Harry Potter, Snape/Harry/Weasley Twins, NC-17
Warnings: Slash, underage (16), twincest, threesomes, BDSM & general kinkiness
Snape takes it upon himself to teach Harry the etiquette of arranging homosexual liaisons in the wizarding world. The twins help with the practicals.

  1. Examination
    Harry is distracted during his Potions exam. 734 words.
  2. A Fine Understanding
    Harry comes to Severus with questions. 5146 words.
  3. A Fond Farewell
    Harry and Severus play a rather pointed game of chess. 5765 words.
  4. A Moment of Privacy
    Severus enjoys a moment alone. 1505 words.
  5. An Entertaining Start
    Snape and Harry enlist the twins' aid. 10,584 words.
  6. Continuing As We've Begun
    Harry gets new clothes and a bit of education. 10,728 words.
  7. Exploration and Revelation
    Harry has a bath and a bedtime story, of sorts. 3773 words.
  8. A Temporary Arrangment
    Harry and Severus settle in to 12 Grimmauld Place. 10,132 words.
  9. Two for Joy
    Severus and the twins enjoy an evening together. 5912 words.
  10. Rites of Passage
    Harry stumbles on the road to maturity. 4569 words.
  11. Methods of Learning
    Harry has three very different lessons. 6920 words.
  12. A Dose of Reality
    Harry's second day of summer lessons. 2191 words.
  13. Prurience, Practice & Patience
    Snape gives the twins a lesson on dealing with Harry. 5218 words.
  14. Tokens and Symbols
    Harry puts some of what he's learned to use. 6053 words.
  15. Keeping Above Water
    Harry learns a little something about staying afloat. 2826 words.
  16. On This Natal Day
    Two very different birthday celebrations. 8784 words.
  17. Transitions
    Harry makes the transition from one sort of schooling to another. 3519 words.
  18. Higher Learning
    Harry has a pair of advanced lessons from Snape. 6330 words.
  19. Turning the Tables
    The twins meet up with Harry on the first Hogsmeade weekend of the year. 4012 words.
  20. The Closing of the Year
    Harry spends his holidays at Hogwarts. 7056 words. Originally posted to lj as Chapters 20 & 21.
  21. Creature Comforts
    Snape proves that, while impotent against the Dark Lord's forces, he still has some virility in him. 3250 words.
  22. Falling Away
    The school year marches on, and Harry begins to lose his grip on hope. 3775 words.
  23. End Times
    In which any number of things come to their conclusion, some of them good. 4261 words.
  24. Between Friends
    Harry is reminded that, no matter what happens after he leaves school, he'll always have the friends he made there. 8909 words.
  25. A New Beginning
    The end of the year has finally arrived, and it's time for Harry to see just what it is Snape wants from him -- and if he enjoys giving it as much as he hopes. 9689 words.
  26. The Nature of Flexibility
    Snape, Harry and the Weasley twins explore the new possibilities of their friendship, and Percy makes a step toward a brighter future. 10,887 words.
    The End!

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