting, naked, chuckling heap.

"You're lying on my hair," said Seren, arm outstretched toward the ewer of cool water on the tray, his reach hampered by the warm body holding down his long hair.

D'mer made a face and sat up, having to roll completely off the bed to get clear of the tangled spread, fanned out over the entire surface. "You've made a mess of it, I'll have to brush it all out," he said, trying to sound petulant and, to Seren's delight, failing.

"You love it, and you know it," said Seren with a grin, turning to present D'mer with a goblet of clear, sweet water.

D'mer took it and thanked him with a kiss, hovering carefully over the bed as he did so, the whisper of power tickling along Seren's nerves in a pleasant rush. "You make me feel as though I were royalty, and you the servant," said D'mer, drinking deeply.

"On your world, would it not be so?" Seren asked, sipping his own water and eating a few of the delicately spiced pastries Jorvana had brought them.

"I'd still brush your hair for you," said D'mer. Normally a servant would dress Seren's hair and body both, but some nights D'mer took it upon himself to care for the heavy fall of white. He handed Seren the empty glass and found one of the wide brushes used by the Ovanan nobles.

Seren blushed and obediently helped D'mer to gather up all the fine strands, holding the bulk of it cradled in his naked lap while D'mer began to brush out the ends. "I'd still let you, you pull less than Jorvana," he said, watching his dark lover with wondering eyes, amazed as always at the patience D'mer showed with such tasks. Seren knew D'mer was a warrior and a prince at heart, so far above his current station that it sometimes hurt to realize how even Seren treated him as a mere servant much of the time.

"You're just delicate," said D'mer teasingly, the white hair spread now over his dark thighs, making Seren want to blanket his whole body with the stuff. He was already halfway through brushing it, his movements deft and practiced after so long in Seren's bed, and even longer in his service.

Seren allowed himself to be turned away so that D'mer could stand in order to have the reach necessary to brush such length, and start smoothing the hair down his back. D'mer ran his hand after the brush as if petting it, fingers stroking the softness with nearly the same loving touch he used when caressing Seren's flesh. "I used to wish I could cut it all off, so Sere had less excuses to touch me," said Seren quietly, the memories rising up no matter how much he wanted to shove them away. "That was before I understood that she'd always find a reason."

"You're too old for her now, anyway," said D'mer, straddling the wave of hair so he could hug Seren from behind, his erection poking through the curtain of silken strands to rub against Seren's lower back in an odd sort of caress. "You're mine now."

Seren laid his hands over D'mer's, turning his head to nuzzle at the dark throat, smelling his favorite spicy cologne and the underlying musk of D'mer's skin, threading his own hands into D'mer's thick, short locks. "I'm yours now," he affirmed, sending out a mental command to lock them in the room and keep everyone away. Although many of his servants knew of their relationship, he had no desire to be caught; a charge of miscegenation would ruin all their plans.

D'mer took Seren's mouth in a forceful kiss, rocking his hips just enough to paint a stripe of precome up Seren's spine, enough to rub his cock through the hair. Seren allowed the embrace for long minutes, time seeming unimportant while he was kissing his beloved, until his own need grew too great to ignore. Seren flipped them over suddenly, stealing D'mer's breath away as he pressed the smaller body into the mattress with a wicked grin that was answered in kind. "I'm going to make you want me so badly, you won't want to wait," said Seren, pressing D'mer's hands into the pillows, though he didn't bother binding his lover; some things they just didn't do, and that was one thing that held good memories for neither of them.

D'mer nodded, showing he was up for the game, and Seren gave a boyish little grin as he turned and gathered up his hair. "I hope you like it," he said a little shyly, letting his own insecurity break through for a moment as he began to run the hair up over D'mer.

D'mer's eyes went wide at the sensation, the fine hair slipping easily over his feet and up his legs, barely even catching on the wriggling toes. Seren felt a wave of confidence as D'mer's body tensed and relaxed, the hair caressing his shins and thigh, cock and balls and concave belly and up to his chest, moving until the ends were just hiding his toes and the length of it covered him like a soft, shifting blanket. D'mer's erection rose up, trapped in the strands like spider silk, though it tried its best to win free.

