Better Late than Never
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Bobby waited apprehensively in the common room, fidgeting with his clothes, the remote control, anything to keep his mind briefly off the situation. Remy was late, and Bobby was starting to wonder if he'd misinterpreted his friend's proposition. Or, whatever it was, really, but it had certainly seemed like more than just idle flirting when Remy had said, "It's a date." And here was Bobby, dressed up and ready for a hot night out on the town, and Remy was nowhere to be seen.

Well, fuck. His new white suit was just going to have to go back into its plastic wrapper one more time, never to see the light of day. If this trend continued, Bobby was going to have to consider the priesthood or something. At least then he'd have a reason for this unending, depressing celibacy.

He'd thought that when his mind started wandering from the female form to the male, that he'd double his chances of finding... something. Sex, at least, if not love. But all it had done was make him doubly nervous, and even more harshly rejected the few times he'd gotten up the guts to ask anyone out. One guy had even accused him of queer baiting, and that had really hurt. Was it really so hard to believe that Bobby Drake had been finding himself hot for guys lately?

Well, maybe it was.

Bobby sighed, looking at his watch. It was 9:30, and Remy was two hours late and nowhere in sight. Time to give up and go brood the night away in his room, just like he'd spend every Friday night for the last few months. He loosened his tie, shrugged off his jacket, and left the common room for the solace of his PS2. At least he was good at SSX Tricky, even if he couldn't manage to entice even one hot guy on a single, lousy date.

Bobby flung open the door to his room, and tossed his jacket onto a chair by feel, the cramped confines familiar to him even in the dark. He reached for the light switch, and was interrupted by a smooth, familiar voice.

"Finally, cher. Been s'long, I almos' gave up!"

"R-Remy?" Bobby peered through the gloom, the butterflies in his stomach suddenly icing over. Remy was in his room. Waiting for him. And from what he could see in the faint light from the hallway, maybe even in his bed.

"You were expectin' maybe Santa Claus? Ah came up 'ere t' s'prise you, an' here you were, 'ready gone. Although, Ah mus' say, Ah'm flattered you waited s' long f' me. You wanted t' go out with me dat much, hm?"

Bobby felt himself blushing, glad for the dimness. His eyes were gradually starting to adjust, and he could just see the outline of a body lying in his bed. A very nice body, if the shadowy shapes coming slowly into focus were any indication. He swallowed nervously before answering, "Yeah, I did. I've been wanting to ask you out for a while now."

"An' you look so 'andsome in dat pretty white suit, it's almos' a shame you gonna 'ave t' take it off."

"I-I am?"

"O' course. You wouldn' want me t' be de only naked man in de room, would you?"

"N-naked?" Bobby was starting to wonder when he was going to catch up with the conversation when he noticed that his body already had. His cock had gone rock-hard, and his hands were merrily unbuttoning his shirt without so much as a by your leave from his brain.

"Now, dat's better, cher. Come ovah here and Ah can 'elp you wit' dose, ah, troublin' pants o' yours."

His body was obviously taking its orders straight from Remy now; his feet meandered him over to the bed, kicking the door shut behind him. The darkness in the room was broken only with a sliver of moonlight peeking in the window, but by now he could see everything he needed to: the angular planes of Remy's face and torso, the soft fall of the white sheet tenting over Remy's erection, the dark spot where the tip was leaking fluid onto the thin material.

Remy slid Bobby's tie out, setting it aside with an evil gleam in his eye before sliding his hands sensuously down to Bobby's belt. Bobby had finished with the shirt buttons and was fumbling with the cufflinks, awkward now that his brain had caught up and was actively participating in the process. He toed off his shoes, stepping back to get his socks, now-dangling belt buckle chiming softly in the quiet air.

Bobby let the shirt fall to the floor, and Remy's breath caught. "Oh, Bobby. Ah can see Ah'm one lucky man. An' 'ow did Ah en' up wit' such a prize?"

Bobby smirked. He couldn't help it, didn't even know if Remy would get the reference, but he replied, "George just lucky, I guess?"

Remy laughed. Threw his head back and let his whole body shake in delighted abandon. This sight, more so than any other tonight, just made Bobby's heart contract. His hands started to shake, and he heard himself whispering, "Oh, man."

This seemed to sober Remy up. "Bobby, you sure you wan' do dis wit' me?"

That snapped Bobby right out of his fear, and into indignation. He might not have had a lot of experience with guys, or really any, but that didn't mean he wasn't sure. "What do you mean? Of course I do!" He paused, taking a moment to breathe, his voice dropping to a husky whisper. "You just looked so good like that.... I think I'm the lucky one here."

"Mebbe 's time we bot' got lucky, non?"

Agile hands returned to Bobby's waistband, fingers brushing with deliberate carelessness against his cock as they worked to unbutton, unclasp and unzip the somewhat complicated closure. They both sighed with audible relief as Bobby's pants finally came open and began the slow slide down his legs, revealing the pale grey boxer-briefs he'd worn in the dim hope that Remy might see and like them.

Right now Bobby was just hoping Remy would hurry up and remove them. Instead, he leaned forward and began mouthing the hot, damp fabric, blowing hotter air through it and nipping gently with his teeth. Bobby moaned; no woman had ever been this knowing, this forthright about her desire or his pleasure. He felt certain that he was making the right choice; that right here, right now with Remy was what he wanted for this particular first time.

Or maybe his cock was just overriding any lingering doubts.

Remy's hands moved back to cup his ass, molding the thick cotton over and in between the taut globes. He felt fingers delving between them, brushing, nudging, testing. He tensed up involuntarily, years of adolescent jokes and casual parental bigotry overriding his desire for a moment. Remy's mouth closed over the head of his cock, cloth and all, the warmth and wetness slowly seeping through as he continued to probe deftly with his fingers. The sensation was exquisite, and Bobby wanted more. Wanted it all.

Remy pulled back, eyes dark and knowing. One finger moved to tease at the edge of his underwear, rubbing underneath at the crease between thigh and cheek. "You ever done dis before, Bobby?"

Years of experience told him honesty was the best policy when it came to sex, and he hoped that his answer wouldn't cause Remy to stop. "No. But I... I wanna do it with you. Now. Please?"

Now, where had that pleading tone come from? He felt a little lost, adrift, his usual cocky attitude left behind for this desperate submissiveness. His eyes flickered to the silk tie on the bed, and he blushed. Remy's gaze followed his, and an evil little smile crossed his face. "Pleadin' already? Ah'm gonna love makin' you beg fo' me, cher."

A sharp nip at his cock drew a low moan from Bobby, followed by a hiss of pleasure as the teasing finger moved inward and upward, unerringly finding its target. Bobby's cock twitched hard enough to bump Remy's nose, and he was rewarded with another nip, and firm, teasing circles around his ass. He'd never been so aware of that part of his body, but right now he imagined he could feel every millimeter of that flesh either reveling in Remy's touch or begging for its return.

Bobby moaned, and Remy answered with one of his own, mouth pressed open over the base of Bobby's cock. The vibrations went straight to his balls, and he could feel a tingling in his spine. The finger spiraled in, pressing against his center, demanding entry. He felt he could no more stop it than the tides, and he whimpered as it breached his body. Sunk in what felt like a mile but must only have been to the first knuckle. His balls drew up towards his body, and little flashes of electricity ran from his ass through his cock to his nipples, up his spine to the hairs on the nape of his neck.

"Remy, please. Much more of this and I'm gonna come in my shorts like a teenager!"

Remy backed off, grinning, holding his hands up in mock-surrender. "We wouldn' wan' dat, now would we?"

Bobby sagged a little in relief, and stripped his shorts off before Remy could change his mind and resume the slow torture. As soon as he stepped out of them, Remy pounced, grabbing him and pinning him to the bed, hands over his head. Bobby found himself being kissed breathless, unable to concentrate on anything but the hot, wet tongue plundering his mouth. His brain vaguely registered the feel of Remy's bare skin against his, and his attention was snapped suddenly downward when their cocks collided, sliding slickly.

Bobby gasped and moved to tangle his fingers in Remy's hair when another minor detail came to his attention -- his hands were tied to the bed frame. "Wha... Remy?"

"I don' wan' you worryin' 'bout not'ing you firs' time, Bobby Drake. You jus' relax an' let Remy take care o' you." The words were punctuated by the slow side of Remy's skin over him, the hard length of Remy's cock like a hot branding iron, leaving cool trails of pre-come in its wake.