"Seren," D'mer breathed, all the desire and affection he felt ringing through them both, echoing as Seren covered his mouth in a kiss as sweet as honeyed wine, and as intoxicating.

I'm not done with you yet, said Seren telepathically, his mouth too busy with D'mer's to bother speaking aloud.

D'mer's fingers twitched, obviously wanting to touch, to return Seren's unusual caresses as best he could, but he stayed to their agreed game. You'll pay for this later, D'mer thought, his prick giving a little twitch as Seren's fingers played over it teasingly.

Seren nibbled D'mer's lower lip, then grinned impishly. Best make it worthwhile, then, he sent, then leaned up enough to separate a decent-sized length of hair from the rest. He coiled it around D'mer's length like a snake, cocooning the dark shaft in white silk. D'mer's eyes went wide and hot, then fluttered closed as Seren began to stroke, moving the shifting strands over his cock in a gentle, strange caress, and watching rise and fall of his breathing speed up at the new pleasure.

Just as Seren thought that D'mer might lose control completely, he stayed his hand with a wicked smirk ready for when D'mer's eyes snapped open.

Not fair, D'mer thought, eyes burning with need.

I want you to come in me, not in my hair, Seren replied playfully, pulling a silly face at the thought of getting the sticky stuff out of his newly-brushed locks.

D'mer laughed and brought his hands down, tangling them in the hair closest to Seren's head and using to pull him down for a kiss. "I want to come in you, too," he murmured, hips rocking just a little under the light touch of Seren's hand.

Seren deftly unwound D'mer's proud cock, then flipped his hair up onto the pillows and lay down on his back, body offered up for D'mer's pleasure. No words were needed beyond the look on his face and the spread of his thighs, and D'mer snagged the phial of oil from the bedside. He sniffed it and smiled, shaking his head as he poured some out into his palm. I can't believe you had love oil made in our scent, he thought, mouth latching onto a nipple as his hand teased back behind the silken balls.

I want to think of nothing but you when we make love, Seren replied tranquilly, hands roaming over D'mer's compact body and his face wearing the same dreamy expression that he always had when D'mer prepared him, as though this small gesture of affection was enough to bring peace to Seren's troubled heart for just a few moments.

D'mer's only comment was to move his mouth to the other nipple as his finger slipped into Seren's body. Seren arched up with a soft moan, feeling the familiar heat slowly burning him from the inside, not the flames any Kimarian warrior could naturally call to hand, but a passion only D'mer could bring out in him. D'mer lingered over the preparations, working Seren until he was nearly frantic with need. His legs and arms wrapped around D'mer's body, pulling him down, importuning him with voice and mind to take him, have him, love him.

D'mer smiled, triumph and affection on his lips as they lowered to claim a kiss as his prize, before his thick shaft finally breached Seren's entrance. Always so right, Seren sent with a sigh, opening his mouth, body, and mind to D'mer, sharing the moment in the most intimate way he knew how. Seren rode a wave of D'mer's pleasure and his own as they rocked toward completion there in the bed with the troubles of their world forgotten in the heat of the moment.

D'mer gave back wordless agreement and love, and it was far too soon when the inexorable rush of climax swept through them both, first Seren and then D'mer crying out as they came. D'mer wrapped Seren in strong arms, cradling him as if he was fragile and said with a smile, "I never knew your hair could be such a wonderful diversion."

Seren smiled and nuzzled his short hair, kissing his forehead right above the jewel that shone there. "You'll just have to pamper and brush me more often," he said impishly, feeling more light of heart than he had in days.

"Spoilt creature," said D'mer affectionately, tilting his head up to kiss Seren's smiling mouth, one time among many, among a lifetime's worth.

Title: Burn and Balm
Fandom: A Distant Soil
Pairing: Seren/D'mer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, hair fetish
Summary: D'mer takes a moment to brush out Seren's hair at the end of a long day.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Vickie, snapetoy and juice817 for the quick and thorough betaing. Written for Liz, for Yuletide 2005.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.