"G-god, Remy! Yes, ok. I'm... I'm all yours." Bobby closed his eyes briefly. He could only imagine what his father would say if he could see his boy now, tied up and surrendering, begging to be fucked by another man. Well, if ever there was a time to ignore his father's teachings, this was it. "Do whatever you want with me. F-fuck me!"

"Oh, Ah intend to, cher. But firs', Ah wan' t'hear you truly beg fo' it."

Remy glanced around the darkened room. Bobby surprised himself by whimpering needily when Remy stood up. "'Ush, pet, where d'you keep de supplies?"

Bobby blushed. The lube was unopened, condoms still in their box, but he'd made sure he had some for their date. Just in case. "Top left dresser drawer, under the blue boxers."

Remy rooted around, coming up with the box and bottle. He glanced around a little more and spotted the desk chair, which contained all the rejected choices for tonight's outfit. He blocked Bobby's view and got something off the chair, which he kept behind his back as he returned. Remy stood over the bed, just looking his fill for a few moments before he brought out his right hand, dropping the supplies between Bobby's knees. The now-empty hand traveled down Bobby's leg and back up again, to caress his cock and balls gently, almost weighingly.

"Ah t'ink you're a little too close fo' comfort, 'ere, Bobby, so Ah'm gonna give you somet'in' to 'elp wit' dat."

The other hand emerged, holding a handful of neckties. All the ones Bobby had tried on when dressing, finally deciding on the basic black silk that was now holding him hostage in his own bed. Not that he minded. When the thin black leather tie that he'd rejected as too '80s was run down his chest and over his erection, he shivered involuntarily. He was bound, helpless, and he'd already given his consent; Remy could do anything to him. Anything.

The thought was oddly reassuring.

The cool leather was snaked above his cock and down behind his balls, twisted in some deft and mysterious manner to separate them and then loop around his cock, cutting off any hope of coming. It then looped back around to knot distractingly right behind his sac, pressing into his perineum, notching the pressure up from merely unbearable to completely maddening.

Bobby squirmed, tried to close or open his legs to relieve the pressure, thrust his hips helplessly. "Please, Remy! God, I was so close, this is torture!"

"Dat's de idea, Cube. An' you ain't seen notin' yet, if you t'ink dis is torture."

Remy knelt between Bobby's legs, doing something arcane and vaguely reminiscent of the Boy Scouts with the remainder of the ties. After a moment, one loop was pulled up over his ankle and settled not there, but just above his knee, with the knot on the inside of his thigh. Then a strip of fabric was stretched over the top of his shin, keeping the leg bent, and looped around over his thigh again, and then back under the knee-pit. Remy then bent his whole trapped leg upward and outward until the hip was straining. Then the end was tied off to the bed frame under the mattress, and the whole process repeated with the other leg.

When it was done, the tension on his cock and balls had somehow managed to increase yet another notch. His ass felt exposed, vulnerable, and open, as though spreading him wide had made him suddenly ready for the invasion to come. Bobby felt he was truly Remy's plaything now, completely at his mercy. He loved every minute of it.

Remy leaned over him, capturing his mouth for another plundering kiss. "You 'ave no idea 'ow sexy you look like dis, Bobby. You were meant for dese t'ings, Ah can see dat now."

Bobby wasn't sure how to react to that assessment, wasn't given a chance anyway as Remy's fingers found a nipple and twisted viciously. Bobby gasped and bucked, trying to move or arch or anything, but finding himself trapped. Remy began to none-too-gently nibble and lick his way down Bobby's neck, stopping to leave a love-bite over his pulse. The further down he traveled, the harder the bites got, until Bobby was writhing in his bonds and moaning.

When Remy got to his nipples, gifting first one then the other with sharp little nips, it was all Bobby could do not to scream. His cock was harder than he could ever remember being, and his hole twitched as though begging for attention. Remy grinned knowingly, and just bit harder.

"You like dat? Soon, Bobby, you'll be beggin' for me."

Just the word was like a blow, hearing it out there in the still bedroom air. "Yes, please!"

"Please?" Remy curled his spine in, deliberately brushing Bobby's aching hole with the moist tip.

"Please! God, Remy, I want your cock." Bobby felt wanton, would have been ashamed, but there was no room for anything in him but need and desire.

Remy shook his head, uncurled, continued his sharp, biting path downwards. Licked the straining tip of Bobby's erection and grinned. "No' yet. You 'aven't earned it."

Bobby gasped and bucked again, hips straining for something, anything. "Please! Remy, what can I do?"


Remy's mouth traveled down his cock, sucking kisses and gentler nips. Bobby's balls were licked, sucked, and teased. Remy's chin pushed the hard knot of leather up into his prostate. Bobby thought he might cry if he wasn't allowed to come soon, might crack open and go quietly insane. Or loudly insane, if the breathy moans and pleading cries filling the room were actually his.

The agile tongue snaked its way past the knot to tease circles around his entrance. His teeth strayed down to nip at the cheeks, fingers came up to spread him impossibly farther open. Bobby felt like he was being cut in two, with pleasure as the knife and himself melting like butter as it passed over and through him. Remy's tongue then plunged without warning into him, deeper and thicker and so much wetter than his finger had been. Out and in and out again, to circle and tease and then tonguefuck him in earnest.

Bobby was surprised to find he had stopped moaning and was hoarsely talking, pleading, begging. "Please! Remy, god, I need... need your cock, I'll do anything, just please fuck me fuck me please please please give me your cock, put it in my ass, please!"

Remy just kept thrusting his tongue in and out of the now-slick channel. Bobby writhed and screamed and begged and prayed the soundproofing on his room was still good. The hands holding him wide developed nails that scratched over his ass in the most distracting way, then up over the backs of his thighs. Fingers tickled at the backs of Bobby's knees, making him kick and struggle as best he could, and then those almost-too-hard nails raked down the backs of his calves.

Remy's hands captured both of his flailing feet, and Bobby spared a moment to just be impressed that the tongue in his ass never faltered. Instead of the expected fingernails, strong fingers began massaging his feet, deftly finding his pressure points and forcing him to relax. Although the sensations were no less intense, he felt like someone had drained all the tension out of his spine, leaving him limp and receptive to Remy's relentless tonguefucking.

Remy started with his fingernails next, gentle almost-tickling scratches along the bottoms of Bobby's feet sending tingling, almost-tickling waves of sensation up his legs to his groin, then past up his spine to stand up all the hairs on his scalp. Then the scratches went up over the tops of his feet, up his shins and down the insides of his thighs this time, always just one step away from tickling. Just as the sensation was approaching his bound balls and becoming unbearable, the teasing hands were taken away.

Half a dozen heartbeats later, Remy's tongue was joined by slick finger, and then not one but two more. Bobby was out of things to think by now, completely drained of any feeling not directly hooked into physical pleasure. A corner of his mind was quietly noting that Remy had used bondage and overstimulation to completely disarm any fears he'd had about losing his last shreds of virginity. The rest of him was arching and screaming as Remy took both taut, needy balls in his mouth and added a finger from his other hand to replace the missing tongue.

Remy pulled back, cocked his head to listen to the now-incoherent stream of sound coming out of Bobby's mouth, and grinned for a moment. "Soun's like you're ready fo' me now, cher."

Bobby's eyes drifted closed at that, or he would have seen the tender look Remy gave him as he positioned his lubed and latex-sheathed erection at Bobby's entrance. Remy carefully braced his hands on the straining hips, and thrust in slowly but surely. Bobby moaned like a dying thing as the pleasure shot through him, Remy's cock sliding almost effortlessly to rest completely inside of him.

He'd never felt anything quite like this before. His own fingers in the shower, Remy's fingers and tongue just now, none of them had the depth and solidity and heat and weight of being filled by a cock. Remy's cock.

"God, Remy. You're... Jesus... amazing!"

He was, too, not only beautiful and sexy like, well, really sexy things, but also kind and sweet and let's not forget the wonderful dominating thing he'd pulled tonight. Unexpected and strange, but somehow it was exactly what Bobby had been craving. Tied up so he could barely move, cock bound so he couldn't come, ass full of another man's cock, and all Bobby could think was that he'd never felt so free.

Remy had leaned in, captured Bobby's head between his hands, and was swallowing his moans in probing kisses. As Remy started to move, deep philosophical thought, hell, any thought period, became impossible. Bobby could only receive the pleasure, the hot length moving in and out of his tender hole with delicious friction.

"Ah tink you'll like dis," Remy murmured, giving him one last almost chaste kiss before leaning up and back, bringing his legs beneath him.

He thrust again, and this time his cock hit something inside Bobby that made sparks go off behind his eyes. "Remy!"

Bobby was drowning in pleasure, frustration, and need. He was so close to coming, the pressure on his prostate from inside and out making him crazy. He thrashed his head back and forth, keening as Remy thrust again. And again. He felt the edges of his world go grey, his entire being focusing in on his ass, cock and balls. The slight ache in his joints from straining against the bondage, the itch of sweat, the way his throat was growing sore from the unaccustomed moaning, all of it faded away.

Remy's hands began to tug and tease at Bobby's confined balls. Bobby moaned again as the tension in his body wound another notch higher. He was more wound up than he could ever remember being, and he knew that whatever else happened, he'd always remember this feeling. Always long for it. He was opening his mouth to plead again for release when the restraints around his cock suddenly loosened, and a soft command came out of the darkness above him.

"Come fo' me, ange."

Instead of pleading, a long, low scream erupted from Bobby's mouth as he sensation washed over him. Release for his spirit, with his body still bound, and he distantly felt Remy thrusting into him, stroking him, drawing his orgasm out of him in long, hot pulses. His vision whited over with sparkling diamonds, and his mind exploded inwards and outwards and threaded down through his body and out over the countryside. He'd wonder, later, if Jean had heard him.

Just as he was starting to descend, starting to relax and sink into the beckoning darkness, he felt Remy leaning down. Lips captured his own, and he could feel the hot pulsing of Remy coming inside of him. Bobby gasped, feeling his own cock twitch in near-painful sympathy. "Remy!"

"Yeah, Bobby?" The humor in Remy's voice had softened, exhaustion and other, more dangerous things creeping in.

Bobby thought for a minute. What did you say to the man who had just ambushed you in your room, tied you up and fucked you senseless? Oh, yeah. "Thank you."

Remy laughed, the motion sending pulses of sensation to Bobby's cock and ass. He leaned up and then pulled out gently, carefully. Bobby whimpered at the loss, and Remy looked up at him sharply, concerned. "Ah didn' hurt you, did Ah, Bobby?"

It was Bobby's turn to laugh, breathless and a little hoarse. "God, no. It just... I miss you."

Bobby figured that Remy would understand, and he certainly seemed to. "Ouia, Ah know wha' dat's like, jolli. Mebbe next time you do me, non?"

"Next time?" Bobby was a bit embarrassed at the hopefulness in his voice, and the way his spent cock was already twitching at the thought.

"You didn' t'ink dis was a one-time t'ing, did you? Ah don' put out fo' jus' anyone, no mo'."

Bobby grinned. He knew he must look strange, all tied up, covered in come and grinning like an idiot, but he didn't care. "I didn't know what to think. It wasn't like you gave us much of a chance to talk. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but next time can you at least buy me dinner first?"

Bobby's stomach growled, as if to underline that plea. Remy just smiled down at him, affection and amusement making his features glow. "Ouia, Bobby. Dis time Ah'll even take you out, like Ah promised, jus' let me get you untied."

Gentle hands untied him, and massaged feeling back into cramped limbs. The first thing Bobby did when his hands were free was pull Remy in for a hot, sweet kiss, tangling his fingers in hair that was softer than he'd imagined it. "Cuddle first?"

The expected laugh didn't come. Instead, Bobby found himself pulled down and cradled in Remy's strong arms, their limbs tangling in the sweaty sheets as they struggled to get comfortable. "O'course, ange. All you had ta do was ask."

Bobby declined to answer with words, instead just snuggling down into the comforting embrace. Sex, a cuddle, and a promise of dinner. Now this was worth waiting for!

Title: Better Late than Never
Fandom: X-Men (comics)
Pairing: Bobby Drake (Iceman)/Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, mild BDSM
Summary: Remy asks Bobby out on a date, but they never leave the mansion.
Acknowledgements: This is for KC, who fixes my Remy-speak and writes me good, happy smut. But only after much prodding. And Kel, who kept me from being too cruel to Bobby and KC.

All of the works contained herein are labours of love, unauthorized by those who hold the rights to such things, and no profit is made from them. No harm is meant, and hopefully no offense given.